Come to Vong Canh Hill to embrace all of Hue in sight

With a peaceful, romantic and calm space, Vong Canh Hill of Hue is one of the places that captivates many touristsRight here, let’s explore this beautiful hill with Danang Private Car!

Where is Vong Canh Hill?

This hill is located about 7km from Hue city center. Legend has it that this was once a place chosen by the Nguyen kings as a place to stop, rest and sightsee. This is a beautiful place that captivates many tourists when coming to Hue. Around the hill are many tombs of kings of the Nguyen Dynasty such as Dong Khanh Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb, Thieu Tri Tomb, Xuong Tho Tomb, Lady Thanh Cung Tomb…

Coming to this place, visitors can admire the charming, poetic space with green pine forests and undulating tile roofs in the villages of Huong Ho or Hai Cat. The way to Vong Canh hill is a small path through the shady pine hill, extremely beautiful.

How to move to Vong Canh Hill

About 7km from Hue city center, it is very easy for you to move to this place. If you go to Vong Canh hill by motorbike, you can refer to the following way of transportation:

From Hue city center, you move along Hoai Thanh street to go to Le Ngo Cat street. Then turn right onto Huyen Tran Cong Chua street and go straight along this road. Going about 4km, you will reach Vong Canh hill.

Coming here, visitors can park their car below to walk up. The road to Vong Canh hill is covered with a charming and romantic pine forest. Therefore, you can both go up the hill, and enjoy the scenery along the way and check in the pine forest.

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Discover the unique beauty of Vong Canh Hill

The road to Vong Canh hill is a path mixed with pine forests. Visitors can both walk to the top of the hill, admire the scenery, check in on the ‘genuine’ pine hill background.


Looking out from Vong Canh Hill, you can admire a really quiet and charming space with green orchards mixed in green pine groves. What kinds of plants such as areca, orange, longan, tangerine, bar tea, …. Then there are also glimpses of ancient, mossy gray temple roofs, or elaborately designed mausoleums of kings in the Nguyen Dynasty. More specifically, standing from the top of Vong Canh hill looking down is the peaceful and quiet Perfume River hugging the foothills. All create a peaceful and poetic natural scene.


Vong Canh Hill is one of the famous scenic spots in Hue. It is these special beauties that have turned this place into a “virtual living” place that is extremely loved by young people.

Interesting activities at Vong Canh hill

‘Virtual life’ let loose at Vong Canh Hill

As mentioned above, Vong Canh hill has a poetic and peaceful beauty, and is also a place to admire the scenery that makes people “delusional”. So, come here, don’t just admire the scenery, save the vintage memories too!

There are a lot of beautiful shooting angles that you cannot miss when coming to this place. It can be a super romantic pine hill background or a dreamy Perfume River background. The late afternoon sunlight can also become the perfect catalyst for a “virtual living” masterpiece.


Watching the sunset on Vong Canh hill

The most beautiful time on this hill is said to be at sunset. When sunset falls, it is the time when the red sun dyes a vast space of rivers and mountains. Everything is tinged with a sad red color. Things in Vong Canh hill become strangely peaceful.


Camping on the Hill

What’s better than having a picnic or camping with your friends right at the top of Vong Canh? Vong Canh Hill with its lush natural surroundings is an ideal camping and picnic spot. Prepare a little food and drink in advance, then go to the hill to set up a small tent, and experience the nature of the mountains with close friends. This will definitely be a memorable experience.


Other attractions near Vong Canh hill

Near Vong Canh hill, there are also many famous beautiful scenes of poetic Hue that you must definitely explore. Right near the hill, there are many tombs of kings of the Nguyen Dynasty with extremely unique architecture.

Tomb of Tu Duc

First of all, the mausoleum of King Tu Duc must be mentioned. Tomb of King Tu Duc is only about 1km from Vong Canh hill. This is probably the most beautiful mausoleum among the mausoleums of the Nguyen kings because it brings harmony between the immense natural scenery and unique architectural space.


Minh Mang tomb

This is a traditional mausoleum, ancient and full of Confucian colors. Minh Mang Tomb is located on Cam Khe mountain, a prime location sought by the king for 14 years. Minh Mang Tomb is one of the most majestic and standard architectural works of the Nguyen Dynasty. The mausoleum is surrounded by green trees, by the quietness of rivers and lakes, by the solidity of the mountains. All create a wonderful landscape picture that makes people admire.

Khai Dinh mausoleum

Although smaller in size than the mausoleum of the previous kings, King Khai Dinh’s mausoleum was also built elaborately and meticulously.

This is an architectural work that is the intersection of two East-West cultures. Typically, there are sophisticated reliefs meticulously assembled with crockery and glass, tea trays, crowns, etc., interspersed with very modern items such as oil lamps or tennis rackets…

Coming to Hue, you must definitely go to Vong Canh Hill in Hue once. Because this place contains beautiful scenery that captivates many tourists. This is also the perfect check-in place for those who love to live virtual!

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