Dubbed “the palace in the ground”, Thien Duong cave in Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province is one of the most magnificent and magical wonders in the world.

Paradise Cave is located at km 16 (nearly 4 km from the western edge of Ho Chi Minh Road), in the heart of a limestone mountain complex at an altitude of 191m, surrounded by pristine primeval forests of Phong Nha National Park. Ke Bang, a familiar place in Quang Binh tour itineraries .

Thien Duong cave has a length of more than 31.4 km, the width ranges from 30 to 100m, the widest place is up to 150m; The height from the bottom of the cave to the ceiling is about 60-80m, rated by the British Royal Cave Association as the longest dry cave in Asia, one of the most spectacular caves that the team has ever surveyed many caves in. world.


Paradise Cave has a magnificent, magnificent and fanciful structure that makes cave explorers think of a paradise on earth (hence the cave is named Paradise) is a destination not to be missed in the world. all Quang Binh tours of both domestic and foreign tourists.

From the foot of the mountain, visitors walk 570m or pass 524 steps to reach the cave. The temperature in the cave is about 18 degrees Celsius, so as soon as you arrive at the door, visitors no longer feel tired and want to continue exploring right away because of a cool breeze from the inside.

The way to the cave
The way to the cave

Not only stopping at the feeling of surprise and surprise, visitors are also very surprised and dumbfounded by the unique charm of this cave. The small cave door is just enough for one person to get down, lying under a hundred meters high rock formation looks very spectacular.

Gate to Paradise Cave
Gate to Paradise Cave

A slope leading down to the cave floor is 15m long, the slope is created very sophisticatedly with countless large and round stalactites, the two sides of the slope have many traces of collapse, strewn with stalactite columns as if it has just undergone a tectonic wave. . To ensure the current state of the cave floor, the management board made a wooden bridge 3.5m wide and 1km long to serve visitors. This road currently holds a national record as “The longest wooden road”.

The entrance to the cave follows a wooden staircase 70 meters deep
The entrance to the cave follows a wooden staircase 70 meters deep

The magnificent magical beauty of the cave is revealed when the light shines on countless magical stalactites. The entrance is narrow, but inside the cave is more than 200m wide, the ceiling is high and wide, visitors can freely admire the scenery here.

The magnificent magical beauty of the cave when the light shines on
The magnificent magical beauty of the cave when the light shines on

Stepping into the cave, people will be satisfied to imagine in front of countless stalactites with many different shapes that the “explorers” used beautiful languages ​​to name. Come on, Cung Thach Hoa Vien with stalactites like a statue of a virgin mother holding a baby; The Giao Tri Palace is where the Jade Emperor discussed the country with his courtiers, surrounded by statues of unicorns and phoenixes..

The system of stalactites with many shapes
The system of stalactites with many shapes

Especially in the cave, there are images similar to cultural symbols of different regions, deep in the cave, there are many stone fibers stretching out into very flexible, long and layered steps like terraced fields, in the middle of the cave there are cells. As a symbol of wet rice civilization, many stalactite columns in the shape of Champa towers are very beautiful.

The stalactite was formed hundreds of millions of years
The stalactite was formed hundreds of millions of years

Unique is Quang Han Palace, where the stalactite block looks like a fairy’s curtain or Quan Tien Palace converges with the whole population of Amitabha Buddha statues, … the most impressive is the Lotus Tower with its unique shape. but under the eyes of each person, in each perspective, there are different shapes, this is a stalactite block with an extremely rare and fancy shape. In fact, it is a stalactite block formed from irregular splashes of water that creates a mysterious beauty for Paradise cave.

Lotus Tower is formed from irregular splashing of water
Lotus Tower is formed from irregular splashing of water

The more you go, the more you see that after hundreds of millions of years, the Creator has been painstakingly carving to produce such fantastical shapes to this day. In addition, the stalactites evoke images of communal communal houses of the Central Highlands people.

The image of communal houses of the Central Highlands people formed by stalactites
The image of communal houses of the Central Highlands people formed by stalactites

Compared to Phong Nha cave , the stalactites in Thien Duong cave have more shapes. Occasionally encounter a steep stalactite slope like newly formed, still wet with steam, step up and listen to the crackling sound of broken feet. There are a few when the lights are shined on, they will shine like tinsel, flashing like countless stars at night.

