Experience boating on the Thu Bon River in Hoi An is super exciting

Experience a boat ride on the Thu Bon River, which will undoubtedly be a refreshing breeze to make your Hoi An travel journey unforgettable. Let’s start this exciting journey with Hoi An Travel Guide, my friend!

Experience a boat ride on the Thu Bon River – A memorable discovery journey you should not miss

Is the experience of a boat ride on the Thu Bon River really special?

Gently embracing the ancient town of Hoi An throughout the ages, the tranquil Thu Bon River has long been associated with the land that was once a bustling trading port with the sight of boats coming and going in the past. It seems that in every drop of water of the Thu Bon River, Hoi An holds the beauty and rich culture of this region. Therefore, a boat ride on the Thu Bon River promises to bring you many memorable experiences that are different from previous trips.

If you have the opportunity to join the boat ride on the Thu Bon River, you will get to see a truly different perspective of Hoi An town lying along both banks

If you are still curious about whether the boat ride on the Thu Bon River is truly exciting and special, let’s find out together. You will definitely fall in love with the land and its people here even more after the journey ends.

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Specific itinerary: Lower Thu Bon River – Bay Mau Coconut Forest – Hoi An Ancient Town

To start experiencing this special boat trip on the Thu Bon River, you should depart early, around 4 PM if you want to admire the gorgeous sunset. If you join this journey, you can come to Bach Dang wharf to board the boat.

During this boat trip on the Thu Bon River, you will have the opportunity to sway amidst the surrounding waves. The boat will take you to the lower river area first, where both banks are lined with the houses of local people.

On the journey back to the lower river, you will have the chance to see the green coconut trees proudly standing firm against the deep blue sky on both banks. Looking further, you will see the living area of local people along the riverbanks. These people, with their sun-kissed skin, have been closely attached to the waves and water, so traditional fishing still exists here. On this boat trip on the Thu Bon River, you will have the chance to admire the diligent and hardworking people and the smiles always present on each person’s face.

After observing the image of people casting nets and fishing, you will continue your boat trip on the Thu Bon River to pass by Bay Mau Coconut Forest. This special stop is called the Bay Mau Hoi An Coconut Forest Ecological Area, which is likened to the “Mekong Delta in the heart of Hoi An” with its unique peaceful scenery.

If you are lucky enough to arrive at Bay Mau Coconut Forest at the exact moment when the sunset falls, you will be able to enjoy the splendid and brilliant painting of clouds and mountains. At this time, the sun seems to merge with the flat surface of the river, the last rays of sunshine trying to fully display their beauty with nature as a farewell to give way to the dark night. This scenery becomes even more impressive and memorable if you can see it while enjoying the boat trip on the Thu Bon River with a panoramic view without any obstructions.

The final stop on the boat trip on the Thu Bon River is Hoi An Ancient Town. This land, which was once famous as the busiest trading port, now wears the beauty of a peaceful and poetic place. When arriving here, you will be immersed in the peaceful and ancient atmosphere of the houses, temples, and the unique culture of Hoi An.

On the journey of sitting on a boat along the Thu Bon River, the scenery before your eyes is the old houses built closely together on both sides of the river.
As the sun prepares to give way to the night, the atmosphere of Hoi An seems even more peaceful. At this time, the whole city seems to be immersed in the golden rays of the end of the day.
When the dusk falls, it is also the time when Hoi An seems to “put on a new dress”: quieter and more peaceful. Along the banks, the houses have also begun to light up, making the space more sparkling.
Sitting on a boat floating peacefully along the gentle Thu Bon River, it is not difficult to catch the image of mothers and grandmothers with oars in their hands rowing gently.
It seems that in every drop of water of the Thu Bon River, Hoi An contains many beautiful things, a brilliant cultural background of the land that was once famous as a bustling international trading port with scenes of boats coming and going.
On the journey down the Thu Bon River, you will stop at the Seven Women Coconut Forest. Known as the “Mekong Delta in the heart of Central Vietnam”, the coconut forest with its rich and diverse ecosystem will make everyone fall in love with it.
The image of people casting fishing nets has become more familiar and intimate than ever. If you want to experience life as a local, you can ask them for permission to fish and catch crabs together.
Rowing a bamboo boat is also a fascinating experience in the Seven Lady Coconut Forest that you should not miss.
At night, don’t miss the chance to release a sparkling lantern on the gentle Thu Bon River. The image of the lanterns swaying with the waves will surely remain in everyone’s memory.


The experience of boating on the Thu Bon River will definitely leave each person with memorable memories of a land famous for its timeless beauty. On your upcoming trip to Hoi An, if you want to have such exciting and unforgettable moments, don’t forget to save this article from DanangPrivateCar.com in your travel guidebook as a travel companion for your upcoming journey.


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