Along with Canh Duong beach, Thuan An Beach tourism is also one of the list of pristine and beautiful beaches of the ancient capital. Possessing a coastline stretching over 12km, rich in nature with poetic scenery, it is easy to captivate any visitor who stops by. That’s why more and more backpackers aspire to once set foot on Canh Duong beach.

If you have gone to all the historical sites, straight to the famous sights in the city center, spend a day having fun at Thuan An beach, feeling an ancient capital of Hue that not only has a quiet and ancient beauty but also very beautiful. very wild and fresh.

About Thuan An beach in Hue – a destination for backpackers

Thuan An beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Hue, because the coast here is very gentle and the waves are very calm. Owning a coastline of more than 10km, divided into 3 main beaches: beach 1, beach 2 and beach Phu Thuan. Located at the position where the Perfume River flows down the Tam Giang lagoon to the sea, Thuan An Hue beach has both the gentle beauty of the river and the vastness of the sea. It is thanks to that beauty that King Thieu Tri has put Thuan An beach ranked 10th in 20 famous landscapes in Hue.

Thuan An beach seems to bring something very Hue, very mysterious and still very wild, also because tourism here has not been exploited yet. That also keeps this place a very fresh beauty, rarely found anywhere else. Not just a place to swim, when washing up on Thuan An beach, Hue will give you a lot of interesting things and memorable experiences.

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Thuan An Hue beach tourism – address, detailed directions

Where is Thuan An Hue beach, how far from Hue city?

In the 19th century, King Minh Mang named this coast as Thuan An estuary, not only a beautiful sight in Hue, but thanks to the location of Thuan An sea, it became an important estuary of Central Vietnam. . In terms of geographical position, this coast is connected to the Perfume River, through Tam Giang lagoon and empties into the East Sea.

Specifically, Thuan An beach is located in Thuan An town, Phu Vang district, City. Hue. If you start from Hue city center, it will take you about 15km more to get here, if you go fast about 30 minutes.

Instructions on how to move to Thuan An beach in Hue fastest?

Because Thuan An Hue beach is located in the suburbs, moving here does not have many choices of means of transportation. Depending on your needs, you choose to ride a motorbike or a bus, the most important thing is to find the most convenient for you.

Going to Thuan An Hue beach by private vehicle

This is the vehicle most people choose, because you can freely explore the beauty of the mountains and forests on both sides of the road. Moreover, after hanging out at Thuan An beach, many of you definitely want to go to more nearby places. Self-sufficient traveling to Thuan An Hue beach also helps you to be proactive about the time, schedule, and Hue motorbike rental price is also quite cheap.

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From Hue center to Thuan An beach is about 15km long, about 30-40 minutes by private car. Here you can choose one of the two routes below, both of which are only about 1km apart, so go ahead if you find it more convenient.

  • Route 1: From the center of Hue, you go to Hoai Thanh street, pass Bui Thi Xuan, go to Ngoc Khoi street, turn right to get to Ga bridge. Continue to meet Nguyen Sinh Cung street, turn left to enter the market. From here, you follow the direction of Highway 49B for about 6km and you will reach Thuan An beach.
  • Route 2: From the center of Hue, you still follow Hoai Thanh Street, pass Bui Thi Xuan and then follow the direction of Bach Ho Bridge. Go one more roundabout, see Le Duan street, then turn in. Go straight on Tran Hung Dao street, go to Gia Hoi bridge, turn left to Chi Lang, go another 2km to Nguyen Van Sieu. Then, go to Nguyen Sinh Cung street, also follow the direction of National Highway 49B for about 6km more.

Going to Thuan An beach by public bus

This is a vehicle that is rarely used, but it is suitable for those who want to save money or are not confident in their steering. Standing in the center of Hue, you take bus number 3 and you can go straight to Thuan An Beach. Its schedule is as follows:

  • Southern bus station – An Duong Vuong street – Hung Vuong streetHanoi roadTran Hung Dai streetLe Loi streetNguyen Sinh Cung streetNational highway 49B – Thuan An town.

Bus fare from Hue – Thuan beach is only about 20k / trip and 50k / round trip. According to Thuan An Hue beach travel experience , you can not stand to pick up the bus at the bus station but can stand at any of the routes in the route above. When returning, just follow this route to return to Hue.

Some experiences of traveling to Thuan An Hue beach must definitely be the sea

When is the best time to travel to Thuan An beach?

