Besides Ba Na Hills, My Khe beach with endless white sands or majestic Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang also has a historical color imbued with cultural values. That value is clearly shown through the architecture of Dien Hai Citadel Relics in Da Nang – where hundreds of years old cannons are kept with great historical value. Join Danang Private Car’s to discover a new place in this livable land!

Where is Hai Dien Citadel Relics in Da Nang? Guide

Dien Hai Citadel Relics is one of the famous tourist attractions in Da Nang. The relic is a place to remember the tradition of fighting in the cause of maintaining national independence and defending the territory of the people of Da Nang in particular and the people of the country in general. Currently, the relic of Dien Hai Da Nang citadel is under the management of Danang Museum.

  • Address: 24 Tran Phu Street, Thach Thang Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.
  • Hours of operation: 7:30 – 16:30 daily
  • Ticket price: 20,000 VND/person
  • Free fare: Elderly, children, students, disabled people and permanent citizens in Da Nang city and Quang Nam province.
  • Directions: From My Khe beach, tourists follow Pham Van Dong street. Cross the Han River Bridge and then turn right to Tran Phu Street.

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The history of Dien Hai citadel Relics in Da Nang

Dien Hai Citadel, an important historical relic of Da Nang city, was an outpost against the French colonialists from the very beginning when they set foot in our country located on the left bank of the Han River. The citadel was built by King Gia Long in 1813 with the main material being soil with the name Bao Dien Hai. However, because the citadel is located near the sea, it is easily damaged.

In 1823, King Minh Mang ordered to leave the citadel and go to the inner palace and rebuild it with bricks. In 1835, King Minh Mang changed the name to Dien Hai and is used until today.

Today, although Dien Hai citadel is not intact, the south gate of the citadel is no longer, the north is damaged a lot, only the east and west gates still retain the old citadel architecture. With great historical and architectural value, on November 16, 1998, the citadel was ranked as a national historical relic by the Ministry of Culture and Information and was affixed with a relic stele on August 25, 1998.

What’s special about Dien Hai Citadel’s architecture?

Dien Hai citadel became a defensive outpost, preventing the enemy’s footsteps, making an important contribution to the battle to defeat the French colonialists in Da Nang from 1858 to 1860. So today, after centuries, Dien citadel Hai left what?

Ancient Fortress

Dien Hai Citadel Relics was built according to the European design Vauban. Vauban architectural style is built in the style of fortresses for defense created by architect Vauban. The height of the wall is more than 5m, the circumference is more than 556m and is surrounded by 3m deep trenches. The main gate of the citadel is on the south side and the side gate is on the east side.

Inside the citadel, there are works such as flags, warehouses for gunpowder, ammunition, food, and bows, especially can hold 30 large cannons. Dien Hai Citadel was built based on extremely careful and scientific measurements and calculations of the Nguyen kings.

Historical cannons

In addition to admiring the architectural beauty, visitors can also admire hundreds of years old cannons. Including a cannon discovered in 2008 with a length of 2.8m, the diameter of the head is 23cm and the tail is 42cm. Cannons made of bronze, cast iron or iron can weigh up to 3 tons.

Tourist places near Dien Hai Citadel should visit

Visit Dien Hai Citadel Relics, conveniently visit the beautiful old architectures right around the Citadel. Settling down, looking at the frozen flow of time to return to the years of resounding victories of the Vietnamese army and people.

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge Da Nang

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge was built in 1960 connecting the two banks of the Han River with a unique arch design, combining impressive yellow colors. Therefore, this place gradually becomes a virtual check-in place for many tourists when coming to the beautiful coastal city.

Da Nang Cathedral

The church was built in 1923. The unique feature of the church is the shortest construction period in the French colonial period. Classic Gothic architecture, wearing a light pink color. One of the architectural works visitors should not miss when coming to the “City worth living”.

Tam Bao Pagoda Da Nang

The pagoda was built in 1953, completed in 1963. Tam Bao Pagoda has 5 towers of 5 different colors: yellow, red, orange, white, blue. The colors of the Buddha flag. Sitting in the pagoda still retains the new and intact architectural colors.

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Listen to the stories behind the architecture of the Hai Dien Citadel in Da Nang and discover the unique features of the majestic, ancient and solid military citadel despite many years of experience. Come to Da Nang, don’t forget to visit and check-in to save memorable memories here!

