Latest Travel Experience in Thung Nang, Ninh Binh 2024

Thung Nang is an attractive tourist destination in Ninh Binh, Vietnam, visited by many travelers for its ripe rice fields and emerald green rivers. If you have plans to visit the Ancient Capital land soon, don’t forget to make a stop at Thung Nang! Let’s explore some useful experiences with’s below!

Where is Thung Nang?

Thung Nang tourist area is located in Dam Khe village, Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province. This is a newly discovered tourist spot that has been actively developed with various tourism activities, creating a vast and pristine space. It is precisely this aspect that attracts many travelers seeking a simple and poetic atmosphere, making Thung Nang Ninh Binh their chosen destination.

Thung Nang – The magnificent beauty bestowed by nature upon Ninh Binh

Many tourists often ask whether Thung Nang Ninh Binh is an abbreviation for the term “thung luong” (valley). However, up to now, this question remains unanswered. Local residents here often use the term “thung” to refer to low-lying areas, flooded places surrounded by majestic mountains. In summer, when the sunlight shines down, making the limestone rocks sparkle and glisten, the local people affectionately call this place Thung Nang.

Guide to getting to Thung Nang Ninh Binh

Thung Nang is just over 100km from Hanoi, taking approximately 3 hours to travel. Therefore, there are various convenient and comfortable means of transportation for you to choose from, such as buses, motorcycles, and cars. However, based on the experience of seasoned travelers, exploring Thung Nang by motorcycle will provide you with the best experiences.

You can refer to the following route to get to Thung Nang: Starting from Ninh Binh city, move along Tran Hung Dao Street towards the South. At the roundabout, take the second exit onto DT491C, and after a stretch, turn right at Ben Thach Bich Intersection. Continue straight, and you will encounter signs directing you to Thung Nang.

Motorbike touring to explore Thung Nang offers you exciting experiences

Furthermore, if you need a quick and convenient means of transportation to take you directly to your destination, you can use the private car rental service in Hanoi offered by’s. With a team of professional drivers with many years of experience, they will ensure your trip to Thung Nang is comfortable and cost-effective. Book a private car service from Hanoi to Ninh Binh today for the most complete Thung Nang experience.

Best Time to Visit Thung Nang

Thung Nang possesses not only the beauty of emerald green rivers but also the allure of vast golden ripe rice fields against the backdrop of the sky. Therefore, if you are wondering when the best time to visit Thung Nang is, the most accurate answer is probably around May and June.

The sparkling sunshine paints a picturesque landscape in this place

Visiting this place during this period, you not only have the opportunity to admire endless stretches of ripe golden rice fields but also to indulge in the overwhelming scent of the countryside. It will be a perfect experience if you can climb a mountain and let your eyes take in the breathtaking natural scenery.

What does Thung Nang Ninh Binh offer for tourists?

Although it doesn’t possess the picturesque beauty of places like Tuyet Tinh Coc or the fame of tourist areas like Trang An and Bai Dinh, what leaves a lasting impression on visitors to Thung Nang is its pristine and simple charm. Thung Nang is not overly vast, so you only need about half a day to explore and visit this place.

Boat cruise on the river

In the past, during the summer, the water level used to be low due to farming activities by the local residents. However, in recent years, with investments in tourism development, local authorities have built dams to regulate water levels, making it easier for tourists to visit and enhancing the ancient capital-like beauty of Thung Nang.

To explore Thung Nang Ninh Binh, you need to travel by boat, and the main mode of transportation is a small ferry. Right from the entrance gate, you can buy a ticket for 60,000 VND per person, which includes the boat ride. From the Thach Bich ferry terminal, small boats will take you through various points of interest, navigating around the mountains to a valley where you can enjoy the sunlight.

Boating leisurely in Thung Nang

True to its name, Thung Nang is filled with sunlight, shining everywhere, passing through the lush green leaves, reflecting off the glittering limestone rocks, and even penetrating down to the bottom of the river, creating an incredibly vibrant and peaceful scene in the northern countryside.

The boat drivers, who also serve as knowledgeable guides, skillfully paddle the boats while providing information about the scenery, cave names, meanings, and histories. The water here is crystal clear, allowing you to see the moss-covered riverbed. On both sides of the river are rows of lush green trees and charming gunnera flower gardens. If you want to witness Thung Nang during the blooming season of gunnera flowers, you should visit in April or May!

Visiting Thung Nang Ninh Binh allows you to feel the pure, vibrant atmosphere under the continuous sunlight, creating a sense of tranquility and novelty. The scenery is pristine but not desolate, brilliantly colorful yet not overly luxurious, beautiful but never boring. The boat glides smoothly, and you’ll surely find it hard to leave even for a moment.

Explore mysterious caves

After enjoying the sunlight in the small boats, you’ll be taken to the Thung Nang Ninh Binh caves. The entrance to the caves is surrounded by white lau flowers, and at certain open areas, you might glimpse simple and lovely thatched-roof houses. During the boat ride, you will encounter famous limestone mountains such as Ba Doi Mountain, Coc Mountain, Mang Mountain, and Vang Mountain.

