What is the most beautiful season to go to Hoi An, even more than the locals?

Hoi An is one of the most attractive destinations in Central Vietnam that everyone seems to want to visit at least once. However, the weather here is also favorable for exploring tours. What is the most beautiful season to go to Hoi An so that you can fully admire the peaceful and poetic beauty of the old town, so that you can get lost in the wild without having to be afraid of rain, wind and storms. If you are planning to come here, please refer to this information to arrange and prepare for the most reasonable trip.

Why should you care about what month and season to go to Hoi An?

One thing that tourists often overlook is to monitor the weather situation of Hoi An before coming here to travel. But did you know, this can ruin your whole trip? Not only does it affect the health of you and your family, but it can also disrupt the fun and experiences of your trip.

Choosing an ideal time will help you avoid unexpected surprises and annoyances. Moreover, knowing the climate characteristics of Hoi An in advance, you will know what you should prepare, bring, avoid bringing unnecessary things but missing important things.

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Traveling to Hoi An on a beautiful day you will experience everything here.

Traveling to Hoi An on beautiful days, you can comfortably relax on the vices, every corner to experience the interesting things here; feel free to swim, play, eat, etc. And if you’re unlucky on a rainy day, you’ll have to stay in your room, extremely bored and charge for the trip. So, just take some time to learn about the weather and climate where you are going and plan carefully and you will have a perfect vacation.

Learn about the climate and weather characteristics of Hoi An

Hoi An belongs to which province of Central Vietnam?

Hoi An is a city located at the downstream of the confluence of the Thu Bon River, in the South Central Coast region of Quang Nam Province. It is about 30 km southeast of Da Nang city center and about 50 km northeast of Tam Ky city. It has both a sea and an island, creating a diversity of ecology, geography and climate.

Hoi An is an ancient town located in the lower part of the Thu Bon River in the Central region.

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Climate and weather characteristics of Hoi An

Due to its location in the central region, Hoi An is influenced by the humid tropical monsoon climate typical of the central coastal region with hot and humid nature, a lot of rain and a lot of sunshine, but less affected by winter winds. Therefore, there will be a cold winter like the North and a hot summer like the South.

Hoi An’s weather is divided into two distinct seasons: the dry season starts from January to July and the rainy season from August to December. It is not too hot, the average temperature of the day fluctuates between 25.6 degrees and 25.6 degrees. C, the highest is 28-33 degrees Celsius (June, July, August) and the lowest is 18-23 degrees Celsius (December, January, February and March). Each season will have its own features, you need to know which season to go to Hoi An is the most beautiful month and month to feel comfortable and have many wonderful experiences.

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What is the ideal season to travel to Hoi An, sunny or rainy season?

Not only Hoi An but almost everywhere, the dry season is always considered the most ideal time for exploration and relaxation trips. The dry weather of the dry season will make the journey easier and more convenient in moving, sightseeing and eating. However, this is not always the case, each season in the land has its own beauty, the rainy season also has its own interesting things.

Hoi An tourism in the dry season

The weather in the dry season in Hoi An is sunny and dry. With an average temperature of 33 degrees, it is very suitable for moving, exploring famous places and participating in fun activities and experiences such as swimming, snorkeling and watching coral in Cu Lao Cham . This is also the time when many special programs and festivals take place, giving visitors memorable memories. However, the dry season also has some limitations such as:

  • There are some months with almost no rain, continuous sunshine from morning to evening. This makes those who can’t stand the central sun will feel a bit tired and uncomfortable.
  • This is considered the peak tourist season of Hoi An, so the number of tourists is very crowded, it is easy to encounter crowded situations, queue to buy tickets takes a long time, the atmosphere is also stuffy, uncomfortable to visit, take photos. .
  • Prices of services such as air tickets, accommodation, transportation, entertainment not only increased but also likely ran out of seats, especially hotel rooms. Or if it is still difficult to choose a satisfactory room.

Note : If you like to go in the dry season but are afraid of the hot sun of the Central region, you can choose the beginning of the season or the end of the season, when the weather is more beautiful and pleasant.