To be able to fully enjoy all the experiences on Thuan An Hue beach, you should pay attention to go in the summer. The ideal time is from April to August. At this time, the weather in Hue is quite beautiful, not hot like the tourist cities of Da Nang , Hoi An but quite cool and gentle. You also note that around July and August in Hue, sometimes there are storms, remember to see what the weather is like before going.

In addition, you can consider going in January, on December 11, there will be the “Cau Ngu Festival” festival right at the courtyard of Thai Duong communal house, which is also a unique festival in Hue. However, this time is the rainy season in Hue, so there are not many activities at sea. Sometimes it’s easy to encounter storms, which are very detrimental to your beach trip.

List of indispensable items when traveling to Thuan An Hue beach

Travel backpack

Because Thuan An Hue beach is a very unspoiled beach, there are not many services around, so you can only play here for about 1 day, but you can’t stay longer. So, if you come from Hue, you don’t need to carry a bulky suitcase but buy yourself a nice little backpack. It can hold all the essentials for your beach trip. Note, the smaller the backpack, the more convenient it is, and in fact, you don’t need to bring too many things for the canal.

Personal items

Jackets, wide-brimmed hats, sunscreen, bathing suits, towels, etc. are definitely things that you can’t help but bring during your trip to Thuan An Hue. In addition, if you intend to stay camping, you must definitely prepare all the tools such as tents, tarpaulins, drinking water, flashlights, etc.


Sure, you should prepare some food such as candy, fruit or prepared food. So, when you are hungry, you can take it out and eat it right away without having to cook. Depending on your schedule, you should bring more or less food, because there are not many restaurants around, but there are quite a lot of choices for eating.

Where to stay when traveling to Thuan An Hue beach?

If you want to stay at Thuan An beach for 1 day, you can choose 1 of 2 options. The first is a luxury vacation at Abalone Resort & Spa, located right on the picturesque Tam Giang Lagoon, just 2km from Thuan An beach. Abalone’s rooms include 77 rooms and luxury apartments. Facilities include spa, salon, indoor mineral bath, outdoor swimming pool, beauty room, conference room.

Besides, you can refer to a number of other resorts near Thuan An beach that are also famous for their good service and prices. Promise you will have moments of true rest and a beach trip to Thuan An Hue is not far away.

  • Tam Giang Resort and Spa

Address: 02 Nguyen Lu, Thuan An town, Phu Vang district, Hue.

  • Villa Louise Hue Beach and Spa

Address: Xuan An Street, Phu Thuan, Phu Vang,

  • Hue Ana Mandara Hue Beach Resort

Address: An Hai Village, Thuan An Town, Hue

If you are inclined towards backpacking, you can choose to rent a tent to organize camping with friends right on the beach. Staying a night on the sea in cool, rainy weather is also a memorable experience, an opportunity to feel a peaceful and quiet Thuan An at night.

Note: If you just want to go to Thuan An beach during the day, do not stay overnight, you can choose to go in the morning and return in the afternoon. After that, stay in Hue city, so that you can go to other attractions such as the Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda, Dong Ba market in the following days.

Thuan An Hue beach tourism experience should eat, what to play?

What to eat when traveling to Thuan An Hue beach?

Eat banh beo – Loc – Nam Ba Do

Address: No. 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Phu Cat, Hue

Hue is considered the capital of banh beo, Loc, nam and Hue people, no one does not know about Ba Do restaurant. Beo – loc – Nam here is said to be the best in Hue, although it has been open for a long time, the restaurant still retains its traditional flavor. Each dish is very rich, fragrant and dipped with sweet and sour dipping sauce to increase the delicious taste. In addition, there is also a shrimp cake dish that is equally delicious as the main dish.

Ba Kieu pressed cake – famous eating place in Hue

Address: No. 4 Le Sy, Thuan An, Phu Vang, Hue

Although it is a rustic dish, pressed cake seems to have become a “national” snack of Hue. It is almost like a baked rice paper, but when eaten, it has a very attractive flavor. Each layer of dough is thinly coated on the mold, then the filling is added. When eating, like banh xeo, people eat it with raw vegetables and then dip it with sweet and sour fish sauce.

Grilled meat vermicelli – Huyen Anh wet cake

Address: 50 Kim Long, City.

Hue Located in the center of Hue city, it is easy for diners to come here, enjoy grilled meat vermicelli, Hue-style wet cake. Although the price is slightly higher than other places, once you have eaten here, you will surely nod because of the quality of each dish. Each batch of meat is marinated richly, then grilled on embers for a really fragrant aroma and then combined with vermicelli, spring rolls, sour food served with sweet and sour fish sauce, guaranteed to not be conquered.