Traveling to Da Nang , after visiting the landscape of rivers, mountains, sea and lakes, many tourists have chosen Son Tra night market to shop, enjoy specialties and buy gifts. Let’s walk around this famous night market in Da Nang to discover the fascinating experiences here!

Should you go to Son Tra Da Nang night market?

Son Tra Night Market – Danang Night Market located in An Hai Trung Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City is one of the busiest night markets . Coming to the city of bridges, do not forget to visit this top famous night market in Da Nang for many interesting reasons:

  • Son Tra night market is located in a prime location, right in the city center, the market combined with a busy pedestrian street is very convenient for tourists to have fun and shop.
  • The market is well-invested with more than 150 stalls. There are many items for sale here such as fashion, jewelry, souvenirs, fine arts, specialty goods, etc. for visitors to shop comfortably.
  • Da Nang Son Tra Night Market sells many delicious specialties, including dried seafood items. Coming here, visitors can enjoy many delicious dishes at affordable prices.
  • Located just 2 minutes from Dragon Bridge. Going to the night market, visitors can combine visiting Dragon Bridge, checking in, watching dragons spray water, spit fire on Saturday or Sunday nights.

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Ticket prices and operating hours of Son Tra Da Nang night market

  • Operating hours: 17:30 – 23:30 daily
  • Entrance ticket price: free
  • Parking ticket price: 5000 VND/car

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Going to Son Tra night market: what to eat, what to buy as a gift?

Da Nang has many bustling night markets such as: Thanh Khe Tay night market, Con market, Le Duan night market, Helio night market, Hoa Khanh night market. Visiting the night market in Son Tra as well as other night markets, visitors will enjoy shopping, dining and many other interesting activities.

What to eat at Son Tra night market?

Coming to the night market, visitors can enjoy many delicious Da Nang specialties  at affordable prices. This Da Nang night market offers a multitude of attractive dishes. From today’s favorite snacks such as ice cream, tea, baked rice paper, snails, milk tea, etc. To famous specialties such as Quang noodles, banh beo, central pancakes, pork rolls, etc. …

Visiting the night market in Son Tra, visitors must definitely try delicious seafood dishes, especially snail dishes. Delicious fresh snails are processed extremely richly, ensuring that visitors who taste it will love it. In addition, other dishes such as grilled stingray, seafood hotpot, fried mussels, etc. are equally delicious.

What to play at Son Tra night market?

Son Tra night market is a familiar entertainment address not only for city people but also for many tourists to visit. Strolling, visiting the stalls, immersing in the crowded atmosphere, admiring the busy streets at night are extremely interesting experiences.

If coming to the market on special days, visitors can also enjoy the fun performances of street artists such as circus performances, acoustic guitar performances, etc., which are extremely impressive. Having fun here, don’t forget to check in and save beautiful moments with the market space and the shimmering market gate.

What to buy as a gift at Son Tra Da Nang night market?

Son Tra night market is likened to a cheap shopping paradise. This place sells countless fashion items such as clothes, shoes, bags, hats, … with prices from only 35,000 VND. Souvenirs are the most popular tourist attractions. Souvenirs here are extremely diverse with outstanding items such as lanterns, conical hats, pottery, stone statues, etc.

In addition, going to the night market, do not forget to buy famous dried seafood dishes of the coastal city of Da Nang as gifts such as one-day squid, milk crabs, dried anchovies, yellow snapper, etc.

Exciting Street Entertainment Experience

Street entertainment activities at the night market will relieve you from the headache of figuring out what to do in Da Nang at night.

Talented street artists from Da Nang will perform inspiring acts for tourists to enjoy. From romantic acoustic performances, rich in emotions, to unique and impressive circus acts, magic shows, and more…

Street painting activities at Son Tra Night Market in Da Nang

Additionally, there are stalls for tattoos, temporary art tattoos, calligraphy artists, craftsmen carving wood decorations, sculpting on glass bottles, portrait painters,… all of which will truly fascinate you.

Furthermore, there is a play area for children with various fun games like inflatable houses, fishing games, and traditional games like ô ăn quan (a traditional Vietnamese board game),… All of this creates a vivid and lifelike painting, providing an unforgettable experience.

