5 reasons why Da Nang is always a popular tourist destination in the summer

5 reasons why Da Nang is a popular summer tourist destination in the Central region:

Da Nang – a place with attractive destinations.

Unlike other tourist cities, Da Nang is truly a resort paradise with a convergence of many unique destinations. Summer is also the most lively time for Da Nang tourism, with millions of visitors flocking to stay at resorts, hotels, and ready for long trips.

Da Nang’s specialty is none other than the sea, and the most beautiful one is My Khe beach, which was voted by Forbes magazine as one of the 6 most charming beaches in the world. More than 80% of tourists choose My Khe because of its flat, smooth white sand and clear blue sea water. In addition, My Khe beach also has the most beautiful view in the Central region, with one side being the Son Tra peninsula and the other being the famous Marble Mountains scenic spot.

Than Tai Mountain Wave Mineral Park

Most tourists who visit Da Nang will stop by Ba Na Hills, the most attractive destination in Da Nang and arguably in the whole Central region. It is a tourist area built on a mountain, with international standards that reach out to the world. Visitors will be amazed by Ba Na Hills, which looks like a fairyland scene, where misty clouds float all over the mountains and forests, visible in the distance by the cable car system that has reached four world records.

Or you can return to the city and head to Son Tra Peninsula, a world biosphere reserve. With a long winding coastline, beautiful and pristine beaches, along with fresh, cool scenery. On the way up to Ban Co Peak, the highest peak of Son Tra, visitors will have the opportunity to visit Linh Ung Pagoda, one of the three pagodas named Linh Ung and also the most spiritual pagoda in Da Nang.

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In addition, the famous Marble Mountains is a destination with many cultural, historical and spiritual values. A complex of five sacred limestone mountains named after the five elements KimMocThuyHoaTho. Admire the sacred system of five mountains in Da Nang, with mysterious caves and outstanding temples. Nighttime is a great time to explore the ancient town of Hoi An, where hundreds of years old houses are still preserved in the dazzling and mystical scenery at night.

If you have time, you can plan a trip to Cu Lao Cham Island, which is only 45km away from Da Nang. It is still a pristine island with interesting destinations and delicious local specialties.

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Heaven of seafood is abundant

It’s wonderful that Da Nang owns a coastline that stretches over 70km, and that’s the reason why this place has an abundant and fresh seafood source. Seafood follows the season, but the sea in Da Nang always has a variety of fish and shrimp, no matter what season it is, so tourists can always enjoy the most delicious seafood here. There are squid, fish, shrimp, octopus, clams, oysters, etc. Each type has many ways of cooking according to preferences such as stir-fried with lemongrass and chili, grilled, steamed, tamarind sauce, butter garlic stir-fry, etc.

During the beach tourism season in Da Nang, tourists have many choices from seafood restaurants. If you want to eat seafood, watch the sea, and have affordable prices, there are Bé Mặn seafood on Vo Nguyen Giap street, Ba Thoi seafood on Võ Văn Kiệt street, or Bé Anh seafood on Hồ Nghinh street, which are always crowded, and located close to My Khe beach.

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The hotel system ranges from high-end to budget.

One truth is that you don’t have to worry about where to stay because Da Nang has a hotel system spread from the city center to the coastal roads. Mostly, for the convenience of visiting tourist attractions, both for swimming and enjoying seafood, tourists almost always choose hotels near My Khe beach. In this area, there are many types of hotels, from high-end 4-5-star hotels to budget 2-3-star hotels.

  • 5-star hotels such as Danang Golden Bay, Mường Thanh Luxury, Altara Suites, Crowne Plaza, Eden, Fusion Maia Resort, etc. have prices ranging from 2-20 million VND per night.
  • 4-star hotels such as Sofiana My Khe Hotel & Spa, Maximilan Danang Beach Hotel, Chicland Hotel Danang, Sala Danang Beach Hotel, Salmalia Boutique Hotel & Spa, etc. have prices ranging from 1-10 million VND per night.
  • 3-star hotels such as Crystal, Grand Jeep, GIC Land, Golden Light, Star Hotel, Brilliant Majestic, Dương Gia Hotel, etc. have prices ranging from 300,000-3 million VND per room.

Sparkling Danang at night.

If you want to have a truly exciting night experience, Danang is the ideal destination that you may not have found elsewhere. Danang at night is always vibrant, lively, and even more beautiful, especially the area around the Han River Bridge which becomes even more lively and sparkling. Have you heard of the nickname “City of Bridges” for Danang? It’s because this small city has no less than 10 bridges.

At night in Danang, besides eating seafood, snacking and chatting, or taking a walk on the beach, there are many interesting activities that tourists find impressive. Renting a motorbike to ride along the Han River, checking in at the four most famous bridges such as Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Han River Swing Bridge, and Thuan Phuoc Bridge, you can not only feel the beauty of Danang at night but also breathe in the fresh, cool air. The Han River Bridge and Thuan Phuoc Bridge are the iconic bridges of Danang that have been around for a long time. Tran Thi Ly Bridge and Dragon Bridge were newly built in 2013, so they are more modern and sophisticated.

As a unique bridge in Vietnam, Dragon Bridge has become an icon of Da Nang city that no tourist can miss.

To admire the beauty of the Han River, to admire the beauty of the bridges, and especially to watch Dragon Bridge spitting fire on Saturday and Sunday evenings, you can buy a Han River cruise ticket for only 120k VND/ticket. The modern cruise ships are beautifully decorated, no different from a mini restaurant. From the bar counter, dining area, seaside stage, to cultural and specialty shows, the cruise organizers also host cultural and music exchange events.

For those who love a lively atmosphere and dancing, bars are an attractive destination. Sky 36 Bar, OQ Lounge Pub DnD, On the Radio, and New Phuong Dong are famous bars that promise to be great stress-relieving spots.

Unique Festivals

Continuing the annual event called “Danang – Summer Destination,” the “Fantastic Danang” festival (Danang Fantastic) has become a unique event, lasting from June to September with a series of exciting activities such as EDM music festivals, bikini flashmob performances on the beach, art installations on the beach, and Vietnamese food festivals.

Exciting festival season in Da Nang

Every year, Danang hosts the Danang International Fireworks Festival, which brings together participating countries from around the world and attracts hundreds of thousands of people from both inside and outside the country.

This year, festival programs will be concentrated in the beach areas of My Khe, Pham Van Dong, Non Nuoc, Nguyen Tat Thanh, and a number of famous tourist destinations in Danang such as Ba Na Hills, Asian Park, Mount Than Tai, and more.


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