Distance From Chan May Port To Hue and what transportation options are available for travel?

Chan May Port is located in Thua Thien – Hue province and is the nearest and most convenient gateway to the East-West Economic Corridor for the central region of Vietnam, with access to the East Sea. It is the main port along the sea route connecting Singapore, the Philippines, and Hong Kong (China). Additionally, Chan May Port is situated in the center of Vietnam, between the two largest cities in the central region – Hue and Da Nang. If you stop at Chan May Port and choose Hue as a one-day itinerary, it is a great idea. However, first, you should know how many kilometers from Chan May Port to Hue and what is the most reasonable means of transportation. All will be fully explained below.What Are Some of the Must-See Attractions Along the Way?

Some information about Hue city – the beautiful ancient capital of the Central region.

Hue, a land that may not have many hot tourist attractions, still has a great attraction as a destination for both Vietnamese and international tourists. This city is marked by its long-standing cultural heritage, rich historical value, and a series of unique architectural works, traditional cultural features, and extremely unique cuisine.

Despite its silence, Hue still has its own charm.

Hue is not bustling and modern like Da Nang, nor is it dull by any other Vietnamese tourist destinations. Hue still retains its own unique beauty, making everyone who visits feel relaxed and peaceful. In Hue, everything seems to happen more slowly, more quietly, bringing a different feeling. What could be more interesting than visiting the Imperial Citadel, tombs, or simply stopping by a restaurant to enjoy some specialties of the ancient capital?

From Chan May Port to Hue is not too far, but not too close either. Therefore, it is necessary to know how far the distance between Chan May Port and Hue is in order to plan in detail.

How many kilometers is it from Chan May Port to Hue and how long does it take to travel?

The distance between Chan May Port and Hue is a question that many people ask because almost everyone who visits Chan May Port wants to visit Hue at least once. In reality, Chan May Port is about 62km from Hue. If you travel from Chan May Port to Hue by car, it will take you about 1 hour and 20 minutes, which is a relatively short distance for a day trip to explore Hue from Chan May Port.

What is the most convenient mode of transportation from Chan May Port to Hue?

Chan May Port to Hue by Bus or Taxi

When arriving at Chan May Port, there are several ways to get to the city of Hue. The most popular and affordable option is taking a bus, but it is not the most convenient choice as the port is quite far from the city center. The estimated travel time for the entire distance from Chan May Port to Hue is about 1 hour and 20 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

Another option is taking a shuttle bus, which is cheaper but takes more time as it makes stops at several bus stations. However, unlike private cars, shuttle buses won’t stop at any beautiful spots for sightseeing on the way. Additionally, shuttle buses may be crowded and not as comfortable as cars.

At Chan May Port in Hue, there are several popular taxi companies as follows:

  • Mai Linh Taxi Hue: Phone number: +84 234 3894 894
  • Thanh Cong Taxi Hue: Phone number: +84 234 3828 282
  • Van Nhien Taxi Hue: Phone number: +84 905 55 11 66
  • Hue Hai Van Taxi: Phone number: +84 234 3626 266
  • Tin Thanh Taxi Hue: Phone number: +84 234 3828 828

These taxi companies provide transportation services from Chan May Port to other destinations in the city of Hue and neighboring areas, ensuring convenience and safety for customers. You can choose the suitable taxi company according to your transportation needs at Chan May Port

Traveling to Hue by private car from Chan May Port

In the case of a large group of adults and children, it is recommended to choose a private car for convenience. Compared to other means of transportation, private cars include expenses such as driver, tolls, and gas, so the price will be higher. However, if you travel in a large group, the cost will not be too expensive. Moreover, it ensures safety during the trip.

Choosing a private car from Danang Private Car is the best choice, the driver takes you to any destination and helps you save time for the journey from Chan May Port.

Traveling by private car is the most convenient option because you can travel at your own speed and stop at any places on the way that you want to enjoy the scenery. Therefore, you should book a tour of Hue city from our Chan May port.

The best option is to book a private car transfer from Chan May Port to Hue with an English-speaking driver if you want privacy. Moreover, with Danang Private Car’s, you can choose a sedan, SUV, or minivan that suits your needs without waiting for anyone else.

