Danang International Fireworks Festival 2024 – Connecting Globally, Shining Across Continents

The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival is one of the great events of international stature. These are not just simple fireworks shows, but also feature the participation of famous countries from around the world. Let’s share the latest fireworks schedule for 2024.

General introduction about Danang International Fireworks Festival 2024

The Danang International Fireworks Festival is considered a prestigious international cultural and tourism event hosted by this city. The event features the participation of many renowned teams from around the world, each year with a different theme.

The festival nights make Danang truly magnificent and enchanting with vibrant and colorful fireworks displays. This spectacle creates a dazzling scene that attracts tourists from all over the world to come and admire.

This festival has gradually become a trademark of Danang, contributing to the city’s identity as an “event city.” Over the years, the DIFC has gained significant recognition, drawing the attention of thousands of spectators both domestically and internationally, as well as investors.

Visiting Danang during the festival allows you to witness firsthand the stunning fireworks displays featuring various styles and colors from participating countries. Alongside, there are many other outstanding programs and activities to enjoy.

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What is the location and scale of the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival?

Danang fireworks event venue

The International Fireworks Festival is regularly held at the Han River Port area located on Bach Dang Street, in Thach Thang Ward, Hai Chau District, Danang. The grandstand is built on the opposite bank with a capacity of approximately 17,000 seats.

Diagram of the grandstand area of the Danang International Fireworks Festival 2024

What is special about the scale of Da Nang International Fireworks Festival?

The festival features the participation of 8 countries, including Vietnam. Each night, 2 teams compete, and the 2 winning teams will advance to the final. During the event nights, spectators will have the opportunity to witness impressive fireworks displays with various ranges, colors, and shapes.

In addition to the fireworks festival, there are also activities such as boat parades, art exhibitions, lanterns floating on the Han River, etc. All of these will make your trip even more memorable.

How many teams participate in the Danang International Fireworks Festival?

Similar to previous years’ DIFF editions, DIFF 2024 will feature 7 teams from 7 countries around the world participating alongside the host team, Vietnam, making a total of 8 teams. Each team will bring its own unique style, imagery, and presentation.

Many countries around the world come to attend the international fireworks festival

All participating teams are considered among the largest and most spectacular fireworks nations in the world, carefully selected for their expertise. These countries include:

  • France
  • Italy
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • China
  • Finland
  • Vietnam

How long is each shot in the Danang International Fireworks Festival?

The timing for organizing the Danang International Fireworks Festival 2024

The international fireworks display will last for more than 1 month, depending on weather conditions and suitable scheduling. Previously, the competition would take place during the April 30th – May 1st holidays with the participation of 4 teams. However, due to increased interest this year, more countries are attracted to participate.

According to official information from the Danang City People’s Committee and the Sun Group Corporation, the Danang International Fireworks Festival 2024 will officially take place from June 8th to July 13th, 2024. Specifically:

  • Evening of June 8th, 2024: Opening match featuring Vietnam vs. France.
  • Evening of June 15th, 2024: Italy vs. United States.
  • Evening of June 22nd, 2024: Germany vs. Poland.
  • Evening of June 29th, 2024: China vs. Finland.
  • Evening of July 13th, 2024 (final night): Champion 1 vs. Runner-up 2.

You can see more about the schedule of the Danang International Fireworks Festival 2024 in the following article: The schedule for the Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2024

Fireworks time

The performance duration for each team in the Danang International Fireworks Festival is typically regulated to be no less than 20 minutes and no more than 22 minutes. Within this timeframe, teams are required to incorporate a variety of displays, including low-altitude, mid-altitude, and high-altitude fireworks.

Themes of Danang International Fireworks Festival

Being a continuously developing city with unique features such as the Han River and various tourist destinations, Danang has become synonymous with the international fireworks display.

In 2008, the People’s Committee of Danang proposed and was approved by the Prime Minister to select Danang as the host city for the annual International Fireworks Competition (DIFF).