Fresh seafood at Thuan An beach in Hue

Perhaps the specialty of Thuan An sea is seafood, so if you have come here and have never eaten seafood, it is a waste of money. Near Thuan An beach, there are also some famous popular seafood restaurants such as Huong Bien, Hai Son or Phu Thuan. Because they are caught directly in the sea, the seafood here is both fresh and delicious. If you go with friends, you can order shrimp, fish, squid, and crab and ask to bake or steam according to your preference.

What to play when traveling to Thuan An Hue Beach?

Come to Thuan An beach in Hue – the best thing is to immerse yourself in the sea water

According to Thuan An Hue travel experience , what makes many people especially love this place, is also because of the beautiful and somewhat wild scenery of Thuan An beach. This beach has up to 3 small beaches, bringing many different experiences for young people. Because it has not experienced much tourism exploitation, Thuan An beach until now seems to still retain its wild character. It is not as bustling as Lang Co but has a gentle and passionate beauty.

What to play when traveling to Thuan An Hue Beach? Come to Thuan An beach in Hue – the best thing is to immerse yourself in the sea water According to Thuan An Hue Travel Experience , what makes many people especially love this place, is also because of the beautiful and somewhat wild scenery of Thuan An beach. This beach has up to 3 small beaches, bringing many different experiences for young people. Because it has not experienced much tourism exploitation, Thuan An beach until now seems to still retain its wild character. It is not as bustling as Lang Co but has a gentle and passionate beauty.

Check in Tran Hai Dai – attractions near Thuan An beach in Hue

Address: Hai Tien, Phu Vang, Hue.

Is a destination that you can visit during your Thuan An Hue beach trip , about 13km from the center of Hue city. Tran Hai Dai was built during the reign of King Gia Long, used to be the station of the border guard station on the port. This place used to be a witness to the tragic history of the people of Thua Thien Hue during the years of the war against the French and American.

Visit Thai Duong Phu Nhan Temple – spiritual spot in Hue

Address: Truong Thieu Street, Thuan An Town, City.

Hue Ba Thai Duong Phu Nhan Temple, also known as Ba Giang Temple, is known as a sacred ancient temple, once associated with many mysterious anecdotes, tinged with love. According to the people here, the shrine was built several hundred years ago, associated with the ancient Cham people.

Check in Century Beach

Perhaps tourists who are used to the image of a peaceful and quiet Thuan An beach have now become full of life with Century Beach, an item in the project of a high-class beach resort in Thuan An town. An. Although it was quite quiet before, by the end of 2019, a Century Beach suddenly emerged as a famous place to play and check-in for young people in Hue.

Here, you can rent rooms covered with curtains to chat with your partner or choose to spend the night in “tree houses”. The giant velvet-soft lazy chairs will also be a place for you to take beautiful, shimmering virtual pictures. If you have a lot of money, you can choose to have dinner at a luxurious restaurant, with a menu of dishes with rich sea flavors such as steamed crab, roasted crab with tamarind, snail, water shrimp, grouper, squid. , sea oysters, … or find the flavor of the forest with dishes such as ethnic pigs, goats, cows, special wild vegetables.

Must-try experiences when traveling to Thuan An

Hue beach Visiting the fishing port on Thuan An sea

On the way to Thuan An beach, you can stop by the port to learn about the life of the fishermen in the fishing village. From afar, you can also see the bustling scene, bustling in the early morning, when the ships are about to dock to transfer fish ashore. Buyers and sellers can’t count, some people rush to take large baskets of leaves to the shore, others are busy bringing fish back in time for the early market trip. Only those moments make us feel more interesting and love life than ever.

Rent a camping tent right on the beach

With a pristine beach like this, there is nothing more interesting than renting a tent and spending the night on the sea. Just thinking about it makes me feel excited, want to make a trip to Thuan An beach immediately. Currently, the beaches have appeared quite a lot of shops and services, so camping here is quite secure.

You can bring existing tents or directly rent tents here, according to Thuan An Hue beach travel experience, you should ask the price first. In addition to carrying items such as water, fruit cakes, you can order food to eat at the sea. Because all 3 beaches in the summer are quite crowded, if you want to camp on Thuan An beach, remember to choose a location a little further away for a quieter space.

