Paradise Cave – Thien Duong Cave Phong Nha, Quang Binh

The system of stalactites with many shapes

Paradise Cave in Quang Binh is renowned among both domestic and international tourists, receiving high praise from magazines as well as travelers. If you haven’t set foot in Paradise Cave, it can be said that you haven’t truly experienced Quang Binh. In this introduction,’s will provide detailed information about this captivating destination..

Introduction to Paradise Cave

Paradise Cave is situated at kilometer 16 (approximately 4 km from the western edge of Ho Chi Minh Road), nestled within the core of a limestone mountain complex at an elevation of 191m. Enveloped by the untouched ancient forests of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, it stands as a familiar and integral stop in Quang Binh tour itineraries.

Paradise Cave boasts an impressive length exceeding 31.4 km, with a width ranging from 30 to 100m and reaching up to 150m at its widest point. The height from the cave floor to the ceiling measures approximately 60-80m. Recognized by the British Royal Cave Association as the longest dry cave in Asia, it stands out as one of the most spectacular caves ever surveyed by exploration teams worldwide.

Featuring a magnificent, grandiose, and whimsical structure, Paradise Cave evokes thoughts of a heavenly realm on earth, a sentiment reflected in its name. It is an unmissable destination on both domestic and international Quang Binh tours, captivating the imaginations of explorers and tourists alike.

From the foot of the mountain, visitors walk 570m or pass 524 steps to reach the cave. The temperature in the cave is about 18 degrees Celsius, so as soon as you arrive at the door, visitors no longer feel tired and want to continue exploring right away because of a cool breeze from the inside.

The way to the cave
The way to the cave

Not only stopping at the feeling of surprise and surprise, visitors are also very surprised and dumbfounded by the unique charm of this cave. The small cave door is just enough for one person to get down, lying under a hundred meters high rock formation looks very spectacular.

Gate to Paradise Cave
Gate to Paradise Cave

A slope leading down to the cave floor is 15m long, the slope is created very sophisticatedly with countless large and round stalactites, the two sides of the slope have many traces of collapse, strewn with stalactite columns as if it has just undergone a tectonic wave. . To ensure the current state of the cave floor, the management board made a wooden bridge 3.5m wide and 1km long to serve visitors. This road currently holds a national record as “The longest wooden road”.

The entrance to the cave follows a wooden staircase 70 meters deep
The entrance to the cave follows a wooden staircase 70 meters deep

The magnificent magical beauty of the cave is revealed when the light shines on countless magical stalactites. The entrance is narrow, but inside the cave is more than 200m wide, the ceiling is high and wide, visitors can freely admire the scenery here.

The magnificent magical beauty of the cave when the light shines on
The magnificent magical beauty of the cave when the light shines on

Stepping into the cave, people will be satisfied to imagine in front of countless stalactites with many different shapes that the “explorers” used beautiful languages ​​to name. Come on, Cung Thach Hoa Vien with stalactites like a statue of a virgin mother holding a baby; The Giao Tri Palace is where the Jade Emperor discussed the country with his courtiers, surrounded by statues of unicorns and phoenixes..

The system of stalactites with many shapes
The system of stalactites with many shapes

Especially in the cave, there are images similar to cultural symbols of different regions, deep in the cave, there are many stone fibers stretching out into very flexible, long and layered steps like terraced fields, in the middle of the cave there are cells. As a symbol of wet rice civilization, many stalactite columns in the shape of Champa towers are very beautiful.

The stalactite was formed hundreds of millions of years
The stalactite was formed hundreds of millions of years

Unique is Quang Han Palace, where the stalactite block looks like a fairy’s curtain or Quan Tien Palace converges with the whole population of Amitabha Buddha statues, … the most impressive is the Lotus Tower with its unique shape. but under the eyes of each person, in each perspective, there are different shapes, this is a stalactite block with an extremely rare and fancy shape. In fact, it is a stalactite block formed from irregular splashes of water that creates a mysterious beauty for Paradise cave.

