Hue Weather every month of the year will have its own beauty, promising to bring visitors interesting experiences. Let’s explore the beauty of the ancient capital each season of the year right now!

Not only owning many attractive entertainment places, Hue weather is also one of the factors that make many tourists love the ancient capital. Hue’s climate every spring, summer, autumn and winter has its own poetic beauty that makes anyone who comes to visit also feel refreshed and lingering.

Hue climate features that you need to know

The geographical location of Hue is located in the south of the North Central Coast and belongs to the Inland Tropic of Cancer, so it has a relatively high temperature, characterized by a hot and humid climate. On the other hand, Hue is located in the climate transition area between the North and the South of our country, so Hue climate is also affected by the monsoon regime which is quite diverse and there is always interference between the two climate regions.

In general, most of Hue’s area is hilly, most of the mountain ranges are quite high, forming an arc wall to block the hot and dry southwest wind in the summer and catch the northeast wind in the winter.

How many seasons does the weather in Hue have?

Hue weather in the year is clearly differentiated in two trends:

  • Hot dry season: Starting from May to September with the influence of southwest wind. The average temperature of this season usually ranges from 27 to 29 degrees Celsius.
  • Wet and cold season: From October to March next year, the weather is influenced by the northeast monsoon, so Hue’s weather is rainy and quite cold. The average temperature ranges from 20 to 22 degrees Celsius.

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Hue weather: in which month should you travel to Hue?

Each season of the year, Hue weather and climate will have its own characteristics, Hue people have turned this feature to develop tourism. So when is the best season to travel to Hue ? Immediately save the “poetic” travel experiences for each season of the year right in the next section!

Hue weather January – March: welcome the warm early spring sunshine

There is a land of Hue in the spring with the weather changing seasons, when the cold fades away to give way to the warm sunshine. The ancient capital of Hue put on a new shirt full of vitality but still a little worried and gentle.

Coming to Hue in the spring, you will admire the beauty of a gentle, quiet Trang Tien bridge , with a subtle aftertaste of the new year. A Hue Citadel with many trees sprouting buds, hundreds of flowers racing to welcome the new year. However, there will be early rains in January, so if you want to explore the ancient capital most conveniently, prepare an umbrella.

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Hue weather in April: ancient capital festival season

It can be said that the most beautiful land of the ancient capital will surely be in the Hue Festival season. This is known as one of the biggest Hue festivals of the year. During the festival days, visitors will experience an extremely bustling and vibrant atmosphere with a variety of entertainment and entertainment activities.

During the festival, the “poetry country” is decorated extremely splendidly, the city shimmers with colorful lights. If you are someone who likes to discover outstanding cultures and characteristics in Hue, do not miss this time!

Hue weather in May – July: the ideal time to travel to the sea

From May to July every year is the most ideal time to travel to the sea in Hue. At this time, the weather in Hue is quite hot, so if you can mingle with the cool waters and fresh air of Hue beaches such as Thuan An Hue beach , Lang Co bay ,… it will no longer exist. what’s more wonderful.

Hue weather in August: autumn beauty of Hue

Autumn in Hue is very strange, no one knows when it comes – no one knows when it’s gone, it’s already gone. In August, Hue’s weather is a bit frizzy, it is still hot in the morning and afternoon, and at night, I can hear the coolness of the autumn rains suddenly enough to make the melodies resound.

Autumn is probably the most suitable time of the year to travel to Hue

Autumn in the land of poetry is a bit sad but also makes us feel lingering forever. At this time, the ancient beauty tinged with time of Khai Dinh Tomb , Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery , Thien Mu Pagoda became more visible. All contribute to creating a heart-wrenching beauty that attracts many visitors.

Hue weather September – December: experience the rains of the ancient capital

Rain in Hue is known as the “specialty” of the ancient capital. The rainy season “poetic land” usually starts from September to the end of December of the year. The constant rains in this season have made a difference, making the silence and nostalgia of the ancient capital even more evident.

Traveling to Hue in the rainy season , visitors can visit An Dinh Palace and Thien An Hill . Come to Dong Ba market to enjoy delicious street food. Or you can also come to drink tea and enjoy Hue royal court music on yachts scattered along the Perfume River.

Note about the weather when traveling to Hue

  • Before the intended date of arrival in the ancient capital, visitors should monitor the Hue weather forecast to schedule a visit, choose the most suitable outfit for the trip;
  • Hue weather at night is often quite low, so bring a thin jacket to keep body temperature;
  • Especially, if you come to Hue in winter, you should prepare a raincoat, umbrella, and hat to prevent the rain;
  • Prepare all the items, personal belongings such as sunscreen, hat, medicine, shoes, … to be able to move easily.

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Hue weather each season of the year has its own characteristics with many interesting things that bring unique experiences to visitors. Hopefully, the detailed information about the weather and climate in Hue suggested above will help visitors choose the most suitable time of the year to travel.