Vung Tau Lighthouse – The Most Beautiful Seascape Viewing Point

Vung Tau Lighthouse is indeed a picturesque and serene destination that anyone visiting the coastal city cannot afford to miss. Let’s explore it together with’s.

Overview of Vung Tau Lighthouse

  • Location: Nho Mountain (Tao Phung Mountain), Ward 2, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province. It is considered a symbol of the city.
  • Opening hours: from 7 am to 10 pm.
  • Entrance fee: free.

The Vung Tau Lighthouse is a historic beacon, constructed in 1862 and renovated in 1913. With its ancient charm, the lighthouse increasingly attracts many tourists, both domestic and international, who visit to admire its beauty.

The early morning sun welcomes visitors at the lighthouse.



At different times of the day, the lighthouse takes on various colors. The morning offers a picturesque scene with golden sunlight, cool breeze, and blue sea, creating stunning virtual photos. The romantic evening under the twilight is the dreamiest and most enchanting time. And at night, the lighthouse shines brightly with its lit beacon.

How to get to Vung Tau Lighthouse

The Vung Tau Lighthouse is located within the city, making it easily accessible. The main modes of transportation are cars and motorcycles.

To reach the lighthouse, you can follow these directions: starting from the center of Vung Tau, take Ba Muoi Thang Tu Street, then Pham Hong Thai Street, turn into Le Loi Street, and further into Hoang Dieu Street. At the Tãi Trước Park, turn right onto Ha Long Seaside Road, and you will reach the foot of the mountain.

The road to the top of Tao Phung Mountain resembles scenes from a movie

You can continue by car to the lighthouse or take a leisurely walk along the pedestrian path, relaxing while enjoying the picturesque views on both sides.

Additionally, if you are in Ho Chi Minh City and want to quickly reach Vung Tau Lighthouse, you can book the private car service from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau with’s. With door-to-door service and experienced drivers, they will ensure your safe and comfortable journey to Vung Tau Lighthouse.

The Ideal Time to Visit the Lighthouse

As one of the famous tourist destinations in Vung Tau, the lighthouse offers various shades for exploration throughout the day. Early in the morning, you can capture the entire Vung Tau city concealed in the mist, with crescent-shaped beaches and the lush green Minh Dam mountain.

The best time for visitors to explore and take photos at Vung Tau Lighthouse is in the afternoon, around 2 pm to 5 pm. During this time, the gentle sunlight and the perfect combination of light create enchanting and mystical pictures, especially appealing to young travelers.

Explore Vung Tau Lighthouse

Take in the entire coastal city from above

Setting foot on the summit of Nho Mountain is the moment you’ll be overwhelmed by the beauty of this place. The classical architecture with the majestic white tower, standing at a height of 170m above sea level, the spacious and refreshing air, the lush green trees—everything will dispel all your worries and sorrows.

The seascape of the coastal city is condensed when viewed from the Vung Tau Lighthouse road

For a broader view, climb the spiral staircase to the balcony at the top of the tower, and the entire beautiful coastal city will unfold before your eyes. This is the ideal place to capture stunning photos.

Moreover, Vung Tau Lighthouse also features a special rainwater storage tunnel to provide water for daily use to the locals.

What to eat when visiting Vung Tau Lighthouse?

Vung Tau captivates us not only with its beautiful scenery but also with its delectable cuisine.

Cô Tiên Yogurt Shop located under the main lighthouse is a must-visit place. For less than 20,000 VND, you can try the delicious egg and fresh milk. One special thing is that you need to queue to buy tickets and then go to the counter to get your order. Besides, there are many other affordable dishes such as sponge cake, egg flan, beef rolls, and more.

Famous Delicious, Nutritious, and Affordable Dish in Vung Tau

Tips for taking photos when visiting Vung Tau Lighthouse

At different times, Vung Tau Lighthouse has unique features that will captivate you. The gentle and cheerful atmosphere in the morning. The romantic setting under the twilight and sunset over the sea. The sparkling beauty at night with the lighthouse lights.

Vung Tau Lighthouse is a harmonious blend of vintage and modern beauty, nature, and humanity.

Vung Tau Lighthouse against the deep blue sky

From the top of the lighthouse that has witnessed countless years, you look down on the modern, bustling, and lively coastal city. The place where nature is pure, cool, with cool winds, golden sunlight, lush green trees, and the same blue color of the sky and the sea… all will provide you with a beautiful background for virtual living.

Some Notes When Visiting Vung Tau Lighthouse

Here are some small notes for you if you intend to visit Vung Tau Lighthouse. Always be cautious on the way, as it is a mountainous area. While the roads may not be treacherous, it’s advisable to exercise caution. Additionally, consider the following points for a smooth journey:

  • Accessing the lighthouse itself is free, but if you’re driving your own vehicle, there’s a parking fee of around 5,000 VND. It’s recommended to park near the entrance to ensure safety and ease when retrieving your vehicle later. If you prefer to walk up to immerse yourself in the scenery, you can also park directly at the base of the lighthouse, but be mindful to keep the parking area tidy.
  • As a popular tourist spot, Vung Tau Lighthouse attracts a significant number of visitors. Whether you choose weekdays, weekends, or midweek, it tends to be crowded. Especially in July, the place sees a lot of tourists. If you plan to visit Vung Tau Lighthouse, suggests choosing the period from May to July, the season of blooming phoenix flowers, milkwood flowers, and kapok flowers.
  • However, note that in the evening, visitors need to carefully choose a good vantage point. The abundance of trees in the area may obstruct your view, making it difficult to have a comprehensive view of Vung Tau city as desired. The darkness sets in quickly here, so pay attention to the time when exploring in the evening.

Vung Tau Lighthouse is a wonderful place that will create unforgettable memories for you. Just reading this makes’s eager to travel, how about you? Don’t forget to use our private travel car service for the best trip to the coastal city of Vung Tau.


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