Hoi An tourism in the rainy season

The rainy season in Hoi An is considered a low tourist season because the number of visitors here is not as crowded as the dry season. With this advantage, you can clearly feel the peaceful, ancient and poetic beauty of the town. At the same time, when going to the attractions, having fun is not crowded, quite comfortable.

The old town in every season possesses a quiet beauty but no less poetic and romantic. You will have the opportunity to see a Hoi An in flood water or rain – a very unique beauty of this city. Besides, it also helps you save a considerable amount of money for the trip because airfares and rooms often “launch” discount programs this season to attract guests.

But according to danangprivatecar.com ‘s experience of going to Hoi An in any season , if you choose the months from August to December to travel, you should also consider it, because:

  • Heavy rain, even heavy rain days and lasts all day, makes the streets flooded, the roads slippery, so it is difficult to move. Especially when driving vehicles such as motorbikes and bicycles.
  • Hoi An has a lot of outdoor activities, but if it rains, it is difficult to participate in swimming, snorkeling or taking a basket boat to visit Bay Mau coconut forest. Experiences such as releasing lanterns, sailing on Hoai River, folk games such as Bai Choi, blindfolded pot, etc. are also easily canceled.
  • Many restaurants and eateries on the roadside, sidewalks often do not organize business. This leaves your chance of enjoying the mouthwatering street food unrealized.
  • In the rainy season, there is usually no sunshine, the view is quite murky and dark, so it will be difficult to capture shimmering photos at Hoi An tourist sites. Or you can also walk on the scenic streets, admire the beauty of the lantern street…

What month is the best time to go to Hoi An?

In addition to the question of which season is the most beautiful to go to Hoi An , you also need to pay attention to the details of which month to go, which is really ideal to be able to plan and schedule a detailed trip. Because in fact each month will have its own characteristics.

Hoi An from January to March

The first 3 months of the year are considered very suitable to visit this land. The weather at this time before and after Tet, is not too sunny and only occasionally has a few small rains, is quite dry, cool and pleasant, the temperature range ranges from 18 to 23 degrees Celsius.

The streets at this time are filled with lanterns.

In particular, January is the time when Hoi An people are busy preparing for the Lunar New Year. If you are lucky on this occasion, you will be immersed in the bustling and vibrant atmosphere and enjoy the traditional lantern festival of this land. Participate in the festival of releasing lanterns on Hoai River and wish for good things.

Hoi An from April to June

From April to June is the harsh period of the dry season, but in contrast to many places in the South Central region. Because it is located in the south of the Truong Son mountain range, the weather in Hoi An is quite pleasant, not too harsh, the temperature range fluctuates between 26 – 31 degrees. This is also the time when Hoi An tourism begins to enter the peak season, so you should book a room in advance for a convenient trip.

The weather at this time is suitable for visiting attractive eco-tourism areas such as Bay Mau coconut forest, especially swimming, participating in activities at An Bang beach, Cua Dai beach and visiting Cham island. Diving to see the coral, immersing yourself in the wild and fresh nature. Note that the price of all services from travel, accommodation, meals will be very high.

Hoi An from July to September

In July, because it is still the dry season, and also during the summer vacation of students – students, many families still choose to travel, the number of tourists coming to Hoi An is crowded. However, starting in August, September, the number of visitors will gradually decrease. At this time, here is about to enter the season of change, when it starts to rain and it gets chilly at night.

The weather in these months is also quite favorable to visit the town.

Except in July, you can still swim in the sea and experience outdoor activities. If you plan to go in August or September, it is not very favorable because the sea water is quite cold because of rain. Song will be ideal conditions to visit cultural tourist sites such as Covered Bridge, ceramics museum, assembly halls… and admire the ancient and contemplative beauty of the old town. Compared to the months of April, May, and June, the price is a bit cheaper at this time, but it is still at the peak, so it has not decreased much.

Hoi An from October to December

The last 3 months of the year are definitely the rainy season in Hoi An. At this time, the weather is quite bad, raining all day and very rarely sunny. The weather is getting colder, sometimes even storms and floods appear, causing flooding everywhere. This is probably not the answer to the question of which season is the most beautiful month to go to Hoi An . It will not be suitable for family groups or groups, but if you are young people who want to experience a new feeling, it is not bad at all.