Over the years, DIFF has attracted thousands of people to visit during holidays or summer vacations to explore the city. Each year, the number of tourists visiting Danang during this event has been increasing, leading to fluctuating ticket sales. To capture beautiful moments, the competition is held based on specific themes, such as:

  • 2008: Dance of the Fairy River
  • 2009: Echoes of the Han River
  • 2010: Legends of the Han River
  • 2011: Sparkle of the Han River
  • 2012: Colors of Danang
  • 2013: Love of the Han River
  • 2015: Danang – Symphony of Colors
  • 2017: Radiance of the Marble Mountains
  • 2018: Legends of the Bridges
  • 2019: Stories of the Rivers
  • 2023: A World Without Distance
  • 2024: MADE IN UNITY

The theme of the Danang International Fireworks Festival 2024 is “MADE IN UNITY”: CONNECTING GLOBALLY – SHINING ACROSS CONTINENTS.

Ticket price list for Danang International Fireworks Festival 2024

Ticket prices for the Danang International Fireworks Festival 2024 range officially from 800,000 VND to 3,000,000 VND for 5 grandstand categories. Specifically, Zone A (the central area) is priced from 1,500,000 VND to 3,000,000 VND; Zone B (the left and right wings) is priced from 800,000 VND to 1,000,000 VND. Children under 1 meter tall are admitted free of charge if seated with their parents.

According to the organizers of DIFF 2024, the number of tickets available for sale this year is fewer than in previous DIFF editions, so a “sold-out” situation may occur. The number of seats available in the grandstand each night is only around 5,000.

  • Grandstand Category 5 (B1, B4): 800,000 VND ==> Price reduced to 750,000 VND/ticket
  • Grandstand Category 4 (B2, B3): 1,000,000 VND ==> Price reduced to 900,000 VND/ticket
  • Grandstand Category 3 (A3, A4): 1,500,000 VND ==> Price reduced to 1,350,000 VND/ticket
  • Grandstand Category 2 (A2): 2,000,000 VND ==> Price reduced to 1,750,000 VND/ticket
  • Grandstand Category 1 (A1): 3,000,000 VND ==> Price reduced to 2,650,000 VND/ticket
Diagram of the grandstand for DIFF 2024

Child Tickets (For all nights):

  • Children under 1 meter tall: Free admission to the grandstand, sitting with an adult.
  • Children 1 meter tall and above: Adult ticket price applies.


  • Tickets must be intact, not torn or damaged, and can only be used once for one night.
  • In case a child ticket is purchased for a child whose height doesn’t match the criteria, the ticket will not be exchangeable.

Where to buy tickets to see Danang International Fireworks Festival?

After you have obtained the information about the Danang International Fireworks Festival, you will have to find a place to buy tickets at the right price and real tickets to participate in the performance contest. Some suggestions where you should buy tickets?

Buy tickets at Sunworld ticket counters

When the tickets for the international fireworks display go on sale, Sunworld will announce the ticket selling locations. Tickets here will be sold at the listed price and there will be a limited quantity available each day. Therefore, it’s recommended that you arrive early to queue for ticket purchase.

You can visit the following website to buy tickets online: https://ticket.sunworld.vn/

Buy black market tickets

If you have contacted the ticket offices and no tickets are available, you will definitely have to buy tickets on the black market. This area is sold near the fireworks display and especially the ticket price is very high compared to the listed ticket price. You should consider when buying tickets here.

Notes when buying tickets and watching Danang International Fireworks Festival

  • When buying tickets, you should book through agents or Sunworld ticket offices to buy the listed price and get a discount
  • Do not buy tickets on the black market because they are very expensive
  • In case you want to buy tickets on the black market, you have to wait near the contest, it will be cheaper

The most ideal places to watch Da Nang International Fireworks

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival was held on the banks of the Han River. Therefore, the locations near the river will be most suitable to watch the fireworks. If you want to find a place to fully admire the brilliant fireworks, you can refer to the places that DanangPrivateCar.com’s suggests below.

Stand area

The most ideal place to watch Da Nang fireworks is definitely the grandstand area. The contest’s grandstand was built on the east side of the Han River, opposite the port of Da Nang, which is also the shooting point.

The most ideal location to watch fireworks but it will incur a relatively high fee

From this position, you will get the most sweeping view of the colorful fireworks shimmering on the water at low range. Or the mid-range and high-range artillery displays in the sky will surely make you impressed.

