Extraordinary road in Hai Van pass with Da Nang Hue 1 Day Tour

Not only famous for historical events but also a bridge between the two provinces of Da Nang – Hue in the Central region. A place for travelers who are passionate about exploring and experiencing with this beautiful road that captivates people. Follow the tour Da Nang Hue 1 day discover now!

Discover the beautiful road with Da Nang Hue 1 day tour

Dubbed as one of the most majestic landscapes in the world, Hai Van Pass has a beauty that is both majestic and quiet, always welcoming with unexpected discoveries for visitors who love new experiences.

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The poetic scene of the road

With a total length of 21km, Hai Van Pass is located on the majestic Bach Ma mountain range with the road following the mountain range with the most dangerous and dangerous twists and turns. Especially, in the near dark weather or cold temperatures, the top of the mountain with mist covered the path looks very beautiful.

Despite the rugged terrain with steep slopes, any visitor coming here will be surprised by the beauty of one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

In the journey of Da Nang Hue 1-day tour, in addition to contemplating and experiencing the backpacking experience, the captured moments will definitely create a “unique ” set of photos that nature here offers.

Hai Van Pass with its challenging twists and turns captivates many people. This place will be one of the must-see spots for travelers who love to explore and adventure.

What is special about Hai Van Pass?

Hai Van Quan is the stop for the Da Nang Hue 1-day tour to conquer the top of Hai Van pass . This is not only a “charming water” stop but also has an architectural beauty associated with a long history.

From the top of the pass, visitors looking to the south can also admire a small city of Da Nang with charming landscapes. While in the north, a peaceful Lang Co bay and Lap An lagoon create a captivating picture for tourists.

An interesting point on Hai Van Pass is at sunset. A brilliant orange-pink sky looms over the lights of Da Nang city to create the most fanciful and poetic space.

Currently, on the road of backpacking, there are corners of cafes to stop on a 1-day tour of Da Nang Hue to enjoy the scenery. In some corners of the shop, lucky visitors will encounter a long train running on the passing railway.

Pocket the secret to conquering the top of Hai Van pass

It is also a must for tourists to have the full experience to have an interesting travel trip.

By what means to go to Hai Van pass?

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For young couples, the exploration is mainly motorbikes, but for middle-aged people or families, a tour is best. Because this place is steep and dangerous, if the steering wheel is not sure, you should follow the tour to avoid an unfortunate accident!

Gorgeous photo-hunting time?

The most beautiful part of the pass is at dawn and dusk to take beautiful and shimmering photos. At the top of the pass, the room from far away can see the sunset or sunrise at the sea is also very beautiful!

Places to stop at the top of the pass?

Although, the terrain is a bit difficult, but some places on the road also really attract visitors when coming to Da Nang Hue 1-day tour.

  • Turtle Stone : Located at the corner of a small cafe, this is a beautiful sea and sky scene.
  • Xom mountain coffee shop : Sit and enjoy delicious drinks while admiring a series of cars running on the road.
  • Lonely pine tree : A place many tourists visit to check in with the image of a pine tree lying on the side of the road.
  • Hai Van Quan : located on the top of the pass with many beautiful shooting angles.

There are many wonderful beauty in Hai Van pass for visitors to feel and discover. Try to join the Da Nang Hue 1-day tour to discover this “unique” backpacker!


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