What does the Han River in Da Nang have that make so many people so passionate?

Han River Da Nang is one of the timeless symbols of the beautiful coastal city. The river is associated with the name, popularity and close beauty of this city. For a long time, the Han River has had many stories associated with the formation, rise and development of Da Nang. Now, let ‘s find out what you don’t know about this Han River  with Danang Private Car.

Introduction to Han River Da Nang 

Han River is a very famous river in Da Nang, seen from above like a soft silk strip crossing the heart of the city. This is a place associated with generations of Da Nang people, also a proof of the growing changes of this coastal city.

The origin of the name “Han” river

If you have been to Da Nang, you will definitely come to this place once to see the sunrise and immerse yourself in the romance and splendor of the river.


Although the name of the Han River is not so beautiful, it is associated with heroic historical stories. That river is associated with the old days when our forefathers fought against the enemy. The name originates from the fact that in the past, the Da Nang people locked the river mouth with iron chains to prevent enemy ships from entering the city.

Stories around the Han River

Han River Da Nang is a large tributary from upstream to the sea, flowing along the banks of busy streets. The two rows of trees on the banks of the river reflect, creating a peaceful picture, getting out of the busy life of the city.


Han Giang is famous for its bridges spanning the river, each of which has its own charm. The magnificent architectural works on both sides of the river also adorn the beautiful picture.

Main way of transportation: Han River Cruise Da Nang

The main means of transportation on the Han River are yachts. This service has been in operation since 2012. To be able to meet the needs of tourists when coming here, river transportation services have made many breakthroughs.


At experience yacht services on both sides of Han River, visitors can experience all kinds of services they need. Here is a piece of advice for you:

  • Please refer to the yachts with many good reviews
  • Find out more about the cruise ship’s schedule and operating time
  • Food service, fare and additional costs are also worth noting. (Recommended shopping at Han market  with cheap price and diverse selection.)
  • The last thing you should pay attention to is the yacht’s location and check-in view.

Danang Private Car has some interesting suggestions for you:

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Activities to experience when traveling to the Han River

To visit the Han River, do not miss the following interesting experiences:

Take a cruise on the Han River and enjoy the scenery 

Walking on the Han River in Da Nang by yacht is one of the most rewarding experiences when anyone has the opportunity. Possessing an extremely attractive view on both sides of the river with skyscrapers and vibrant city life, Han River gives people a sense of excitement when watching.


The peaceful and comfortable atmosphere on the river also creates a feeling for those who want to escape from the fast pace of urban life. Traveling on the river helps people feel more relaxed.

Experience the rotating Han River Bridge

Around 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. every weekend and 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. on weekdays, the swing bridge will operate. The Han River Bridge in Da Nang is the only bridge in Vietnam, crossing the Han River that can be rotated.


Visitors can visit this bridge at night to enjoy the cool air and brilliant views of the city. You can also wait until midnight to see the bridge in action.

Enjoy Danang cuisine

Foodies will surely enjoy this. Da Nang is one of the famous cities for sea tourism in our country. Therefore, seafood is one of the most commendable things here.


Seafood restaurants on both sides of the Han River in Da Nang and on the yacht are always ready to serve tourists when they have the opportunity to visit.

Enjoy riverside coffee and cool off

Possessing a beautiful view and cool air is a big plus point of the cafes on both sides. This is one of the attractions that many people come here to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Han River.


Some cafes overlooking the Han River you can visit such as:

To experience and enjoy all the best at the Han River in Da Nang, finding a suitable coffee shop is extremely important. Visitors can refer to a few suggestions below:

Highlands Coffee

Highlands Coffee is a coffee brand that is too familiar to Vietnamese people. This is a coffee shop with a unique space and a variety of drinks. Highlands will definitely be the place chosen by many coffee lovers when they have the opportunity to visit the Han River in Da Nang to admire the scenery.


Memory Lounge

Possessing a unique architectural shape, Memory Lounge makes many visitors admire with its eye-catching modern appearance. Viewed from the top, this cafe captures the entire view of the Han River.

The room in Memory is designed mainly with glass, giving visitors the opportunity to see the panoramic view of Han Giang from above.

HAN Coffee Original Da Nang

The interior space of HAN COFFEE Original Da Nang is carefully invested to clearly define the main style of the restaurant. The main color gamut that HAN uses are warm colors.

The main inspiration is created from the color of deep brown wood with a little green color of the leaves. To avoid boredom, the shop also actively decorates a couple of hydrangeas. The overall feeling of harmony and comfort, very suitable for the river scene.

This will be a great place for gatherings with friends on the banks of the Han River in Da Nang!

Hotels near the Han River in Da Nang have a nice view

If you want to experience and enjoy the atmosphere of the Han River, please refer to the following Da Nang hotels near the Dragon Bridge or the following Han River view hotels:

STT Hotel Address
1 Sun Rvier Hotel 134-136 Bach Dang, Hai Chau, Da Nang
2 Satya Da Nang Hotel 155 Tran Phu, Hai Chau, Danang
3 Vinpearl Condotel Riverfront Da Nang 341 Tran Hung Dao, Son Tra, Da Nang
4 D&C Hotel 1 Mai Hac De, Son Tra, Da Nang

Transport In Danang

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With the things that I shared about the Han River in Da Nang above, you already understand more about the interesting activities here. It’s attractive, isn’t it, don’t hesitate to try coming here to experience the wonderful and unique feeling of romance in this beautiful coastal city.


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