When you set foot at Tien Sa Port in Da Nang city, Vietnam, one of the unmissable destinations is Bana Hills – a famous tourist area with stunning natural landscapes and diverse entertainment activities. However, traveling from Tien Sa Port to Bana Hills may require choosing the appropriate means of transportation. This article from DanangPrivateCar.com’s will guide you through the transportation options and how far is it from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An? How long does the journey take? Additionally, we provide some important travel tips for you to have the best trip possible.

Sun World Ba Na Hills – The fairyland amidst the mountains of Da Nang

In recent years, tourism in the coastal city of Da Nang has continuously surged strongly in the global tourism market. Among them, the shining point that has propelled Da Nang city to remarkable heights is the Sun World Ba Na Hills project, which has international stature with a series of iconic structures and is the pride of this coastal city.

Sun World Ba Na Hills is a complex of tourism, entertainment, and resort located right in the center of Da Nang city. Situated in An Son Hamlet, Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang, Vietnam, and 25 km southwest of the city center, Ba Na Hills is dubbed “Little Europe” in the southern part of Da Nang. With an altitude of 1478 meters above sea level, Sun World Ba Na Hills resembles a fairyland rising amidst the mountains of Da Nang, surrounded by lush green forests and tiered layers of overlapping mountain ranges.

Sun World Ba Na Hills makes Da Nang more exciting for tourists

Sun World Ba Na Hills takes great pride in being awarded the prestigious “Vietnam’s Leading Theme Park” at the WTA Asia – Pacific Awards. This place is a paradise for entertainment and exploration for enthusiasts of adventure and virtual living.

As a source of pride for Vietnam’s tourism industry, Sun World Ba Na Hills has firmly established its position on the international map with a series of famous structures such as the Golden Bridge, a cable car system that holds world records, and the French village with classic, elegant architecture. This is the ultimate entertainment destination for all ages, whether traveling with family or friends, Ba Na Hills remains a wonderful destination.

How many kilometers from Tien Sa Port to Bana Hills? How long does it take to travel from Tien Sa Port to Bana Hills?

From Tien Sa Port to Bana Hills, how far is it?

According to the tourist map, the distance from Tien Sa Port to Bana Hills is about 55 km to the west. However, the exact distance and travel time depend on traffic and the transportation method you choose. Additionally, you can use Google Maps or tourist paper maps as measurement tools.

How long does it take to travel from Tien Sa Port to Bana Hills?

Due to favorable traffic conditions from Tien Sa Port to Bana Hills, it only takes over 1 hour 30 minutes. Since these two destinations are close to each other, you can easily combine them into a day trip without worrying about time.

What transportation options are available from Tien Sa Port to Bana Hills?

Once you know the distance from Tien Sa Port to Bana Hills, the next question is how long it takes and what mode of transportation is suitable for your trip. These two destinations are relatively close and offer various transportation options depending on your preferences and circumstances.

Taxi Service

Using taxi service is a convenient choice for travelers seeking comfort and convenience during their journey. However, be sure to negotiate the fare before getting into the taxi to avoid any unwanted hassles. Additionally, if you’re opting for a day trip, choosing taxi service might consume a considerable amount of time due to lack of prearrangement.

Below are some taxi companies at Tien Sa Port you can consider:

  • Taxi Tien Sa Da Nang: +84 511 3 79 79 79
  • VinaSun Taxi: +84 511 3 68 68 68
  • SongNguyen Taxi: +84 767.86.68.69
  • Song Han Taxi: +84 511 3 72 72 72
  • Faifo Hoi An Taxi: +84 510 3 91 91 91

Private Shuttle Service

Private shuttle service is a convenient option for travelers seeking personalized transportation. With a private shuttle, you can flexibly arrange pick-up and drop-off times according to your own itinerary. This service offers comfort, privacy, and convenience in direct transportation from Tien Sa Port to Bana Hills without the hassle of sharing the vehicle with other passengers. Whether you’re traveling alone, with family, or in a group, a private shuttle ensures a smooth and efficient journey tailored to your needs and preferences.

Choosing DanangPrivateCar.com’s private tourist shuttle service helps you manage your time effectively

To ensure the best travel experience, DanangPrivateCar.com’s provides private car rental services with drivers at Tien Sa Port. Our team of professional and local drivers will help you have the fastest and safest journey.

With our private car service, the driver will pick you up with a name sign at Tien Sa Port easily, then take you to Bana Hills. While you explore Bana Hills, our driver will wait for you at no additional cost. Afterward, they will pick you up and take you back to the port, concluding the day trip from Tien Sa Port to Bana Hills.

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When is the best time to visit Bana Hills? When should I depart from Tien Sa Port?

The best time to visit and have fun at Ba Na Hills?

Danang has the most extreme weather and climate in Vietnam. Therefore, the best time to visit Danang in general and Sun World Ba Na Hills in particular is from April to September.

During this time, Danang has less rain and more sunshine. However, don’t worry, at this time the temperature in the city of Danang is often much higher than other seasons of the year, but with an altitude of over 1000m above sea level, Ba Na Hills has a relatively cool and gentle climate, providing a comfortable feeling for tourists.

April to September is the ideal time to visit Sun World Bà Nà Hills

If you go from October to March next year, Danang is in the cold season, with more rain and low temperatures, which will somewhat affect your sightseeing trip. Therefore, summer is the best time to visit here. What could be better than immersing yourself in the cool water of Danang Beach and enjoying yourself at the largest theme park in the Central region?

The best time to depart from Tien Sa Port to Bana Hills?

After arriving at Tien Sa Port, travelers should plan to continue their exploration to Bana Hills. As mentioned earlier, Bana Hills is only about 45 km away from Tien Sa Port, with a travel time of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, so you can depart at any time. However, it’s best to depart in the morning (around 7 am – 8 am) for the most comfortable journey in terms of timing.

Entrance fee to Ba Na Hills? How to buy tickets? What about dining?

Entrance Fee

According to the price list posted on the official website, the ticket prices for Ba Na Hills in 2024 for out-of-province visitors range from 700,000 VND to 1,250,000 VND per ticket. Among these, cable car tickets are priced at 900,000 VND for adults and 700,000 VND for children; combo tickets with buffet are priced at 1,250,000 VND for adults and 950,000 VND for children.

How to Buy Tickets?

Usually, you can purchase tickets directly at the park entrance or through official ticket sales points in the area. Additionally, if you have booked a tour or service from a travel company, park admission may be included in your tour package.

You can also contact DanangPrivateCar.com for the quickest ticket purchase. Furthermore, when using DanangPrivateCar.com’s shuttle service, the driver can assist you in purchasing tickets directly at the gate.

Dining at Ba Na Hills?

There are many restaurants at Ba Na Hills offering Vietnamese, Korean, or Asian cuisine. You can buy separate buffet tickets or purchase them along with entrance tickets.

Here are the prices for some buffet restaurants:

Vietnamese Buffet (Arapang or Lavender)

  • Adults (above 1.4m): 300,000 VND/person
  • Children (1m – 1.4m): 128,000 VND/person

Korean or Asian Buffet

  • Adults: 300,000 VND/person
  • Children: 148,000 VND/person

Evening Buffet (Beer Plaza)

  • Adults: 300,000 VND/person
  • Children: 140,000 VND/person

Buffet (Little Tokyo Restaurant)

  • Adults: 325,000 VND/person
  • Children: 165,000 VND/person

What are the fun attractions at Bana hills?

Besides finding transportation to Bana Hills from Tien Sa port, deciding which attractions to visit at Bana Hills is a question for most tourists. Below, DanangPrivateCar.com will introduce you to some attractions:

Ba Na Cable Car – The world’s leading impressive cable car system

The cable car at Sun World Ba Na Hills is a modern system that ranks highest in Asia, utilizing the most advanced technology from Austria. With a length of up to 5,771.61 meters, the largest cabin can accommodate up to 30 people. This cable car system set 4 Guinness World Records on its inauguration day.

