Con Market in Da Nang is one of the busiest and oldest markets in the city. In Con Market, you can buy almost anything from clothes, shoes, jewelry, seafood, and more at affordable prices. However, what impresses me the most about this place is the food. It is truly not an exaggeration to say that Con Market is the “culinary paradise of Da Nang.”

Where is Con Market in Da Nang?

Con Market is located in the city center, near the intersection of Hung Vuong and Ong Ich Khiem streets. You can easily reach it by private car, motorbike or taxi.

Learn the history of Da Nang Con market

Con Market was built in 1940 and remains a popular shopping destination for both locals and tourists visiting Da Nang. The first time I went to Con Market, I was impressed by the parking fees here, which are only 1k for bicycles and 2k for motorbikes, with no additional charges or hidden fees. The prices of goods are also clearly displayed. And then, I was amazed by the culinary area in this market. That’s why almost every time I visit Da Nang, I make sure to stop by Con Market.

Con Market is located right in the city center, so the route is quite easy and convenient. Tourists can reach Con Market in Da Nang by two ways:

  • From Da Nang Bus Station: You turn right onto Ton Duc Thang Street and cross the Nga Ba Hue overpass. Then, you continue straight on Dien Bien Phu Street and Ly Thai To Street to reach Con Market (at the intersection of Hung Vuong and Ong Ich Khiem).
  • From Da Nang Airport: You proceed to Nguyen Tri Phuong Street and enter the Dien Bien Phu tunnel. Then, you go straight on Dien Bien Phu Street and Ly Thai To Street, and continue to the intersection of Hung Vuong and Ong Ich Khiem Street.
The way to Da Nang Con market comes from the city center bus station

Explore Con Market in Da Nang from A-Z

Specialties at Con Market in Da Nang

It is no coincidence that Con Market in Da Nang is known as the “culinary paradise” of the city. This place offers delicious specialties with the most distinctive flavors of Da Thanh. Specifically:

  • Con Market Snails: Includes various fresh snail dishes prepared in different delicious styles, such as stir-fried snails with fat, snails sautéed with tamarind sauce, etc. Price range: From 20,000 – 100,000 VND per portion.
All kinds of fresh snails and seafood at Con market in Da Nang
  • Con Market Desserts: Includes various sweet and nutritious desserts like Thai-style dessert, pomelo dessert, mixed dessert, etc. Price range: From 20,000 – 50,000 VND per cup.
Pomelo tea – a special delicacy at Da Nang Con market
  • Pha Lau: This is a unique and delicious dish with the characteristic flavors of mango, fried shallots, offal, blood jelly, intestines, liver, etc. Price range: From 20,000 – 50,000 VND per portion.
Pha Lau is a favorite dish of many tourists when visiting Da Nang Con market
  • Mi Quang: This is a famous specialty dish from Quang region with chewy noodles and flavorful broth served with fresh vegetables. Price range: From 20,000 – 50,000 VND per portion.
Enjoy delicious Quang noodles
  • Wrapped Ram with Mustard Greens: This dish offers a fragrant and crispy taste, combining ram (a type of noodle made from vermicelli) mixed with minced pork, served with wrapped mustard greens and rice paper. Price range: From 20,000 – 50,000 VND per portion.
Visitors should not miss the crispy ram rolls when visiting Da Nang Con market

Famous cakes:

  • Banh Beo: Made from steamed rice flour, served with toppings such as peanuts, fried shallots, and delicious shrimp or meat fillings. Price range: From 40,000 – 60,000 VND per portion.
  • Banh Bot Loc: This is a traditional dish made from tapioca flour with transparent dumpling wrappers and filled with minced meat, shrimp, or mung bean paste. Price range: From 20,000 – 40,000 VND per portion.
  • Banh Trang Kep: A street food delicacy with the delicious aroma of thin and soft rice paper filled with a combination of egg, pâté, fragrant fried shallots, and rich butter.
Pancakes are quite strange dishes for many tourists

What to eat at the most enticing at Con Market?

The cuisine at Con Market in Da Nang is divided into two areas:

Indoor area:

This area is divided into two main sections:

  • Savory dishes section with a variety of delicious and enticing dishes such as bánh căn (mini rice pancakes), bánh xèo (Vietnamese savory crepes), Mì Quảng (Quang-style noodles), bún mắm (fermented fish noodle soup), bánh canh (thick rice noodle soup), etc. The prices here are quite affordable, ranging from 20,000 – 50,000 VND per portion.
  • Desserts and snacks section with various snacks, fruits, sweet soups, smoothies, pomegranate seed juice, fruit juices, etc., all delicious and tempting. The prices range from 15,000 – 30,000 VND per cup.

In addition to the affordable prices, the food in the indoor dining area is displayed in glass cases to ensure food safety and provide a sense of reassurance for diners.

Outdoor area:

This is a popular area among tourists due to its lively and airy atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy a variety of street food, both savory and sweet, at very reasonable prices, starting from 15,000 – 25,000 VND per dish.

The outdoor area attracts visitors by delicious snacks

What to buy at Con Market in Da Nang as gifts?

After indulging in the delicious food from the dining area, don’t forget to visit the dried food section to find a variety of specialty items suitable as gifts. Noteworthy stalls in this section include:

  • Various types of fish sauce: Each type of fish sauce, such as shrimp paste, meat paste, fermented anchovy paste, krill paste, shrimp paste, etc., is carefully made and preserved, each with its own distinctive flavor.
  • Dried seafood: Tasty dried seafood such as dried fish, dried squid, sun-dried fish/squid, dried shrimp, etc., processed from fresh ingredients, are among the most popular specialties favored by many tourists.
  • Snacks and specialty cakes: In addition to dried fish, dried squid, and shrimp paste, Da Nang is also famous for delicious and high-quality snacks and cakes such as sesame crackers, grilled coconut cakes, green bean cakes with meat filling, peanut candy, etc.
Check-in and buy dry goods as gifts at the dry food court

Experience when visiting Con Market in Da Nang

Best time for shopping and checking in at Con Market

Con Market in Da Nang operates from 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM daily. Additionally, some eateries in the surrounding area continue to serve customers after the market closes. However, to ensure a comfortable shopping and dining experience, it is advisable for tourists to find out the market’s closing time and plan to visit in the afternoon to experience the night food market there.

Furthermore, the food stalls in the market have displayed prices, but if you plan on shopping, it’s recommended to compare prices to avoid paying too much.

In addition, tourists should take care of their belongings, avoiding dropping them and being cautious of potential theft.

Con Market and Han Market, which one should you visit?

Located in the city center, Con Market and Han Market are the two most popular markets for tourists to visit and shop in Da Nang. So, which market should you choose between Han Market and Con Market when exploring and traveling in Da Nang?

Con market

Han Market

Price The items are reasonably priced and affordable. The items have an average price, slightly higher than the Con market. However, it is still suitable for everyone.
Product In favor of culinary items, specialty dishes, snacks. In favor of specialties bought as gifts and souvenirs.

Each market has its own unique features, so the choice between Han Market and Con Market depends on the needs and purposes of the tourists in their journey to the coastal city of Da Nang.

Con Market in Da Nang is an ideal destination for tourists who love cuisine and have a passion for exploring the cultural identity of the local people. Don’t forget to refer to the travel experiences in Da Nang mentioned above to enjoy a complete and safe trip!