TOP 10 checkin places in Da Nang are ‘hunted’ by young people

Da Nang with blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine is an ideal place for believers to move this summer. Coming here, you will not only be immersed in the beauty of the sea, explore scenic spots, enjoy at luxury resorts but also be spoiled for “virtual life” at extremely good photo spots. Join Danang Private Car to discover 10 places to check-in Da Nang that are “hunted” by young people.

Danang Wonders Park

World Wonders Park is one of the checkin places in Da Nang that many tourists come to take pictures of “virtual living”. Each corner of the park is a world famous symbol such as Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Great Wall, Arc de Triomphe, Alexandria Lighthouse, Giza Pyramids and Sphinx,… No need to go far but still comfortably posing with the great works of the world.


The Statue of Liberty at the park, although smaller in size, still sharply reproduces the lines of the original version. If you love romantic France, you can check in with the Eiffel Tower simulated to every centimeter.

Or if you want to explore the famous wonder of China, you can go to the model of the Great Wall made of clay in the center of the campus. Come here, just find an ideal angle and you will bring back a picture that is no different from being in the West.

Apec Park Da Nang

  • Address: On the banks of the Han River, Binh Hien Ward, Hai Chau District, City. Danang

Apec Park is the check-in place in Da Nang that the photography team cannot ignore. Although the park has just been put into operation, young people have flocked to checkin. Apec Park is located right in the city center, so you can easily combine visiting other famous places such as Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Bach Dang Street, etc.


Most visitors to Apec Park Danang are impressed with its unique and novel architecture. The most prominent feature in the project is the dome architecture designed in the shape of a kite winding like sea waves, bringing the city’s own characteristics. The park has a large area, up to 8,668m2, arranged with many trees, natural grass, garden, … creating many “genuine” photo angles.

Moreover, Apec Park also has a statue garden with 21 artistic statues associated with the cultures of countries around the world. This is the perfect place for you to discover the unique culture and create “million-view” photos.

Island Studio Da Nang

  • Address: 1A Le Van Duyet, Son Tra District, City. Danang

One more checkin place in Da Nang is “singing” among young people recently, on the Island film set. The studio attracts young people by its unique design, inspired by Western architecture. The most prominent at the Island set are the villas in the Greek Santorini style, with the main color being luxurious white and blue.

Moreover, the film set also recreates the very realistic European village scene. The typical dome architecture, immense windmill fields, beautiful small wooden houses surrounded by white-painted fences, the American western quarter, etc. are all very delicately arranged, creating so the background is both luxurious and bold “Western”.

The peaceful, poetic, and somewhat wild setting of the Island studio is also a “divine” wedding photography location for many couples. The ticket price to take pictures of the film studio is also very affordable. With only 50,000VND/person, you can comfortably pose with a classic scene.

Ba Na Hills

  • Address: Hoa Ninh, Hoa Vang, City. Danang

Ba Na Hills is a familiar check-in place in Da Nang for locals and both domestic and foreign tourists. Coming to Ba Na, you will not be surprised by the weather of 4 seasons in one day and the misty, dreamy atmosphere. The checkin corner that you must definitely visit in Ba Na is the Golden Bridge with unique architecture. The bridge is covered with iridescent gold paint, supported on stone hands, when the sun shines on it becomes shimmering and fanciful.


After taking pictures as you like at the Golden Bridge, you can go to the French Village to “live virtual”. Here, you will feel like you are in the suburbs of Paris to admire ancient European architecture and magnificent castles. Gothic architecture with spiers of houses, thick stone walls close together makes this place like a mysterious fairy-tale world.

Chateau De Chenonceau in the French Village will surely make you admire with its elegant and luxurious beauty and peaceful and pristine features. In addition, Ba Na Hills also scores points in the eyes of tourists by other excellent photography locations such as cable car, Le Jardin D’amour flower garden, Rainbow stairs, entrance to Debay wine cellar, …

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Danang Bridges

Referring to Da Nang, you must have heard the phrase “city of bridges”. Da Nang owns bridges with unique architecture, which is the very symbol of the city. The beautiful bridges must be mentioned such as Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Love Bridge. Coming to Da Nang bridges, you are not only free to walk, enjoy the wind, but also comfortably pose with “extreme” checkin corners.