With the ideal length, Ba Na cable car has held many world records.

Sitting on the cable car cabin, tourists can admire the majestic beauty of Da Nang’s mountainous forests, resembling a painting made of magical materials found only here.

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French Village Bana Hills – A miniature Europe

The French Village, also known as the French Village, is designed with materials inspired by Pigneau Behain’s journey around France, a French missionary who was the first to set foot in Ba Na. The landscape of the French Village is a miniature picture of “the land of love,” with squares, churches, townships, all carrying an ancient and elegant charm in French architecture of that era. The pointed-roof buildings nestled closely together, creating a dream of a fairy-tale land with castles and royal balls.

The French Village is also a top luxury symbol at Bana Hills, resembling a piece of France, exuding grace and charm. Visiting the French Village, tourists will never run out of opportunities for chic check-in photos, as if stepping into the Western sky.

Golden Bridge – A magical support for footsteps

Surely, the image of the legendary bridge with golden hands emerging amidst the mountains of Da Nang is familiar to many Vietnamese people. This can also be seen as Sun Group’s most successful project, extending its idea far into the global tourism market. The Golden Bridge has also garnered considerable attention from both domestic and international media.

The Golden Bridge in Da Nang stands out with its unique and creative architecture, amidst the blue sky and harmonious greenery.

Linh Ung Pagoda

Located at an altitude of 1,400 meters, Linh Ung Pagoda was built and inaugurated on March 5, 2004. The pagoda belongs to the Northern Zen sect. Linh Ung Pagoda Ba Na is one of the three sacred Linh Ung temples in Da Nang.

Love Flower Garden (Le Jardin D’Amour)

Opened since April 2014, the flower garden covers a total area of 8206 m2, including 10 gardens designed based on unique European flower gardens.

Le Jardin D’Amour is your flower garden with hundreds of blooming flowers, embellishing the wonderful space at Ba Na Hills, bringing peaceful and romantic moments in the beautiful natural scenery like paintings. When visiting Ba Na Hill, you should check out this love flower garden.

Underground Entertainment Zone

At Fantasy Park, you can indulge in various entertainment activities such as free-fall tower in the tallest indoor building in Vietnam (29m), mountain climbing (21m), bumper cars (the largest in Vietnam), dinosaur park,… Especially, you can watch 3D Mega 360-degree, 4D, 5D movies with extremely realistic and vivid sensations.

There are more than 100 different games for visitors to enjoy.

Ba Na Hills Golf Course – Creating value and class

Located at the foot of Ba Na Mountain, Ba Na Golf Course sits amidst the lush green valley. Currently, Ba Na Hills Golf Course is an ideal destination for the elite thanks to its prime location and fresh, airy atmosphere. With diverse terrain and the advantage of being located in an area sheltered from sea winds by mountains, the golf course at Ba Na is one of the golf courses worth seeking out and experiencing for golfers.

In addition, there are many other places such as wine cellars, Ba Na mountain railway, etc., that you can experience if you have time.

What to keep in mind when traveling from Tien Sa Port to Bana Hills?

When traveling from Tien Sa Port to Bana Hills, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Plan ahead: Before you go, plan your trip, including the departure time from the cable car station, transportation, and the estimated time to reach your destination. This helps ensure a smoother and more comfortable journey.
  • Prepare suitable clothing: Since Bana Hills has a cooler climate than the city of Da Nang, you should prepare warm clothing to avoid feeling cold when taking the cable car or visiting tourist spots there.
  • Bring water and snacks: During the journey and sightseeing, bring water and snacks to maintain your health and energy.
  • Food: Note that Bana Hills has regulations against bringing food, so you need to be aware of this.
  • Adhere to safety regulations: Follow the safety regulations of Bana Hills.
  • Time management: Because the distance from Tien Sa Port to Bana Hills takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, you should calculate the travel time to ensure you arrive on time for the opening hours and activities at Bana Hills.

The article above is DanangPrivateCar.com’s sharing about information from Tien Sa Port to Ba Na Hills, how far is it?, what transportation options are available to tourists? and some useful information about Ba Na Hills. The choice depends on personal preferences, requirements, and conditions of the trip. Most importantly, plan carefully and consult locals or travel services for the smoothest and safest travel experience. Wish you a safe journey!

Located on the central coast of Vietnam, about 100km north of Tien Sa port, Hue is known as the “Ancient Capital” with a rich and unique history and tradition, making it an attractive destination for tourism in Vietnam. Exploring Hue is often something that travelers want to do after arriving at Tien Sa port. However, many travelers often have questions about the distance and travel time from Tien Sa port to Hue, as well as the most suitable means of transportation and travel time. To help you have a smooth journey, DanangPrivateCar.com’s will share information in this article.

Hue – A Tourist Destination with Historical and Cultural Beauty

Mentioning the ancient capital of Hue is to evoke its numerous tombs, relics, temples, and more, all bearing the proud imprint of the nation’s glorious history. Alongside its ancient architecture, Hue attractions boast picturesque and poetic natural scenery.

Today, this city is one of Vietnam’s three major tourist regions, with a rich and longstanding cultural history. It is a place where many famous landscapes and historical sites are preserved and developed, recognized by the world.

Hue possesses many historical relics

Hue is also known as the Festival City of the country. Since 2000, the Festival has been organized nine times on a grand scale with unique concepts. Combined with the factors of “right timing, favorable location, and harmonious people,” Hue has become and continues to be a pilgrimage site for tourism. It is also a stopping point for many travelers on their journey to discover the beauty of Vietnam.

How many kilometers is it from Tien Sa Port to Hue and how long does it take to get there?

How far is it from Tien Sa Port to Hue?

From Tien Sa Port to Hue, it is about 100 km to the south, according to the tourist map. However, the exact distance and travel time depend on the starting point and the chosen mode of transportation. Some routes may help you shorten the travel time. Additionally, you can use Google Maps or a paper map as measurement tools.

How long does it take to travel from Tien Sa Port to Hue?

Since Tien Sa Port is located in Danang, transportation from Danang to Hue is relatively convenient, so it takes just over 3 hours from Tiên Sa Port to Hue. Because these two destinations are close to each other, you can easily combine them into a day trip without worrying too much about the time.

When is the best time to travel to Hue?

The ideal time to travel to Hue is when?

If you intend to travel to Hue, you should find out which season is the most beautiful. Hue has many famous landscapes and delicious dishes that you should try. Therefore, if you travel to Hue during good weather, you will conveniently explore the beautiful ancient land without being interrupted by sudden rains.

Touring Hue in April means experiencing the festival season

Based on my experience of traveling to Hue, the summer in Hue is very hot, lasting from March to August. The rainy season in Hue often has storms and floods from October to January. Winter in Hue is cold, sometimes with temperatures dropping below 10 degrees Celsius. Spring in Hue has the most pleasant climate, from January to the end of March. Therefore, with my experience of independent travel to Hue, you should go to Hue in the spring to enjoy the cool air and comfortably admire the beautiful scenery here.

  • From January to March: The weather is cold, trees sprout buds, and the scenery is beautiful. Suitable for admiring the gentle beauty of Hue.
  • April: The season of the Hue Festival. The atmosphere is vibrant, lively, and the streets are beautifully decorated. If you like grandeur, you can travel to Hue at this time.
  • From May to July: At this time, the weather is cool and dry, which is the best time to travel to Hue, especially in early August.

Especially if you plan a day trip from Tien Sa port, choosing the right time is quite important.

