The Most Comprehensive Travel Experience to Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang in 2024

Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang is always a favored resort destination chosen by many enthusiastic travelers. If you haven’t been to Hon Tre before, bookmark this article from’s to use when you vacation in the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang.

Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang is a familiar destination for numerous tourists when visiting this coastal city. This is an ideal tourist spot for young couples, groups of friends, and families to relax, enjoy top-notch amenities and entertainment services, and indulge in fancy photo opportunities…

Where is Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang located?

Hon Tre Island is situated in Nha Trang Bay, approximately 5km away from the city of Nha Trang. It is the largest island in Nha Trang Bay, covering an area of up to 32.5km2. With its relatively secluded position, Hon Tre boasts some of the most beautiful natural beaches in the world.

Hon Tre island

Hon Tre Island is often referred to as the “Vietnamese Pearl” and has been developed into numerous resort and leisure areas over time. This island features a mild tropical climate, minimal stormy winds, and offers various recreational sites such as a golf course, Vinpearl resort-hotels, the premier entertainment zone Vinpearl Land, the cultural park of Hon Tre, the Sẻ Tre Bird Garden, the eco-tourism site of Dam Bay, and more.

When is the best time to visit Hon Tre Island?

The ideal time to explore this beautiful island is from January to August, as well as the months of November and December in the lunar calendar. You can choose August to visit Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang to experience its utmost beauty. August is the peak tourist season on Hon Tre Island, also known as the “August – Nha Trang’s Call of the Sea” month. It’s advisable not to visit Hon Tre in October or November, as this is when Nha Trang experiences the most storms and rainfall throughout the year.

June, July, and August are the peak tourist months in Nha Trang

Modes of Transportation to Hon Tre Island

In order to travel to Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang, you first need to get to the city of Nha Trang from your location, and then proceed from the city to Hon Tre Island.

Getting from your location to Nha Trang City

Depending on your economic conditions, geographical distance, and available time, travelers can choose from the following modes of transportation:

For domestic travelers:

  • Airplane: This is the most convenient mode of transportation, saving a lot of time for recreational activities and relaxation if your trip is time-constrained. However, it is also the most expensive option.
  • Train: This is a safe and comfortable mode of transportation, allowing you flexibility in terms of time and offering cost savings. It provides an enjoyable experience similar to backpacking along the way.
  • Sleeper bus: This is an economical option, easy to find, and more convenient to catch than a train.

For international travelers:

  • To Cam Ranh Nha Trang Airport: You can fly directly from your home country to Cam Ranh International Airport. From Cam Ranh Airport, you can arrange a private car transfer cam ranh airport to your hotel in Nha Trang through
  • To Tan Son Nhat International Airport – Ho Chi Minh City: Many international travelers choose to fly to Ho Chi Minh City first and then proceed to Nha Trang. If you’re in Ho Chi Minh City, you can arrange a private car transfer from there to Nha Trang. Alternatively, you can opt for a bus journey. Note that buses might not offer the same level of comfort and travel time as private cars, where the driver can pick you up directly from your hotel. For a comfortable journey, it’s recommended to book a private car through

Guide to Getting from Nha Trang City to Hon Tre Island.

From Nha Trang, you can travel to Hon Tre Island using various modes of transportation such as cable car, high-speed boat, and canoe. To save time, most tourists opt for the cable car as the means of transport to Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang.

There is a cable car from Nha Trang to Hon Tre Island

Cable Car

When traveling to Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang, make sure to purchase the cable car ticket. When you buy the cable car ticket from Vinwonders Nha Trang, it includes the cable car service across the sea and access to hundreds of exciting games.

From 4 to under 12 years old Over 12 years old Elderly (From 60 years old and above) Height 140cm or more From 100cm to less than 140cm
Standard admission ticket 660,000 880,000 530,000 880,000 660,000
(Use 2-way cable car)
Standard admission ticket 600,000 800,000 480,000 800,000 600,000
(Use one-way cable car)
Admission ticket after 4pm 400,000 500,000 340,000 500,000 400,000
(Applicable only for 2-way cable car ticket)

Ferry, Motorboat

The sea journey takes about 20 minutes, with a capacity of over 300 people. Operating schedule: Not fixed; whenever the number of passengers for the cable car is overloaded, Vinpearl arranges ferries for customers to cross to Vinpearl.

Renting Canoes, Boats

If you have a group of around 7 to 10 people, you can rent a private 8-seater or 12-seater canoe for approximately 1,000,000 Vietnamese Dong.

For a group of around 10 to 15 people, you can rent a private 16-seater canoe for approximately 1,500,000 Vietnamese Dong.

