Than Tai Mountain is a famous and attractive place of Da Nang, which has welcomed many visitors. However, for many tourists, this is still a fairly new name, do not know how to go, have fun, eat properly … That’s why you should refer to travel experiences Than Tai Mountain is self-sufficient that  shares below before starting your journey if you want to have a complete experience.

Find out information about Than Tai Mountain tourist area

Where is Than Tai Mountain, what’s attractive?

Than Tai Mountain Tourist Area, also known as Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park, is located in Ba Na Nui Chua Nature Reserve, on the territory of Hoa Phu Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang. It is about 30 km southwest of the city center. Although not comparable to Ba Na Hills , this is also one of the famous destinations of Da Nang that is extremely attractive to tourists.

This site is located about 30 km from the center of Da Nang city.
This site is located about 30 km from the center of Da Nang city.

It is a unique complex of entertainment, entertainment and resort. Coming here, visitors will admire the fresh natural scenery, immerse themselves in the warm water and enjoy the feeling of relaxation and comfort with the services of mineral baths, mud baths, tea baths, etc. Experience services such as restaurants, hotels and extremely attractive amusement parks.

Opening hours of Than Tai Mountain

According to Nui Than Tai travel experience , the resort begins to open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day (for fun activities during the day). Particularly, hotel services will operate throughout to serve the overnight stay needs of visitors.


Ticket price of Than Tai Mountain

Ticket prices are divided into many different levels and many different service combos. Depending on the needs and conditions of visitors to choose the right type of ticket.

Entrance ticket price: UNIVERSAL PACKAGE

In the entrance ticket price (economy package) will include many accompanying services such as: visiting Than Tai Temple, hot mineral bath, massage at Lake Zacuzzi, hot springs, cold springs, shuttle tram, watching 9D movies – 12D, have fun at the water park, dinosaur park, etc., specifically, the prices are applied as follows:


  • For adults (>1m4): 400k/person. After 3pm it’s 300k.people
  • For children (1 – < 1m4): 200k/person. After 3pm it’s 150k/person
  • For children under 1m: Free

Ticket prices for services on Than Tai Mountain:

Besides the general ticket package, visitors in need can buy additional service packages to have the most complete experience. Each package will provide different relaxation services, refer to the table below:

1 Tich Loc Economy package + lunch 610k
2 Nurturing Wisdom Phat Thu General package use the service after 15h 300k
3 Air intake Economy package + mud bath 530k
Economy package + mud bath + lunch 730k
4 Detox 1 Economy package + mud bath + full body massage 60 minutes 730k
Detox 1 + Lunch Economy package + mud bath + 60 minute full body massage + lunch 970k
5 Detox 2 General package + foot massage 30p 530k
Detox 2 + Lunch General package + 30 minutes foot massage + lunch 730k
6 Detox 3 General package + 30 minutes foot massage + mud bath / green tea / lemongrass / herbal 660k
Detox 3 + Lunch General package + 30 minutes foot massage + mud bath / green tea / lemongrass / herbal + lunch 850k
7 Detox 4 General package + full body massage / thai / ice / bamboo 60p + mud bath / green tea / lemongrass / herbal 890k
Detox 4 + Lunch General package + full body massage / thai / ice / bamboo 60p + mud bath / green tea / lemongrass / herbal + lunch 1.090k
8 Picnic package (8 pax) Economy package + tent + breakfast bowl 590k
Economy package + tent + buffet breakfast 710k
9 Mud arena combo pack Economy Package + Mud Arena games 475k
Economy package + Mud Arena games + lunch 685k


NOTE: How much the ticket price depends on the customer’s choice of service package. This price list is for reference only and applies to adults from 1m4 and up. Children from 1 to under 1m4 get a 50% discount on the ticket price and children under 1m get free.

Where to buy tickets for Than Tai Mountain?

To buy tickets, you can go directly to the ticket counter located at the gate of the resort and pay on the spot. But at peak times, you have to wait in line and there is a possibility of running out of tickets. To limit this, you can contact agents for door-to-door delivery, sometimes even a discount of 10-20k / ticket (if going in a large number). Or book at the front desk at your hotel for convenience.