Outside the caves, you can find clumps of reed, revealing that this is an excellent backdrop for capturing fantastic virtual living photos! When entering the caves, the boat drivers will provide you with a flashlight since the caves are usually not equipped with lights, making them quite dark.

The cave with unique and captivating formations, attracting every gaze

Entering the caves, you will feel a cool and refreshing atmosphere, completely different from standing outside the cave hunting for sunlight. The cave ceiling is often low, so at times, you may need to bend your head or gently touch the stalactites, glistening like long-lashed dragon scales or receiving drops of water from the stalactites, pure and clear, a gift from nature to Thung Nang. Some rock formations seem closely packed, giving the impression that the boat may not pass through, but thanks to the magical hands of the boat drivers, you might find yourself gasping and sighing lightly as the boat glides gently through the rock walls.

Explore the venerable temples and ancient pagodas of Thung Nang

On your journey to explore Thung Nang Ninh Binh, it would be incomplete without visiting the ancient temples and pagodas here.

The Thoong Nang Temple is the next stop, where the local people worship the Supreme God along with surrounding temples and shrines. At this point, the boat driver will stop at a suitable open area for you to rest and enjoy some light snacks.

The ancient temples serve as embellishments, making the Thung Nang picture more complete

The Thoong Nang Temple is designed and built in complete tranquility, separated from the surrounding areas as all four sides are covered by forest scenery and streams. This creates a captivating atmosphere of solemnity.

After the pilgrimage to the Thoong Nang Temple, you can walk on land to visit the Voi Temple, an ancient temple dating back to the time of the Le dynasty, dedicated to Mr. Ly Dong Hai, a prominent official stationed here.

Explore Thung Nham Bird Park

To make your journey of exploring Thung Nham Brid Park Ninh Binh more complete, don’t forget to sit on small boats and pass through Thung Nham, known as the paradise for hundreds of different bird species that gather here. This place is not only a bird garden but also an ecological tourism area, a flooded forest unique to the ancient capital of Ninh Binh.

The landscape of Thung Nham with flocks of flying birds

Tourists visiting Thung Nham Bird Garden in Ninh Binh will sit on boats to enjoy the fresh and airy atmosphere. If you come here in the evening, you will have the opportunity to admire the spectacle of flocks of birds flying across the sky to their nests after a long day of foraging. Especially, after returning from Thung Nham to Thung Nang, you will witness a very peaceful scene of white storks perching in a flooded area – an image that you may not always come across.

Sunset at Thung Nham

If you enjoy outdoor activities in a large group, this is also an ideal place for you. You can organize camping or any outdoor games you like. In the spacious area with fresh air, you are guaranteed to have wonderful moments of relaxation together. Camping and staying overnight at Thung Nham Bird Garden to enjoy the scenery, learn about various animals, and “taste the scent” of the countryside is how many tourists choose when coming to Thung Nham Ninh Binh. Surely, the stress and worries of your busy life will be dispelled. If you choose to camp here, remember to prepare outdoor equipment carefully to fully enjoy nature!

What to eat when visiting Thung Nham Ninh Binh:

  • Grilled field crab with betel leaves: This dish is unique as it uses wild crabs, providing diners with a special experience. It offers a crispy texture of field crabs combined with the distinctive aroma of betel leaves. The dish is best enjoyed when paired with hot rice.
  • Ninh Binh mountain snails: These snails are a rare species usually found in limestone caves. They are quite elusive and only emerge from the caves to forage after rainy days. What sets Ninh Binh mountain snails apart is that they often feed on forest leaves from characteristic plants. Therefore, when eating them, you may sense a taste similar to traditional herbal medicine. Catching these mountain snails can be challenging as locals have to search high mountain caves, typically only between April and August each year, during the rainy season. Once collected, the snails are cleaned and processed into various delicious dishes, such as steamed with ginger, sautéed with tamarind, or served in salads with onions. However, when in Ninh Binh, you must try boiled mountain snails with lime leaves and sweet and sour fish sauce, offering a crunchy and flavorful experience with a hint of herbal scent.
  • Yen Mac fermented pork roll: A specialty of the ancient capital region of Ninh Binh, Yen Mac fermented pork rolls are not only beloved by locals but also leave a lasting impression on every visitor. Most tourists choose this product to enjoy and bring back as a gift. Yen Mac fermented pork rolls are best enjoyed with sung leaves, Dinh Lang leaves, and aromatic herbs. Dip them in a sauce made from fish sauce, lime, garlic, and chopped chili for a delicious and fragrant experience. Enjoying Yen Mac fermented pork rolls in a meal will leave a rich and memorable flavor.

But take note when coming to Thung Nang

  • To make your trip more convenient, you should plan your belongings and the places to choose a suitable route.
  • After spending several hours in a boat, you may feel tired, so prepare light food and drinks to replenish your energy when needed.
  • Bring an umbrella or a hat to avoid sudden weather changes.
  • Choose appropriate clothing for easy movement during your journey.
  • Prepare insect repellent and sunscreen to protect your skin.

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