In the stands you will feel very comfortable because you do not have to be crowded. However, to get a seat in the stands you have to pay a ticket fee. Ticket prices depend on grades A, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 corresponding to different positions of the stands.

Tran Hung Dao street

If you can’t afford to buy tickets at the stands, you can find a good spot on Tran Hung Dao street. If it is facing the firing area, great. You will be able to fully experience the fireworks at both low and high altitudes.

Along Tran Hung Dao street is also chosen by many people

In the area from the Han River Bridge to the radio examination area, the organizers have installed flower arrangements and large projection screens to serve the enjoyment needs of people and visitors. But you should remember that the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival attracts a lot of people, you have to come early to easily get a good spot for yourself.

Bach Dang – Nhu Nguyet Street is extended

Similar to Tran Hung Dao Street, Bach Dang Street is also rated as one of the most beautiful fireworks viewing spots. On this route there are also flower arrangements and large screens.

The ideal location to enjoy fireworks on Bac Dang Street is the area opposite the City People’s Council and the general library area. From the evening until the end of the competition, vehicles will be banned from passing through here, so don’t worry. Find a parking space and choose a viewing spot!

Bridges across the Han River

On the nights of the Danang International Fireworks Festival, the bridges on the Han River are also packed with people. The bridges over the Han River not only impress with their unique design, but on this occasion it also serves as a place with a beautiful view to watch fireworks.

Ideally, from the location of Han River Bridge, followed by Dragon Bridge and Thuan Phuoc Bridge. Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge has a longer view, but it’s not bad. The special thing is that all of these spots are free of charge, giving you a comfortable feeling. Of course, it will be quite crowded and jostling!

The high-rise hotels and restaurants on both sides of the Han River

The high-rise hotels or restaurants located on both sides of the Han River are also among the beautiful high-altitude spots to watch fireworks that you may consider. For example, from the rooftop of hotels like Novotel or Muong Thanh Da Nang Hotel,… During the waiting time, you can enjoy various drinks or wine and listen to music.

Watching fireworks from tall buildings

Coming here, you don’t have to rush or come early, but you can still watch the Da Nang International fireworks display easily. Remember to book early for these buildings.

Cruise on the Han River

Another suggestion that many people may not know is that taking a cruise on the Han River in Da Nang can also see beautiful fireworks. When taking a cruise, you can enjoy the feeling of floating on the river, enjoying the cool breeze.

Experience cruising while enjoying fireworks

In addition, on the yacht is like a miniature bar, you can just sip your favorite drinks or have dinner together while watching fireworks. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it!

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival and some experiences when going to see it

For those who come to Da Nang for the first time to see fireworks, they should note some of the following experiences:

Take advantage of coming early and choose a safe parking space

On these days, both locals and tourists flock here in large numbers. You should arrange the time to go a little early to get a good location to watch the fireworks. If you choose Tran Hung Dao street, in the sidewalk area, there are some people who rent plastic chairs near the river for about 15,000 – 20,000 VND / piece. You can rent a seat if you don’t want to tire your legs.

In addition, arriving early is easy to find a parking space. Before the fireworks show, about 2-3 hours, the city will tighten traffic and security. Some roads will be closed to traffic. You can park your car at Nguyen Trung Truc street, Nai Hien Dong market, vacant land at the intersection of Van Don – Tran Thanh Tong. Apartment A4, A5, … for example.

Bring some food and water

If you don’t want to be hungry or cut down when eating and drinking. You should prepare some snacks and drinks at home and bring it with you in case you are too hungry or too thirsty to have something to “feed your stomach”. But remember, after use, please dispose of garbage in the right place.

In addition, you should wear sports shoes or flat sandals for walking. Certainly, going to the fireworks viewing sites will be a lot of walking. Also don’t forget a camera to capture the beautiful moments of fireworks.

Some other notes to know 

  • Do not bring jewelry, personal belongings of high value. And remember to store it carefully to avoid picking it up or dropping it.
  • If you have small children with you, please find a place for them to have a little open space because if it is too crowded, it will make it difficult for the baby to breathe. Moreover, remember to keep an eye on your baby to avoid getting lost.

Here is the information about the Danang International Fireworks Festival 2024 for your reference. Hopefully, it will bring interesting experiences to visitors. Wish you all a warm and enjoyable vacation with your family.


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