According to the self-sufficient experience of going to Than Tai Mountain , for convenience and time saving, you should buy tickets in advance so that you don’t have to wait in line, so you have more time to have fun and experience.

When is the best season to travel to Than Tai Mountain?

Than Tai Mountain has a cool climate all year round with all 4 seasons in one day, similar to Ba Na Hills tourist area. Therefore, you can come here at any time of the year. However, depending on the weather to choose whether to go to Than Tai Mountain or not. Because of some months of the rainy season, movement will also face some limitations. But if you only need to take a hot mineral bath and rest and relax, you can still choose this time.

To experience all the activities here, visitors should go in the summer.
To experience all the activities here, visitors should go in the summer.

To be able to both experience the mineral bath service and have fun at the water park and visit all the prominent places here, the period from March to September every year. At this time, Da Nang has little rain, convenient for travel, and also helps you avoid and relieve the heat of summer. The surrounding landscape is also lush, more beautiful, suitable for taking pictures.

What to wear and prepare when traveling to Than Tai Mountain?

What to wear when going to Than Tai Mountain

This is a hot spring resort, so on a trip besides walking clothes and taking photos, you should prepare more swimsuits for mineral bathing and fun at the water park.

Outfits for walking and taking pictures should be T-shirts, stretchy leggings and loose shorts for comfortable movement. Women can wear more dresses and skirts to take pictures. In addition, visitors should also prepare a pair of thick soles to facilitate travel, a wide-brimmed hat, sun-shading sunglasses…

Other items to prepare

In addition to costumes and accessories, tourists traveling to Than Tai Mountain must not forget the following:

  • Personal documents such as ID card, CCCD card, driver’s license and “handle” some cash because there is no cash-out station on here.
  • Do not forget to bring sunscreen to protect your skin because this summer is cool but also quite sunny.
  • Prepare both a camera or a phone with a photography feature, accompanied by a selfie stick – an indispensable thing, especially for those who are passionate about “virtual living”, even a waterproof bag for them.

Which means of transport to go to Than Tai Mountain tourist area?

Although located quite far from the city and located in the middle of the forest, the road to Nui Than Tai hot spring park today is very beautiful and convenient. From the center, visitors can choose from a variety of vehicles such as:

Rent a motorbike to Mount Than Tai

This is a means of choice for many people, especially young people. Motorcycles give you more freedom, more initiative, you can experience the road and surrounding scenery yourself, but the cost is also quite cheap. In Da Nang, there are many reputable motorbike rental establishments and hotels with prices from 100k/car/day. Note, the road near the tourist area is quite winding, out of sight, you should go at a moderate speed to ensure safety.

Rent a car, taxi to Than Tai Mountain

Those who travel in large groups or with families with adults and children can rent a self-driving car and follow the motorbike route. This way will be more active and convenient in discovery. If you rent a car with a driver, a taxi does not need to think about this problem. However, the price will be quite high, especially the taxi fee for the 30 km road is not small.

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Take a group tour to Than Tai Mountain

This form accounts for about 50% of the current trend. This is considered the safest and most convenient option because there is an experienced driver who can be picked up and picked up. Especially, the price of the ride is included in the tour, so you don’t need to worry anymore. Most tourists from far away to Da Nang choose to go on a tour when they have no experience.

  • Tour price: Adults 680k / 1 person
  • Tour price: Children: 340k/1 person (Height from 1-1.4 meters)
  • Children under 1 meter free 100%
  • Please refer to the full detailed tour schedule: Than Tai Mountain Tour
Guests traveling on a joint tour will have a shuttle to the gate.

What is the shortest way to travel to Than Tai Mountain?

