What’s fun in Cu Lao Cham fishing, how much is the service fee?

Besides diving to see coral or night squid fishing, fishing on Cu Lao Cham is also a favorite activity of many tourists. If you have the opportunity to come here, you should experience with the fishermen. Surely you will feel many interesting things about this service. So how much does a fishing ticket cost, what’s fun? Let’s find out with DanangPrivateCar.com

About Cu Lao Cham fishing service

Cu Lao Cham Island, Hoi An city is not only a world biosphere reserve. It also preserves very well the vegetation, coral reefs as well as marine ecosystems. In which, it is impossible not to mention the richness of fish, shrimp and seafood species such as mackerel, tuna, pompano, squid…

Thanks to the abundant seafood resources, the fishermen here have lived here for generations by fishing.

Since the development of tourism in Cu Lao Cham, people on the island have boldly invested in many services: accommodation, restaurants, snorkeling, night squid fishing… and even fishing services to serve tourists. .

Coming to this beautiful island, in addition to admiring the harmonious forest landscape, enjoying swimming, exploring famous landmarks. You can also participate in extremely attractive fishing activities. If you want to transform into fishermen, fish on the sea, relax with the immense sea and sky? then don’t miss it!

What experience does Cu Lao Cham fishing give you?

Having said that, fishing is just as interesting as squid fishing or diving to see corals. Participating in this activity, in addition to entertainment, also has a very positive impact on the spirit. Helps you relieve fatigue, increase excitement and excitement in life.

With many years of professional fishing service in this sea. Friendly, enthusiastic fishermen will share the most basic skills of fishing. Guaranteed you will have a successful harvest.

Joining Cu Lao Cham fishing is to experience the thrill of waiting while floating on the sea. Initially, the feeling of joy when throwing the rod into the water and then slowly pulling the fresh fishes gradually emerged from the water. Gives you feelings that no one else has.

In the end, the spoils are the fish you catch, which you can bring home or cook directly into the delicacies you like and then enjoy on the spot. Probably the best meal of your trip this time.

Not only that, coming here you can also immerse yourself in nature, the sea, and breathe the fresh air. Explore famous landmarks such as: Hai Tang pagoda, Cham Pa ancient well, marine protected area, Tan Hiep market and participate in many other interesting sea activities.

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Islands suitable for fishing Cu Lao Cham

Everything is ready, the boat will take you to one of the following islands for fishing:

  • Hon Dai: One of the largest islands, with a large forest area covering and shielding the entire island of Cham Island.
  • Hon Ong: This island has a long and beautiful beach. Usually in the Cu Lao Cham island tour, Ong island is the main attraction, dining and entertainment.
  • Hon Kho: Hon Kho Island has Hon Kho Me and Hon Kho Con, which are the two farthest islands located in the north of the island, but they are the place with the most abundant seafood resources.
  • Hon La: This island is located in the south of Hon Lao, also owns clear blue water and has many types of fish residing and living.
  • Hon Tai: Located close to Hon Dai, is the main gateway to the island.

In addition, Hon Mo, Hon Kho, Hon Nhon, … are also places where visitors can choose to fish, fish for squid or snorkel to see the coral.

Some experiences when participating in fishing Cu Lao Cham

The right time to go fishing

Unlike squid fishing in Cu Lao Cham, which is only available in batches (the squid season is from February to May of the lunar calendar), fishing is available all year round. Each season with each type of fish, the fishermen here never rest. So you can join anytime you want.

However, according to danangprivatecar.com, it is not always possible to travel to Cu Lao Cham. The last and first months of the year, especially October – December are the rainy season, rough seas and sometimes storms. Cua Dai Port will ban ships from going to the island.

The months from March to September are more ideal. This is the dry season, sunny, no rain, so moving to the island is convenient. Also suitable for swimming, snorkeling and fishing in Cu Lao Cham. Fishing tours are usually held in the morning every day.

What to bring to go fishing in Cu Lao Cham?

Make your fishing experience fun and safe. Before participating, please prepare the following:

  • Camera, camcorder to take pictures and preserve this special memory.
  • Power bank for mobile devices.
  • Jackets, hats/caps, sunscreen, towels, swimsuits…
  • Use sports shoes or low-heeled shoes, slippers for ease of movement.
  • Bring seasickness medicine so you are afraid of seasickness.
  • SPECIAL is to prepare a ready spirit, not afraid of water, not afraid of wind and waves.

Cu Lao Cham fishing experience by tour or self-sufficient?

Visitors who want to experience this activity can do their own research and check in with the locals. Many well-spoken friends can go for free, but if you don’t know how or go in a small group, renting a boat will be very expensive.

You should go on a tour that will be more interesting.

Danang Private Car recommends signing up for a tour. This is the choice of many tourists today because of many advantages.

Advantages when experiencing by tour

Compared to self-sufficiency, registering for a fishing tour on Cu Lao Cham has the following advantages:

  • Be taken care of package: transportation, canoe tickets, island tour, dining, tour guide and interesting activities on the island.
  • Experience many activities other than fishing such as: visiting historical sites, visiting countryside markets, diving to see corals, swimming at no extra cost.
  • Be enthusiastically guide and share the necessary information and skills by the tour guide during the tour.
  • Eat and drink at the largest and most luxurious 4-star restaurant on Cham Island.

How much does a fishing tour cost Cu Lao Cham?

Fishing service at Cu Lao Cham island is not simply a pastime and entertainment but also an opportunity for you to experience the life and activities of fishermen on the island. And help young people live slower, feel more. Above all, enjoy the delicious fresh fish – the spoils that I have collected myself.

Fishing tour is an attractive service. The current prices are as follows:

  • For guests picking up at Da Nang: 1,350,000 VND
  • For guests picking up at Hoi An: 1,300,000 VND
  • For guests picking up at Cua Dai port: VND 1,250,000


  • For children from 1 to 5 years old will be surcharged 100,000 VND
  • This tour price only applies to groups of 2 or more guests, guests from 4 people will have a cheaper price.

How to register for Cu Lao Cham fishing service?

Currently, Cu Lao Cham fishing service is extremely popular and loved by many tourists, especially young people. If there is a need, you go to the island, ask people, or any driver, motel or restaurant owner, they all know and can direct you to the tour booking place.

You can ask the people on the island to sign up for this tour experience.
Although it is an attractive program, it does not require much, quite rudimentary, simple. Mainly go with the boat with the people, so the price is not high, you can rest assured. Depending on the number of guests you rent a large boat or a small boat, the price ranges from 500k/boat.

Or you can also contact travel companies that organize tours to Cu Lao Cham with fishing to register.

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Notes when fishing Cu Lao Cham

  • First: Fishing tour is not responsible for visitors’ personal belongings when lost or dropped. Personal belongings, valuables such as phones, jewelry, wallets, self-management.
  • Second: According to the new regulations of the management board of Cu Lao Cham Island, children who go to the island even though they are held in their arms are still counted as 1 person. This is to ensure a sufficient number of people on the canoe, ensuring your safety.
  • Third: Tourists suffering from cardiovascular diseases, bone and joint diseases, wave columns, seasickness… should not join the fishing tour on Cu Lao Cham island.
  • Fourth: Surely this is a strange activity for tourists. So when participating, there will be local fishermen accompanied by a guide, you do not need to worry about anything. However, remember to always follow them closely and follow the general rules.

Joining Cu Lao Cham fishing is an opportunity for you to feel more about the beauty of labor and life of fishermen in the sea and islands. Not only that, you can also enjoy the feeling of floating on the sea and fishing with your own hands. It will be an unforgettable memory.


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