Located on the central coast of Vietnam, about 100km north of Tien Sa port, Hue is known as the “Ancient Capital” with a rich and unique history and tradition, making it an attractive destination for tourism in Vietnam. Exploring Hue is often something that travelers want to do after arriving at Tien Sa port. However, many travelers often have questions about the distance and travel time from Tien Sa port to Hue, as well as the most suitable means of transportation and travel time. To help you have a smooth journey, DanangPrivateCar.com’s will share information in this article.

Hue – A Tourist Destination with Historical and Cultural Beauty

Mentioning the ancient capital of Hue is to evoke its numerous tombs, relics, temples, and more, all bearing the proud imprint of the nation’s glorious history. Alongside its ancient architecture, Hue attractions boast picturesque and poetic natural scenery.

Today, this city is one of Vietnam’s three major tourist regions, with a rich and longstanding cultural history. It is a place where many famous landscapes and historical sites are preserved and developed, recognized by the world.

Hue possesses many historical relics

Hue is also known as the Festival City of the country. Since 2000, the Festival has been organized nine times on a grand scale with unique concepts. Combined with the factors of “right timing, favorable location, and harmonious people,” Hue has become and continues to be a pilgrimage site for tourism. It is also a stopping point for many travelers on their journey to discover the beauty of Vietnam.

How many kilometers is it from Tien Sa Port to Hue and how long does it take to get there?

How far is it from Tien Sa Port to Hue?

From Tien Sa Port to Hue, it is about 100 km to the south, according to the tourist map. However, the exact distance and travel time depend on the starting point and the chosen mode of transportation. Some routes may help you shorten the travel time. Additionally, you can use Google Maps or a paper map as measurement tools.

How long does it take to travel from Tien Sa Port to Hue?

Since Tien Sa Port is located in Danang, transportation from Danang to Hue is relatively convenient, so it takes just over 3 hours from Tiên Sa Port to Hue. Because these two destinations are close to each other, you can easily combine them into a day trip without worrying too much about the time.

When is the best time to travel to Hue?

The ideal time to travel to Hue is when?

If you intend to travel to Hue, you should find out which season is the most beautiful. Hue has many famous landscapes and delicious dishes that you should try. Therefore, if you travel to Hue during good weather, you will conveniently explore the beautiful ancient land without being interrupted by sudden rains.

Touring Hue in April means experiencing the festival season

Based on my experience of traveling to Hue, the summer in Hue is very hot, lasting from March to August. The rainy season in Hue often has storms and floods from October to January. Winter in Hue is cold, sometimes with temperatures dropping below 10 degrees Celsius. Spring in Hue has the most pleasant climate, from January to the end of March. Therefore, with my experience of independent travel to Hue, you should go to Hue in the spring to enjoy the cool air and comfortably admire the beautiful scenery here.

  • From January to March: The weather is cold, trees sprout buds, and the scenery is beautiful. Suitable for admiring the gentle beauty of Hue.
  • April: The season of the Hue Festival. The atmosphere is vibrant, lively, and the streets are beautifully decorated. If you like grandeur, you can travel to Hue at this time.
  • From May to July: At this time, the weather is cool and dry, which is the best time to travel to Hue, especially in early August.

Especially if you plan a day trip from Tien Sa port, choosing the right time is quite important.

The best time to depart from Tien Sa Port to Hue

After arriving at Tien Sa Port, travelers should plan to continue exploring Hue. As mentioned, Hoi An is only over 100 km from Tien Sa Port, and the distance is relatively far with a travel time of about 3 hours, so you can depart in the morning. However, it’s best to depart early in the morning (around 6 am) and arrive in Hue around 9 am to have more time to explore Hue.

What transportation options are available from Tien Sa Port to Hue?