The best time to depart from Tien Sa Port to Hue

After arriving at Tien Sa Port, travelers should plan to continue exploring Hue. As mentioned, Hoi An is only over 100 km from Tien Sa Port, and the distance is relatively far with a travel time of about 3 hours, so you can depart in the morning. However, it’s best to depart early in the morning (around 6 am) and arrive in Hue around 9 am to have more time to explore Hue.

What transportation options are available from Tien Sa Port to Hue?

Once you’ve determined the distance from Tien Sa Port to Hue, the next question is how to travel there. With a distance of approximately 100 kilometers between these two destinations, choosing the right mode of transportation can be a challenging decision from Tien Sa Port. Below, DanangPrivateCar.com will suggest some options for you:

Traveling from Tien Sa Port to Hue by Taxi

Taxis are a popular means of transportation at Tien Sa Port and are chosen by many tourists for their comfort, convenience, and speed. It takes about 3-4 hours depending on traffic conditions. Although the taxi fare currently ranges from 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 VND for one way, it’s relatively high. Additionally, you cannot make stops along the way to visit landmarks. Moreover, if you’re visiting Vietnam for the first time, finding a taxi can be difficult, and you may encounter situations where the fare is excessively high, consuming a lot of time if you intend to make a day trip.

Here are some taxi companies at Tien Sa Port that you can consider:

  • Taxi Tien Sa Da Nang: +84 511 3 79 79 79
  • VinaSun Taxi: +84 511 3 68 68 68
  • SongNguyen Taxi: +84 767.86.68.69
  • Song Han Taxi: +84 511 3 72 72 72
  • Faifo Hoi An Taxi: +84 510 3 91 91 91
  • Taxi Tien Sa Hoi An: +84 510 3 59 59 59

Private Shuttle Service with Driver

If you’re traveling in a group or with family, this is a suitable option that helps save costs. With a private shuttle service, you’ll have a comfortable and safe journey, and you can also make stops along the way to visit famous tourist destinations.

DanangPrivateCar.com’s tourist shuttle service will help you have the best trip from Tien Sa Port

With the private shuttle service with a driver at Tien Sa Port provided by DanangPrivateCar.com, you’ll have the best trip. Our drivers will pick you up at Tien Sa Port with your name on a sign and take you to the tourist attractions in Hue according to pre-arranged plans. A trip with DanangPrivateCar.com will help you fully explore Hue.

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From Tien Sa Port to Hue, how many kilometers is it? What landmarks will you pass through?

From Tien Sa Port to Hue, you will pass through many famous tourist destinations such as Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Beach, Lap An Lagoon, etc. Below, DanangPrivateCar.com will introduce you to some of these points.

Hai Van Pass

One place you shouldn’t miss is the Hai Van Pass, which is considered one of the most beautiful mountain passes in the world. With its majestic and magnificent beauty, this place is a challenge for many adventurous travelers.

Hai Van Pass

Stretching along the length of the Hai Van mountain range, it is the boundary between the two cities of Hue and Da Nang, located 80km from Hue and 20km from Da Nang. The pass is 500m above sea level and is approximately 20km long.

Lap An Lagoon

Located near the foot of the Hai Van Pass is Lap An Lagoon, a brackish water area situated to the west of Lang Co Bay. Surrounding the lagoon is a winding narrow road that resembles a soft silk ribbon. In the distance, the majestic Bach Ma mountain range stretches, undulating and overlapping.

The majestic beauty, wilderness, and serene tranquility of Lap An Lagoon in Hue provide tourists with moments of complete relaxation as they immerse themselves in the vast and captivating landscapes

Not only does Lap An Lagoon boast picturesque natural scenery, but it is also a habitat for various species of fauna and aquatic plants, with oysters being the most abundant. Oysters are highly nutritious and versatile, making them favored by many diners.

The best time to admire the beauty of Lap An Lagoon is at sunset, when the sun begins to cast shadows behind the Bach Ma mountains. The scenery at this time is incredibly mystical, with hues of red, yellow, and deep green interweaving on the calm surface of the water like a colorful silk fabric.

Lang Co Bay

With its pristine and breathtaking natural beauty nestled beneath the majestic Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Bay quickly became a favorite tourist destination for many travelers. In the bay lies the sea. Lang Co Bay stretches over 42.5 kilometers, with a 10-kilometer-long coastline. Not only is Lang Co Bay a beautiful bay of Hue, but it is also considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Visitors to Lang Co can enjoy activities such as swimming, diving, or indulging in resort tourism.

The Lang Co Bay captured from above

Bach Ma National Park

The final destination on the way to Hue from Tien Sa Port is Bach Ma National Park. Bach Ma National Park is a tourist destination with beautiful natural landscapes, charming streams, and cool lakes in a row at Ngũ Hồ (Five Lakes). Visitors can wander on the trails within the national park to admire ancient trees, enjoy the beauty of nature along Trĩ Sao Trail, Do Quyen Trail, Vong Hai Dai Trail, Ngu Ho Trail,…

Some of the most famous tourist destinations in Hue

After arriving in Hue, you will explore a land with a long-standing cultural history, featuring many fascinating tourist attractions, scenic spots, beautiful and impressive historical relics. As the ancient capital, Hue is an ideal destination for travel enthusiasts. Here are some places that DanangPrivateCar.com’s recommends for your best trip from Tien Sa Port to Hue:

The Imperial City of Hue

The Imperial City of Hue is a tourist destination where the pinnacle of Nguyen Dynasty architectural beauty converges, built hundreds of years ago with an immense area and over 100 magnificent architectural structures such as Ngo Mon Gate, Dien Tho Palace, Forbidden Purple City, and Thai Hoa Palace arranged harmoniously and logically.

The Tombs of Hue

When it comes to famous tourist destinations in Hue with outstanding architectural structures, the tombs of Hue cannot be overlooked. There are 7 tombs of Nguyen dynasty emperors in Hue, including:

  • Tomb of Gia Long
  • Tomb of Minh Mang
  • Tomb of Thieu Tri
  • Tomb of Tu Duc
  • Tomb of Dong Khanh
  • Tomb of Duc Duc
  • Tomb of Khai Dinh

Each tomb was chosen and constructed by a different emperor, resulting in unique architectural features. For example, the Tomb of Tu Duc exudes a romantic ambiance, the Tomb of Minh Mang carries a solemn beauty, the Tomb of Khai Dinh showcases intricate architecture, the Tomb of Gia Long has a serene atmosphere, the Tomb of Duc Duc is simple yet captivating, the Tomb of Thieu Tri emanates tranquility, and the Tomb of Dong Khanh embodies harmonious beauty.

Perfume River

If asked about the poetic places in Hue, the answer would undoubtedly be the Perfume River. This famous tourist destination in Hue has inspired countless literary works, embracing a romantic and sentimental beauty that captivates hearts. The river, with a length of up to 80 kilometers, is considered a priceless gift of nature bestowed upon this land.

Trang Tien Bridge – the symbol of the ancient capital

Trang Tien Bridge spans across the Perfume River, gracefully reflecting its image in the water. It is the characteristic symbol of Hue, bearing witness to the historical ups and downs of the nation.

Thien Mu Pagoda – a sacred temple over 400 years old

Thien Mu Pagoda is situated atop Ha Khe Hill, by the gentle Perfume River, in Kim Long Ward, Hue City. The pagoda was founded during the reign of Lord Nguyen Hoang, the first lord of the Nguyen Lords dynasty in Dang Trong.

What should you keep in mind when traveling from Tien Sa Port to Hue?

When traveling from Tien Sa Port to Hue, there are several important things to consider to ensure that the journey goes smoothly and safely.