Nightlife venues near Son Tra night market

The night market in Son Tra is located near many famous tourist attractions in Da Nang. Coming to the night market, visitors can combine visiting nearby destinations such as:

Da Nang tourism in addition to visiting the night markets, famous bridges located near the center, visitors do not forget to visit famous attractions, with beautiful scenery such as Marble Mountains , Nhat Lam Thuy Trang Tra , etc. …

Some notes when visiting Son Tra night market

To ensure a complete exploration and experience at Son Tra night market, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Be mindful of safeguarding your belongings and personal items when entering Son Tra night market. This place is bustling with people coming and going, which also presents an opportunity for thieves to take advantage and steal from many tourists.
  • It’s advisable to compare prices before purchasing items at Son Tra night market. There are many stalls selling the same products, so comparing prices at different stalls will help you buy at the right price and avoid situations where tourists are overcharged.
  • It’s recommended to book your hotel room before arriving in Da Nang so you can easily choose from various accommodation options. Additionally, you’ll save time and quickly be able to rest after a long journey.

Son Tra Night Market with countless delicious dishes, many beautiful souvenirs, interesting activities, … are waiting for you to discover. If you are planning a trip for the upcoming summer but do not know where to go, Da Nang is a great suggestion for you.

Non Nuoc stone carving village is the oldest craft village in Da Nang. Let’s pocket a guide to discover the village located at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son mountain in this article!

Non Nuoc stone carving village is an attractive place to visit in the journey to discover Da Nang tourism . Over 300 years of existence and development, the stone art works here have become handicraft products with unique artistic characteristics and the pride of Da Thanh people.

Introduction to Non Nuoc stone village

Non Nuoc stone handicraft village is a place for you to learn about products carved from extremely artistic stone. This interesting tourist destination attracts many tourists every year.

Where is Non Nuoc stone village?

Non Nuoc stone carving village is located at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son mountain range . This place is about 8 km from Da Nang city center and belongs to Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, Danang.

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When you step foot to Non Nuoc stone village in Da Nang, you will feel like you are lost in the “land of stones” with large and small stone blocks of all shapes and sizes. Each work has a different shape and is created by the talented and meticulous hands of the stone mason.

The shimmering beauty of works made from marble taken at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son mountain

History of Non Nuoc stone village in Da Nang

According to the explanations of Non Nuoc stone village, the ancestor of this craft village is Huynh Ba Quat , a native of Thanh Hoa. History of Non Nuoc stone village:

  • At the end of the 17th century – the beginning of the 18th century , Da Nang Non Nuoc stone art village was born. Huynh Bat Quat settled at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son mountain and discovered a cluster of marble mountains to create fine art stone works. After that, he passed the profession on to his descendants and people in the village.
  • In the early 19th century , the Nguyen Dynasty built many mausoleums and palaces, so Non Nuoc stone carving village (Ngu Hanh Son Da Nang) had the opportunity to develop. Many good craftsmen were awarded the rank of Nine products and were invited to travel all over the country.
  • Currently , Non Nuoc stone carving village has more than 500 production facilities and is recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage.

Admire masterpieces of high artistic value

Non Nuoc Marble products are very diverse in shape, size, color and type. Every year, this place produces more than 80,000 products from fine art stone. The works of Non Nuoc stone art village have many uses such as:

  • Serving daily life including dishes, vases, kettles…
  • Serving spiritual life including tombstones, reliefs, Buddha statues, Arhat statues, Cham statues…
  • Buy as souvenirs, including animal statues, portraits of Vietnamese and Western women, statues of revolutionaries…

From the simple marble block taken from the foot of Ngu Hanh Son mountain, through the talented hands of artisans, the stone blocks become smooth, glossy and reveal beautiful stone veins. All works are skillfully and extremely sophisticatedly carved by stone craftsmen. You can easily choose for yourself beautiful small items to keep memories in a craft village over 300 years old.

Discover ancient Champa and Vietnamese cultures at Non Nuoc stone village

Non Nuoc Village is the intersection of two unique cultures – ancient Vietnamese culture and Champa culture . The stone art works have a special influence from the Champa culture in My Son holy land.

Hundreds of Champa statues of all shapes and sizes are sculpted extremely delicately by artisans. These are statues of Yoni, Linga, Garuda bird or a flexible dancer in Apsara dance, Indra, Nandin cow, Garuda bird… Besides, there are works showing ancient Vietnamese culture such as dragon sculpture. , turtles, phoenixes on tombstones, temples, mausoleums.