Coming to Hoi An on this occasion, you will discover a very different Hoi An. The feeling of sitting on a boat floating and going through every corner of the old town; admiring the idyllic, close, uncrowded scenery is wonderful. Or simply walking on the wet streets, watching the bougainvillea on the wall and listening to the strange sound of the rain. Not only that, traveling at this time will save you a lot of money because the price of everything has dropped sharply.

The most beautiful time to visit Hoi An, tourists need to know

Through the above analysis, everyone must know which season to go to Hoi An is the most beautiful and favorable month, right? If it is the season, then the dry season is always ideal, with the characteristics of the dry season being the ideal conditions for sightseeing, exploring and experiencing interesting activities in the old town.

If we talk specifically about the month, it is probably from January to March because the weather is extremely pleasant. Or April – July is also a good choice, although the sun is hot, it is suitable for swimming, traveling to islands or visiting places. If you want to enjoy Hoi An in a gentler, cheap way, go in August, September. Although it is said that at the end of the year, this place has many unique things, but according to Hoi An travel experience, it is still not. should go. If going, please monitor the weather in advance to have a complete journey.

What is the most beautiful season to go to Hoi An and what to prepare?

A perfect trip not only needs to choose an ideal time but also needs to be well prepared for everything. The preparation also needs to be based on the time that you travel, specifically:

If going in the dry season

Going in the dry season is not only convenient for the journey, but also easier to prepare clothes and furniture.

  • The first is the costume, you can bring dresses, long skirts, skirts with style, T-shirts or shoot pants, etc., for example. Comes with a pair of soft-soled sneakers or sandals for ease of movement. At the same time, bathing suits are also indispensable for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Next are the necessary accessories for hot weather that everyone should have, which is a jacket, wide-brimmed hat, an umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen to protect the skin from darkening.
  • Do not forget to bring electronic devices and appliances. A phone or camera, a clean backup battery, a selfie stick to help you delight in “virtual living”, recalling the beautiful moments of Hoi An without being pasted.
  • In addition, the dry season is the peak season so you need to book air tickets and hotels as soon as possible to get cheap tickets and ideal accommodation.

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If going in the rainy season

For those of you who go in the rainy season, especially in the southern region, if you are not familiar with the cold and stormy weather at the end of the year in Hoi An, you should carefully find out what you need to bring to fit. Missing before forgetting later does not affect health.

  • In addition to clothes suitable for the weather, which are long-sleeved clothes that can keep warm, it is necessary to prepare a number of items: raincoats, umbrellas, winter shoes, scarves, gloves, and even bags. phone.
  • Should wear slippers or shoes with good friction to avoid slipping when walking on the street on a rainy day.
  • Do not forget to prepare some common medicines to prevent weather changes that affect health such as cold medicine, headache, allergies, cough medicine, stomachache, motion sickness, etc.

How many days is reasonable to travel to Hoi An?

Depending on the conditions as well as interests and goals of each person to build a suitable schedule. However, you should not stay too long because according to calculations, the travel time of 2 days 1 night is probably enough. The best way is to go to Da Nang first, after visiting and exploring Danang, you spend 2 days in the plan to go to Hoi An. These two destinations are located very close to each other, if not combined, it will be very expensive.

With a period of 2 days in Hoi An, the first day you can visit places in the old town area such as: Cau Pagoda, Tan Ky ancient house, Phung Hung ancient house, Hoi An market. In the early afternoon, go to Tra Que vegetable village, Thanh Ha pottery village, Bay Mau coconut forest . Then swim in An Bang beach and then return to the center in the evening to walk, enjoy specialties, watch the lantern street, drop lanterns on the river…

On the second day, you can spend the whole day exploring Cu Lao Cham Island. If you do not have experience, it is more convenient to follow a tour. The tour will be taken care of from the car, the ticket to the island, the ticket to visit the island, diving to see the coral, eating, the guide, etc. In the afternoon, the car will return you to the old town. With this perfect itinerary, you are guaranteed to have the perfect experience.

Through this article, everyone must have found the answer to the question of which season is the most beautiful month to go to Hoi An. However, the content of the day is only relative, because it depends on each person’s own feelings. Please choose a time that you feel is the most suitable and like the most to enjoy the interesting things in this ancient city!



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