Note: When you take a canoe to the island, you only need to buy a one-way cable car ticket priced at 800,000 Vietnamese Dong. For groups of 10 or more, it’s advisable to rent a private canoe. First, you can hire the canoe to take you to Hon Mun (for swimming and snorkeling), then to the fishing village for seafood, and finally to Hon Tre around 1:00 PM. The total cost for renting the canoe is approximately 1,500,000 Vietnamese Dong. This is also a reasonable option for larger groups of travelers.

What does Hon Tre Island have to offer?

Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang is an unmissable tourist destination when visiting the coastal city. When you come to Hon Tre, you can explore some famous attractions like:

Vinpearl Nha Trang Amusement Park

A must-visit for the young crowd, this place is like a fantasy land, the ultimate entertainment paradise. With many incredibly exciting games and interesting sights such as the Aquarium or magnificent water music performances, having fun at Vinpearl Land Nha Trang will be an experience that no traveler can skip when coming to Hon Tre Nha Trang.

Vinpearl Nha Trang is a popular resort destination for many tourists when visiting Hon Tre Island

Bai Tru Beach.

At Bai Tru, you can feel the long coastline with smooth white sand and clear blue water like an emerald. Sheltered by Mount Tre, the beach here is calm and peaceful, perfect for your vacation days. Additionally, on Bai Tru, there’s a small fishing village where you can visit and experience the rustic life of the island’s inhabitants.

Bai Tru Beach in Nha Trang is one of the most beautiful natural beaches in Nha Trang Bay.

Con Se Tre Tourist Area.

Also an incredibly wonderful destination when it comes to the beautiful Hon Tre Island. What’s very interesting here is that all the designs, architectural constructions, and even objects are made from bamboo combined with the backdrop of a rustic countryside scene. Here, you can feel the serene and peaceful atmosphere of an authentic village. Furthermore, you can swim, fish, go canoeing, or dive to admire the coral reefs.

Explore the ocean at Con Se Tre Nha Trang.

Dam Bay.

This is a relatively untouched tourist spot, so not many travelers are aware of it. Dam Bay is situated in a secluded bay area, hence there’s very little wind and waves, making it safe. It focuses on ecotourism and snorkeling, so you can freely explore the ocean depths.

The beautiful scenery of Nha Trang at Dam Bay Bay

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What to Eat on Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang?

While exploring Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang, remember to indulge in Nha Trang’s specialties, such as:

  • Oc vu nang: A beloved Nha Trang specialty that many tourists adore.
  • Nem nuong Nha Trang: Fragrant, crispy spring rolls dipped in a delicious sauce.
  • Banh can: A popular local dish that captures hearts with its fragrant aroma of rice and filling.
  • Seafood dishes: Nha Trang is a haven for fresh and delicious seafood.
  • Grilled seaworms: Seaworms grilled over charcoal emit an enticing aroma that tickles the taste buds.
  • Milk oysters: This dish is quite common along the coastal roads or at the markets in Nha Trang city

-> TOP 20 freshest and most delicious seafood restaurants in Nha Trang

Hotels and Resorts on Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang.

You don’t need to worry about accommodations if you’re planning a retreat here. On Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang, you have a multitude of choices for luxurious resorts, such as Vinpearl Nha Trang, the Con Se Tre tourist area with its classic and rustic style, all the way to Dam Bay. When it comes to dining, you’ll get to enjoy dishes made from seafood and specialties like: Jellyfish noodles, mini savory pancakes, fish cake vermicelli, grilled skewered meat rolls, and fish leaf salad…

Some Travel Tips for Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang.

To make your trip to Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang truly enjoyable, take note of the following tips:

  • When preparing your travel luggage for Nha Trang, don’t forget to pack sunscreen, moisturizer, mosquito repellent, and medicines for stomachaches, motion sickness, headaches, etc. This will help you be prepared for any unexpected weather changes or motion discomfort while taking boats or cable cars to the island.
  • If you want to save costs during your trip to Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang, consider booking your flights to Nha Trang and tour services well in advance, around 1 to 2 months prior, to get the best prices. Additionally, choosing off-peak seasons like around February or March can result in lower prices for services compared to peak times.
  • Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang is a tourist-developed destination, so prices for services and food tend to be higher than on the mainland or other areas. Prepare a sufficient budget to fully experience your trip without financial concerns!

This article from’s provides comprehensive insights into various experiences and entertainment spots on Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang. Hopefully, these tips can help you navigate your Nha Trang travel with ease and have a joyful journey at this destination.


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