To conveniently explore Non Nuoc stone art village and other interesting places such as Han River Bridge, Da Nang Dragon Bridge, Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang, Da Nang Love Bridge, Da Nang Golden Bridge… you should choose one. convenient means of transportation. Danang Private Car’s with many years of experience will bring you a convenient and fast trip, along with many best services.

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Visiting Non Nuoc stone art village , you will go from surprise to surprise by the ingenuity of artisans. This is a place where people are diligently “breathing souls” into the stones to create works of cultural and artistic value. Non Nuoc craft village is a unique cultural feature for Da Nang to promote its image to domestic and foreign tourists.

Known as the most famous item at Linh Ung Pagodathe Lady Buddha statue is not only a spiritual destination but also a beautiful landscape. This is also the most attractive place located on Son Tra peninsula, chosen by tourists near and far as the first destination in their journey. Come on, let’s learn more interesting things about this statue with

About the Lady Buddha statue on Son Tra peninsula

Statue of Buddha and Bodhisattva – the famous symbol of Linh Ung Pagoda

About 9km from the city center, Lady Buddha, located on Linh Ung Pagoda, Bai But, Son Tra, is a famous symbol of Da Nang. Linh Ung Pagoda is known as the temple with the largest scale and artistic architecture of the city. The complex of Linh Ung Bai But pagoda owns an area of ​​​​up to 12 hectares, with many large items, but the most impressive is the Lady Buddha.

Panoramic Lady Buddha image on Linh Ung Pagoda

Standing from My Khe beach, visitors can see the white statue which is the Lady Buddha, with a dignified and steady position, standing out against the deep blue background of Son Tra peninsula. The standing posture of the Lady Buddha also has many special meanings, the eyes looking directly at the East Sea represent compassion and equanimity. The right hand holds the samadhi seal, which means saving sentient beings, and the left hand holds a water bottle to pray for peace.

Lady Buddha has the highest record in Vietnam

Not only has a spiritual meaning and is a pilgrimage destination for tourists, Linh Ung Pagoda Lady Buddha is also a work that owns many impressive records. This is the tallest statue of Buddha in Vietnam, with a height of up to 67m, equivalent to a 30-storey building.

The Lady Buddha statue has a favorable view of the East Sea.

Accordingly, the Lady Buddha has a lotus diameter of 35m, made during 6 years by two famous sculptors, Chau Viet Thanh and Thuy Lam. The statue consists of a total of 17 floors, each floor worshiping 21 different Buddhas, collectively known as “Buddha Trung Huu Buddha”. In particular, on the storm of the statue there is a 2m high Lady Buddha.

Moreover, Linh Ung Son Tra Pagoda is also known as one of the three Linh Ung pagodas in Da Nang. Accordingly, this is the most beautiful temple in terms of scale and uniqueness. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to Da Nang, you should definitely not miss a day to fully explore Son Tra, there will be many interesting things waiting for you to discover.

What is the best time to go to Da Nang Lady Buddha Statue?

Linh Ung Pagoda is open to visitors every day, so you can come here whenever you like. However, the best time is still sunny days, dry weather, very suitable for sightseeing, combining with seafood. Every 1st and full moon of every month, it is also the day that Buddhists flock to quite a lot, so the atmosphere of the temple is also busier and busier. You should take advantage of going in the early morning or early afternoon, there will be less sunshine, the weather is also cooler and more pleasant.

Location and how to move to visit Son Tra Bodhisattva statue

Where is the Son Tra Bodhisattva statue of Quan The Am located?

Located in the campus of Linh Ung Pagoda, Lady Buddha Statue is located in Son Tra Peninsula, Tho Quang Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City. This place is about 10m northeast of the city center. You can trace the coordinates of the Lady Buddha Statue with Google maps very easily.

Instructions on how to move to the statue of Lady Buddha in Da Nang

It is not difficult for visitors to find the Bodhisattva Lady Buddha Statue on Son Tra peninsula no matter where in the city. The simplest, you just need to open the Google maps application, then provide the starting point – the destination will show the roads leading there. From there, you can choose the direction you think is the most convenient and fastest. Here are the 2 fastest routes for you:

  • Route 1: City center – Dragon bridge – Vo Nguyen border – Hoang Sa – Linh Ung pagoda.
  • The second route: Nguyen Tat Thanh sea road – Thuan Phuoc bridge – Le Duc Tho street – Hoang Sa street – Linh Ung pagoda.

