Visiting Da Nang and not exploring the famous Tien Sa Lighthouse on Son Tra Peninsula is truly a regrettable thing. This is one of the most stunning and captivating check-in spots for travel enthusiasts with its breathtaking views. Let’s discover what makes young people race to explore it!

Introduction to Tien Sa Lighthouse:

Tien Sa Lighthouse, also known as Son Tra Lighthouse, was built by the French and put into operation in 1902. Hence, it is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful lighthouses in Vietnam. It houses an independent light that helps guide ships within the Hue and Da Nang coastal areas, providing easy navigation and determining their position at sea.

The construction was completed by the French in 1902

It stands at a height of 15.6 meters, with an average width of 2.7 meters, a geographic visibility range of 14 nautical miles, and a focal height of 238.4 meters. From the lighthouse’s location, you can enjoy a panoramic view, encompassing the vast ocean scenery, the beautiful city of Da Nang, and the expansive and majestic Son Tra Peninsula. Apart from its navigational function, it is also regarded as an ideal tourist destination in Da Nang, particularly for nature lovers and young travelers.

When is the best time to explore Tien Sa Lighthouse on Son Tra?

Which season is best for visiting the lighthouse?

The weather in Da Nang can be clearly divided into two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The dry season extends from February to August, while the rainy season lasts from September to January of the following year. To have a convenient trip, admire the beauty from the lighthouse’s position, and capture sparkling photos without being interrupted by rain, visitors should take advantage of the sunny months. Despite the high temperatures and scorching sun, the atmosphere on Son Tra is refreshing and comfortable.

It is recommended to allocate a beautiful day to visit this location.

The ideal time within a day.

You can visit at any time during the day, but if you want to witness the breathtaking convergence of land and sky, it is best to visit at dawn or during sunset. However, based on the experiences shared by those who have visited Son Tra Peninsula, the sunset moment is preferred by most people.

In the evening, the sky gradually turns into shades of yellow and red, mixed with scattered clouds, reflecting on the sea surface, creating a mesmerizing scene. However, remember to start your journey in the early afternoon, around 2 PM, to have ample time for check-ins and enjoying the scenery. The landscape along the way is also enchanting, with its pristine blue sea and lush greenery.

Determining the coordinates and how to get to Tien Sa Lighthouse in Da Nang.

Where is the ancient Tien Sa Lighthouse located?

Da Nang has two lighthouses, but compared to the Thuan Phuoc Bridge Lighthouse, the ancient Tien Sa Lighthouse is perhaps more famous. It is situated on Son Tra Peninsula, approximately 20 km east of the city center of Da Nang. Thanks to its location on the top of Son Tra Mountain at an ideal height above sea level, it is considered a fantastic spot for observing the coastline from above, attracting many tourists, especially young enthusiasts.

How to get to the lighthouse?

The route to Tien Sa Lighthouse is not difficult to navigate or find. Starting from the city center, you can follow Vo Nguyen Giap Street and then continue on Phan Dinh Nghi Street, connecting to Hoang Sa Street, which leads to Linh Ung Pagoda. Afterwards, you will come across the 5-star InterContinental Resort at an intersection. Here, you turn left and continue for about 2 km until you reach a three-way junction. Take a right turn to reach Nghin Nam Banyan Tree, and turning left will guide you towards the lighthouse.

The route leading to the lighthouse’s location.

Note: Some road sections may be dangerous or have restricted access, but there are signs indicating the restrictions, so you can be assured. If you are not confident in your navigational skills, you can rely on a map (such as Google Maps) for easier navigation.

Suitable means of transportation for visiting the lighthouse.

You can choose to travel by private car, taxi, or motorbike. Among them, motorbikes are the preferred option for young travelers. Additionally, for larger groups, it is advisable to arrange a private car, and’s provides private car services with drivers in Danang. You can simply sit back and enjoy the ride while our driver picks you up at your hotel and takes you to Tien Sa Lighthouse. Furthermore, with a private car, you can also arrange visits to other attractions such as Linh Ung Pagoda, the Centuries-Old Banyan Tree,.. or other nearby destinations near Tien Sa Lighthouse.

What does Tien Sa Lighthouse have?

If you are wondering what makes this ancient lighthouse so special and attractive that young people are rushing to “check-in,” here is the answer.

A captivating blend of classical and modern beauty.

Firstly, upon arrival, you will be impressed by a structure that bears the influence of French architectural style. It exhibits both classical charm with a touch of antiquity and hints of modernity with fresh vibrant colors.

The lighthouse with its vibrant color tones.

