Weather on Ba Na Hills and important notes for you

Many tourists come to Ba Na not only to experience interesting things such as cable cars, French villages, wine cellars, etc., but they come here to feel the beauty of the weather on Ba Na Hills . This is a very special feature that only visitors who spend a whole day exploring will realize. Let’s see what the weather here is so attractive.

Where is Ba Na Hills tourist area located in Da Nang city?

When it comes to Danang tourism, many people will immediately think of Ba Na Hills tourist area. This is a name that becomes a brand that everyone knows everywhere. Ba Na Hills is located in Da Nang territory in Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, about 45 minutes from the center to the west.

This site is located on the top of Nui Chua – one of the highest mountains in the Truong Son range with an altitude of 1,489m above sea level. After more than 50 years of being abandoned and many forest trees covering Ba Na Hills seemed to be forgotten.

However, when invested by Sun World, it has become a leading tourist and resort destination in Vietnam in general and Da Nang in particular. This place has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists to visit during the year

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General weather characteristics on Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is located in a very separate location, nearly 1,500m from sea level, so the climate here is generally very different and different from Da Nang city.

What’s the temperature like in Ba Na Hills?

Ba Na Hills is the “lungs of the soup”, the “precious pearl” that nature has given to this land. The climate here is temperate, so the low temperature is from 0 to 2 degrees Celsius and the highest is 25 to 30 degrees Celsius.

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The average annual temperature here ranges from 17 to 20 degrees Celsius, the day and night amplitude is about 5 – 3 degrees C lower than Da Nang about 7-8 degrees C. That’s why the weather here cool all year round, even in the hottest times, you will be very comfortable here.

Humidity on Mount Chua

Although the temperature is slightly different from Da Nang, the weather on Ba Na Hills also has 2 distinct seasons:

  • Dry season: From March to September of the solar calendar, the climate at this time is very pleasing to people. The rows of lush green trees, the fresh and cool sky, the surroundings are very attractive by the magical beauty
  • Rainy season: From October to February next year, the time in Ba Na will be colder, rain also appears more. Especially at night, visitors will feel the change of weather more clearly.

Because this area is close to the sea, when you reach the top of the mountain, the humidity will be above 90 degrees Celsius, a layer of fog often appears. However, this has brought a magical beauty typical of the fairyland.

What’s special about the weather on Ba Na Hills?

The weather in Ba Na Hills is always something that tourists wonder because it greatly affects the quality of the trip and many people will wonder what the weather is so special here.

  • The weather in Ba Na always keeps a certain temperature, especially in the summer the weather is very beautiful and clear. In the rainy season, the temperature is very low, sometimes dropping to only a few degrees. You will feel the weather in Da Lat or Sapa with a little chilly
  • With just one day you stay here, you will clearly feel the 4 typical seasons of the year. It is because the temperature change is very obvious and divided evenly over 24 hours, you can feel a unique beauty here. This is a very special point in Ba Na that cannot be found anywhere else.

Experience 1 day exploring the weather on Ba Na Hills

A sunny spring morning

Going to Ba Na Hills in the early morning, you will see the cold, the temperature is from 14 to 16 degrees Celsius. At this time, the temperature, the air humidity is high, the fog is covered like spring is coming. At dawn, you will see a green color of pine buds radiating fragrantly. All covered the mountain, creating a layer of mist. The climate until 9am will be a little warmer bringing a fresh breeze.

A glimpse of summer at noon brings freshness

When walking past 9 am when the sun was already high, the rays of sunlight suddenly appeared more clearly, melting the glittering dew drops on the leaves. Right now you will have a very gentle summer passing by.

The afternoon climate will be hotter than 19 to 24 degrees Celsius. The gentle sunlight shining down on Ba Na Hills has created a very bright and fresh scene. This is also the ideal time for you to have fun exploring.

The autumn afternoon is so cool

In the afternoon from 16:00 to 19:00 the temperature on Ba Na Hills drops to 15 – 17 degrees Celsius. At this moment, cold air begins to appear along with a gentle breeze that will make you feel like you are running through your hair. . The scenery in the afternoon will be a little quieter, very suitable for visitors to walk to watch the sunset on Ba Na.

A cold winter evening

After 19:00 is when the night has fallen, the cold begins to appear clearly of winter. The temperature at night is only 13-14 degrees Celsius. The cold gradually penetrates the skin along with the fanciful scenery that makes the scene more romantic. Choosing to stay in Ba Na over the counter is a great experience for couples together.

Should you go to Ba Na Hills in winter?

In winter, Ba Na Hills will be very cold, but sometimes there are still beautiful sunny days. This time on Ba Na is not very crowded, so it is very convenient for you to explore, go for a walk without having to wait in line or wait for a long time. More specifically, you will be able to comfortably check in without fear of photos with many people crowded in.

Although the weather on Ba Na Hills in winter is quite cold, to create a bustling atmosphere in this season, there will be many festivals and attractive incentives. You will be free to check in every nook and cranny here.

When is the best time to choose the weather on Ba Na Hills?

Visitors can visit Ba Na Hills at any time is reasonable, but it is best to go in March to September. Because the weather on Ba Na Hills is very beautiful at this time, there is a lot of beauty here. It also shows up very clearly. However, this is also the peak season, so the number of guests will be very crowded, so you should wait patiently or choose a suitable schedule.

Choose clothes suitable for the weather on Ba Na Hills

As shared the weather on Ba Na Hills will have 4 distinct seasons, so you should choose the most appropriate and comfortable outfits. You should choose modest and polite clothes when visiting spiritual places. Bring warm clothes, socks to avoid cold at night to protect your health.

Notes to monitor the weather on Ba Na Hills

According to Ba Na Hills travel experience , to make your trip more convenient, you should:

  • See the weather forecast in advance. This will help you plan and prepare the right outfit. You have to see the forecast 3 days in advance to make sure the trip is more secure.
  • Also, if you want to stay on Ba Na, don’t forget to prepare warm clothes.
  • Bring an umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen, bring a hat
  • Bring baby food with you.

The above is the weather information on Ba Na Hills , hopefully to help you prepare for the upcoming trip. Hope you have a wonderful experience with your family. Let’s share the journey together


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