  • Choose the right season: Summer is often the best time to travel from Tien Sa Port to Hue because the weather conditions are usually favorable and more conducive to travel.
  • Plan early: With a distance of over 100km between the two destinations, if you plan to travel within a day, it’s advisable to start your journey early in the morning to have enough time for sightseeing and exploration.
  • Book tickets in advance: To secure your seat and save costs, it’s recommended to book train, bus, or plane tickets well in advance of your intended departure date.
  • Detailed travel planning: Before embarking on your journey, make a detailed itinerary for traveling between tourist destinations to save time and avoid unnecessary hassles.
  • Specific budgeting: Create a specific budget plan to avoid overspending and ensure that you won’t encounter financial shortages throughout the trip.
  • Prepare personal items: Don’t forget to pack all necessary personal items such as clothing, medications, mobile phone, power bank, and other essentials you’ll need for the journey.
  • Skin care: Since you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors, remember to bring sunscreen and skincare products to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Through the article from DanangPrivateCar.com’s, specific answers regarding the distance from Tien Sa Port to Hue and other useful information have been provided. DanangPrivateCar.com hopes that it will be helpful for travelers who are planning to visit this ancient land. Wishing you and your loved ones a joyful journey exploring Hue.

Hoi An is a famous tourist destination located quite close to Tien Sa Port. Perhaps that’s why tourists visiting Tien Sa port often seek a journey to explore Hoi An. However, many tourists will wonder how far it is from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An, how long it takes to travel, what means of transportation are available, and the best time to go. Therefore, DanangPrivateCar.com’s will share this article to help you have a smooth journey.

Hoi An – A Favorite Destination for International Tourists

Exploring the ancient town of Hoi An is an exciting and memorable experience for many both domestically and internationally. Hoi An ancient town is a renowned tourist spot located approximately 30km southwest of the city center of Da Nang. Unlike the hustle and bustle, Hoi An exudes a tranquil and nostalgic charm. The allure of this over-400-year-old town stems from its ancient architecture, moss-covered tiled roofs, and vibrant lantern-lit streets.

Hoi An – an attractive and famous destination in Central Vietnam

Moreover, Hoi An is also famous for its unique traditional festivals such as the village communal house worshiping ceremony, the commemoration of craft ancestors, the celebration of religious saints, and folk games like “ho khoan”, “ho gia gao”, and “bai choi”.

Beyond immersing yourself in the simple beauty of the ancient town, exploring Hoi An’s diverse cultural heritage, influenced by Eastern cultures from Japan, China, and Vietnam, awaits. As Hoi An was once a bustling trading port under the Nguyen dynasty some 200 years ago, the cultural exchanges between Vietnam and other countries (such as Japan, China, etc.) have created a multicultural and colorful Hoi An that thrives to this day.

From Tien Sa Port to Hoi An, how many kilometers is it and how long does it take to travel?

How far is it from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An?

According to the tourist map, the distance from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An Ancient Town is about 35 kilometers to the south. However, the exact distance and travel time depend on the starting point and the mode of transportation you choose. There are some routes that can help you shorten the travel time. Additionally, you can use Google Maps or paper maps as measuring tools.

How long does it take to travel from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An?

Since Tien Sa Port is located in Da Nang, the transportation conditions from Da Nang to Hoi An are relatively convenient, so it takes just over 1 hour from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An. Because these two destinations are close to each other, you can easily combine them into a day trip without worrying about time.

What transportation options are available from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An?

Once you know the distance from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An, the next question is how to travel. These two destinations are relatively close to each other and offer many transportation options depending on your preferences and conditions.

Traveling from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An by Taxi

Taxi is a popular mode of transportation at Tien Sa Port and is chosen by many tourists for its comfort, convenience, and speed. It takes about 1-2 hours depending on traffic conditions. Although the distance is not far, the cost will be much higher compared to other modes of transportation. Taxi fares currently range from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 VND per trip. Additionally, you cannot stop along the way to visit scenic spots. Furthermore, if you are visiting Vietnam for the first time, finding a taxi can be difficult and you may encounter overcharging, consuming a lot of time if you intend to take a day trip.

Here are some taxi companies in Da Nang that you can consider:

  • Tien Sa Da Nang Taxi: +84 511 3 79 79 79
  • VinaSun Taxi: +84 511 3 68 68 68
  • SongNguyen Taxi: +84 767.86.68.69
  • Song Han Taxi: +84 511 3 72 72 72
  • Faifo Hoi An Taxi: +84 510 3 91 91 91
  • Tien Sa Hoi An Taxi: +84 510 3 59 59 59
Choosing a taxi from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An is a good idea.

Renting a private car with a driver to Hoi An from Tien Sa Port

Renting a private car service with a driver eliminates the need to worry about the distance from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An. If you are traveling with a group or family and want a safe and comfortable journey, renting a car with a driver is the ideal choice for you. The rental price may vary depending on the type of car.

Renting a private car helps you save costs and time

With the private car service with driver at Tien Sa Port provided by DanangPrivateCar.com, we will meet all your needs. With our team of professional drivers who are locals and familiar with the routes, we ensure you have the fastest and safest journey. Additionally, with transparent pricing beforehand, there are no additional costs. Our fleet of new vehicles is equipped with amenities such as Wi-Fi, drinks, etc. Along the way, you can visit many famous attractions like Hai Van Pass, Marble Mountains…

The drivers of DanangPrivateCar.com will help you have the best trip from Tien Sa Port

With our day trip service, you don’t need to worry about time. Our driver will pick you up punctually at Tien Sa Port with a sign bearing your name. Upon arrival in Hoi An, our driver will assist you in purchasing tickets and sightseeing, then wait for you until you finish exploring. Afterward, they will take you back to Tien Sa Port, concluding the journey.

Book your day trip from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An today to receive our detailed consultation.

How far is it from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An and when is the best time to visit?

In addition to the distance, travelers intending to visit Hoi An often ponder on the best time to go and when the city looks most beautiful. In fact, this ancient town has its own charm in every season, depending on your preferences and plans.

When is the ideal time to visit Hoi An?

The ideal time to visit Hoi An is from February to April each year because during this time, the spring weather is cool, with little rain and gentle sunshine, perfect for tourists to explore and discover.

The ideal time to visit Hoi An Ancient Town is from February to April every year

From May to August, the weather is sunny, although during the period from May to June, there are some days with intense sunshine which requires a bit of endurance, but on the other hand, it’s a great time to enjoy the beach. Moreover, if you plan to visit Hoi An in other months, you should actively monitor the weather forecast for the most convenient trip!

The best time to depart from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An

After arriving at Tien Sa Port, travelers should plan to continue exploring Hoi An. As mentioned, Hoi An is only about 57 km from Tien Sa Port, and the travel time is about 1.5 hours, so you can depart at any time. However, it’s best to depart early in the morning (around 6 a.m.) and arrive in Hoi An at 8 a.m., have breakfast, drink coffee, and then start exploring the attractions.

From Tien Sa Port to Hoi An, how many kilometers? What landmarks will you pass by?

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach in Da Nang, with its beautiful and majestic natural landscape, has been recognized by Forbes – the leading American economic magazine – as one of the Top 6 most attractive beaches in the world. This is the center of all fun and entertainment. When visiting My Khe Beach, tourists will immerse themselves in a wonderful and interesting vacation.

Sunrise on My Khe beach is beautiful.

My Khe Beach, with a length of about 900 meters, is a very familiar place to local residents and tourists alike in Da Nang. It is famous for its smooth white sand, gentle waves, warm water year-round, and picturesque coconut trees. Every weekend or special occasion, the beach welcomes a large number of tourists.

When traveling from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An, My Khe Beach is a place you should definitely stop by along the way.

Marble Mountains

The next destination is a very famous location in Da Nang located next to My Khe Beach, called the Marble Mountains. The Marble Mountains is a complex of 6 mountains close together, gathering all the beauty of nature and spirituality, bringing visitors a journey to explore and discover magnificent landscapes.