Enjoy the taste of glutinous rice wine in Chuon village

In Phu An commune, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue province, there is a very famous village, once upon a time there was a king, it was the sticky rice wine of Chuon village. It is known that this village has existed for more than 600 years, is located right next to Tam Giang lagoon, with the scenery of a central village.

Chuon Village has long been famous for seafood from Tam Giang lagoon such as brown fish, tilefish, goby as well as many types of Hue typical fish sauce such as fish sauce, fish sauce. This place is also known as the hometown of many famous products, once promoted to the king, the most famous is Lang Chuon wine. Wine is cooked from delicious glutinous rice, often offered to the king or served in festivals for the court to organize. The taste of this wine is so good that the Hue people have named this fine wine “De Nhat Danh Tuu Dat Tinh”.

Wandering Thuan An beach in Hue at night

If during the day Thuan An beach is crowded with fishing boats coming in and out when the sunset has just fallen, it also returns the inherent quietness and serenity of this place. The feeling of dragging footsteps on the sea, touching the smooth sand grains, looking into the distance is enough to feel small in the vast ocean. Then when you wake up, it is also the time when the sun has just showed its first rays, creating a bright and shining halo that creates an unforgettable moment.

Go to Con Hen to eat mussel rice

I don’t know since when, mussel rice has become a specialty of Hue, making many tourists nostalgic forever. But only when going to Con Hen to eat mussel rice is the right way. The mussels here are raked from the Hen dune, a floating dune on the Huong River, located in Vi Da ward.

Go to Con Hen to eat mussel rice

If you want to enjoy mussel dishes such as mussel rice, mussel vermicelli, fried mussels, just go to masterpiece number 7 Ung Binh, go to Hoa Dong mussel shop located at 64/7 Ung Binh, this is considered a mussel rice shop. The best in Hue. The shop has been famous for 40 years, the owner is the one who prepares the ingredients, cooks, tastes and serves the guests. In addition to mussel dishes, the shop also has banh beo, filter cake, corn tea which is also very Hue flavor.

Walking on the poetic Han Mac Tu street

Vi Da village, surrounded by Huong Giang river, if you go all the way to Nguyen Sinh Cung street, you will immediately see an iron bridge called Phu Luu bridge. If you go to the end of this bridge, you will immediately meet Vi language, the hometown of poet Han Mac Tu’s lover. Although it has been through a long time and with many historical changes, Vi village still retains its rustic features as the poet Han Mac Tu once wrote: “Why don’t you come back to play Village Vi / Look at the sunshine under the trees new sun.”

According to Thuan An Hue beach travel experience , because Con Hen is located right near Vi village, you can combine going to both these places at the same time. Visit Vi village every year, enjoy a bowl of rustic mussel rice, look at the trees, bamboo ramparts, the road seems to bring us back a moment “Here Vi Da Village”

Participate in the Cau Ngu ceremony on Thuan An beach

The Cau Ngu festival in Thai Duong village, Thuan An town, Phu Vang district is known as the biggest fishing festival in Hue. Taking place on January 11-12 every year, this festival attracts thousands of people and tourists to come here to attend the festival. Hue people attach great importance to this fishing festival, which is also an opportunity for them to express their gratitude to the gods and ancestors who have protected fishermen for the past year. This is also an opportunity for the villagers to pray for favorable weather, good crops, and happiness for everyone.

Visit Tam Giang Lagoon – the largest brackish water lagoon in Southeast Asia

From Thuan An Hue beach, down to Quang Tri, you will have the opportunity to see a Tam Giang Lagoon, which is one of the attractive tourist attractions in Hue . Coming here, anyone will definitely be mesmerized by the beauty of Tam Giang lagoon, just like a masterpiece of nature. Especially at the time when the sunset has just fallen, this place is like covered with a magical, dreamy yellow color that is rarely found anywhere else.

And once you have come to Tam Giang Lagoon, you definitely must not miss another interesting Hue tourist destination , which is Ru Cha forest. This is an extremely rare primeval mangrove forest, but Ru Cha forest is still attracted by the river scenery just like the West. Checking in on the concrete road along the forest, checking in for beautiful and magical photos is also something that young people are extremely interested in.

Suggestions on schedule when traveling to Thuan An Hue beach

For everyone to have more choices,’s right below will suggest the Thuan An Hue beach tour schedule 2 days 1 night for everyone to refer to in advance. If you have plenty of time, you should also think about staying one night to relax, if you go for a day, it is difficult to feel all the beauty of Thuan An beach.

