What to wear when traveling to Sapa? Appropriate clothing according to the season and tourist destinations

The choice of clothing when traveling to Sapa is a concern for many tourists. The weather in the foggy city is often unpredictable, so selecting attire needs to ensure it is suitable for the climate while also allowing for stylish photo opportunities. Let’s explore the most common outfit combinations for traveling to Sapa with DanangPrivateCar.com’s through the following article!

Important notes when choosing attire for Sapa

The weather in Sapa is highly changeable, with visitors experiencing all four seasons in a single day. Therefore, when preparing clothing for Sapa, people should bring a variety of clothes to adapt to the constantly changing weather conditions.

Moreover, regardless of the season chosen for visiting Sapa, one essential item to pack is a comfortable pair of shoes. These shoes help conserve energy when navigating the mountainous terrain, such as climbing mountains, visiting waterfalls, or trekking through terraced rice fields. Female travelers may prioritize wearing comfortable, easy-to-move-in shoes and bring along another pair of high heels for stylish photo opportunities.

Some clothing tips for a delightful trip to Sapa

Additionally, to protect the skin from the strong UV rays in high-altitude areas like Sapa, it is necessary to bring along sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. Despite the cold weather, UV intensity remains high, especially during the scorching midday sun. Using sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat helps protect everyone’s skin and eyes from the harmful effects of sunlight.

Selecting attire according to the location and activities for sightseeing

If you’ve planned a visit to Sapa, do you know what clothing you should prepare? Let’s refer to the list of appropriate attire for each sightseeing location below!

Exploring and wandering through ethnic villages

When visiting the villages in Sapa, it’s advisable to choose clothing that respects the culture and traditions of ethnic minorities such as Tay and Nung. Additionally, you can opt to rent or purchase dresses with vibrant colors typical of the Northwest region.

Wearing traditional ethnic clothing when visiting village communities

There are many shops in Sapa offering traditional clothing rental services of ethnic minorities such as H’Mong, Dao, and Tay. This facilitates tourists in conveniently taking photos or participating in local cultural activities. This not only allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture but also shows respect for the villagers.


Trekking is an exciting and appealing activity that has gained popularity among many tourists in recent years. The main reason is that trekking allows you to explore pristine landscapes, challenge yourself, and admire the magnificent natural beauty of remote and secluded areas. However, to have a smooth trekking trip, selecting appropriate attire is extremely important.

  • Trekking attire in summer: Lightweight, quick-drying cotton clothing is an ideal choice. Cotton shirts and pants dry quickly when wet, ensuring comfort and preventing chills when exposed to water or sweat. However, don’t forget to bring some warm clothing to keep your body warm when ascending to high mountain areas.
Terrain sports gear is a good choice when trekking
  • Trekking attire in winter: Cold weather can be a significant issue when trekking. Warm jackets are essential to ensure body warmth when cold winds blow. Wool hats and gloves are also essential, especially in cold weather conditions on plateaus and high mountain peaks.
  • Carrying a raincoat and waterproof boots will protect you from sudden rain showers and keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Don’t forget to bring a hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes and face from the strong sunlight.
  • Lastly, don’t overlook the importance of choosing the right type of shoes for trekking. Athletic shoes are the best choice with their cushioning, lightweight features, and slip resistance, allowing you to move flexibly on any terrain.

Admiring the terraced rice fields

Which season is best for admiring the terraced rice fields? The weather and colors of the terraced fields will vary each month throughout the year. So let’s explore some suggestions for suitable attire for each season to check out the terraced rice fields!

In April-May, Sapa welcomes the water pouring season, making the lush green terraced fields even fresher and more captivating. To stand out amidst the lush greenery of the terraced fields, you should choose monochromatic dresses or tops with contrasting colors to green. Pure white, bright yellow, or fresh orange will be excellent choices to enhance the natural beauty of the Sapa landscape.

No matter which month you go, white will always make you stand out

In September-October, Sapa enters the ripe rice season, adorning the terraced fields with bright golden coats. When visiting during this season, you should prioritize selecting dresses or tops in white or red colors like ripe rice. These colors will create striking and harmonious contrasts. For women, try living the dream with a flowing maxi dress! You won’t be disappointed!

Strolling in downtown Sapa

When strolling around downtown Sapa, look for clothing that suits the European-influenced architecture of the town. Here, restaurants, cafes, and hotels are often built in the style of ancient European cities, so elegant attire in subtle colors will make you feel confident and stylish in this unique setting.

Check-in in Europe right in the center of Sapa city

Some outfit suggestions for strolling in Sapa could be a long skirt paired with a blazer or a sweater for added warmth and classic elegance. If you’re more active, a mini skirt paired with a blouse, layered with a cardigan and boots, is also a good choice. As for men, items like trench coats or stylized suits will maintain a youthful and sophisticated look.

Leverage Sapa’s European architecture by choosing suitable attire to shine and express your own style in this enjoyable stroll. Wishing you wonderful and exciting moments exploring the unique city of Sapa!

Conquering Fansipan Peak

Fansipan Peak is one of the most beautiful and attractive check-in spots in Vietnam. With majestic scenery, nothing is more wonderful than experiencing memorable moments on the highest peak in Vietnam. But do you know what to wear when visiting this destination?