The temperature in the cave is always 20-21 degrees Celsius
The temperature in the cave is always 20-21 degrees Celsius

Most of the ground is flexible, wide and fairly flat, so many people say: If this movement becomes a hall for… meetings, it will be great, and no need for air conditioning. Because the temperature in the cave is always at 20-21 degrees Celsius. Just sitting in front of the cave, you can feel each cool breeze blowing up from the bottom of the cave, hitting your skin in the 36-37 degrees Celsius sun outdoors.

Inside Paradise Cave, the ceiling is high and wide
Inside Paradise Cave, the ceiling is high and wide

After going through 1km of wooden stairs, visitors can walk another 6km to continue to explore the various stalactites and stalagmites in Thien Duong cave. And the final destination is the “skylight” with a column of sunlight shining into the cave. However, this next 6km journey is only suitable for adventurous travelers, experienced in cave exploration and in good health.

Or you can rent a car yourself in Quang Binh to go, a motorbike costs 150k/day without gas, a car costs about 900k depending on the type of vehicle. From the center of Dong Hoi city, you follow Ho Chi Minh road about 30km, there will be a fork in one direction to Phong Nha Ke Bang cave.If you go through Xuan Son Bridge in one direction, you should run in the direction through Xuan Son Bridge. From the junction, you run a further distance until you reach the Indochina junction, you turn left in the direction of the signpost to reach Paradise Cave, the total distance is about 65km. From the ticket gate to the cave gate, there are 2 paths. You can choose to walk to fully immerse yourself in the fresh air of nature here or you can take a tram transfer to the foot of the mountain. The advice given is that you should use the tram to save energy for climbing and taking the stairs to visit the cave because walking is quite tiring.

Ticket price to visit Paradise Cave 2022 , visit 1 km on the stairs:

  • Adults: 250,000 VND/ 01 ticket/ 01 adult.
  • Children from 1.1m to 1.3m: 125,000 VND/ 01 ticket/ 01 child.
  • Children under 1.1m in height are exempted from admission.
  • Tram transfer service:
    • Tram 4 seats: 01 way ticket price: 60,000 VND / route / time. Round trip ticket price: 100,000 VND/route/round
    •  06-seat tram: One-way ticket price: 90,000 VND/route/way. Round trip ticket price: 150,000 VND / route / round
    • Electric car 8 seats: 200,000vnd/car/round
    • 14-seat electric car: 350,000vnd/car/round

Note:  You should wear sports shoes or soft shoes suitable for walking and climbing.

What is the most beautiful season to travel to Quang Binh is always a common question of many tourists who intend to visit this place. And to help you answer the above question, Danang Private Car has helped you to synthesize some important information about the weather and climate here.

Quang Binh is a sunny and windy central land that has captivated many tourists by its rustic beauty as well as the warm and warm affection of the local people. What is the most beautiful season to travel to Quang Binh is always a common question of many tourists who intend to visit this place. And to help you answer the above question, Danang Private Car has helped you to synthesize some important information about the weather and climate in Quang Binh, follow along now!

Climate characteristics in Quang Binh

To be able to accurately answer the question of what month to travel to Quang Binh , first, you need to know about the climate here. Quang Binh has a tropical dry monsoon climate and it is divided into two distinct seasons, similar to other central provinces. The dry season in Quang Binh usually starts from April to August and the rainy season will last from September to March next year.

1. What is the weather like when traveling to Quang Binh in the dry season?

Quang Binh has a tropical monsoon climate and the dry season here is affected by the Lao wind, so the temperature is also high. The dry season starts from April to August, the average temperature is about 36 – 37 degrees Celsius, the peak can be up to 42 degrees Celsius. Quang Binh weather at this time is hot and very dry. especially peak in June, July and August.

Although the summer weather conditions are relatively harsh, Quang Binh has the advantage of being bordered by the sea. Here, there will be cool breezes from Nhat Le beach blowing in and reducing the heat, dispelling the hot, sweltering afternoon sun. In the afternoon, when the sun gradually calms down, it is also the time when a lot of tourists begin to flock to Nhat Le beach to immerse themselves in the cool blue water and play on the sand.

The hot weather of Quang Binh will not be able to touch the mysterious caves of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park when the temperature in the row remains at 20-22 degrees Celsius, which is very cool. Just entering the cave, visitors can feel the extremely cool air. Going on a tour to Quang Binh , visiting eco-tourism sites to cool off in the summer such as Suoi Nuoc Mooc or Chay River, Dark cave will definitely be interesting experiences for all visitors.