Note: The route to Bai But, Linh Ung Pagoda is mainly zigzag road, steep slope and close bends. Therefore, you should move very carefully, if you want to see the scenery, you should stop. Ideally, it is better to travel by car instead of scooter, and should let men with steady handlebars take the wheel for safety.

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What means of transport to choose to get to Linh Ung Pagoda?

Car rental: The path to the temple is extremely wide and comfortable, so taking a car is a convenient option. It is suitable for large group of people, family. You can Rent A Car With Driver In Danang from 4-16 seats to come here. However, cars are only allowed to stop at Linh Ung Pagoda, if going to further locations, they are not allowed. This is also a limitation when choosing a car to go to Son Tra peninsula.

Going by motorbike: To visit the Bodhisattva Lady Buddha Statue, you should rent a motorbike for convenience. You can rent directly at the store or rent at the hotel, the rental price is in the range of 120-150k / day. At that time, you can freely explore not only Linh Ung pagoda but also many nearby places such as Bai Da, Bai Rang, Mui Nghe, thousand-year-old banyan tree, etc.

How much is the entrance fee to Linh Ung Pagoda to check in Lady Buddha Statue?

The pagoda is a place of worship, built with the purpose for Buddhists near and far to come to pilgrimage and pray for peace, so there is no fee. You can just park your car to visit comfortably, just send the parking fee back. Usually there will be a donation box there, you can send as much as you want. The money from keeping this car will be given to the temple to take care of things such as ceremonies, construction of items, etc.

There is also an instant photography service, right in front of the Lady Buddha statue, with the price of about 30k / photo. If you go with your family, you can take a photo to keep as a souvenir. Although smartphones now take pretty sharp pictures, taking a photo to share as a souvenir is also very meaningful.

Check in What should you experience?

Discover the unique features of Linh Ung Pagoda Lady Buddha Statue

It is often said that a hundred hearing is not equal to one seeing, and only when standing in front of the Lady Buddha, can we see how beautiful and vast it is. The closer you stand to the statue, the more massive it becomes than you can imagine. And most of all, it is the sophistication of the sculptors who have devoted themselves to creating this creative work. All show softness, sophistication and absolutely no carelessness in construction.

The Lady Buddha statue is the work of many people.

Enjoy the panoramic view of Da Nang city from a height of 700m

Located at an altitude of 693m above sea level, from the position of the Lady Buddha statue you can see the whole beautiful scenery of Da Nang city as well as the forest and sea of ​​Son Tra peninsula. Further away is the complex of Marble Mountains with 5 horned mountains, symbolizing Kim – Moc – Thuy – Fire – Tho. In particular, standing from the towers of the statue, visitors can see the beautiful My Khe beach road, stretching from the foot of Son Tra mountain to Hoi An like a silk strip.

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Sightseeing, walking in the campus of Linh Ung Pagoda

Not only famous for the statue of Bodhisattva Quan The Am, Linh Ung Son Tra Pagoda also has many other items such as statues of 18 Arhats, Shakyamuni Buddha, Bodhisattva Bodhisattva, Earth Store Bodhisattva, etc. All create a unique spiritual work, art scale and beautiful. Deserves to be the top tourist destination of Da Nang. Besides, you can wander around, there are many beautiful scenes in the temple grounds.

Pilgrimage to Buddha, pray for peace for the family

Known as the most sacred pagoda in Da Nang and can be said to be the whole Central region, the Buddha statue in particular and Linh Ung pagoda in general attract hundreds and thousands of visitors every day. Most tourists come to visit, but many of them go to the temple to burn incense and pray for their family’s health and peace. According to locals, if you make a wish here, it will come true.

Explore the nature reserve behind the temple

If you have set foot in Linh Ung Pagoda, do not hesitate to go to the back of the temple because it is a large and beautiful conservation area. Not only is the green lung of Da Nang, Son Tra peninsula is also a pristine and rare reserve of the whole country, with rich flora and fauna.

Plants here have thousands of species, with 22 rare species, and animals with nearly 300 species, including 25 rare species such as red-faced chickens, long-tailed monkeys, titmouses. Especially, the douc langur is listed in the Red Book, ranked in the rare and near-extinction category, with only 300 left in the world.