Firstly, focus on keeping your body warm when ascending Fansipan Peak. Regardless of the season, you need to prepare warm jackets to keep your body warm. Since this is a high mountain, the temperature will be much lower than in the plains, especially at night or during winter. A warm jacket will keep you comfortable and prevent you from getting cold in harsh weather conditions.

Don’t forget to bring a warm jacket when ascending Fansipan Peak.

Furthermore, choose clothing that is easy to layer to easily adapt to weather changes. You may encounter various weather conditions from the foot of the mountain to Fansipan Peak. Along the way, you may encounter bright sunlight and extreme heat, but as you ascend higher, the weather will become cooler and windy. Therefore, wearing a T-shirt underneath a warm jacket will help you adjust your clothing flexibly and comfortably.

Attire for Sapa according to the 4 seasons of the year

Below are some clothing suggestions for visiting Sapa according to the seasons. Let’s find out!

What to wear in Sapa during spring?

Spring in Sapa usually starts from February to May, during this time, you will feel the cool and comfortable air. When traveling to Sapa in this season, you don’t need to prepare overly thick clothing. A high-waisted long skirt paired with a thin knit top layered with a cardigan or a thin jacket will give you a youthful and elegant feeling.

Wearing a high-waisted long skirt would be suitable for the spring weather in Sapa

What to wear in Sapa during summer?

Summer in Sapa typically has hot and humid weather at noon and the temperature gradually decreases at night. Therefore, when choosing clothing for Sapa in the summer, you should bring both warm clothes and comfortable, cool outfits to flexibly change throughout the day. Especially, remember to bring a hat or cap to avoid the sun and a thick jacket to keep warm at night when it gets cooler!

What to bring when visiting Sapa in autumn?

Autumn in Sapa is a wonderful time to admire the colorful beauty of Sapa. During this season, Sapa transforms into a romantic natural painting with fresh air, cool temperatures, and stunning landscapes. The climate in Sapa during autumn usually ranges from 15°C to 25°C during the day, drops lower at night, and there may be light rains, making the scenery more rustic and attractive.

You should bring a thin jacket or cardigan to suit the cool morning and evening weather, as well as on cold windy days. Windbreakers and denim jackets are excellent choices to keep warm and protect your body when strolling along the steep roads of Sapa.

If you prefer a feminine and gentle look, prepare a long midi dress to appear more feminine and graceful. Thin knit tops, sweaters, and hoodies are also suitable clothing items for Sapa to keep your body warm when the weather gets colder in the afternoon and evening.

Don’t forget to bring sports shoes or waterproof shoes for easy movement and moisture resistance when encountering rain or fog.

What to bring when visiting Sapa in winter?

Winter is one of the exciting times to explore the stunning beauty of Sapa. From November to February of the following year, the climate in Sapa becomes colder and there may be drizzles, fog. When preparing to travel to Sapa in winter, focus on warm clothing. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Warm sweaters: You can choose thick knit sweaters, oversized coats, or fleece jackets to keep your body warm in the chilly winter weather.
  • Long pants: Bring long pants or jeans to keep your body warm from the cold wind and fog.
  • Warm shoes: Wear sports shoes with non-slip soles or waterproof shoes!
  • Windbreaker or padded jacket: If you plan to participate in outdoor activities such as trekking or sightseeing, bring a windbreaker or padded jacket to block the wind and limit rain penetration.
  • Accessories: Don’t forget to bring a hat, scarf, and gloves to keep warm on parts like your head, neck, and hands in the cold air. You can also bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun on sunny days.
The scenery in Sapa during winter

In summary, when traveling to Sapa in winter, choose warm, cold-resistant, and comfortable clothing to fully enjoy the majestic natural beauty of this place. Sweaters, thick coats, long pants or jeans, and some items mentioned by DanangPrivateCar.com’s are essential in your luggage to explore winter Sapa in an enjoyable and warm way.

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Here are some suggestions for places to rent costumes in Sapa

An experience you definitely shouldn’t miss when visiting Sapa is trying on the ethnic costumes of the highland people. Here are some quality, affordable places to rent costumes for your trip to Sapa that you can consider:

  • Art House: Art House is a homestay business specializing in renting ethnic costumes. The costumes at Art House come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes suitable for both men and women.
  • My House: In addition to renting highland ethnic costumes, My House also rents accessories such as hats and umbrellas so that female visitors can protect themselves from the sun while freely taking photos.
Renting costumes in Sapa is an experience you shouldn’t miss
  • Quán Gió Sapa: Quán Gió Sapa is famous for being a cafe that also rents traditional costumes of the Northwest ethnic groups. The rental fee here includes all accompanying accessories such as earrings, sandals, and hats, with no additional charges.
  • Lyn Sapa: Lyn Sapa is a shop that specializes in providing a variety of ethnic costumes in Sapa at affordable prices. Additionally, the shop offers parking assistance for tourists when visiting Cat Cat village.

Above are some tips on choosing the right outfits for your trip to Sapa, considering the weather and destinations. DanangPrivateCar.com hopes that this information will be truly helpful in assisting you to select appropriate clothing and express your own unique style. Don’t forget to use the private car service from Hanoi to Sapa with DanangPrivateCar.com for the most enjoyable exploration of Sapa.


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