The Huyen Khong Cave boasts the most beautiful scenery among the caves in Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountains). It is definitely a must-visit spot in your 3-day, 2-night itinerary in Da Nang and Hoi An.

The Marble Mountains is a masterpiece of natural landscapes bestowed upon the land of Da Nang. The harmonious beauty of the natural ecological area intertwined with cultural and spiritual life makes this place increasingly attractive to tourists who come to visit every year.

Son Tra Peninsula

If you have time, visiting Son Tra Peninsula is also a great idea. Son Tra Peninsula is one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Da Nang. This place not only has a diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna, beautiful beaches, fresh seafood, but also countless interesting experiences waiting for you to explore. If you are planning a trip to Son Tra, this is definitely the article for you!

The most famous tourist attractions in Hoi An

When visiting Hoi An, you not only explore the ancient houses steeped in history, with their culturally rich and traditional cuisine but also discover many fascinating tourist destinations you may not know about. Below are some places that DanangPrivateCar.com recommends for you to have the best trip from Tien Sa port to Hoi An:

Hoi An Ancient Town

When you come to Hoi An, you must explore the streets and experience the activities here. The ancient town stands out with its yellow houses, tiled roofs that have aged beautifully over time, creating a romantic atmosphere. This beauty is also expressed through narrow alleys, colorful lanterns, beautiful view cafes, and vibrant lantern-lit streets. You can visit the Japanese Covered Bridge, the Fujian Assembly Hall, the Cantonese Assembly Hall, Tan Ky Ancient House, Hoi An Market, Hoai River, Phung Hung Night Market, and explore the Hoi An Museum. In addition to the ancient town, you can also explore some other places.

Strolling around the ancient town and taking a boat ride along the Thu Bon River is one of the experiences in Hoi An that everyone should not miss

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Just as Hanoi is famous for Bat Trang pottery village, Hoi An is famous for Thanh Ha pottery village. Here, you can admire the extremely exquisite ceramic products created by the hands of artisans. Moreover, when visiting Thanh Ha pottery village, you can also make your own products to bring back as gifts for family, friends, or souvenirs.

Tourists experience making pottery in Thanh Ha Pottery Village:

  • Address: Pham Phan, Thanh Ha, Hoi An, Quang Nam
  • Opening hours: All day
  • Ticket prices:
    • Adults: 40,000 VND
    • Children: 20,000 VND.

Tra Que Vegetable Village

Tra Que Vegetable Village has existed for a long time but has only become known to tourists in recent years. This is the place for tourists who want to experience the reality of vegetable farming by the locals here. You will transform into a “Tra Que Vegetable Village farmer” and immerse yourself in the experience. Here, you can also enjoy the traditional cuisine of Quang region, accompanied by the specialty of Tra Que vegetables. You can also join cooking classes to learn how to cook various dishes and then enjoy the products you’ve made.

  • Address: Cam Ha, Hoi An, Quang Nam
  • Opening hours: 07:00 -17:00
  • Ticket prices: 10,000 – 20,000 VND.
Tra Que Vegetable Village

Hoi An Market

If you want to buy souvenirs or specialties of Hoi An, you can visit this market. Hoi An Market is where you can find a wide range of Hoi An and Quang Nam specialties, handicrafts, and enjoy the delicious food here. Moreover, visiting Hoi An Market gives you the opportunity to learn about the daily life of the local people here.

Bay Mau Coconut Forest

Joining the Bay Mau Coconut Forest in Cam Thanh Ward, Hoi An, you will have the opportunity to experience activities such as watching locals throw fishing nets to catch fish, enjoying basket boat rides, and experiencing simple and intimate moments.

  • Address: Cam Thanh Commune, Hoi An, Quang Nam.
Bay Mau Coconut Forest

What should you pay attention to when traveling from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An?

When traveling from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An, there are several important points to keep in mind for a smooth and enjoyable journey:

  • Distance and Time: Be aware of the distance between Tien Sa Port and Hoi An, which is approximately 57 kilometers. Plan your journey accordingly, considering the time it will take to reach your destination, especially if you have specific activities planned in Hoi An.
  • Transportation Options: Research and choose the most suitable mode of transportation for your journey. Options may include taxis, private cars, or organized tours. Consider factors such as comfort, convenience, and budget when making your choice.
  • Travel Routes: Familiarize yourself with the travel routes from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An. Choose the route that best suits your preferences, whether it’s the fastest route or one that offers scenic views along the way.
  • Weather Conditions: Check the weather forecast for both Tien Sa Port and Hoi An before you travel. This will help you prepare for any potential weather-related challenges during your journey.
  • Traffic Conditions: Be mindful of potential traffic congestion, especially during peak travel times. Plan your departure accordingly to avoid being delayed by heavy traffic.
  • Safety Precautions: Prioritize safety during your journey. Ensure that the vehicle you choose is in good condition and driven by a licensed and experienced driver. Buckle up, adhere to traffic regulations, and remain vigilant throughout the journey.
  • Itinerary Flexibility: Keep your itinerary flexible to accommodate any unexpected delays or changes in plans. Allow for extra time in your schedule to explore Hoi An and its attractions at your own pace.
  • Communication: If you’re not familiar with the local language, ensure that you have means of communication available, such as a mobile phone with internet access or a translator app, to assist you during your journey.

By considering these points, you can enhance the quality and safety of your travel experience from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An.

This article from DanangPrivateCar.com’s has provided you with specific answers regarding the distance from Tien Sa Port to Hoi An and other useful information. We hope it will be helpful for those who intend to visit this famous region. Hoi An is always an impressive destination, leaving a profound impression on visitors. So if you haven’t experienced it yet, start planning your trip now!

With an extremely convenient location, Tien Sa Port in Da Nang is not only the largest port in the Central region but also leaves a mark for its unusually pristine beauty. With its own unique features, Tien Sa sea port in Da Nang has now been invested in and renovated to become an attractive and novel tourist destination. Although still relatively new, it promises to attract not only local visitors but also tourists from all over the country in the near future.

Introduction to Tien Sa Port – the most attractive port in Da Nang.

Along with Son Tra Port, Tien Sa Port is one of the largest ports in Da Nang with a scale system that serves not only for the economy but also for tourism. In recent years, Da Nang has been gradually trying to turn Tiên Sa Port, in particular, and Da Nang Port, in general, into one of the leading sea ports in Vietnam. This is achieved through the modernization of the port towards containerization and the purpose of becoming a destination for tourist ships.

According to legend, the golden sandy beaches here were once chosen as a place for fairies to descend and perform dances and music together. Perhaps that’s why it is called Tien Sa Port. Now, Tiên Sa Port is developing into the Tiên Sa Ecotourism Area, with many attractive factors for tourists.

Panoramic view of Tien Sa port

Located at an altitude of nearly 700m above sea level, Tien Sa Port has many clean, golden sandy beaches that are ideal for swimming. This place is also a diverse nature reserve, the home of rare animals such as monkeys, deer, antelopes, gibbons, red-faced chickens, and rich vegetation.

If Tien Sa Port in Da Nang used to be quite quiet and pristine, now it has become an ideal stopping point for tourists on their outdoor trips, camping, conferences, and seminars.

We provide tourist car rental and transportation services with drivers at Tien Sa port. Our professional drivers who can speak English will make it easier for you to transport. In addition, there are some notable trips Tien Sa Port to Hue,Tien Sa Port to Hoi An,Tien Sa Port to Da Nang, and Tien Sa Port to Hai Van Pass

Where is Tien Sa port located in Da Nang? Guide to getting there in detail.

Tien Sa port is a seaport located on the north side of Son Tra peninsula, with its own independent beach, about 10km from the center of Da Nang city. If traveling by car, it only takes about 15 minutes to reach Tien Sa port quickly. As it is a seaport serving import and export activities, the route to this port is extremely convenient.