After you have chosen the right type of vehicle, you can start departing according to one of the following 2 routes:

The route from Ba Na – Suoi Mo to Than Tai Mountain

From the inner city, you go towards Duy Tan Street through the intersections to get to Nguyen Van Linh Street – pass Nguyen Tri Phuong and then turn left onto Dien Bien Phu Street. From Dien Bien Phu, go straight to the roundabout, take the 2nd exit to National Highway 1A, continue to turn left onto Hoang Van Thai Street (ie Ba Na – Suoi Mo). From here, go straight for about 13 km, turn left onto Highway 14G to reach the park.

You can choose one of these two routes to go to Than Tai Mountain.

Route via QL14B and QL14G to Nui Than Tai

From the center, you move in the direction of Nui Than Street, turn through Duy Tan Street – September 1st – August Revolution/QL14B. From here, you go straight and turn into AL14G road. Go straight on this road for about 11 km and turn left to reach the tourist area.

Note: If you choose the first route, it will be easier to go and also less traffic, so it will be safe. If you choose route 2, you must pay attention to the front and back because this road has many trucks and containers that are quite dangerous.

What to eat and where to eat when traveling to Than Tai Mountain?

Eat at Red Dragon restaurant

Currently, in Than Tai Mountain, only this restaurant is operating. At Rong Do restaurant, both a la carte and buffet options are available for guests to choose from.

  • The form of ordering is more suitable for the needs of the guests’ preferences, you have the right to choose the dishes you like and request processing according to your taste. Usually a menu will include an appetizer, main course and dessert. Of course the price will be commensurate with the service, quite expensive.

Most tourists choose to eat buffet at Red Dragon restaurant.
  • The buffet form is suitable for those who want to save money but can enjoy many dishes at the same time. The restaurant serves a buffet menu of more than 100 dishes, including Da Nang – Quang Nam specialties and Asian – European dishes. Visitors are free to eat and drink without limitation, but the ticket price is only about 250k/adult and 125k/child.

Additional information: Buffet service time is from 11am to 2pm daily. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket counter or at the restaurant. Those who go on the tour do not need to buy tickets because it is included in the tour price.

 Eat longevity eggs

If you do not choose to eat at the restaurant, you can bring some snacks (prepared), ban raw food or experience eating longevity eggs at the park. This is a very interesting experience, eggs are carefully selected and boiled in natural hot mineral water, only 8k / fruit visitors will enjoy it. But this is probably not a good option because you will not be full and eat a lot and you will be bored.

Where to stay overnight when traveling to Than Tai Mountain?

Stay at Ebisu Onsen Hotel in Than Tai Mountain Park

Ebisu Onsen is a 4-star luxury hotel located within the campus of Nui Than Tai hot spring park. The hotel owns luxurious, modern rooms with full high-class facilities, promising to bring you a comfortable and pleasant night of stay after a long day of playing here.

Staying here is also a good suggestion if you need a quiet space. However, it is only really suitable for those who have the conditions because the room price of Ebisu Onsen is not cheap, ranging from 1,550 to 5,550k/night.

Is it convenient to go to Than Tai Mountain to stay in Da Nang city?

Near Than Tai Mountain, not only do not have many accommodation options, but the room price is also expensive, so many tourists wonder if it is convenient to stay in the city center area? The answer is complete convenience and this is also the choice of most travelers.

In the central area of ​​Da Nang city, there are many choices of accommodation systems, from hotels and resorts to motels and homestays with different prices, suitable for everyone’s conditions. According to the travel experience of Than Tai Mountain in Danang , you go in the morning and return in the evening to Da Nang to rest at Duong Gia Hotel at 06 – 08 Pham Thieu, An Hai Bac, Son Tra. Thus, both savings can be combined with exploring the city worth living at night.

  • Hotline : 0983 728 286 
  • Web :

What to play when traveling to Than Tai Mountain? Experiences with 1-0-2

For those who have never been here, they will wonder, what is so interesting in Nui Than Tai that attracts so many tourists? As mentioned, this is a complex park with many games and resort services, so there are countless activities for visitors to experience:

Experience unique bathing services

One of the things that makes everyone enjoy coming here is experiencing new bathing services such as: mud bath, tea bath, wine bath, milk bath, coffee bath, etc. Especially the Onsen bath form. in a very unique Japanese style. All of these not only bring great moments of relaxation and relaxation, but are also very good for health and improve skin. Very suitable for families, especially the elderly.