2. What is the weather like when traveling to Quang Binh in the rainy season?

The rainy season in Quang Binh will last from the end of September to March next year, heavy rain will be concentrated in September, October and November every year, the average annual rainfall is at 1500-2000mm/year. Due to the narrow and steep terrain, in Quang Binh, when there is a storm, there will often be sudden floods. In the high water season, the water of the Son River will rise and obscure the entrance of the cave, so visitors cannot visit Phong Nha cave at this time.

The rainy season is also the time when Quang Binh enters winter, the city now becomes more peaceful and quiet than ever. The misty mists hanging in the early morning have contributed to creating a deep and gentle beauty for the Central land that has suffered so many years of hard work.

Traveling to Quang Binh in the rainy season, visitors can walk on the deserted beach, shelter from the rain at a lovely cafe or visit a coastal restaurant to enjoy a delicious and attractive seafood meal. According to the experience of Vietnam Tourism, although coming to Quang Binh in the rainy season will be difficult to participate in outdoor activities, visitors will still have a lot of memorable experiences in this place.

What is the best season to travel to Quang Binh?

Visitors who choose to come to Quang Binh in any season will be able to feel the unique beauty of this land. However, the most ideal time for you to enjoy Quang Binh is the dry season, namely from May to September every year. At this time, the weather does not rain, the bright yellow sun will help visitors have a lot of interesting experiences.

If your time budget only allows you to come to Quang Binh in the rainy season, pay attention to monitor the weather forecast before the trip to avoid encountering storms and floods. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella or a compact raincoat with you because the rains may visit you at any time!

Although the central city of Quang Binh is simple, it is also endowed by nature with many enchanting landscapes. So hurry up and book a Quang Binh tour to discover and enjoy a complete vacation here!

While adventure tours to some of the most famous caves in Quang Binh have been fully booked for this year, a new camping destination surrounded by rubber forests could be an alternative choice.

Located in the middle of a five-hectare rubber forest next to a green stream in Bo Trach District close to UNESCO heritage site Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Blue Diamond Camp is tipped by travel bloggers as a nature-friendly camping destination in Quang Binh.

The entrance leading to the campsite is surrounded by vast cassava fields.

Unlike other campsites, Blue Diamond Camp uses solar energy with environmentally-friendly materials to avoid causing damage to the stunning landscape of Quang Binh, famous for its cave system and world heritage sites.

Kim Dung, a tourist from Hanoi, said a must-try experiences here is to take a wind-powered boat tour along a stream with green emerald waters.

Visitors can also go kayaking or experience standup paddle boarding.

The campsite run by leading tour operator Oxalis covers an area of 1.5 hectares and could be easily accessed by car from downtown Phong Nha.

It is among the new tourism products in Quang Binh in what local officials expect to give tourism a boost after over two years of Covid-19.


There are nine campgrounds inside the site, with tents overlooking limestone karst mountains and rubber forests.

All campgrounds here are equipped with roof systems and toilets so that visitors do not have to walk a long distance.


One of the highlights of the campsite is an underground swimming pool that simulates the underground river system inside famous caves like Son Doong and Tu Lan.

“When I first saw the pool, I was a bit scared but imagining that I was in Son Doong Cave, I suddenly felt particularly inspired,” Dung said.

The swimming pool also has three openings to catch sunlight, just like through a giant sinkhole inside Son Doong, the world’s largest cave in Quang Binh.


There are outdoor parties and entertainment activities at night.

“At night everyone can sit in a small garden and enjoy local dishes and drink craft beer. It’s an unforgettable experience,” Dung said.


An overhead suspension bridge connects the tents.

The bridge is 770 meters long and is designed about one meter above the ground so people can avoid stepping onto the vegetation in the forest and mud when it rains.

The bridge deck is made of thick wooden panels.


Visitors jog inside the rubber forest in the early morning.

One-day camping services cost VND660,000 ($28.41) per person.

If you camp overnight, prices start from VND2.2 million per person.

You have plan to discover Phong Nha where has hundreds of large and small caves. You catch flight from your country to Danang International Airport. You are looking forwards how is the best transport from Danang to Phong Nha?

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