Da Nang Weather Forecast For The Next 7 Days, Automatically Updated for Tourism

The most beautiful beach in Danang

Da Nang Weather Forecast for the next 7 days, how is the weather in Da Nang today, Tomorrow? To find out, let’s find out the dealer location and Da Nang climate first. Da Nang is located in a typical tropical monsoon climate, with high temperature and little fluctuation. The average annual temperature is about 25.8 °C; highest in June, July, August, average 28-30 °C; the lowest in December, January, February, average 18-23 °C.

What is the weather forecast in Da Nang today? How will Da Nang weather forecast tomorrow to plan travel, check-in…?


Da Nang weather forecast program  for the next 7 days is automatically updated , for tourists who are planning to  travel to Da Nang, Through the next 7 days weather forecast in Da Nang, it can also help you know:

  • Da Nang weather today
  • Da Nang weather tomorrow
  • Weather Da Nang next 7 days
  • Weather in Da Nang for the next 5 days
  • Weather in Da Nang for the next 3 days
  • Weather Da Nang next week

How to see the weather in Da Nang in the next 7 days

Monday: Monday; Tuesday: Tuesday; Wednesday: Wednesday; Thursday: Thursday; Friday: Friday; Saturday: Saturday; Sunday: Sunday

Red temperature: Highest temperature of the day

Blue temperature: Lowest temperature of the day

The icons describe the typical weather of the day such as: Cloudy, sunny, rainy.

What to do to see Da Nang weather forecast for the next 7 days?

Where is Da Nang?

Da Nang in central Vietnam, belongs to the tropical monsoon climate area. Da Nang weather is not divided into 4 distinct seasons like the North but is divided into 2 seasons: dry season and rainy season. These two seasons affect your travel quite a lot. Please pay attention to follow the Da Nang weather forecast for the next 7 days to have the best preparation.

Da Nang dry season

The dry season is the most exciting tourist season in Da Nang. From December to September of the following year . Da Nang’s vibrant tourist season is divided into the mid-point of tourism and the peak of tourism

Da Nang tourist center starts from December to March next year : The weather in Da Nang at this time is quite cool and pleasant, sometimes spring rain, early morning and late evening it will be cold. The price of Da Nang tourism services (hotels, meals, air tickets …) is now considered the most stable of the year. Visitors’ costumes are also easier to choose.

Da Nang tourist peak starts from April to mid-September : Danang weather at this time is hot during the day for about 6 hours from 10 am to 15 pm. Early mornings and evenings are cooler and more comfortable. Traveling to Da Nang in the months of May, June and July, you should bring sun protection accessories: Umbrellas, hats, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunglasses, and personal drinking water. Prices of tourist services (hotels, meals, air tickets …) are also the highest of the year because tourists often choose this time to relax.

Da Nang rainy season

The rainy season is the low season for tourism in Da Nang, but it is suitable for cheap Da Nang tours.

From mid-September to mid-October : Da Nang weather is quite erratic, but cool all day, when traveling, it rains for 1-2 hours, then it stops and then it may rain again. It was sunny but not as harsh as in Hanoi.

From mid-October to December : This is the main rainy season of Da Nang, heavy rain, which can last from day to day. At this time, the airfares, hotels are very cheap, the food is the cheapest of the year because the number of visitors is reduced by 75% compared to the dry season. If you see the Da Nang weather forecast for the next 7 days and are lucky to have a no-rainy time frame, you will have an incredibly cheap Da Nang trip!

If traveling to Da Nang at this time, prepare more raincoats, umbrellas and waterproof accessories for shoes!

Weather with Danang specialties

The weather has a significant impact on the taste and meals of sea trips. In the hot dry season, you can easily choose Da Nang specialties for meals such as: crabs, crabs, surface, sea fish… What about in the rainy season? Surely a seafood hot pot will be suitable. See Da Nang weather forecast for the next 7 days and plan your meal menu:

Da Nang specialties are very rich and attractive – Da Nang pancakes
Da Nang specialties are very rich and attractive – Da Nang pancakes

14 specialties of Da Nang

  1. Squid fried rice with tamarind in Da Nang
  2. One-day squid in Da Nang
  3. Da Nang spicy dried beef fish
  4. Da Nang specialty dried deer
  5. My Khe seaweed, Da Nang
  6. Ms. Lieu’s sesame dry cake
  7. Miss De
  8. Thai Binh Sugar Cake
  9. Da Nang dried lychee fish
  10. Dried stingray Da Nang
  11. Da Nang ram milk crab
  12. Mackerel fishing for a sun
  13. Ginseng, pineapple and jasmine tea (premium specialty)
  14. Da Nang beef jerky

See the weather forecast in Da Nang to plan your tour accordingly

Depending on the weather in Da Nang, you have options to suit your travel itinerary. If it’s dry, you can choose a toothpick, visit outdoor places. If the weather forecast in Da Nang predicts rain, an indoor attraction is the best choice.

The most beautiful beach in Danang
The most beautiful beach in Danang

15 most attractive tourist destinations in Da Nang in 2021 not to be missed

  1. Han River Bridge
  2. Asia Park
  3. 3D Painting Museum
  4. Dragon Bridge
  5. Marble
  6. Ba Na Hills
  7. Cu Lao Cham
  8. Love Lock Bridge
  9. Golden Bridge
  10. Son Tra Peninsula
  11. My Khe beach
  12. Than Tai Mountain Hot Springs
  13. Con market
  14. Museum of cultural history of Champa
  15. Hoi An

In addition, when traveling to Da Nang in the months of the year, you should also find out the weather in Da Nang:

Da Nang weather forecast in January; Da Nang weather in February; Da Nang weather in March; Da Nang weather in April; Da Nang weather in May; Da Nang weather in June; Da Nang weather in July; Da Nang weather in August; Da Nang weather in September; Danang weather in October; Da Nang weather in November; Da Nang weather in December.

Note: The farther the weather forecasts are, the less accurate they are, so the most accurate are the Da Nang weather forecasts today, the Da Nang weather forecast tomorrow, or 3-5-7. next day!

With each different month, Da Nang has its own nuances suitable for the weather at that time. You are free to have photos of check-in Da Nang for life!


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