Once you’ve determined the distance from Tien Sa Port to Hue, the next question is how to travel there. With a distance of approximately 100 kilometers between these two destinations, choosing the right mode of transportation can be a challenging decision from Tien Sa Port. Below, DanangPrivateCar.com will suggest some options for you:

Traveling from Tien Sa Port to Hue by Taxi

Taxis are a popular means of transportation at Tien Sa Port and are chosen by many tourists for their comfort, convenience, and speed. It takes about 3-4 hours depending on traffic conditions. Although the taxi fare currently ranges from 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 VND for one way, it’s relatively high. Additionally, you cannot make stops along the way to visit landmarks. Moreover, if you’re visiting Vietnam for the first time, finding a taxi can be difficult, and you may encounter situations where the fare is excessively high, consuming a lot of time if you intend to make a day trip.

Here are some taxi companies at Tien Sa Port that you can consider:

  • Taxi Tien Sa Da Nang: +84 511 3 79 79 79
  • VinaSun Taxi: +84 511 3 68 68 68
  • SongNguyen Taxi: +84 767.86.68.69
  • Song Han Taxi: +84 511 3 72 72 72
  • Faifo Hoi An Taxi: +84 510 3 91 91 91
  • Taxi Tien Sa Hoi An: +84 510 3 59 59 59

Private Shuttle Service with Driver

If you’re traveling in a group or with family, this is a suitable option that helps save costs. With a private shuttle service, you’ll have a comfortable and safe journey, and you can also make stops along the way to visit famous tourist destinations.

DanangPrivateCar.com’s tourist shuttle service will help you have the best trip from Tien Sa Port

With the private shuttle service with a driver at Tien Sa Port provided by DanangPrivateCar.com, you’ll have the best trip. Our drivers will pick you up at Tien Sa Port with your name on a sign and take you to the tourist attractions in Hue according to pre-arranged plans. A trip with DanangPrivateCar.com will help you fully explore Hue.

Contact us now to arrange your day trip schedule from Tien Sa Port to Hue.

From Tien Sa Port to Hue, how many kilometers is it? What landmarks will you pass through?

From Tien Sa Port to Hue, you will pass through many famous tourist destinations such as Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Beach, Lap An Lagoon, etc. Below, DanangPrivateCar.com will introduce you to some of these points.

Hai Van Pass

One place you shouldn’t miss is the Hai Van Pass, which is considered one of the most beautiful mountain passes in the world. With its majestic and magnificent beauty, this place is a challenge for many adventurous travelers.

Hai Van Pass

Stretching along the length of the Hai Van mountain range, it is the boundary between the two cities of Hue and Da Nang, located 80km from Hue and 20km from Da Nang. The pass is 500m above sea level and is approximately 20km long.

Lap An Lagoon

Located near the foot of the Hai Van Pass is Lap An Lagoon, a brackish water area situated to the west of Lang Co Bay. Surrounding the lagoon is a winding narrow road that resembles a soft silk ribbon. In the distance, the majestic Bach Ma mountain range stretches, undulating and overlapping.

The majestic beauty, wilderness, and serene tranquility of Lap An Lagoon in Hue provide tourists with moments of complete relaxation as they immerse themselves in the vast and captivating landscapes

Not only does Lap An Lagoon boast picturesque natural scenery, but it is also a habitat for various species of fauna and aquatic plants, with oysters being the most abundant. Oysters are highly nutritious and versatile, making them favored by many diners.

The best time to admire the beauty of Lap An Lagoon is at sunset, when the sun begins to cast shadows behind the Bach Ma mountains. The scenery at this time is incredibly mystical, with hues of red, yellow, and deep green interweaving on the calm surface of the water like a colorful silk fabric.

Lang Co Bay

With its pristine and breathtaking natural beauty nestled beneath the majestic Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Bay quickly became a favorite tourist destination for many travelers. In the bay lies the sea. Lang Co Bay stretches over 42.5 kilometers, with a 10-kilometer-long coastline. Not only is Lang Co Bay a beautiful bay of Hue, but it is also considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Visitors to Lang Co can enjoy activities such as swimming, diving, or indulging in resort tourism.