Thuan An beach tour on the first day


7:00: You rent a motorbike in Hue to start your journey, if you want to go to many places instead of taking a bus, you should be self-sufficient with a motorbike. On the way, if you find it convenient, you can stop at Huyen Anh restaurant to have breakfast, there are delicious grilled meat vermicelli cakes and wet cakes. According to Thuan An beach travel experience, to rent a motorbike you should close from yesterday, so that this morning people will deliver early to catch up.

10:00: Check in Thuan An beach, search for a hotel and rest. This you should book a room on Agoda or book through the Hotline system of the hotel you want to stay in in advance. Thus, as soon as you arrive, you can check in immediately. Because check-in before 2pm, there will be an extra charge, you should ask the hotel you are staying at if you arrive early, there will be an additional fee.


12h00: Drive by motorbike to Ba Do restaurant for lunch, then return to the hotel to rest.

15h00: Swimming in Thuan An beach, organizing sea games or camping. Night 16h00: Move to An An, Sen Bien or Huong Bien restaurant to enjoy seafood.

19h00: Walk to the beach for about 1 hour and then return to the hotel, take a bath, rest.

Traveling to Thuan An Beach on the second day


7:00: Going to the beach for about 1 hour, then find a place to have breakfast, return to the hotel, shower, and change.

9h00: Visit Tran Hai Dai and go to the area worshiping Thai Duong Phu Nhan.


11:30: Return to the hotel to get things, check out

12:00: Lunch

14h00: Return to Hue

How much does it cost to travel to Thuan An Hue beach?

Regarding the cost of Thuan An Hue beach tourism , because it is a self-sufficient trip, it will not cost too much. Here are some expenses that you must ignore for a 2 days 1 night Thuan An Hue beach trip. Motorbike rental:

  1. day 100k, 2 days is 200k / 2 people, calculated for 1 person is 100k.
  2. Fuel cost: 70k / 2 people, 1 person 35k
  3. Hotel room: 300k/room, 1 person is 150k
  4. Food: About 300k/person.

Total cost is about 600k/person.

What should be noted in Thuan An Hue beach tourism experience?

Although the beach is not too empty, there are always people watching, but you should also pay attention to swimming close to the shore, following people to ensure safety, especially groups with children who need to be observed at all times. everywhere.

To enjoy the beauty of Thuan An beach as well as have a more fun and fulfilling trip, you must definitely check the weather forecast 1 day before. Even in the dry season, this is essential. If it’s unlucky it rains or is negative, all plans will be cancelled.

If you have come to Hue, few people will miss a wonderful place like Thuan An beach, a pristine beach only about 15km from the city center. This place promises to bring you a lot of special experiences, to see the peaceful beauty of the sea, learn about Tam Giang Lagoon – the largest brackish lagoon in Southeast Asia or enjoy many specialties. such as seafood, mussel rice, Chuon village wine.

In addition to famous places to visit in the city or other ecological areas, Hue beach is the most worth-visiting resort this summer. Going to these famous unspoiled beautiful Hue beaches you can explore Break and relax in the sea. If you are intending to come to Hue, do not miss the following interesting information about the places that attract many domestic and foreign tourists to visit.

Thuan An Beach

About 20km east of the city center, Thuan An Hue beach owns a coastline stretching over 12km. The sea water here is clear all year round, the air is fresh and cool, and especially not too crowded with tourists. Therefore, Hue beach is an extremely ideal destination for relaxation, entertainment and entertainment after stressful working days.

Thuan An Hue Beach – one of the beaches near Hue city (Photo: Collectibles)

Hai Duong Beach – a beautiful beach in Hue with many virtual check-in corners

Hai Duong Beach Hue owns a peaceful and wild character because it has not developed much tourism here. The impressive point in this Hue beach is the two super unique check-in locations created by people to break the waves, named high beach and low beach.

The low beach is solid screw-shaped breakwaters, tinged with moss. The high beach is super large 3-foot stone slabs, randomly overlapping, this promises to be a super cool check-in location, don’t miss it!


Have fun, check in fully at Hue beach – Hai Duong (Photo: Collectibles)

Vinh Thanh Hue Beach

Distance from city center Hue is only about 30 minutes by car, Vinh Thanh is known as one of the cleanest beaches, with lots of seafood and the freshest air in the capital. Coming here, you will experience an extremely large sea scene, clear blue sky, sunny white clouds, and gentle breezes. The most interesting thing when coming to this Hue beach is to contact and experience the livelihood of the people of Vinh Thanh fishing village, they are extremely sincere, gentle and hospitable.