A day trip from Chan May Port to Hue is a suitable choice for short time you stop at the port.

On the way from Chan May Port to Hue, there is a beautiful lake with clear water. Additionally, there is the Cau Hai Lagoon – the largest brackish water lagoon in Southeast Asia. When traveling by private car, you can ask the driver to stop for sightseeing and taking photos.

You can also book the Chan May Port Shore Excursions service with an English-speaking driver from Danangprivatecar.com and a tour guide to fully explore the heritage of Hue. You can also consider coastal cruises from Chan May Port if you want to explore Hoi An, Da Nang,…

How many kilometers from Chan May Port to Hue? What are the places you will pass by?

Lang Co Bay

Starting the journey, you will be able to admire the beauty of Lang Co Bay, an attractive tourist destination in Hue and also one of the most beautiful bays in the world. From afar, Lang Co appears very impressive, with white sandbanks embraced by the light blue sea, beautiful to the heart. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the beauty of this place and take pictures to capture this moment.

Dam Cau Hai

After finishing the journey at Lang Co Bay, you will set foot on Dam Cau Hai, known as a masterpiece of nature. Dam Cau Hai not only brings the pristine and rich beauty of nature, but also impresses with the simple life of the people here.

Dam Cau Hai is a large lagoon in the Tam Giang – Cau Hai lagoon system in Thua Thien Hue province. The whole system consists of 3 interconnected lagoons: Tam Giang Lagoon, Thuy Tu Lagoon, and Cau Hai Lagoon.

The most popular tourist destinations in Hue.

Once you know how many kilometers it is from Chan May Port to Hue, you should also find out what fun things there are to do in Hue to make the trip worthwhile. Below are some must-visit attractions.

The Imperial City of Hue

This is the most beautiful and famous architectural structure in Hue, embodying the pinnacle of Nguyen dynasty architecture built hundreds of years ago. With over 100 small structures such as Ngo Mon, Forbidden City, Thai Hoa Palace, etc., visitors will learn more about the lives of the Nguyen dynasty kings and the mysteries of the imperial court.

The Royal Tombs

The Hue Royal Tomb system is known to be the most magnificent in the country. It also somewhat reflects the dignity, style, and aesthetics of each king. Now, out of a total of 7 royal tombs, 3 are considered the most beautiful: Khai Dinh Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb, and Minh Mang Tomb.

Explore the Minh Mang Tomb with a day trip from Chan May Port To Hue with Danang Private Car’s

Thien Mu Pagoda

A ancient pagoda with a beautiful location and also the most spiritual tourist destination in Hue. Visitors can take a boat to the Thien Mu pagoda, which is a very interesting combination of sightseeing and worship.

Thien Mu Pagoda is included in the Danang Private Car’s day tour itinerary

In addition to the above attractions, there are many other destinations in Hue waiting for you to explore. Furthermore, the traditional cuisine of Hue is always attractive with its delicious and affordable dishes.

What should you pay attention to when traveling from Chan May Port to Hue?

If you are planning a trip from Chan May Port to the city of Hue, please take note of the following important points.

  • You need to calculate the distance from Chan May Port to Hue to plan your transportation appropriately. This distance is about 100km and takes about 1.5 – 2 hours to travel by car.
  • You also need to prepare necessary documents such as vehicle registration papers and personal identification papers. If you do not have a personal car, you can rent a car or use taxi services for transportation.
  • You should research the famous tourist attractions in the city, including the Imperial City of Hue, the system of tombs, Thien Mu Pagoda, and many other places. In addition, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy local cuisine in Hue, as it is one of the most unique and diverse culinary regions in Vietnam.
  • When traveling to Hue, you should allocate enough time to enjoy and explore the beautiful and interesting destinations of the city without being in a rush.

Through the article, hopefully, you have found a satisfactory answer to the question of how many kilometers it is from Chan May Port to Hue. Whether you travel by bus or private car, there are plenty of options for making the journey between Chan May Port and Hue city. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to discover beautiful beaches, breathtaking mountain passes, and many cultural and historical sites. And with many local experiences to explore, it’s a journey that’s sure to leave a lasting impression


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