Traveling to Bai But Da Nang is an extremely attractive experience that you cannot miss. What does Bai But do? What to eat, where to stay when traveling to Bai ButPocket all the experience to go to Bai But Da Nang right now!

Bai But Da Nang is a very famous tourist destination in Da Nang . Bai But is located in the middle of a beautiful strait and is a place where the mountains and the sea meet. The rare pristine beach with long stretches of smooth sand and extreme sports will surely make you fall in love with the way back.

Introduction to Bai But Da Nang

Where is Bai But Da Nang?

But Bai But is a place not to be missed during your trip to Da Nang . Bai But belongs to Son Tra peninsula and is located to the south of Son Tra mountain. Next to Bai But is the famous Linh Ung pagoda.

To go from Da Nang city center to Bai But, it will take you about 35 minutes with a distance of about 15 km. Da Nang Bai But projects to exploit tourism have only been developed since 2012, so this place still retains a rare wild character.

Explaining the origin of the name Bai But

Bai But is also known as Bay But. Surely many of you will be curious about the origin of this name. From the reign of King Minh Mang of the Nguyen Dynasty, early in the morning, fishermen in the coastal area discovered a Buddha statue rising out of the sand. Fishermen brought the water back and set up a temple to worship. And then this area was named Bai But (Buddha). Since then, Bai But has always had calm waves, and the fishermen of the fishing village have been doing well.

There is another legend about the origin of this name, which is from ancient times, even before the construction of Linh Ung pagoda in Da Nang . Legend has it that Guanyin Buddha carried Hong Baby from the sea to the shore. After that, the people named this peninsula Bai But (Buddha) to commemorate the Goddess of Mercy and pray for peace for the fishermen of the fishing village. 

Detailed Bai But travel experience should not be missed

When should you go to Bai But Son Tra Da Nang?

You can come to Bai But Da Nang at any time of the year because this place is always open to welcome visitors. Some points to keep in mind are:

  • From February to September: This is the most suitable time for you to fully explore Bai But. These months are in the dry season, the weather is dry, there is little rain, light sunshine, the sea is calm and there are many festivals taking place. You can comfortably swim in the sea, immerse yourself in the cool water, explore the beauty of the immense sea.
  • From October to January: This is the time to enter the rainy season in Da Nang , so fewer people will visit Bai But. The weather at this time will be cooler and colder than the dry season. However, this time is often rainy and foggy, so you need to prepare well before coming here.

Guide to Bai But Da Nang

  • Directions from the city center: 

If going from Da Nang city center to Bai But, you need to move in the direction of Thuan Phuoc bridge . From here go straight to the sea road and turn left. Continue going straight in the direction of Son Tra and you will come to Bai But.

  • Directions from My Khe beach:

If going from My Khe beach Da Nang to Bai But, you need to go straight along Vo Nguyen Giap street . Continue going straight in the direction of the statue of Quan Am Buddha and you will reach Bai But. This route is quite simple and easy to navigate.

How to move to Bai But Da Nang?

  • Motorcycle

Traveling by motorbike will help you fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of this vibrant coastal city. Riding a motorbike also helps you comfortably move between places and free time. Motorbike rental price ranges from 100,000 – 150,000 VND/day .

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  • Private Car

Taxis are suitable for families with elderly people or young children.

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Ticket price for Bai But Danang tour

Bai But does not collect entrance tickets, but there will be some service fees if you use them such as:

  • Parking fee: 5,000 VND/motorcycle, 15,000 VND/car
  • Renting a hut to rest: 250,000 – 350,000 VND / hut
  • Tent rental fee and overnight camping services: 500,000 – 600,000 VND/time
  • Swimsuit rental: 20,000 VND/set
  • Snorkeling to see coral: 350,000 VND/person
  • Canoe surfing: 1,000,000 VND/trip
  • Dining at the restaurant: 120,000 VND/piece, 50,000 VND/dish
  • Speaker rental fee: 100,000 – 150,000 VND/time

What to play at Bai But Da Nang?

But Bai But is a place not to be missed in the self-sufficient Da Nang tourism discovery journey . Coming to Bai But beach, you will have very memorable experiences.