The entire lighthouse is painted with a prominent combination of yellow and white, accompanied by the blue hue of the doors, creating a nostalgic beauty. Furthermore, the surrounding area is enveloped by pristine forest untouched by human hands, and beneath lies the blue sea. All of these elements create an alluring charm, making everyone fall in love and harmonize with nature.

An ideal location for panoramic views from above.

Here, you can choose to explore both the interior and exterior of the lighthouse. To capture the best view, make sure to climb the steps, lean against the railing, gaze into the distance, and admire the panoramic vista. On one side, you have Son Tra Peninsula, on the other side, the sea, and in the far distance, the city skyline with towering skyscrapers.

Admiring the view from the position of Son Tra Lighthouse.

Standing high above, your soul feels more expansive, and the magnificent natural scenery creates a blend of tranquility and excitement. Words cannot fully express the beauty of this place. Especially on sunny days, combined with the bright blue sky, the space becomes even more vibrant and poetic. Or during sunset, the lighthouse adorns itself with a stunning color.

A captivating “Instagrammable” spot.

For photography enthusiasts, this destination is a must-visit with countless picturesque angles and views. Due to its eye-catching yellow, blue, and white colors, you can simply wear basic colors such as white, blue, black, or jeans and capture hundreds of incredibly beautiful photos. Even the path leading to the lighthouse is chosen by many young people as a backdrop for their photos, which is definitely not a bad choice at all.

Young people cannot resist taking “Instagrammable” photos here.

After exploring the lighthouse, you can descend to the rocky seaside to get even closer to the sea. Although the path leading down to the beach may be a bit challenging due to dense vegetation and rocky terrain, reaching there will be worth every effort. The sea breeze blowing in will dissolve all your weariness and tension.

What to eat during a trip to Tien Sa Son Tra Lighthouse?

If you decide to embark on a trip to the ancient Tien Sa Lighthouse and plan to stay until the afternoon, remember to bring some food such as pastries, fruits, sandwiches, or pre-prepared meals to satisfy your hunger. Alternatively, if you find it inconvenient, you can arrive here early, enjoy the sightseeing and check-in to your heart’s content, then return to the city center to indulge in the enticing specialties of Da Nang.

There are many eateries and restaurants here, catering to various preferences and budgets, offering dishes such as seafood, grilled beef, Quang-style noodles, banh trang thit heo (rice paper rolls with grilled pork), bun cha ca (fish cake vermicelli), and more. The flavors are considered to be suitable for all regions.

Here are some nearby places that you can explore in addition to Tien Sa Lighthouse:

Nhat Lam Thuy Trang Tra.

From the location of the lighthouse, you can travel a little over 1 km to reach this destination. Although it may not be well-known, this place exudes a rustic and untouched beauty, perfect for immersing yourself in nature and experiencing peaceful moments. It not only captivates visitors with its natural landscapes and fresh air but also entices them with local dishes made from wild vegetables, forest mushrooms, free-range chicken, or stream fish.

An ideal destination for nature enthusiasts.

Thousand-Year Banyan Tree.

From Nhat Lam Thuy Trang Tra, continue for another kilometer to reach the area where the Thousand-Year Banyan Tree is located, also known as the ancient banyan tree. What’s fascinating here is the colossal banyan tree towering over 20 meters high with its sturdy branches reaching out. You will be amazed and find it hard to believe your eyes when you see the sprawling roots penetrating the ground and the tree canopy providing shade over a large area.

This is one of the cultural heritages of Da Nang.

Nghe Cape (Mui Nghe).

Nghe Cape is about 4 km away from the lighthouse. It is known as the place where the first sunrise of Da Nang can be witnessed. Not only that, but the pristine scenery, fresh air, and the azure beach, along with various exciting activities, make this place increasingly attractive to tourists, especially young people who come to explore and discover.

A fascinating destination that attracts many young explorers.

Some notes when traveling to Tien Sa Lighthouse, Da Nang.

  • The road to the lighthouse is not too difficult to find or travel on, but it’s best to consult the directions beforehand to avoid getting lost and wasting time.
  • If you choose to travel by motorbike, make sure to carefully check your bike and fill up the gas tank, minimizing any issues along the way.
  • When climbing the stairs to reach the highest position of the lighthouse, be cautious and avoid leaning heavily on the railing.
  • The scenery here is beautiful, so prepare some outfits for taking “Instagrammable” photos and ensure your phone or camera is fully charged.
  • It’s advisable to start early to have more time for enjoyment and to leave before it gets dark for safety reasons.

Tien Sa Lighthouse can be considered one of the must-visit destinations in exploring the Son Tra Peninsula for anyone. It not only provides a sense of immersing oneself in nature or an ideal viewpoint but also offers the opportunity to capture thousands of Instagram-worthy photos. So gather your friends and embark on this adventure right away!