Guide to getting to Tien Sa port.

  • You can start from the central area, passing through famous bridges such as Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, or Tran Thi Ly Bridge, but the most convenient is still Thuan Phuoc Bridge.
  • If you follow this route, you just need to go straight through Thuan Phuoc Bridge, to Le Duc Tho street, and then you will see Yết Kiêu street on the left. After a short distance, you will see Son Tra port on the left.
  • From here, continue driving a little further and you will reach Tien Sa port. Nearby is the Tien Sa beach area, Tien Sa eco-tourism resort, and the Navy Hotel Da Nang.

When going to Tien Sa Port, what is the most reasonable means of transportation to choose?

Renting a motorbike to go to Tien Sa Port and combine it with a trip to Son Tra.

If you intend to return on the same day, renting a motorbike is still the most economical and practical choice. Moreover, motorcycle rental services in Da Nang are currently very diverse, with rental locations scattered throughout the city with high-quality and reasonably priced services. In particular, there is a delivery service that makes it more convenient for tourists, as you don’t need to go directly to the rental shop as there will be staff delivering the motorbike to the address you provide. Furthermore, the road to Tien Sa Port is very wide, flat, and quite close to the city center, making it very suitable for riding a motorbike.

Renting a private car for pick-up and drop-off service.

For groups of friends or couples who enjoy riding a motorbike, it is more reasonable to rent a private car for larger groups that include both adults and children. The car rental service provides many types of vehicles, from 4-seaters, 7-seaters, 16-seaters to 29-seaters, making travel more flexible, comfortable, and especially safe. You just need to call the Hotline number +84 88 666 0396 (WhatsApp) or email: info@danangprivatecar.com to be picked up and dropped off at a very reasonable price. You are guaranteed to be very satisfied and at ease because DanangPrivateCar.com’s is also one of the most reputable travel car rental services in Da Nang.

Booking a private car with a professional driver from danangprivatecar.com is a good choice that helps you save time and money

Booking a taxi to Tien Sa Port quickly and reliably.

In addition to private car rental, you can also book a taxi to go, but the quality of a taxi service will not be as good as a private car rental service because most taxi services charge by the kilometer. Therefore, their only duty is to take you to your destination, pick you up, and if you want to go to other places, you will have to pay an additional fee. But with private car rental, it’s different. If convenient, they will stop for you to admire the scenery, take photos when passing through beautiful places such as My Khe Beach, East Sea Park, Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, etc.

Tien Sa Port in Da Nang – a stunning and alluring beach that captivates tourists.

Not as bustling as My Khe Beach, nor as tranquil as Xuan Thieu Beach, Tien Sa Port in Da Nang has a unique, unspoiled, and unusually serene beauty. As it is a closed beach, there are relatively few waves, and the surface of the sea is extremely calm and serene. It is also thanks to this idyllic scenery that visitors to Tiên Sa Port love to take photos.

The green beach is the highlight of Tien Sa port.

Moreover, Tien Sa Port is blessed with breathtaking natural scenery, consisting of long white sandy beaches, majestic mountains, and deep blue sea. During your trip to Da Nang, you will have truly relaxing moments with world-class international services. From the scattered bungalows on the hillsides, you can gaze far into the vast sea. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to witness the sunrise over the sea or the sunset in the afternoon.

The most interesting experiences to try at Tien Sa port.

Swimming and enjoying the scenery at Tien Sa Beach.

With long stretches of white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters, there’s perhaps nothing more wonderful than immersing yourself in the cool sea or lounging on hammocks to admire the far-off sea. Because the sea is extremely calm and motionless, unlike other sea areas, playing and swimming here is very safe and worry-free. You can wear swimwear and floaties if needed when travelling with small children.

The clear blue Tien Sa sea is not inferior to My Khe beach

Taking Instagram-worthy photos at Tien Sa Port.

Tien Sa not only brings you moments of absolute relaxation but also looks like a beautiful painting. It will be an ideal background for you to showcase your photo posts as a souvenir on your Da Nang trip. To get the most impressive photos, don’t forget to choose the most beautiful shooting angles in the morning or evening, when the pictures are guaranteed to sparkle.

Participating in thrilling games.

In addition to building bungalows for tourists to stay, Tien Sa Da Nang tourism area also invests in many exciting and thrilling games, equivalent to Son Tra or My Khe. Whether it’s flying, jet skiing, roller coasters, etc., these are extremely fun activities that you cannot miss, especially for those who love speed and adventure. In addition, there are also team-building games for groups of friends or companies.

Renting beach huts for dining at Tien Sa port.

If you have more than 10 people, you can rent a hut near the restaurant for dining convenience and more comfortable seating. The prices range from 200-300k/person. There is also a fairly clean public bathing area, where you can rinse off in freshwater after swimming. The sandy beach at Tien Sa port is also quite spacious, running along the coast, making it suitable for dining and games. It seems that you have to pay a fee of 10k/person to enter the gate.

Camping overnight at Tien Sa port.

Night activities on the sea always receive the love of many young people. Organizing overnight picnic parties with friends at Tien Sa port is also not a bad idea. Sitting on the peaceful beach, with flickering fires, it’s great when everyone can sit and chat, sing, or organize simple games.

Join fishing with the locals.

Not only can visitors enjoy delicious seafood specialties, but they can also experience the life of coastal people, who are hardworking but always full of laughter, when they come to Tien Sa port. Pulling nets with fishermen early in the morning or fishing at night are extremely interesting activities that bring a lot of emotions.

Watch sunrise and sunset at Tien Sa port.

When choosing to spend the night at sea or stay at the ecological tourism area of Tien Sa port, tourists will experience the moment of watching the sunrise on the sea or the mysterious sunset in the afternoon.

Where to stay while visiting Tien Sa Port in Da Nang?

Currently, Tien Sa Port has invested in an eco-tourism area called Tien Sa, which is no less quality than other tourist areas. Instead of returning to the My Khe beach area or the city center to book a room, you can book a room right here for convenience. There are a total of 8 bungalows with 30 fully-equipped rooms, each room costs around 400k / room / night. As for the accommodation, there are rooms that cost 200k / room / night.

In addition, if you only want to visit Tien Sa Port for one day, you can choose to stay at a hotel in the My Khe beach area, where there are the most hotels in Da Nang, with hotels ranging from 2 to 5 stars and prices ranging from 200k to 2 million / night / room for two people. Especially, if you want to choose a good, convenient, and luxurious sea-view accommodation, you should choose on the streets of Vo Nguyen Giap, Truong Sa, Hoang Sa, which are all coastal streets. As for cheaper options, you can choose on Pham Thieu, Pham Van Dong, Ha Bong, etc.

What to eat at Tien Sa Port in Da Nang – suggestions for the best dishes to try.

The Da Nang coastal region is abundant in seafood, so the best and most anticipated thing for tourists is to enjoy the delicious and fresh seafood here. At Tien Sa Port, many seafood restaurants have emerged, offering you a multitude of choices from shrimp, fish, squid, etc. You can choose to eat at the restaurant or buy food to eat at a small hut.

The fresh seafood dishes are both delicious and cheap.

Tien Sa Port is an ideal space for BBQ parties, where you can sit and grill meat while admiring the sea view or singing Karaoke, which is even more exciting. If you don’t want to bring your own cooking utensils, you can buy ready-made food, add beer with fruits, cakes, and pastries.

Some most useful experiences when visiting Tien Sa Port, Da Nang.

Although Tien Sa Port in Da Nang is now well known and has many reviews, even if you are confident coming here, you should take note of some travel experiences at Tien Sa Port below for the most convenient trip.

When is the best time to visit Tien Sa Port, Da Nang?