The Lang Co Bay captured from above

Bach Ma National Park

The final destination on the way to Hue from Tien Sa Port is Bach Ma National Park. Bach Ma National Park is a tourist destination with beautiful natural landscapes, charming streams, and cool lakes in a row at Ngũ Hồ (Five Lakes). Visitors can wander on the trails within the national park to admire ancient trees, enjoy the beauty of nature along Trĩ Sao Trail, Do Quyen Trail, Vong Hai Dai Trail, Ngu Ho Trail,…

Some of the most famous tourist destinations in Hue

After arriving in Hue, you will explore a land with a long-standing cultural history, featuring many fascinating tourist attractions, scenic spots, beautiful and impressive historical relics. As the ancient capital, Hue is an ideal destination for travel enthusiasts. Here are some places that DanangPrivateCar.com’s recommends for your best trip from Tien Sa Port to Hue:

The Imperial City of Hue

The Imperial City of Hue is a tourist destination where the pinnacle of Nguyen Dynasty architectural beauty converges, built hundreds of years ago with an immense area and over 100 magnificent architectural structures such as Ngo Mon Gate, Dien Tho Palace, Forbidden Purple City, and Thai Hoa Palace arranged harmoniously and logically.

The Tombs of Hue

When it comes to famous tourist destinations in Hue with outstanding architectural structures, the tombs of Hue cannot be overlooked. There are 7 tombs of Nguyen dynasty emperors in Hue, including:

  • Tomb of Gia Long
  • Tomb of Minh Mang
  • Tomb of Thieu Tri
  • Tomb of Tu Duc
  • Tomb of Dong Khanh
  • Tomb of Duc Duc
  • Tomb of Khai Dinh

Each tomb was chosen and constructed by a different emperor, resulting in unique architectural features. For example, the Tomb of Tu Duc exudes a romantic ambiance, the Tomb of Minh Mang carries a solemn beauty, the Tomb of Khai Dinh showcases intricate architecture, the Tomb of Gia Long has a serene atmosphere, the Tomb of Duc Duc is simple yet captivating, the Tomb of Thieu Tri emanates tranquility, and the Tomb of Dong Khanh embodies harmonious beauty.

Perfume River

If asked about the poetic places in Hue, the answer would undoubtedly be the Perfume River. This famous tourist destination in Hue has inspired countless literary works, embracing a romantic and sentimental beauty that captivates hearts. The river, with a length of up to 80 kilometers, is considered a priceless gift of nature bestowed upon this land.

Trang Tien Bridge – the symbol of the ancient capital

Trang Tien Bridge spans across the Perfume River, gracefully reflecting its image in the water. It is the characteristic symbol of Hue, bearing witness to the historical ups and downs of the nation.

Thien Mu Pagoda – a sacred temple over 400 years old

Thien Mu Pagoda is situated atop Ha Khe Hill, by the gentle Perfume River, in Kim Long Ward, Hue City. The pagoda was founded during the reign of Lord Nguyen Hoang, the first lord of the Nguyen Lords dynasty in Dang Trong.

What should you keep in mind when traveling from Tien Sa Port to Hue?

When traveling from Tien Sa Port to Hue, there are several important things to consider to ensure that the journey goes smoothly and safely.

  • Choose the right season: Summer is often the best time to travel from Tien Sa Port to Hue because the weather conditions are usually favorable and more conducive to travel.
  • Plan early: With a distance of over 100km between the two destinations, if you plan to travel within a day, it’s advisable to start your journey early in the morning to have enough time for sightseeing and exploration.
  • Book tickets in advance: To secure your seat and save costs, it’s recommended to book train, bus, or plane tickets well in advance of your intended departure date.
  • Detailed travel planning: Before embarking on your journey, make a detailed itinerary for traveling between tourist destinations to save time and avoid unnecessary hassles.
  • Specific budgeting: Create a specific budget plan to avoid overspending and ensure that you won’t encounter financial shortages throughout the trip.
  • Prepare personal items: Don’t forget to pack all necessary personal items such as clothing, medications, mobile phone, power bank, and other essentials you’ll need for the journey.
  • Skin care: Since you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors, remember to bring sunscreen and skincare products to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Through the article from DanangPrivateCar.com’s, specific answers regarding the distance from Tien Sa Port to Hue and other useful information have been provided. DanangPrivateCar.com hopes that it will be helpful for travelers who are planning to visit this ancient land. Wishing you and your loved ones a joyful journey exploring Hue.