Vinh Thanh beach is also a dating place for many couples 

Lang Co Hue Beach – one of the famous beaches in Hue

Lang Co Beach Hue is probably a name that is no longer too strange for sea tourism enthusiasts . Located right at the foot of Hai Van Pass, this Hue beach is favored by nature for its poetic beauty and charming countryside.

The best time to go to Lang Co beach is from April to July. Coming here, in addition to having fun and relaxing on the enchanting beautiful beach, you can also enjoy famous specialties such as: grilled oysters, crab cakes, crab noodle soup and a variety of fresh seafood.


Lang Co – Hue beach is located right at the foot of Hai Van pass (Photo: Collectibles)

Canh Duong Beach in Hue

Canh Duong is known as the most “artificial” beach in Hue with many super quality virtual check-in points, the weather is very pleasing to people. Coming to Canh Duong beach, you can not only admire the beautiful scenery, have fun and relax, but also organize your own BBQ by the beach or visit nearby restaurants to enjoy specialties. here. All that promises to bring you an extremely memorable trip.

Canh Duong beach is the most “artificial” in Hue (Photo: Collectibles) 

Binh An Hue beach

True to its name, Binh An beach has the most simple and peaceful beauty in the ancient capital. Here there are blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine and green casuarina trees, whispering in the wind. The poetic scenery in Binh An beach makes anyone who has ever visited feel forever missed.

The most beautiful time of this Hue beach will probably be in the evening, when the sun gradually disappears behind the mountain peaks, walking by the beach, breathing in every sea breeze blowing in, truly makes our souls very Relaxing, all fatigue gradually disappear.

Binh An beach is very beautiful, should not be missed when coming to Hue (Photo: Collectibles) 

Ham Rong Hue Beach – Hue’s beautiful beach “hides” from the hustle and bustle

Possessing a wild and mysterious beauty, Ham Rong Hue beach is really an ideal destination for tourists who love to conquer, explore and experience. In Ham Rong beach, near the shore are large and small rocks covered with moss, in the distance are waves crashing on the shore, blending with the poetic quietness has created a picturesque scene. , making this Hue beach win the hearts of many visitors.

Sunset on Ham Rong beach (Photo: Collectibles) 

Tan Canh Duong Beach Hue – Beautiful Hue Beach

Leaving behind unfinished deadlines, leaving behind the chaos of busy life, there is nothing more wonderful than coming to Hue and enjoying the fresh and cool atmosphere of Tan Canh Duong beach.

Unlike the wild and peaceful beauty of the above beaches, Tan Canh Duong brings with it the excitement and bustle of many bars, restaurants, and amusement parks for all ages, planned according to the standards of the city. green – clean – beautiful standards, meeting all the entertainment and relaxation needs of visitors.

 Tan Canh Duong – Hue beach with many interesting things is waiting for you (Photo: Collectibles) 

Hai Binh Beach – one of the most beautiful beaches in Hue

Hai Binh is one of the newly discovered Hue beaches and tourism development in recent times. Converging full of beautiful scenery, mild climate, rich and diverse nature, this beach promises to be a memorable stopover and resort during your Hue trip.

Come to Hai Binh beach, don’t forget to enjoy delicious and nutritious mullet. In addition, visitors can also fish by themselves, drop nets, catch fresh snails with sincere and friendly fishermen here.

Phu Dien Hue Beach – The beach in Hue is gentle and peaceful

Phu Dien is known as the most “friendly” beach in the ancient capital, with poetic scenery and honest and simple indigenous people. When coming to this Hue beach, you will feel the lightness, idyllic, not too busy. The long coastline of Phu Dien is covered with white sand, gentle waves gently patting the shore and gentle breezes bringing salty air from the sea have made this place even more attractive to many visitors.

Hue Phu Dien beach is gentle and idyllic (Photo: Collectibles) 

Converging many different beauties, Hue beaches are really worth experiencing, so schedule a “vi vu” today. Besides the above beaches, the ancient capital has many other famous landmarks such as: Huong River Hue, Thien Mu Pagoda, Trang Tien Bridge , Minh Mang Tomb of Hue , Hue Citadel , … waiting for you to explore. .

With 10 Hue beaches suggested above, hopefully you have chosen for yourself the most satisfactory destination for a beach trip with your family. Don’t forget to prepare yourself with an excited soul, a suitcase with lovely dresses and a smartphone/camera full of batteries to be ready to check-in “fire” and super beautiful beaches in Hue!