Where to go at night in Hue, What does Hue have at night?

Hue has long become a tourist destination not to be missed in Vietnam. But, have you ever tried asking Hue at night? At night, Hue appears like a shimmering robe but still retains its gentle and charming features. Let’s immediately explore the nightlife places in Hue with Danang Private Car!

Where to go in the evening in Hue?

Hue Citadel

The night to Hue Citadel looks so brilliant. The artistic lighting system shining from Ngo Mon gate makes this place more magical and shimmering. Coming to Hue Citadel at night, you will enjoy the ancient royal rituals such as the reciprocal ceremony, the performance of great music and small music. See first-hand the attractive performance activities and many other games.

Trang Tien Bridge

If you do not know where to go in the evening in Hue, then Trang Tien Bridge will be a great suggestion. Trang Tien Bridge across the Perfume River connecting the South – North banks has long become a symbol of the dreamy Hue. Every night, the color changing lights here will be turned on. At this time, Trang Trien Bridge looks brilliant, attracting all eyes. A special feature is that the Bridge will gradually change color, from silver to blue, yellow, red and even purple typical of Hue. Sometimes each span is one color, sometimes the whole bridge has the same color. I’m sure you’ll be delighted when you see it firsthand.

Often people will choose to walk, just walking and watching the flow of people passing and the beauty of Trang Tien Bridge at night. Occasionally, you can also hear the sound of Hue folk songs on boats floating on the river, very peaceful. This is a nightlife place in Hue that you must definitely visit.

Listen to Hue Songs On the Perfume River

Nowadays, in addition to using traditional ethnic instruments, the musicians here can also play many familiar foreign songs. This is very popular with foreign tourists.

The program started with the famous Hue royal court music. The typical folk melodies of Hue such as Ly Muoi Thuong, Ly Giao Duyen. Gradually, the boat drifts along the water to Van Lau wharf, at this time visitors will be released lanterns. The river suddenly became sparkling with candles floating in the distance creating a bright line of the poetic Huong River . Along with that, your wishes for peace and happiness will come true.

To enjoy Hue songs on the Perfume River, visitors go to the pier near Trang Tien Bridge to buy tickets. Ticket price: 100,000 VND/Vietnamese and 150,000 VND/foreigner. Then get off the Dragon boat and start an exciting journey. Sitting on a boat, floating along the water and listening to the sweet and deep Hue songs played in the middle of the floating space. This feeling is hard to put into words and hard to find anywhere else.

Nguyen Dinh Chieu Walking Street

What is Hue at night? Hue also has walking streets that are no different from Hanoi or Saigon. Located in the city center, beside the dreamy Perfume River and Trang Tien Bridge shimmering at night. Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street is an ideal place for those who love sightseeing and exploring the ancient capital. It can be said that this is the nightlife spot in Hue that is chosen by many tourists.

Around 6 pm when the sky began to calm down and night began to fall, Nguyen Dinh Chieu Pedestrian Street began to be crowded with people passing by. Walking at night and watching the sunset by the romantic Perfume River are the main attractions of this street.

In addition, the pedestrian street also has many souvenir stalls with bold features of the ancient capital. Especially, at this time, when the street lights suddenly become strangely beautiful, you can take some pictures for yourself as a souvenir. Or walking around and buying some souvenirs is also a good idea. Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street is also a place where visitors can explore Hue cuisine because there are many shops selling famous Hue dishes, such as beef noodle soup, filter cake, banh Khoai…

Walking around Hue on a pretty little cyclo

To fully explore the beauty of Hue ancient capital, it is indispensable for friendly and enthusiastic cyclo drivers. Cyclo runs slowly through the roads, along the river banks, through busy streets and quiet gardens. Especially, at night, when all the streets are lit up, sitting on the car crossing each alley, the wind knits in the hair, the light shines through each road, each leaf. All create a very poetic scene. Both day and night Hue has its own beauty, making visitors once come here have unforgettable impressions.

Discover Hue culinary places at night

Hue at night is very peaceful, even in the city center, it is difficult to feel as bustling as in Saigon or Hanoi. Therefore, walking at night in Hue has become an elegant and gentle pleasure for many tourists.

And this time is also the time when all the food and drink shops are open at the same time to be able to serve visitors the most attractive dishes. Talking about food, you must definitely mention the nightlife area near the gate of Dong Ba market or near the cultural house in the city center. In addition, the area at the foot of Trang Tien bridge or along the banks of the Perfume River also has many restaurants with a variety of delicious and attractive dishes.

If you have come to Hue, you must definitely enjoy the popular specialties of Hue such as beef vermicelli, spring rolls, banh soup; cakes such as filter cake, beo cake, little ram cake, fancy cake…, tea dishes.

Hue is indeed an ideal destination for those who like to find a peaceful and quiet space. The gentle, deep features of the ancient capital will make you feel more relaxed. Especially when walking through the nightlife spots in Hue that Halo Travel suggested above. Hope your trip to Hue will have many unforgettable memories.

Transport In Hue At Night

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