Have fun “no matter how dirty” in the mud arena

The mud arena is an interesting play area for many visitors, especially young people. If you don’t mind getting dirty and want to find your childhood memories, this is the ideal choice. At the beginning of the mud field of Than Tai Mountain, you will be able to participate in many games in the middle of the mud field such as: racing, basketball, tug of war, etc. You will not only find moments of laughter and refreshment, but also a lot of fun. opportunity to exercise the body to be more flexible.

Unleash the “silk” at the water park

The water park is an attractive amusement park and attracts the most visitors in this tourist area. The water park has a total area of ​​​​about 15,000 m2, divided into many play areas, suitable for both adults and children. Therefore, coming to Danang Than Tai Mountain, visitors and their families and friends will be able to “unleash” and have fun in the cool, clear blue water.

The water park area has many games suitable for all audiences.
The water park area has many games suitable for all audiences.

There are Lazy River, artificial swimming pool, wave pool, Long Tien cave, … or you can also choose to relax with water jet massage. As for young people, it will be impossible to ignore the slide and slide system. The most famous of which is the 92-meter-long 6-lane rainbow slide for thrill-seekers.

Explore the giant dinosaur park

An interesting place that, according to Nui Than Tai travel experience, causes the interest and curiosity of many tourists and children, it is the dinosaur park. This park recreates the scene of the Jurassic world, where giant dinosaurs that went extinct more than hundreds of years ago are recreated very realistically. Coming here, you and your children will have the opportunity to admire, even touch them, watch them move and scream to make realistic sounds.

Visit Than Tai Temple and many other places

If you have come here, you must definitely visit the famous Than Tai Temple to pray for peace and prosperity. The temple is designed in the ancient architectural style of ancient temples, located in the middle of a space filled with green trees, very pure. Many tourists visit to go for a walk and find some peace of mind. In addition, you should also visit the orchid path, fruit garden, …

Most tourists come here to pray for peace and prosperity.

Check-in “virtual living” at Nui Than Tai campus

Besides the large mineral water pools or water parks, Nui Than Tai tourist area also has many check-in places that make visitors fall in love. The highlight of which is lying on a float along the Lazy River, you will take beautiful pictures of green trees around. Or, visitors can also check-in at the colorful and brilliant orchid path or the giant Maitreya Buddha statue, the resort gate … also great.

Should you go on your own or on a tour to travel to Than Tai Mountain?

Which form of travel is most convenient and convenient?

It’s up to you, if you like freedom, initiative and already know the information, you can experience it yourself. But if you do not have much experience, a package tour will be a good suggestion for you. Going on a tour is a trend and is also the choice of many tourists, especially those traveling in groups or with families.

If you follow this form, you don’t need to worry about any problems because the company has a package package, just pack your backpack and go. With a very cheap price but including shuttle bus, sightseeing tickets, meals. In addition, the tour also has an accompanying tour guide to support the group, which is extremely convenient.

Suggestions for a 1-day trip to Than Tai Mountain

Morning: Move from the city center to Nui Than Tai tourist area. Get to the ticket office, drop off your luggage and start exploring. The first is a mineral bath at the collective mineral bathing area, then participate in water games such as Lazy river, Long Tien cave, swimming pool area, outdoor play area and experience mineral bath services, relax on chairs. at Lake Ficus.

Noon: Have lunch at Red Dragon restaurant and rest or walk as you like.

Afternoon: Visit the boiled egg lake and places such as Son Than vermicelli, the largest natural stone bath in Vietnam, botanical garden… Then get on the bus back to Da Nang, end the journey.

NOTE: This is only a suggested schedule, depending on the time, needs and preferences, you can change it accordingly.