With outdoor activities such as swimming and surfing, you should consider the time to visit Tien Sa Port. Da Nang is divided into two seasons, a sunny season from March to August, and a rainy season from September to February of the following year. With this weather pattern, you should go during the dry season as all activities will be more convenient, photos will also be beautiful, and seafood will be fresher.

Going in the sunny season you will see the sunset on the sea

Traveling to Da Nang during the rainy season, you may have to cancel your trip to Tien Sa Port because there are not many activities, and tourists are also scarce. Not only Tien Sa Port, but if you intend to travel to Da Nang, you should go during any season that is reasonable. Although the cost may be higher than the low season, the weather is more favorable for entertainment activities.

What clothes should you prepare when visiting Tien Sa Port, Da Nang?

Regarding clothing, you don’t need to worry because the weather in Da Nang is very comfortable, not too cold like in the northern provinces or too hot like in Saigon. To move most comfortably, take beautiful photos, you can bring dresses, shorts, or A-line dresses for women, and for men, T-shirts and shorts are most convenient.

In addition, you should also bring swimwear if necessary, sunscreen, hats, and jackets are also essential. If you are afraid of stomach discomfort after eating seafood, bring a package of digestive medicine to use.

Some necessary notes when traveling to Tien Sa Port, Da Nang.

To make your trip to Tien Sa Port in Da Nang as convenient as possible, you should pay attention to some things as follows:

  • After eating on the beach, remember to clean up the trash, avoid leaving plastic bags that affect the marine environment.
  • On the road from Thuan Phuoc Bridge to Tien Sa Port, there are many containers moving, if you are driving yourself, you need to be careful and observe while driving and crossing the road.
  • If you want to eat delicious seafood at a lower price, you can visit the Năm Đảnh seafood restaurant located in the Tho Quang area, Son Tra, or the Eo Bien restaurant in the Man Thai beach area. All of them are seafood caught directly from the sea on the same day, so it will be fresh and…

Suggesting some beautiful photography spots near Tien Sa port.

If you’re on a 3-day-2-night or 4-day-3-night trip to Danang, missing out on other nearby destinations while only visiting Tien Sa port will leave you regretful. You may not know that Tien Sa port is located in Son Tra Peninsula, which is referred to as Danang’s green lungs due to its vast forest. In particular, there are many stunning check-in locations that have been famous for a long time.

Obama Black Rock Beach.

Located on the mountain road from the foot of Son Tra Peninsula to Linh Ung Pagoda, Black Rock Beach mesmerizes visitors with its picturesque scenery. The black rocky cliffs, standing out against the emerald green sea, create a beautiful space for taking photos and attracting many people to come here for selfies. Moreover, there are also large huts for 10-20 people to sit and enjoy the view, sing karaoke or have a barbecue party.

Thousand-year-old Banyan Tree.

Considered the icon of Son Tra Peninsula, the thousand-year-old banyan tree, which is 800 years old and still extremely lush, is a thousand-year-old tree with a magnificent size that provides shade to a large area. Tourists who visit Son Tra Peninsula are often drawn to this place, not only to seek the shade but also to take photos.

Linh Ung Pagoda.

The most famous destination on Son Tra Peninsula is undoubtedly Linh Ung Pagoda, the most sacred temple in Danang. Even on non-festival days, this temple still attracts thousands of visitors to come and visit, not only local people but also tourists. From here, you can see the entire Cu Lao Cham island on the left and the beautiful and modern city of Danang on the right.

Ban Co Peak.

This Danang tourist destination always has an irresistible attraction for many adventurers who love to experience challenges as it seems to be the highest point on Son Tra Peninsula. When you get here, you will see a white statue of a person sitting and playing chess alone, lost in thought. There is an interesting legend behind this, which remains until now: the person sitting there is King Thich.

Not only with the above-mentioned names, but Son Tra Peninsula is also attractive because of many other landmarks such as Nghê Cape, grass-burning beach, etc.

If in the past, Tien Sa port in Da Nang was only known for its economic purposes, now it is developing towards tourism thanks to its possession of pristine beaches that touch the heart. For those who love nature, the sea, and mountains, it is recommended to plan a day to play here, promising to be filled with joy.

Referring to Da Nang tourism , people will immediately think of My Khe or Non Nuoc beach, … but forget the name Tien Sa port – one of the beaches ranked among the top in the Central region. Not only playing the role of a waterway traffic hub, this place also owns a charming, fresh landscape, suitable for an ideal vacation. Have you known and come here before? If not, take a look at the information below to see how attractive it is!

Learn a little about Tien Sa port before exploring

Features of Tien Sa port

Along with Song Han port, Tien Sa port is a large port in Da Nang that plays an important role in economic development not only in the central region but also in the whole country. With the large scale, plus the investment and expansion of the city, the tourism industry is increasingly going up. Turning Tien Sa port gradually into one of the attractive tourist destinations worth exploring.

In particular, this seaport is always chosen as a stopover for international tourists every time they come to Vietnam. Typically, there are Star Pride and BeibuWan Shi Xing cruises – 5-star cruise ships that brought nearly 500 guests to Da Nang in early 2015.

Origin of the name Tien Sa

Surely many people will wonder why it is called Tien Sa. In fact, this name comes from the legend associated with its beauty. Legend has it that, in the past, looking down from above, the gods saw a beautiful, beautiful beach with golden sand lying at the foot of the mountain, possessing a poetic and charming scene. Because of this beauty, the fairies often choose this place as a place to stop to enjoy and have fun. Tien Sa – means the fairy flew into the sea and the name probably comes from this legend.

What’s attractive about Tien Sa port?

With a favorable location, Tien Sa is very fortunate to have a cool climate all year round and a lot of beautiful natural landscapes. Here, there is a fine white sand beach, emerald green sea water, whispering waves, rows of green melons swaying in the wind, the surrounding space is very quiet, … completely separate from the bustling city. . Therefore, it has been put into operation to become an ideal place for relaxation and picnics of most residents and tourists.

Coming to Tien Sa port , you can not only immerse yourself in the beautiful nature, enjoy the fresh air. Guests also have moments of really comfortable relaxation, enjoy many delicious specialties and participate in many interesting entertainment activities.

The right time to explore Tien Sa port in Da Nang

To have a fun outing, lots of experiences, an important factor to consider is choosing the most ideal time of the year to go. In the opinion of many people, the weather in Da Nang is not too hot and harsh like the North, so it seems that you can come here at any time of the year. However, according to Son Tra travel experience, it is best to go in the period from March to September.

This time in Da Nang is very dry, sunny, very convenient for traveling as well as participating in fun and entertainment activities on the sea. If there is no problem, you should limit going in the remaining months because this is the rainy season, of course there are still dry days but you must monitor the weather situation first.

Where is Tien Sa Port and how to move?

Where is Tien Sa port located?

Located at the end of Yet Kieu Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang, about 10 km northeast of the city center. Located in the middle of a large area of ​​​​water, belonging to the nature reserve of Son Tra peninsula, there is the legendary Mo Coi island and the romantic Duyen Thuy beach. This is from the place where King Minh Mang and King Khai Dinh lived. Now it’s a stopover for tourists.

The way to Tien Sa port location

With a distance of less than 10 km, moreover, the road to Tien Sa port in Da Nang has also been filled with very flat asphalt, so it only takes about 20 moves. Depending on your starting position, you can choose many different routes:

+ Firstly: If going from the airport, you go straight and then turn onto Nguyen Tri Phuong street, run straight through Le Do. At the end of Le Do street, turn to Nguyen Tat Thanh sea road, then run across the extended Thuan Phuoc bridge to Le Duc Tho street. Continue following this road to the red light, turn left onto Yet Kieu street, go all the way to the end of this road, you will reach the destination.