Experience checking in Lady Buddha Statue in Son Tra – Where to stay, what to eat?

Which hotel should I stay at when visiting Linh Ung Pagoda?

Almost before visiting the Statue of Buddha and Bodhisattva, most tourists already have a place to stay. Accordingly, there are 2 locations where you should book a room, which is near the Han River and near the sea. Between these two areas, will still suggest that you should choose closer to the sea, which will be more ideal. Not only convenient to go to famous places inside and outside the city, but also very close to My Khe beach for tourists to swim. Moreover, restaurants, seafood eateries are also very close by. If you want to go to the center, admire the Dragon Bridge or eat specialties, you just need to take a taxi 5-10 minutes away.

What to eat when visiting Linh Ung Bai But pagoda?

Unlike Bai Da, Bai Rang or Bai Nam, there are no restaurants or eating places near Linh Ung Pagoda. If you want, you only have to move to restaurants such as Vuon Toi, Bay Ban located on Hoang Sa route or Old forest on nearby Yet Kieu street. However, that is not the only option. You can comfortably eat with a variety of choices as follows:

Eat seafood along the coast : Almost all famous restaurants and seafood shops such as Nam Danh, Ba Thoi, Be Man, A Ty, Eo Bien, etc. are located on the coastal route or nearby. This is very convenient for tourists after visiting Son Tra to move to. Da Nang is known as a paradise of fresh and cheap seafood, so you should not miss it.

Eat specialties in the center: If seafood is near the sea, Da Nang specialties such as fish vermicelli, Quang noodles, vermicelli seasoning, pork rice paper are concentrated in the central area. Not only stand out thanks to the taste and uniqueness, but the prices of the dishes are very cheap and the location is easy to find, so these dishes are very popular with tourists near and far.

Attractions near Linh Ung Pagoda Buddha Statue

Near Linh Ung Pagoda are equally attractive tourist attractions such as Bai Da, Bai Rang, thousand-year banyan tree, Mui Nghe, etc. with its own attraction, tourists cannot ignore. You can combine going to these places in 1 session or 1 day if you have more time.

What should you pay attention to when checking in Son Tra Bodhisattva Statue?

  • First: When visiting the temple, you can bring some fruit and cake to show your sincerity. Limit incense and votive paper. If you are just a visitor, you do not need to bring it, because it is all at will, the temple is also open to visitors to visit, not only for locals or Buddhists coming to visit. smell.
  • Second: When entering the temple, you remember to pay attention to the regulations of the temple, to keep the sanctity of the temple door as well as avoid affecting everyone around.. Should go lightly, speak quietly, do not joke around. In particular, absolutely do not burn incense, votive paper as well as take photos of worship areas or solemn places.
  • Third: About the dress, should aim for politeness, courtesy, not too revealing, offensive. Since you have to walk a lot, do not wear high heels, it will make your feet sore and swollen. Instead, you should choose sandals with soft soles, bata shoes to move more easily and smoothly.

The Lady Buddha on Linh Ung Pagoda, Son Tra is not only a place of worship for Buddhists but also a beautiful place to visit for tourists. Accordingly, Son Tra peninsula is equally attractive next to Ba Na Hills, Hoi An or Cu Lao Cham, worthy of a Da Nang tourist destination that you should visit once. This will be the ideal place for you to vent all your worries, greed, hatred, and delusion, leaving only a pure mind and beautiful scenery.


Da Nang is a beautiful city with lots of spectacular sites to reach and see. It is always considered one of the most interesting travel destinations in Vietnam. Here is our list of must-see places for visiting this wonderful city in one day. To start your morning tour, you could choose one of these sites to explore and capture your moments.

Ba Na Hills

The first stop on your tour of Da Nang has to be Ba Na Hills. Located 25 kilometers southwest of Da Nang city center, Ba Na Hills, one of the largest entertainment complexes in Vietnam, attracts a large number of tourists because of its cool year-round climate, photographed scenery, and amazing cable car. There are a lot of famous locations such as the Golden Bridge with the unique architecture of giant hands holding the bridge, the French Village, the Fantasy Park, and so on. In addition, Ba Na Hills continuously offers a lot of exciting activities such as the Food and Beer B’estival Festival, the Europe Fair and other art shows that you cannot miss the boat.


