How should Da Nang travel in the rainy season to travel, eat, and play?

Pocket the following travel experience in Da Nang in the rainy season to have the most fun, safe and comfortable trip. Da Nang is always the first choice of the team who both want to go to the beach and want to go to the mountains. If you are wondering whether to travel to Da Nang in the rainy season , the answer is yes. Traveling to Da Nang in the rainy season, how to fully feel the beauty of Da Nang and have fun, are all in the article below!

Climate characteristics of Da Nang in the rainy season

What month is the rainy season in Da Nang? 

Da Nang, like the central provinces of Vietnam, each year has two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season usually starts from September and ends at the end of December. Depending on weather conditions, the rainy season may come a little earlier or a little later.

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What month should I go to Da Nang? 

  • Traveling to Da Nang in October and September: This is the time to change the season from summer to autumn. The weather and scenery in Da Nang at this time is very gentle and romantic. Coming here at this time, you can feel the cold in the autumn morning or evening and especially can enjoy swimming in the afternoon because the weather is quite warm at this time!
  • Da Nang travels in December and November: The end of this year is the beginning of the cold season in Da Nang, so some tourist attractions here will be temporarily closed. At this time, you will feel the cold winds of early winter and the rarely seen serenity of a vibrant day and night city.

Should you travel to Da Nang in the rainy season?

Each season of the year, Da Nang wears a very different beauty and has its own fun. In the dry season, the sky is clear, the sun is warm, bringing a feeling of excitement and excitement. The rainy season brings people peace and romance. So what will it be like to travel to Da Nang in the rainy season? Let’s find out with us!

Advantages when traveling to Da Nang in the rainy season:

  • The rainy season is also the low tourist season in Da Nang, so the airfare and room rate will be cheaper and it is easier to book a good flight time and quality rooms.
  • The travel services are more attentive at this time and the prices will be softer than the peak season
  • You will not have to be crowded, have to wait in line or wait for a long time because of too many tourists
  • Have more time and space to see Da Nang or enjoy interesting activities here

Restrictions when traveling to Da Nang in the rainy season

However, tourism in Da Nang in the rainy season also has limitations such as: erratic weather, sunshine and rain; Some tourist attractions in Da Nang will be temporarily closed; more difficult self-sufficient transportation or festival activities take place less….

What is the best month to go to Da Nang? Traveling to Da Nang every season, every month has its advantages and disadvantages. If you have the opportunity, visit this place in both seasons to be able to fully feel the beauty and experience the cool things in this most livable city in Vietnam!

Who said that traveling to Da Nang in the rainy season is without any beautiful sunny days?

What to prepare when traveling to Da Nang in the rainy season?

Here are the items you need to prepare carefully to make your trip to Da Thanh convenient and smooth:

  • Umbrella + raincoat: The weather in Da Nang this season is quite erratic, you should bring umbrellas and raincoats so that when you are sightseeing or playing, you will not be interrupted by sudden rains.
  • Bag + Waterproof Backpack: A backpack or bag made of waterproof material (parachute, nylon) will help you protect your personal belongings such as phones, cameras … are safe.
  • Clothing: you should avoid wearing tight clothes or materials that are too thick because when soaked in water, it will be very uncomfortable, take a long time to dry and cause itching and redness. Instead, wear light, easy-to-dry clothes.
  • Wrap clothes: this type of wrap is super convenient, can both store items that are easy to get wet, and can also wrap that bag or backpack.
  • Shoes / sandals : you should prepare yourself a pair of shoes made of fabric, rubber, leather, flat soles for easy walking, climbing, creating a comfortable and pleasant feeling when moving. Oh, remember to bring a pair of slippers in case they get wet when they get wet!
  • Preventive medicine : Don’t forget to prepare a personal medicine bag such as cold medicine, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, insect bites medicine, wind oil, stomach pain medicine, common antibiotics… in case you catch a cold, Unexpected accident whether traveling to Da Nang or anywhere..

Means of transportation in the rainy season in Da Nang

  • Private Car: According to my self-sufficient travel experience in Da Nang, if the travel distance is not far, about 100km to 200km, then a car is the right choice for you, both proactive on time, safe but also avoid being affected by the weather anymore.

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  • Train: This vehicle is extremely ideal for those of you in the north and the central region like me. You can both experience the feeling of traveling by train, extremely safe and especially admire the excellent scenery along the way from Hue to Da Nang.
  • Airplane: Traveling to Da Nang in the rainy season by plane is quite cheap, but you will easily change your schedule if your flight is delayed because of that weather.
  • Bus: For those who do not get car sick, you can take a bus to save time and money. Bus tickets are much cheaper than plane or train tickets. And especially when you get a good night’s sleep, you will be in Da Nang tomorrow morning.
  • Motorbike: If you are young and in good health, you can also choose to go by motorbike because it is both convenient in moving and can have interesting experiences. When traveling by motorbike, you should also use a hat with a visor so that rain water will splash on your face and make it difficult to open your eyes to see the road.
  • Taxi: According to my travel experience in Da Nang in the rainy season, taxis will probably be the first priority of everyone when moving in the inner city of Da Nang in the rainy season. However, you should remember to call reputable taxi companies to avoid being hacked. Well, under the flying rain of Da Nang, experiencing the gentle beauty of the streets on a cyclo is also very interesting, you know. You can try it out!

Places to play, eat, and stay when traveling to Da Nang in the rainy season

What to do in Da Nang in the rainy season?

Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture

Address: No. 02 E. September 2, Binh Hien, Hai Chau, Da Nang 550000

Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture Art is the largest museum displaying Cham artifacts in Vietnam, directly under the Danang Museum.

