Where is Cam Ranh Airport located? How far is it from Nha Trang city?

Cam Ranh Airport, also known as Nha Trang Airport, is one of the crucial airports for the economic and tourism development of Khanh Hoa province. It serves as a key transportation hub to bring millions of tourists to visit, relax, and explore the coastal city of Nha Trang.

Tourists visiting Cam Ranh or Nha Trang often choose to travel by air, and most of them have likely arrived at Cam Ranh Airport. To fully enjoy a complete travel experience, travelers should take note of the travel and arrival experiences at Cam Ranh International Airport through the following information:

Introduction to Cam Ranh International Airport.

Where is Cam Ranh International Airport?

Does Nha Trang have an airport? Previously, Khanh Hoa had one civil airport known as Nha Trang Airport. However, due to limitations in size and its proximity to residential areas, which did not meet safety requirements, Nha Trang Airport was closed in 2004. At the same time, Cam Ranh Airport was repurposed as a civil airport to serve the transportation needs of the people, replacing Nha Trang Airport.

The airlines currently operating at Cam Ranh Airport are as follows

Here is some basic information you should know:

  • Full name: Cam Ranh International Airport.
  • Address: Cam Ranh Bay, Cam Nghia Ward, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province.
  • Distance from Cam Ranh Airport to the center of Nha Trang City: Approximately 35km.
  • Airport code: CXR
  • Country code: +84
  • Phone: 0258 3989 956
  • Number of terminals: 2
  • GMT time zone: +7

Listing the flight routes at Cam Ranh Khanh Hoa Airport.

Currently, there are three domestic airlines operating at Cam Ranh Airport: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, and Pacific Airlines.

The domestic routes currently in operation include:

  • Cam Ranh ⇔ Hanoi.
  • Cam Ranh ⇔ Hai Phong.
  • Cam Ranh ⇔ Vinh.
  • Cam Ranh ⇔ Da Nang.
  • Cam Ranh ⇔ Ho Chi Minh City.

Currently, there are international airlines operating at Cam Ranh Airport such as Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, …

The international routes currently in operation include:

  • Cam Ranh ⇔ South Korea.
  • Cam Ranh ⇔ China.
  • Cam Ranh ⇔ Russia.

How far is Cam Ranh Airport from the city? Directions for transportation.

Travel time from the airport to Nha Trang city.

The travel time from Nha Trang Airport to the city center takes approximately 48 minutes, depending on the chosen route and mode of transportation.

According to Google Maps directions, it takes around 48 minutes to travel via Nguyen Tat Thanh Road. If you take National Highway 1A, it will take about 1 hour.

Travelers take approximately nearly 1 hour to commute from the airport to the city center.

Getting from the airport to Nha Trang city center.

From Cam Ranh Airport to Nha Trang city center, you can choose to travel by taxi, bus, shuttle services, and more.


Currently, there is only one bus route, Bus No. 18, from Nha Trang Airport to the city.

  • Ticket price: 50,000 VND/one-way.
  • Frequency: Every 30 minutes.
  • First departure: 4:30 AM.
  • Last departure: 8:55 PM.

Route: Cam Ranh Airport (Nha Trang) – Company 71 – Cam Lam Roundabout – Phuoc Loc Intersection – 1 Tran Quang Khai Street (In front of Lang Viet Restaurant) – Nguyen Thien Thuat Street – 10 Tran Hung Dao Street (Provincial Library) – Nha Trang Station (19/8 Stadium).


Taxis are a time-saving mode of transportation, suitable for groups with multiple passengers or those with a lot of luggage, with prices ranging from 120,000 to 160,000 VND/one-way.

Here is information about some popular Nha Trang airport taxi services:

  • Mai Linh Taxi: +84 258 352 5252
  • Vinasun Taxi: +84 258 382 8282
  • Nha Trang Taxi: +84 258 381 3813
  • Taxis Khanh Hoa: +84 258 381 1111
  • Sun Taxi: +84 258 388 8188

Shuttle Services

Shuttle services are suitable for groups of more than 4 passengers, providing door-to-door transportation with comfortable seating. DanangPrivateCar.com’s specializes in providing private airport shuttle services from Cam Ranh Airport to the city. With a team of professional English-speaking drivers, we will help you save time. Our drivers will hold a name sign to pick you up at the airport gate and take you to your hotel quickly and safely.