Another note when traveling to Than Tai Mountain in Da Nang, you need to be careful

First: Before deciding to buy a ticket, think carefully about where you want to go, what service you want to enjoy. If you like to experience many things, the experience of going to Nui Than Tai park think you should buy a banana green combo, it will be cheaper than buying retail.

Second: There is a free place to store things here, so you can rest assured to bring your things without fear of not having a place to drop them. However, it is better to spend an extra 30k to rent a safe to store valuables such as jewelry.

Third: As mentioned, 80% of the trip is bathing, showering and bathing so remember to bring a bathing suit to change after experiencing the games. At the resort, there is also a rental service for bathing suits and selling shampoo, shower gel… but the price is usually higher than usual.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a Japanese-style Onsen bath when you come here.

Fourth: Visitors are allowed to bring food such as fruit, ready-to-eat food to eat when hungry, absolutely not bring fresh food, alcoholic drinks, stove, … to ensure hats for the tourist area.

Fifth: If you experience mud bathing, try to soak for a long time, at least 15-20 minutes, especially don’t be afraid to get dirty. That’s how it works and is good for health and body.

Than Tai Mountain is an attractive place that has been constantly attracting tourists from near and far. Spend a day experiencing this paradise of entertainment and relaxation when coming to Da Nang, you will not be disappointed. Hopefully, the travel experiences of Nui Than Tai that we have just shared above will serve as a “guideline” to help visitors have a smooth and memorable journey.

Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park is one of the ideal summer “escape” addresses that visitors cannot miss. After tiring and hard working days, soaking in hot mineral springs or immersing in interesting entertainment games could not be more wonderful. Right here, let’s explore the Nui Than Tai amusement park with Danang Private Car with the extremely detailed price of Nui Than Tai 2022!

Introduction to Than Tai Mountain in Da Nang

  • Opening hours: 08:30 – 17:30
  • Phone: 0236 372 9999

Located in Phu Tuc village, Hoa Phu commune, Hoa Vang district, City. Da Nang, Than Tai mountain tourist area is one of the famous tourist destinations in Da Nang with great natural beauty and interesting entertainment projects.

Than Tai Mountain Tourist Area is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily. Therefore, visitors need to arrange a reasonable time to visit and explore.


Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park
Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park

Ticket price of Than Tai Mountain 2022

The ticket price of Nui Than Tai 2022 is divided into many prices with many different combo packages depending on the needs and preferences of visitors.

General fare 

  • Adults: 400,000 VND/person
  • Children (from 1m-1m4): 200,000 VND/person
  • Children under 1m: Free

The entrance ticket price (economy package) includes the following services:

  • Visit the Temple of Fortune
  • Hot mineral bath in natural lake
  • Japanese style Onsen bath
  • Soak in the hot mineral pool
  • Hot spring and cold spring jacuzzi
  • Himalayan salt rock sauna
  • Dry sauna, wet sauna
  • Have fun at the Water Park
  • Lazy river float
  • Have fun at Dinosaur Park
  • Watch 9D-12D movies for free
  • Play virtual reality games
  • Visiting Orchid Street
  • Sightseeing and taking photos at points in the campus of Than Tai mountain.