+ Monday: From the city center, you will cross the Han River bridge to enter Son Tra district. At the end of the bridge, turn left through Ngo Quyen – Yet Kieu street towards the peninsula. Go straight to the end of Yet Kieu Street to reach the port.

Which means of transport should you choose?

There are many means for visitors to choose to go to Tien Sa wharf such as motorbikes, taxis or shuttles. If you are afraid to move because you do not know the way, afraid of the sun, a taxi or a shuttle is a reasonable means, but note that the price will also be a bit higher. Meanwhile, motorbikes seem to be the most convenient, both cheap and can actively visit other places. In Da Nang, there are many motorbike rental spots with prices from 100 – 150k / day, just need to have a proof and a driver’s license to rent.

See More: Da nang Car Rental 

Does Tien Sa Port sell tickets to visit?

Almost any visitor to Da Nang cannot ignore traveling to Son Tra peninsula . This place focuses a lot of famous landmarks and most of them are free (except for a few points, but the fee is extremely cheap). To get to Tien Sa port, you will have to buy an entrance ticket but it only costs 25/person. This price includes parking fee already, very cheap right?

So don’t be afraid to miss this very hot spot. With only 25k, you are free to visit, enjoy the beautiful scenery and make interesting experiences here. Of course, this fee does not include resort costs.

Interesting experiences at Tien Sa Port visitors should not miss

It is no coincidence that the name Tien Sa Port is becoming more and more famous and visited by many tourists. Coming here, visitors can not only immerse themselves in the beautiful nature but also experience countless interesting things.

– Explore the diverse ecosystem

Right next to the port is a rich and diverse nature reserve protected under the national forbidden forest regime. Currently, this place owns a unique flora system with many kinds of rare animals and plants that you will have the opportunity to explore such as orangutans, langurs, deer, red-faced chickens, monkeys,… The natural scenery is also the highlight here that will make you feel extremely excited when you are immersed in that fresh space.

– Bathing in the cool water

Owning the most beautiful and clean pristine beach, this is really the ideal place for you to unleash your passion for the sea. Going to Tien Sa beach, you will have moments of relaxation when you are immersed in the clear blue water, watching the blue sky and poetic nature. With fresh air, coconut trees swaying in the wind is a gentle, cool sea breeze that ensures you will feel extremely comfortable.

– Participate in water games

Not only swimming in the sea, Tien Sa seaport also offers visitors extremely interesting entertainment activities. If you are a fan of thrills, you will definitely not be able to miss it such as parachutes, electric buoys, jet skis, trains, etc. Besides, you also have the opportunity to experience scuba diving, pulling fishing nets with you. fishermen.

– Camping overnight and organizing team building

You may not know, this is considered a great place for backpackers to camp overnight and organize team building sessions and picnics. What could be better than watching the sunset on the sea, with friends organizing a campfire, singing until late at night. Then getting up very early in the morning walking along the sea to see the first rays of sunlight will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

Recommend hotels and motels near Tien Sa port in Da Nang

You can choose a stopover near Tien Sa port or stay in Son Tra district to be closer to the center. A few suggestions for you are:

Tien Sa Retreat . Resort

Located about 100 meters from Tien Sa beach is Tien Sa Retreat resort. This is a 4-star standard hotel with all services: outdoor swimming pool, bar, free parking…. The system of 30 luxurious, sophisticated and comfortable rooms (private bathroom, air-conditioner, cable TV, hair dryer, refrigerator… will bring visitors a great vacation.

Visitors can choose Tien Sa Retreat if they want to stay near this seaport.
  • Address: 01 Yet Kieu, Tho Quang, Son Tra, Da Nang

Navy Hotel DaNang

This property is also located very close to Tien Sa seaport , the hotel is surrounded by green coconut forest, especially the view overlooking the sea is very beautiful. Here you can comfortably enjoy in luxurious and modern rooms and experience many high-class services such as spacious outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, gym, shuttle bus, etc.

  • Address: 3A Yet Kieu, Tho Quang, Son Tra, Da Nang

Staying near Tien Sa port is an ideal suggestion. However, you should know that the room rates at Tien Sa Retreat and Navy Hotel are not low. These places are only suitable for those who have the conditions and need a real vacation. If you want to save more, you can stay far away from this area.

Duong Gia Hotel Danang

If you choose Duong Gia Hotel, you only need to move about 4-5 km. Although not located next to the seaport, in return, you will save a lot of money and the service quality is also quite good. This is a 3-star hotel near Son Tra peninsula, next to Pham Van Dong park, Han river bridge, My Khe beach, etc., so it is very convenient for visitors to visit.

Moreover, around the hotel there are also many restaurants and eateries serving everyone’s dining needs. At Duong Gia, there are many different types of rooms from single rooms, double rooms to family rooms for you to choose from. The room price is only from 280k/night, which is much more economical than the two above addresses. In addition, the hotel also supports booking cheap tours, sightseeing tickets, car rental…

  • Address: 06 – 08 Pham Thieu, An Hai Bac, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Website: duonggiahotel.vn – Tel: 0983 728 286

What to eat near Tien Sa port? Recommend nearby restaurants and eateries

In terms of eating, you don’t need to worry too much, there are restaurants specializing in fresh seafood, very delicious and the price is not too high. If you like, you can order your favorite dishes and prepare them on the spot. If you intend to camp overnight, remember to prepare food such as barbecue, fruits, drinking water or you can come here to buy seafood and organize your own cooking.

The seafood here is very fresh and delicious and the price is also quite affordable.

A few restaurants and eateries near Tien Sa port for your reference:

  • Sister Du restaurant: 161 Yet Kieu, Tho Quang, Son Tra, Da Nang, Vietnam
  • Ut Lan restaurant: Tho Quang, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Ba Ro restaurant: 115 Ly Tu Tan, Tho Quang, Son Tra, Da Nang
  • Nam Danh Seafood: 139/59/38, 10 Tran Quang Khai, Tho Quang, Son Tra

Combine visiting places near Tien Sa port

Da Nang has always been famous as a place with many beautiful landscapes and places. So surely on this trip you will not only explore Tien Sa port, right? Right in the Son Tra peninsula area, next to this place there are many spots that you will enjoy. If you have a long time, combine to explore more to make your trip more complete.

Tien Sa Port Canh has many tourist attractions that you can combine to explore more.

+ Obama Rock: Located about 12 km from Tien Sa

+ Thousand-year banyan tree: More than 15 km

+ Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda: Less than 9 km away

+ Ban Co Peak: About 13 km from Tien Sa port

A few notes for guests when traveling to Tien Sa port

  • If you choose this harbor as an overnight camping site for backpacking trips, young people should prepare all the necessary items and food such as tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, cooking utensils, etc. food, insect repellent and some recreational equipment such as guitars, cards… or can be rented.
  • If you stay overnight here, you absolutely do not miss the moment of watching the sunset and sunrise on the sea, you will surely fall in love with that wonderful scene.
If staying do not miss the moment of sunrise or sunset on the sea.
  • Although the road to Tien Sa port is flat and very easy to go, when traveling by motorbike by yourself, you must really pay attention, observe front and back and run at the right speed because this road has a lot of cars. Loading, container traffic is quite dangerous.
  • There is no limit on time to play and experience, but please have a sense of common hygiene, after eating to your heart’s content, clean up your “battlefield”, do not litter indiscriminately to affect to the landscape and the cleanliness of the environment here.

Tien Sa Port – a name that is still new to the tourism community, a name that when mentioned does not seem to have anything attractive. Yet this place hides a lot of interesting things, in addition to the mysterious wild beauty that it brings, there are also countless activities. A really suitable place for you to relax after stressful and tiring days of work and study. So don’t miss the opportunity to visit if you have the opportunity!