In particular, the bridge that attracts many young people to take pictures is Love Bridge. This bridge is considered a romantic check-in place in Da Nang for couples. Inspired by the Pont des Arts bridge of France, Love Bridge is designed more uniquely with decorative columns hanging lanterns in the shape of red hearts. When the city lights up, the bridge becomes sparkling and extremely impressive.

Da Nang Children’s Palace

  • Address: No. 2 Phan Dang Luu, Hoa Cuong Bac Ward, Hai Chau District, City. Danang

Children’s Palace is considered the most unique “virtual living coordinates” in Da Nang. This place is famous for its modern and artistic space architecture. As soon as you step into the children’s palace, you will certainly not be surprised with the colorful giant blocks assembled on the white outside wall. This design is inspired by the geometric block in the game Tangram to create a new and unique background for you to freely pose.


Children’s Cultural Palace was built with many different items, creating a large entertainment space. The basketball court, the multi-colored building, the cherry blossom area, the lake surrounded by illuminated glass panels, etc. are super beautiful photo angles that you cannot ignore. Come here, just bring your phone up and you will have a sparkling picture to bring home.

Linh Ung Pagoda

  • Address: Bai But, Son Tra peninsula, City. Danang

From the city center, you only need to go about 10km to reach Linh Ung Pagoda to admire the charming scenery right on the slopes of Son Tra mountain. With its back against the mountain, facing the sea, this temple is the ideal place to check-in Da Nang for many tourists. The space inside the pagoda is also very impressive, which is a harmonious combination of modern beauty and traditional architecture of Vietnamese temples.


The most prominent in Linh Ung Pagoda is the architectural style of the Main Palace with a curved tiled roof, surrounded by large winding dragon-shaped columns, creating a dignified and pure space. In addition, the pagoda is also famous for the 67m high statue of Quan Am Buddha, both majestic and elegant. Standing here, looking out into the distance, you can have a panoramic view of the poetic and peaceful Son Tra peninsula.

The Retreat

  • Address: Hoa Bac Commune, Hoa Vang District, City. Danang

Yen Retreat is an “extremely chill” check-in place in Da Nang that is being sought after by young people in Da Nang. This place is known as “dreaming paradise” with peaceful and poetic scenery “unique”. The calm river surface, green grass fields, majestic mountains surrounding and romantic valley have created a simple and peaceful space typical of the central countryside.

The items inside the campsite are mainly used in gentle, rustic colors, adding to the ancient and wild look of Yen Retreat space. Here, you just need to angle the corner and create a few simple poses, and you will have a beautiful photo right away. Super “divine” shooting angles can be mentioned such as Yen valley, Tho river, a small road in the middle of green grass. Do not forget to prepare a vintage outfit to “fit” better with the scene here.

Obama Rocks

  • Address: Son Tra Peninsula, City. Danang

If you are looking for a place to check in Da Nang with a peaceful and fanciful scene, you cannot ignore Obama rock. The rocks here have a mysterious black color, lying close to each other, being patted by the whispering waves of the sea, creating a beautiful scene. Obama rock beach is a very beautiful place to watch the sunset into the sea. Moreover, this place also has many “genuine” photo angles such as wooden bridges, windmills, etc.

Nam O moss rock beach

  • Address: Nam O Beach, Hoa Hiep Nam Ward, Lien Chieu District, City. Danang

The moss-covered stone beach located on the smooth golden sand is definitely a very unique virtual background for you. Nam O attracts visitors by the wild and majestic natural scenery created by thousands of large and small rocks covered with moss. Every March, when it is sunny, the rocky beach changes new clothes, turning into a fresh green color.

Standing at Nam O, you can capture the majestic beauty of Da Nang’s sea and sky. The green color of moss, mixed with the black color of the rock and the white color of the sea foam, reflects the sunlight to create a breathtaking scene. When taking photos at this Da Nang checkin place, you should go in the morning, when the tide is low, revealing the green cliffs.

Coming to the city worth living, you must once visit 10 places to check in Da Nang to captivate people here. Don’t forget to follow Danang Private Car for more useful travel information.


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