Lotus Tower is formed from irregular splashing of water
Lotus Tower is formed from irregular splashing of water

The more you go, the more you see that after hundreds of millions of years, the Creator has been painstakingly carving to produce such fantastical shapes to this day. In addition, the stalactites evoke images of communal communal houses of the Central Highlands people.

The image of communal houses of the Central Highlands people formed by stalactites
The image of communal houses of the Central Highlands people formed by stalactites

Compared to Phong Nha cave , the stalactites in Paradise Cave have more shapes. Occasionally encounter a steep stalactite slope like newly formed, still wet with steam, step up and listen to the crackling sound of broken feet. There are a few when the lights are shined on, they will shine like tinsel, flashing like countless stars at night.

The temperature in the cave is always 20-21 degrees Celsius
The temperature in the cave is always 20-21 degrees Celsius

Most of the ground is flexible, wide and fairly flat, so many people say: If this movement becomes a hall for… meetings, it will be great, and no need for air conditioning. Because the temperature in the cave is always at 20-21 degrees Celsius. Just sitting in front of the cave, you can feel each cool breeze blowing up from the bottom of the cave, hitting your skin in the 36-37 degrees Celsius sun outdoors.

Inside Paradise Cave, the ceiling is high and wide
Inside Paradise Cave, the ceiling is high and wide

Having traversed 1km of wooden stairs, visitors have the option to venture an additional 6km, delving deeper into the mesmerizing world of stalactites and stalagmites within Paradise Cave. The ultimate destination unveils itself as the “skylight,” where a cascade of sunlight bathes the cave’s interior. Nonetheless, this ensuing 6km expedition is exclusively tailored for the adventurous traveler—those well-versed in cave exploration and enjoying robust health.

Ticket Prices for the 1km Tour of Paradise Cave

  • Adults: 250,000 VND/ 01 ticket/ 01 adult.
  • Children from 1.1m to 1.3m: 125,000 VND/ 01 ticket/ 01 child.
  • Children under 1.1m in height are exempted from admission.
  • Tram transfer service:
    • Tram 4 seats: 01 way ticket price: 60,000 VND / route / time. Round trip ticket price: 100,000 VND/route/round
    •  06-seat tram: One-way ticket price: 90,000 VND/route/way. Round trip ticket price: 150,000 VND / route / round
    • Electric car 8 seats: 200,000vnd/car/round
    • 14-seat electric car: 350,000vnd/car/round

Note:  You should wear sports shoes or soft shoes suitable for walking and climbing.

You can find more details about the article on: Paradise Cave Entrance Fee

Renting a vehicle to visit Paradise Cave

You can rent a vehicle in Quang Binh for your journey, with a motorbike priced at 150,000 VND per day excluding fuel. Additionally, you have the option to rent a private car with a driver in Phong Nha from

Most international travelers visiting Paradise Cave typically fly to Da Nang Airport before heading to Phong Nha. To cater to this, provides private car services from Da Nang to Phong Nha, ensuring you have the safest and most comfortable journey. If you are in Hue, you can also book a trip from Hue to Phong Nha by Private Car.

From the center of Dong Hoi city, follow Ho Chi Minh Road for about 30km until you reach a three-way intersection. One direction leads to Phong Nha Ke Bang, and the other crosses Xuan Son Bridge. Take the route across Xuan Son Bridge.

From that intersection, continue for another stretch until you reach the Dong Duong three-way intersection. Turn left following the direction indicated by the sign to Paradise Cave, with a total distance of about 65km.

From the ticket gate to the cave entrance, there are two paths. You can choose to walk to immerse yourself in the fresh air of nature, or you can take an electric car to the foot of the mountain.

It is recommended to use an electric car to conserve energy for climbing the mountain and navigating the stairs inside the cave, as it can be quite tiring if done on foot.

More information about Paradise Cave

What is Paradise Cave?

The question of what Paradise Cave is brings forth an intriguing answer. Paradise Cave is a limestone cave situated within the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

Where is Paradise Cave located?

Paradise Cave is located in the town of Phong Nha, belonging to Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province.

