The most detailed ticket price of Than Tai mountain [UPDATE 2022]

Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park is one of the ideal summer “escape” addresses that visitors cannot miss. After tiring and hard working days, soaking in hot mineral springs or immersing in interesting entertainment games could not be more wonderful. Right here, let’s explore the Nui Than Tai amusement park with Danang Private Car with the extremely detailed price of Nui Than Tai 2022!

Introduction to Than Tai Mountain in Da Nang

  • Opening hours: 08:30 – 17:30
  • Phone: 0236 372 9999

Located in Phu Tuc village, Hoa Phu commune, Hoa Vang district, City. Da Nang, Than Tai mountain tourist area is one of the famous tourist destinations in Da Nang with great natural beauty and interesting entertainment projects.

Than Tai Mountain Tourist Area is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily. Therefore, visitors need to arrange a reasonable time to visit and explore.


Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park
Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park

Ticket price of Than Tai Mountain 2022

The ticket price of Nui Than Tai 2022 is divided into many prices with many different combo packages depending on the needs and preferences of visitors.

General fare 

  • Adults: 400,000 VND/person
  • Children (from 1m-1m4): 200,000 VND/person
  • Children under 1m: Free

The entrance ticket price (economy package) includes the following services:

  • Visit the Temple of Fortune
  • Hot mineral bath in natural lake
  • Japanese style Onsen bath
  • Soak in the hot mineral pool
  • Hot spring and cold spring jacuzzi
  • Himalayan salt rock sauna
  • Dry sauna, wet sauna
  • Have fun at the Water Park
  • Lazy river float
  • Have fun at Dinosaur Park
  • Watch 9D-12D movies for free
  • Play virtual reality games
  • Visiting Orchid Street
  • Sightseeing and taking photos at points in the campus of Than Tai mountain.

Than Tai mountain ticket price for other combos

Service Consists of Ticket price (adult from 1m4 and above) Ticket price (children under 1m4)
Accumulate fortune Economy package + lunch 610.000 VND 305.000 VND
Nurturing wisdom develops General package use the service after 15:00 300.000 VND 150.000 VND
Air intake Economy package + mud bath 530.000 VND 265.000 VND
Economy package + mud bath + lunch 730.000 VND 365.000 VND
Detox 1 General package + 60 minutes full body massage 760.000 VND 380.000 VND
Economy package + 60-minute full body massage + lunch 970.000 VND 475.000 VND
Detox 2 General package + 30-minute foot massage 530.000 VND 265.000 VND
General package + 30-minute foot massage 730.000 VND 365.000 VND
Detox 3 General package + 30 minutes foot massage + mud bath/green tea/lemongrass/herbal 660.000 VND 330.000 VND
General package + 30 minutes foot massage + mud bath/green tea/lemongrass/herbal + lunch 850.000 VND 425.000 VND
Detox 4 Economy package + 60 minutes full body/thai/ice/bamboo massage + mud bath/green tea/lemongrass/herbal 890.000 VND 445.000 VND
Economy package + 60 minutes full body/thai/ice/bamboo massage + mud bath/green tea/lemongrass/herbal + lunch 1.090.000 VND 545.000 VND
Picnic package (Applicable for groups of 8 guests or more) Economy package + tent + breakfast bowl 675.000 VND 307.500 VND
Economy package + tent + buffet breakfast 735.000 VND 367.500 VND
Mud Arena combo package (Applicable for groups of 30 guests or more) Economy Package + Mud Arena games 550.000 VND 275.000 VND
Economy Package + Mud Arena games + lunch 780.000 VND 390.000 VND
  • Note: Children under 1m free of charge. For Detox packages, the resort stipulates an additional surcharge of 100,000 VND/pax if there is a need for a 90-minute Body/Thai/Iced/Bamboo Massage and 150,000 VND/pax if there is a 60-minute Foot Massage demand.


Discover interesting things at Than Tai mountain in Da Nang

Built in 2012, Than Tai Mountain Hot Spring Park includes many interesting amusement and entertainment facilities such as hot springs, artificial swimming pools, children’s play areas or bathing & relaxation services. Experience nutrients from nature such as coffee, fresh milk, green tea, lemongrass, etc.


Than Tai Mountain is the ideal place to escape the heat of tourists every weekend. Because of the topography of many caves and hills and natural mineral springs underground, Than Tai mountain offers really great experiences for visitors when coming here to relax.

Than Finance Hot Spring Park is a place for fun and rest to help relax and restore health. There are not only hot mineral springs and accompanying relaxation and health services, but also many interesting water games for children. It can be said that this is a weekend stress reliever for the whole family that you cannot miss.


Coming to Suoi Than Tai tourist area, you can also find thrills and excitement by participating in games such as wave pool on the mountainside, twisting slide, Long Tien cave, etc.

In Hot Springs Park, visitors will also experience a lot of restaurant services, cuisine or resort hotels. This place also owns impressive beautiful scenes for you to freely save memorable memories with friends and loved ones.

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Outstanding services at Than Tai Mountain Danang

Here are the outstanding services at Than Tai Mountain that you must definitely experience when visiting:

Hot mineral spring bath

What could be more wonderful than being immersed in the warm water of a hot mineral spring after a stressful and tiring day at work. Originating from the sacred peak of Ba Na, surrounded by two sides of Thanh Long mountain, Bach Ho mountain and discovered at the long tomb of Phu Tuc village.


Hot mineral springs provide truly wonderful relaxation experiences, contributing to energy regeneration and mineral replenishment. After soaking in the hot springs, you will feel the sudden freshness, freshness and freshness.

Onsen bath

Onsen is a large hot mineral bath. Outside is a 3-storey bagua-shaped tower with unique Japanese architecture. Inside are large baths with reasonable temperature treatment, bringing health benefits to the experiencer.

Mud bath

Mud bathing is one of the most loved experiences at Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park, especially popular with girls. Mud bath is a therapy to help you relax and treat joint diseases, while helping to detoxify the body and beautify the skin.


Water park

Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park owns a water park with a system of interesting games. In particular, the tube slide game from above with strong feelings gives players a truly heart-pounding and exciting experience.


Enjoy Longevity Eggs

Longevity eggs on Than Tai mountain are likened to “god eggs” – “eating an egg three years young”. Many people say that chicken eggs are a great tonic, the white and the yolk embrace each other as symbolizing the combination of yin and yang. When boiling eggs in hot mineral springs, it will stimulate beneficial nutrients to accumulate inside the eggs, providing a great source of nutrition and energy.


Above is all detailed information about the ticket price of Than Tai mountain in Da Nang for your reference. Hopefully, you, your family and friends will have moments of really relaxing and enjoyable entertainment at this attractive entertainment place.


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