Check-in virtual living at Bai But Da Nang

Checking in beautiful Da Nang right at Bai But will help you get the best “virtual live” photos. The picturesque scenery, blending the majesty of the immense mountains and the gentleness of the calm sea, will create extremely attractive photo shoots. This is an ideal place for couples who are wondering where to go on their honeymoon or want to take wedding photos.


Seafood fishing experience

An interesting experience that you cannot miss at Bai But is seafood fishing . Seafood fishing service is very popular with tourists. Fishing for fresh fish and squid and enjoying right on the boat will surely make you remember forever.

Organize a picnic

With a spacious and airy space, Bai But Da Nang is an ideal place for picnics and gatherings. You can join your lover, friends, family to organize BBQ parties, eat, sing and participate in fun teambuilding games. Here, there is a rental service of tents, camps, and huts so that you can comfortably have fun.

Take part in fun activities on the beach

But Bai But Da Nang has many adventure games for you to try such as windsurfing, skydiving, scuba diving, canoeing. Especially experience scuba diving and explore the beauty of the ocean with colorful coral reefs, schools of swimming fish or starfish of all sizes.

Swimming in Bai But beach in Da Nang

Bai But is one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in Da NangA special feature of the sea water here is the color change during the day. Morning and noon, the water is blue. In the afternoon, the water turns green again. The unique feature of the color of the sea makes visitors extremely excited.

Bai But has beautiful beaches, long stretches of white sand and cool water. You will definitely never forget the feeling of immersing yourself in the clear blue water, bathing as much as you want and enjoying the relaxing and peaceful feeling of the sea here.

Suggest attractive tourist spots in Da Nang near Bai But

Near Bai But beach, there are many other attractive tourist attractions. Let’s explore the famous landmarks not to be missed below.

Linh Ung Pagoda Bai But Da Nang

Linh Ung Pagoda is the temple with the tallest statue of the Goddess of Mercy in Vietnam. Located on a hill more than 100 m high, the statue has a height of up to 67 m, the diameter of the lotus is 35 m wide and the diameter of the statue’s heart is 17 m long. The sacred and peaceful scene at Bai But Pagoda in Da Nang attracts many tourists to visit.

Obama Rock

Located just 4 km from Bai But is the unique Obama rock beach. This place attracts a lot of “virtual living” believers to check-in. Huge rocks overlap each other to create strange shapes that make young people extremely excited. Obama rock beach is a beautiful spot to watch the sunset on the sea in Da Nang city.

Rang Beach Bai But Da Nang

Bai Rang is only 2 km from Bai But. Bai Rang is located next to pure white sand and rugged jumping rocks. Surrounding Bai Rang is a strip of green hills. In particular, tourists coming to Bai Rang love to “catch crabs and catch snails”. Just walking around the beach, you will immediately see countless extremely artistic spiral shells.

Top of the Chess Board

Ban Co Peak is located at the highest peak of Son Tra peninsula, at an altitude of 700 m above sea level. From here, you can enjoy the full view of the vibrant city of Da Nang. This fairy-tale place is also the perfect place for you to admire the sunset and sunrise in Da Nang from the top of the mountain.

What to eat when traveling to Bai But?

What to eat when traveling to Bai But Da Nang must be of interest to many tourists. You can prepare your own food for camping at Bai But. Ready-to-eat foods and drinks will save you a lot of money.

If you are not convenient to prepare or do not have enough time, do not worry, there are many restaurants at Bai But ready to serve visitors. The delicious Da Nang specialties here will surely make you satisfied.

What to note when traveling in Bai But Da Nang?

To have the safest trip to Bai But Da Nang, you need to note a few things as follows:

  • If you rent a motorbike then you need to carefully check the parts of the car, fill it up with gas and bring the necessary documents.
  • You should bring some ready-to-eat food such as bread, milk and drinking water
  • Clean up after eating, do not throw garbage indiscriminately
  • Do not swim in the prohibited area or swim too far from the shore because the beach has no lifeguard and some water is quite deep
  • When scuba diving to see the coral, you are not allowed to break branches or step on the coral



Coming to Bai But Da Nang tourist area , you will be free to participate in adventure games on the sea, explore the endless beauty of the ocean, comfortably swim and soak in the cool water. This is an extremely ideal place for couples, groups of friends or families to relax, rest and bond.