The questions of where Paradise Cave is located and in which province it is situated have been frequently asked. We provide the answers here to save you the trouble of searching further.

What does Paradise Cave offer?

Paradise Cave is a world-famous dry cave, known for its stunning stalactites, stalagmites, and limestone formations, considered the most beautiful in the Phong Nha region.

How far is Paradise Cave from Dong Hoi?

Paradise Cave is 65km away from Dong Hoi, in the northwest direction. The journey is not too far, and the road is quite beautiful.

How many steps does Paradise Cave have?

Paradise Cave has 524 steps, measured from the point where the electric cars stop at the foot of the mountain to the cave entrance.

How long is Paradise Cave?

Paradise Cave has a length of over 31km. During the basic tour route, you will explore approximately 1km, but you can opt for the Paradise Cave Expedition tour to cover a distance of 7km.

How to get to Paradise Cave?

Getting to Paradise Cave is very straightforward. From the center of Dong Hoi, head towards Paradise Cave by taking the Ho Chi Minh Road, then turn onto Tran Hung Dao Street, followed by Hoang Dieu and Phan Dinh Phung Streets to connect to Ho Chi Minh Road. Continue on Ho Chi Minh Road until Km16, where you will find the western branch at Km0 of Ho Chi Minh Road – Khe Gat. Turn left and travel an additional 19km to reach the entrance of Paradise Cave.

Explore Paradise Cave: A 7km Limit-Challenging Adventure

After completing the 1km wooden staircase, tourists have the option to walk an additional 6km to continue exploring the various stunning formations of stalactites and stalagmites within Paradise Cave.

The ultimate destination is the “skylight,” where sunlight penetrates into the cave, creating a breathtaking scene. However, this next 6km stretch is only suitable for adventurous travelers with cave exploration experience and good physical health.

Time to Visit Paradise Cave

Quang Binh Province, located in the North Central region of Vietnam, is heavily influenced by the tropical monsoon climate with two main seasons: dry season and rainy season. When planning a visit to Paradise Cave in Quang Binh, most tourists choose to embark on their journey from early April to late August. During this time, it is the dry season, resulting in dry and sunny weather, making it convenient for travel and exploration of the various tourist attractions in the area.

What to Prepare for a Paradise Cave Tour? Tips for Exploring Paradise Cave

When exploring Paradise Cave, it’s advisable to be well-prepared with a camera (with flash) and a flashlight if you want to capture the most beautiful pictures during your cave exploration.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a natural ecological area, so finding street food stalls or dining areas is not feasible. Therefore, it’s essential to bring your own drinks and snacks to avoid hunger and fatigue during the tour.

Points to Note When Exploring Paradise Cave in Quang Binh

During the exploration of Paradise Cave, there are a few small notes to pay attention to in order to protect yourself and the cave landscape:

  • Be cautious while moving, especially during the rainy season when the stone steps leading to the cave can be slippery and steep. Ensure you have a handheld flashlight to clearly see the steps and avoid slipping. If you have small children, it’s advisable to carry them, and for older children, keep a close eye on them and hold their hands throughout the cave walk.
  • When exploring Paradise Cave, if you bring food and drinks, be mindful of maintaining overall hygiene. Do not litter and pollute the environment, preserving the scenic beauty of the tourist area.
  • As Paradise Cave is considered the longest cave in Asia, the journey can be long and quite exhausting. Therefore, individuals with unstable health or those who cannot tolerate prolonged periods in a deep, dark space should consider whether to participate or not.
  • If you decide to join a tour to explore Paradise Cave in Quang Binh, choose comfortable sports shoes or flat-soled shoes with good traction for ease of climbing and walking. Bulky, restrictive clothing is not suitable for vigorous movement, and sandals, flip-flops, high heels, etc., which are slippery, are not safe choices for this journey.

Paradise Cave, with its mysterious beauty and a challenging exploration journey, will undoubtedly provide you with a truly unique and fascinating sightseeing experience. As a colossal cave, it undoubtedly conceals many interesting and alluring secrets, always ready to surprise and delight you


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