Since June 2024, Asia Park Da Nang will be renamed Da Nang DownTown. There will be many changes to the art performances. Admission tickets will continue to be free for visitors. Below is the information about Da Nang DownTown ticket prices and the latest details for visitors.

Da Nang is not only known as one of the most livable cities in Vietnam, but it has also been attracting many tourists for sightseeing and relaxation over the years. Without mentioning the dreamy ancient town of Hoi An or the bustling city, Da Nang DownTown is an attractive tourist destination that cannot be missed when visiting Da Nang. Da Nang DownTown is a combination of indoor and outdoor amusement areas, with many appealing check-in spots. To spice up the tourism season, we will provide our customers with the latest information on Da Nang DownTown’s affordable ticket prices to make your trip perfect.

What’s new at Da Nang DownTown?

Da Nang DownTown

Da Nang DownTown is transforming into a novel and attractive destination for shopping, entertainment, and leisure. Soon, a night market will be organized with 200 diverse food stalls and unique entertainment activities like street animation shows. To enhance the experience in this area, international art programs will be introduced, starting in mid-June, with the theme “Echoes of the River.” This will combine extreme sports performances like Jetski and Flyboards with music and light shows on the water, executed in a highly professional and modern manner.

When is the best time to visit Da Nang DownTown?

Because the grounds of Da Nang DownTown are quite extensive, it’s advisable to allocate a full day to explore without missing any spots. A tip for you is to visit Da Nang DownTown in the afternoon and stay until evening to witness the transition of the day and admire Da Nang during two different times.

You can visit Da Nang DownTown any day of the week for relaxation

You can visit Da Nang DownTown any day of the week to relax with friends or create beautiful memories with family members. We hope that the information about Da Nang DownTown and affordable park tickets we’ve provided can help you gather the necessary details to start your travel season. If you need advice or assistance with any information about Da Nang DownTown, we’re always ready to help and explain whenever you need!

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Da Nang DownTown 2024 Tickets

Da Nang DownTown offers services not only to meet the entertainment needs of Da Nang residents but also to attract many out-of-town visitors. Therefore, Da Nang DownTown ticket prices are categorized at different levels.

From now until 12/7/2024, there is a 50% discount on the listed prices for the Awaken and Symphony shows for the grand opening, as detailed in the price list below:

Ticket Type Listed Price Mon – Thu Fri – Sun
Symphony of River Show – Area A 1,000,000 VND 500,000 VND 750,000 VND
Symphony of River Show – Area B1/B2 900,000 VND 300,000 VND 450,000 VND

Here’s the ticket price list effective after 12/07/2024:

Ticket Type Listed Price Mon – Thu Fri – Sun
Symphony of River Show – Area A 1,000,000-1,500,000 VND 800,000 VND 1,000,000 VND
Symphony of River Show – Area B1/B2 600,000-900,000 VND 500,000 VND 700,000 VND
Awaken River Show (from 17:30) 200,000 VND 180,000 VND 180,000 VND
Awaken River Show (from 17:30) (Da Nang, Quang Nam) 100,000 VND 100,000 VND 100,000 VND
Symphony of River Show – Area A (Da Nang, Quang Nam) 350,000 VND 350,000 VND 350,000 VND
Symphony of River Show – Area B1/B2 (Da Nang, Quang Nam) 250,000 VND 250,000 VND 250,000 VND
Vietnamese Puppet Show 500,000 VND 500,000 VND 500,000 VND
Vietnamese Puppet Show (Da Nang, Quang Nam) 150,000 VND 150,000 VND 150,000 VND
Combo ticket price list for Da Nang Downtown Shows
Ticket price list for Symphony Of River – Symphony by the River.

How to buy Da Nang DownTown tickets

You can purchase Da Nang DownTown tickets through the following methods:

  • Purchase through online channels such as the Flane travel app, Klook, etc.
  • Buy tickets at the ticket counters at the entrance: Purchasing directly at the ticket counter ensures you get a ticket, but there may be longer wait times compared to buying online.

Map of Da Nang DownTown

A map detailing the various entertainment areas of Da Nang DownTown. You will get the most comprehensive overview of the recreational areas here.

Map of Da Nang DownTown

Why you should visit Da Nang DownTown

Don’t think of Da Nang DownTown just as a place to immerse yourself in various games and experiences of different intensities; it’s also an incredibly picturesque spot for those passionate about capturing stunning photos. Leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life as you lose yourself in Da Nang DownTown, creating incredibly captivating snapshots.

Awaken River Show

With tickets starting from 200,000 VND for a world-class Jetski performance set against the backdrop of the river, this daily show starts at 5:30 PM. It has attracted many tourists on its debut, featuring renowned stars like Lee Sak Yoon, Kristina Isaeva, and Aleksandr…

Show Awaken River

Symphony of River Show – Jetski & Flyboards, Fireworks

Making its first appearance in Da Nang with the theme “Symphony of River – Echoes of the River,” this show combines extreme sports artistry like Jetski & Flyboards, music, lights, fireworks, and water dance performances, promising a cinematic experience akin to Hollywood blockbusters. Symphony of River is scheduled at Da Nang Downtown with daytime and nighttime performances starting from June 10th.

Jetski & Flyboards Artistic Show – Symphony of River makes its debut appearance in Da Nang

Vietnamese Puppet Show

A new addition to Da Nang DownTown this summer under its new brand, the Vietnamese Puppet Show will debut at the newly built Au O Theater in Da Nang.

Vietnamese Puppet Show at Da Nang DownTown

Vietnamese Puppetry is performed on both land and water. It’s a traditional folk puppetry art of Vietnam. The new theater, accommodating up to 600 guests, promises to attract many tourists to enjoy this unique performance.

Checking in at the Gate of Da Nang DownTown

Featuring unique architecture, nestled amidst a modern yet ancient city, the Gate of Da Nang DownTown is the first checkpoint when you set foot here. The welcoming gate is designed to greet visitors in a palace-style entrance, making you feel like stepping into another world upon passing through.

Checking in at the Sun Wheel

Right after its completion, the Sun Wheel in Da Nang DownTown quickly made its mark as one of the top 5 largest Ferris wheels in the world, standing at a height of 115 meters. When you visit Da Nang, you’ll easily spot the Sun Wheel, especially when the entire city is illuminated. The dazzling lights of the Sun Wheel standout amidst the cityscape. You can also experience sitting on the Sun Wheel to enjoy a panoramic view of Da Nang, capturing beautiful virtual photos from inside the cabin.

Cuisine at Da Nang DownTown

The heart of Da Nang DownTown will be the Vui Phết Da Nang Night Market (VUI-Fest) – a new highlight for nighttime entertainment tourism in this coastal city. VUI-Fest offers a vibrant space for shopping, dining, and entertainment for both domestic and international visitors. It features 200 diverse food stalls ranging from Asian to European cuisine, unique dried specialties, souvenirs, handmade items, along with lively and entertaining street performances that you can’t miss.


The rebranding to Da Nang DownTown by Sun Group marks a significant change to “refresh” the former Asia Park. Visitors will get to enjoy many exciting attractions here.