Airport Structure and Infrastructure.


Cam Ranh International Airport currently has 2 runways for takeoff and landing, with dimensions of 3,048 meters in length and 45 meters in width.

Aircraft Parking Apron.

The aircraft parking apron has a total of 26 parking positions and can accommodate various types of aircraft, including Airbus (320, 321, 350), Boeing (737, 767, 777, 787), ATR-72, and their equivalents. By the year 2030, the airport plans to have 36 aircraft parking positions.

Runway at Cam Ranh International Airport

Passenger Terminals.

Cam Ranh International Airport has 2 passenger terminals: Domestic Terminal T1 and International Terminal T2. The T1 terminal has a floor area of 13,995 square meters, while the T2 terminal covers 50,500 square meters.

Domestic Terminal T1 is equipped with all necessary facilities, including check-in counters, security screening systems, fire and safety systems, flight information boards, customs area, baggage conveyor systems, and a service area with amenities such as dining and shopping to meet passengers’ needs.

Sơ đồ Nhà ga Quốc nội sân bay Cam Ranh (T1)

International Terminal T2 at Cam Ranh Airport has a unique design concept inspired by the nests of swallows, the characteristic bird of Khanh Hoa province. Additionally, the highlight of the roof, with lighting features at its peak, creates a stunning architectural masterpiece, especially during the night.

Built to international 4-star standards, the terminals not only have basic airport facilities but are also equipped with cutting-edge smart and modern airport management technologies. With a commitment to quality service, the International Terminal at Cam Ranh Airport has been ranked as the “Top 2 International Terminals with Customer Satisfaction.

Diagram of International Terminal at Cam Ranh Airport (T2)

Recommendations for interesting destinations near Cam Ranh International Airport.

Near Cam Ranh Nha Trang Airport, there are countless fascinating destinations for travelers. These include:

Nha Trang Oceanography Institute, located 35km away.

The Nha Trang Oceanography Institute is a place for research and display of marine life in Khanh Hoa. It exhibits over 20,000 specimens and breeds many rare marine species. Moreover, visitors here can experience underwater diving to observe coral reefs and various fascinating ocean creatures.

The Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography is located right in the city of Nha Trang, Vietnam

Long Son Pagoda, located 37km away.

Long Son Pagoda is situated at the foot of Trai Thuy Mountain and is home to the largest outdoor Buddha statue in Vietnam. Standing on the hilltop, from the Buddha statue’s vantage point, visitors can gaze far and wide to fully appreciate the beauty of Nha Trang city. Therefore, the pagoda is a popular tourist destination for many international travelers when visiting Nha Trang.

Long Son Pagoda is also known as the White Buddha Pagoda.

Po Nagar Cham Towers, located 39km away.

Po Nagar Cham Towers are an ancient architectural complex of the Champa people. Here, visitors can admire unique architectural structures that reflect the ancient Champa culture and gain insights into the Champa people’s religious beliefs. Especially, if you visit Po Nagar Cham Towers in the lunar month of March, you can participate in the Thien Y Thanh Mau Ana festival.

Ponagar Cham Towers – a unique architectural marvel.

What to keep in mind when arriving at Cam Ranh International Airport.

Some important notes for passengers when traveling to Cam Ranh Airport:

  • Before heading to the airport, make sure you have all the necessary documents (visa, plane ticket, passport, ID card, birth certificate for children under 14, etc.) for a smooth and convenient check-in process.
  • Free 24/7 Wi-Fi is available at the airport with the network name #MegaNet Free.
  • Passengers should be aware of the check-in and boarding times to manage their travel schedule effectively.
  • Pay attention to the weight limits for carry-on and checked baggage to facilitate the check-in process.

With the information provided here, we hope you will have a better understanding of Cam Ranh Airport and can optimize your travel time during this exciting trip!


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