This is a museum built by the French, specializing in the collection, storage and display of relics of the Champa kingdom’s sculptural art found in Cham towers and ramparts in the South Central Coast provinces from Ha Tinh to Binh Thuan and the Central Highlands provinces.

Fantasy park indoor play area – Bana Hills

Fantasy Park is located on the campus of Ba Na Hills tourist and resort area. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to experience new and exciting moments with family and friends with games ranging from fun games for children to thrilling challenges for adults. There are many amusement parks you can explore such as: wax statue display area, 3D Mega Cinema 360 degrees, 3D Mega Cinema 360 degrees, indoor artificial climbing wall wall, Giant Park area long…

Danang Museum of Fine Arts

Address: 78 D. Le Duan, Thach Thang, Hai Chau, Da Nang 550000

Located in the heart of the city, Da Nang Fine Arts Museum is a tourist destination currently storing and displaying, introducing to the public more than 800 works of modern art and artifacts of folk and folk art. traditional handicrafts.

The museum consists of 3 floors, divided into several spaces based on the type and shape of the artwork. There is also space for international artists to display their latest masterpieces in the main hall. If you have time, come here to enjoy famous works of art!

Asia Park – Asia Park

Asia Park – Asia Park – one of the hottest amusement parks in Da Nang that you cannot miss. This place has Sun Wheel in the top 10 highest wheels in the world and is considered as one of the symbols of Da Nang.

If you are adventurous, there are also a series of thrilling night games such as free fall tower – Golden Sky Tower, sky train – Monorail, hanging roller coaster – Queen Cobram… waiting for you. discover!

Hoi An

Hoi An is only about 20km from Da Nang city, the road is also very convenient. This place attracts tourists not only because of its ancient and nostalgic features but also because of many beautiful and attractive places to visit and play in Hoi An. Coming to Hoi An in the rainy season, in addition to sightseeing and discovering the unique Hoi An cuisine, do not miss the experience of riding a boat around the beautiful streets, bobbing the waves, which is very interesting.

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Watching the rain at beautiful cafes in Da Nang

Traveling to Da Nang in the rainy season, besides visiting famous places or participating in entertainment activities, you can also visit cafes to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, listen to music. melodious autumn, watching the rain falling outside through the window, the peaceful feeling in a faraway place makes people just want to stay here forever.

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What to eat when traveling to Da Nang in the rainy season?

  • Quang Noodles

Quang noodle is a dish you cannot miss when traveling to Da Nang. Noodles are made with noodles made from rice flour and ingredients: pork, chicken, shrimp, chan with a little broth made from stewed bones, creating a natural sweetness that is equally rich for the dish. Quang noodle has many types and Quang frog noodle is the most favorite dish of tourists.

  • Seasoned vermicelli with fish sauce

The bowl of vermicelli noodles in Da Nang is different in the salty seasoning made from the sea, served with crispy roasted pork, cool green vegetables and spicy red chili. Besides, this dish also adds delicious ingredients such as sour spring rolls, boiled pork belly, pork ears, young jackfruit, attractive beef rolls.

  • Rice noodles with barbecue

Food lovers, once coming to Da Thanh, definitely cannot ignore the grilled meat vermicelli at Nam Hien restaurant. Not like vermicelli in the South nor the North, it has its own unique flavor. Once you eat it, you will crave it forever. The vermicelli bowl is filled with grilled meat that is seasoned according to its own secret, served with fresh green vegetables and excellent pickles.

Da Nang grilled pork vermicelli is a specialty dish of Da Nang that is chosen by locals and tourists to enjoy because of its unique delicious taste, which is not mixed with other localities. Quan Loan is the place where you will find a true traditional bowl of grilled pork vermicelli, without being fussy or adding or removing any ingredients, keeping the original flavor.

  • Nam O fish salad Da Nang 

Nam O fish salad is a dish that attracts many tourists when coming to Da Nang. The dish is made from herring from Nam O fish village and is well seasoned. When eating, you pick up fish and raw vegetables on rice paper, roll it up with delicious fish sauce that is irresistible, eat from book to book without getting bored.

  • Banh beo, nam, filter, little ceiling

Although having the same name as Hue cakes, the types of banh beo, nam, filter, less bare in Da Nang are modified in their own style, bringing different colors from the filling to the wrapping leaves. Delicious trays of cakes with greasy slices of sausage and rich dipping sauce make you want to eat them just by looking at them.

Types of snacks in Da Nang
  • Danang Seafood

As a city with many attractive beaches, Da Nang also has many fresh and rich seafood dishes that “fascinate” many diners. Some of the famous delicious seafood dishes can be mentioned such as: Grilled squid with satay, squid with rice, grilled scallops with onion fat, snails, suckers, steamed chips with lemongrass, crab fried with tamarind, …

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Notes to make the trip to Da Nang in the rainy season complete

If you are planning to travel to Da Nang in the rainy season, please immediately note the following notes to have a safe, economical and fun trip!

  • You should arrange travel luggage suitable for the rainy season such as bringing umbrellas, paper raincoats, rain shoes, hats, waterproof bags for items such as phones, cameras, etc.
  • Even if it’s the rainy season, you also need to choose to go at the beginning of the season or at the end of the season to minimize the possibility of rain as much as possible during your trip.
  • Regularly update the weather forecast, rainy and sunny conditions in Da Nang to arrange a suitable trip
  • Bring a small medical box, inside there are some basic medicines such as headache medicine, fever reducer, flu … in case you get sick because of cold rain or erratic rain.
  • You should not swim in the sea on days with strong winds, strong waves and rough seas to ensure your safety.

Above is my entire experience when traveling to Da Nang in the rainy season. If you have the opportunity, try once to Da Nang in this special season to fully feel the beauty, peace and romance here. Wish you have a happy and meaningful trip with your loved ones!



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