Dropping lanterns in Hoi An is a beauty with spiritual meaning of the people of the old town. The lanterns float quietly, lighting up Hoai River like the Milky Way. When and where do you release the lanterns in Hoi An?

If you are or are about to travel to Hoi An , do not miss the opportunity to drop the lantern yourself. Danang Private Car also shares with you many other interesting experiences.

The meaning of releasing lanterns in Hoi An

Release of lanterns is a ritual derived from Buddhism. “Flower” means beautiful and elegant flower. “Sign” means lights. Lanterns are flower lights.

Lantern festival is usually held in the early spring of the new year and Vu Lan pays filial piety. Each flower lantern sends a prayer for peace, happiness and luck of the dropper.

The light of the lanterns is the light of hope. Lighted lanterns send prayers and remove all worries. The person who releases the lamp therefore feels at ease.

Whether they are adults or children, they are all excited and eager to release the lanterns. The flower lantern dropped on the Hoai River drifted to the big sea to give wings to the dream of flying high and far away.

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Hoi An lantern festival

Dropping lanterns in Hoi An is a light festival of hundreds and thousands of small and beautiful lanterns. Hoi An Lantern Festival has been officially held since 1998, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to participate.

The festival brings visitors memorable memories. The lantern festival helps visitors understand more about the people and life of Hoi An ancient town.

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On what day does Hoi An release lanterns?

A festival is a major cultural and artistic event of a community and is usually held every year or every few years. The lantern festival in Hoi An is different.

This event is held at the following times:

  • The 1st day of the lunar calendar
  • The 14th day of the lunar calendar
  • 15th lunar day
  • Every Saturday night

On festival days, the whole old town is lit up with lanterns and lanterns. The festival starts at 6pm, but 2 hours before that, all roads in the old town are closed to vehicles. The festival takes place until 10pm with a lot of interesting activities.

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Where to drop Hoi An lanterns?

Hoi An lantern festival takes place on both sides of Hoai River. Hoai River is a tributary of Thu Bon River, Quang Nam.

Hoai River is located in the center of the old town, so it was chosen as the place to drop the lights in Hoi An. The banks of Hoai River on the days of the festival are crowded with tourists. The scene on the wharf, under the boat is busy and bustling.

Some good experiences when releasing lanterns in Hoi An

What is beautiful in Hoi An at night ? Dropping lanterns in Hoi An is the most anticipated festival of tourists every time they have the opportunity to come to the old town in the evening. Tourdanang city has some Hoi An travel experiences with you to have a complete itinerary as follows:

The best months to see the lights drop in Hoi An

The best weather to drop lights in Hoi An is on dry days. It is the weather of March to August , which is ideal for releasing lanterns and walking in Hoi An.

Especially in the 7th and 8th lunar month, the people of Hoi An ancient town hold a huge lantern festival. July is Vu Lan’s filial piety season. In August, there is the Mid-Autumn Festival event.

Where to buy lanterns?

In Hoi An Ancient Town, it is not difficult to find lanterns. Along the street, especially the area on the banks of Hoai River, people sell a lot of lights. The sellers are mainly children, the elderly display beautiful small lamps on small mats.