Bai But – Linh Ung Pagoda

As one of the famous spiritual locations, Bai But – Linh Ung Pagoda in Son Tra Peninsula attracts a myriad of tourists who want to open their minds to local culture and religion. Besides the impressive architecture of sophisticated and majestic statues and other shrines, Linh Ung Pagoda also offers a peaceful atmosphere and an excellent view of the sea and the nature of the city. The symbol of this largest and grandest pagoda is the astonishing statue of Lady Buddha, which is known as the tallest one in Vietnam. The 67-meter statue stands with its back to the mountain facing the sea with the hope of blessing the favorable conditions for everyone in the city. If you have a chance to get here, remember to dress formally and have respectful actions of cultural values.


Ban Co Peak

Ban Co Peak is located on the Son Tra peninsula, about 8 kilometers west of Da Nang city center. From an altitude of more than 700 meters above sea level, the top of Ban Co peak is definitely an ideal location to have a panoramic view of Da Nang with the beautiful beaches, the astonishing bridges, and the residential areas with a busy pace of life. The scenery seems to be probably the most beautiful in the early morning as the mist covers the back of the mountain and the first rays of sunlight gradually appear through the forest trees. Furthermore, you could admire the impressive architecture of the huge Chinese chessboard and a statue of a thinking old fairy. It is an opportunity for you to have some stunning photos of yourself at this masterpiece as well as view poetic and vivid landscapes. However, the way to the peak is quite dangerous, so make sure to pay careful attention to the road.


Hai Van Pass

It is no surprise that Hai Van Pass is a must-see for every travel enthusiast visiting Da Nang since it is an amazing pass of both danger and breathtaking natural beauty. With a variety of mountains and beautiful forest flora on one side and a breathtaking view of the sea on the other, the amazing gift of nature attracts tourists from all over the world to come and explore every inch of one of Vietnam’s greatest coastal roads. There are lots of amazing sites along the pass that you could stop by and capture your meaningful moments such as Van Village, The Lonely Pine Tree, Cu Rua Stone, Lang Co Bay, and so forth. Getting refreshed breezes while riding on the motorbike on the stimulating road is an ideal suggestion for the upcoming summer.


Spend the rest of the time with lots of adventure activities at the following sites

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach is always one of the famous beaches in Vietnam with the long and beautiful coastal line, smooth white sand, deep blue sky, gentle slope, and surrounding coconut trees. On a hot and humid day,  there is no word that could express when you immerse yourself in the cool water and receive gentle waves with your families or friends. In addition, there are a lot of sports activities such as football, volleyball, and even calisthenics that you could engage in with locals. You also have a chance to try paragliding or riding a water motor or snorkeling.

My Khe beach - Danang Private car
My Khe beach – Danang Private car

Nam O Reef

Nam O Reef is located about 17 kilometers northwest of Da Nang’s downtown. It will take you about 20 minutes to travel from downtown to there. Coming to Nam O Reef, tourists will be overwhelmed by a large space with many reefs and undulating rocks of all shapes and sizes, covered with green moss. You will satisfactorily wander around and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere with gentle breezes. You also could organize a picnic and have other exciting activities such as fishing, trying delicious local food, and creating memorable moments with your loved ones.

Asia Park

Asia Park is the most unique and novel amusement park in Da Nang. The symbol of this park is Sun Wheel, the tallest wheel in Southeast Asia. You will be truly entertained with lots of adventurous and exciting games such as Golden Sky Tower, Singapore Sling, Queen Cobra, and so forth.

Dragon Bridge

There is no doubt that Dragon Bridge, one of Da Nang’s most famous tourist attractions, captivates tourists with its spectacular picture of a golden soaring dragon. Furthermore, Dragon Bridge has a myriad of unique activities that provide tourists with a sense of satisfaction such as the fire and water performance, the art shows under the bridge, and other exciting nightlife events.

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Cruises on the Han River

Taking a cruise along the Han River in Da Nang is one of the most appealing tourist experiences in the city. You can experience the panoramic view of the Han River at night with brilliant lights shimmering on the water. Furthermore, you may also observe the iconic bridges that span the Han River such as the Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Love Bridge, and other famous landmarks.

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Tour Danang One Day

You are staying in Danang city and you would like to visit Danang City with Danang Highlight half day tour. You can take part in Danang Highlight Half Day Tour with group but should be follow group. For more comfortable, Danang Private Car offers Danang Highlight Half Day Tour by private car transfer.

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