Than Tai mountain ticket price for other combos

Service Consists of Ticket price (adult from 1m4 and above) Ticket price (children under 1m4)
Accumulate fortune Economy package + lunch 610.000 VND 305.000 VND
Nurturing wisdom develops General package use the service after 15:00 300.000 VND 150.000 VND
Air intake Economy package + mud bath 530.000 VND 265.000 VND
Economy package + mud bath + lunch 730.000 VND 365.000 VND
Detox 1 General package + 60 minutes full body massage 760.000 VND 380.000 VND
Economy package + 60-minute full body massage + lunch 970.000 VND 475.000 VND
Detox 2 General package + 30-minute foot massage 530.000 VND 265.000 VND
General package + 30-minute foot massage 730.000 VND 365.000 VND
Detox 3 General package + 30 minutes foot massage + mud bath/green tea/lemongrass/herbal 660.000 VND 330.000 VND
General package + 30 minutes foot massage + mud bath/green tea/lemongrass/herbal + lunch 850.000 VND 425.000 VND
Detox 4 Economy package + 60 minutes full body/thai/ice/bamboo massage + mud bath/green tea/lemongrass/herbal 890.000 VND 445.000 VND
Economy package + 60 minutes full body/thai/ice/bamboo massage + mud bath/green tea/lemongrass/herbal + lunch 1.090.000 VND 545.000 VND
Picnic package (Applicable for groups of 8 guests or more) Economy package + tent + breakfast bowl 675.000 VND 307.500 VND
Economy package + tent + buffet breakfast 735.000 VND 367.500 VND
Mud Arena combo package (Applicable for groups of 30 guests or more) Economy Package + Mud Arena games 550.000 VND 275.000 VND
Economy Package + Mud Arena games + lunch 780.000 VND 390.000 VND
  • Note: Children under 1m free of charge. For Detox packages, the resort stipulates an additional surcharge of 100,000 VND/pax if there is a need for a 90-minute Body/Thai/Iced/Bamboo Massage and 150,000 VND/pax if there is a 60-minute Foot Massage demand.


Discover interesting things at Than Tai mountain in Da Nang

Built in 2012, Than Tai Mountain Hot Spring Park includes many interesting amusement and entertainment facilities such as hot springs, artificial swimming pools, children’s play areas or bathing & relaxation services. Experience nutrients from nature such as coffee, fresh milk, green tea, lemongrass, etc.


Than Tai Mountain is the ideal place to escape the heat of tourists every weekend. Because of the topography of many caves and hills and natural mineral springs underground, Than Tai mountain offers really great experiences for visitors when coming here to relax.

Than Finance Hot Spring Park is a place for fun and rest to help relax and restore health. There are not only hot mineral springs and accompanying relaxation and health services, but also many interesting water games for children. It can be said that this is a weekend stress reliever for the whole family that you cannot miss.


Coming to Suoi Than Tai tourist area, you can also find thrills and excitement by participating in games such as wave pool on the mountainside, twisting slide, Long Tien cave, etc.

In Hot Springs Park, visitors will also experience a lot of restaurant services, cuisine or resort hotels. This place also owns impressive beautiful scenes for you to freely save memorable memories with friends and loved ones.

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Outstanding services at Than Tai Mountain Danang

Here are the outstanding services at Than Tai Mountain that you must definitely experience when visiting:

Hot mineral spring bath

What could be more wonderful than being immersed in the warm water of a hot mineral spring after a stressful and tiring day at work. Originating from the sacred peak of Ba Na, surrounded by two sides of Thanh Long mountain, Bach Ho mountain and discovered at the long tomb of Phu Tuc village.


Hot mineral springs provide truly wonderful relaxation experiences, contributing to energy regeneration and mineral replenishment. After soaking in the hot springs, you will feel the sudden freshness, freshness and freshness.

Onsen bath

Onsen is a large hot mineral bath. Outside is a 3-storey bagua-shaped tower with unique Japanese architecture. Inside are large baths with reasonable temperature treatment, bringing health benefits to the experiencer.

Mud bath

Mud bathing is one of the most loved experiences at Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park, especially popular with girls. Mud bath is a therapy to help you relax and treat joint diseases, while helping to detoxify the body and beautify the skin.


Water park

Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park owns a water park with a system of interesting games. In particular, the tube slide game from above with strong feelings gives players a truly heart-pounding and exciting experience.


Enjoy Longevity Eggs

Longevity eggs on Than Tai mountain are likened to “god eggs” – “eating an egg three years young”. Many people say that chicken eggs are a great tonic, the white and the yolk embrace each other as symbolizing the combination of yin and yang. When boiling eggs in hot mineral springs, it will stimulate beneficial nutrients to accumulate inside the eggs, providing a great source of nutrition and energy.


Above is all detailed information about the ticket price of Than Tai mountain in Da Nang for your reference. Hopefully, you, your family and friends will have moments of really relaxing and enjoyable entertainment at this attractive entertainment place.