The Itinerary for an Evening Walking Tour of Hoi An

Leisurely enjoying an evening walking tour of Hoi An will surely provide you with unforgettable experiences. Join on a trip to Hoi An now!

Enjoy an evening walking tour of Hoi An with many interesting experiences

What is special about the evening walking tour of Hoi An?

For a long time, the image of Hoi An Ancient Town with its old houses imbued with the beauty of time, lining both sides of the peaceful Hoai River, has left many lasting impressions on the minds of travelers. For those fortunate enough to visit this town even once, it is hard not to fall in love with this dear land and its timeless, impressive beauty.

If you’ve had the chance to explore the countryside of Hoi An by motorbike, why not try conquering this land on foot today? With the evening walking tour of Hoi An suggested by below, you’ll have the opportunity to explore even the smallest corners of the ancient town. At this time, the image of the entire town glowing with warm lantern lights will further highlight its simple, rustic beauty that has a unique way of captivating everyone. Join on a leisurely evening walk to explore Hoi An on a beautiful evening.

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Detailed Itinerary: Japanese Covered Bridge – Museum of Trading Ceramics

If you intend to enjoy an evening walking tour of Hoi An, you can start around 6 PM. At this time, the sun has set, and the houses in Hoi An begin to light up. Strolling during this hour, you will easily admire the poetic and dreamy Hoi An as night falls, with shimmering lights reflecting on the peaceful Hoai River.

Japanese Covered Bridge is a special landmark of this region. Despite being called a temple, it does not worship Buddha. Spanning a small branch of the Hoai River, this structure clearly depicts the harmonious blend of Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese cultures

The first stop on your evening walking tour of Hoi An is Chua Cau (the Japanese Covered Bridge), an iconic landmark of the ancient town. Regarded as a symbol of Hoi An’s architecture, Chua Cau is uniquely positioned, spanning a small branch of the serene Hoai River. This bridge is one of the most unique structures in Hoi An, harmoniously blending Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese cultures.

In the evening, the distant view of Chua Cau becomes even more shimmering and radiant, enhancing its enchanting beauty.

One distinctive feature of this site is that although it is called a temple, it does not worship Buddha. Chua Cau modestly sits in a small corner on the bridge, with a gate inspired by Chinese architecture, adorned with intricate carvings. In the center of the temple stands a wooden statue of the deity Bac De Tran Vo, symbolizing the hope for peace and protection for the local residents.

After visiting Chua Cau, continue your evening walking tour by exploring the bustling streets filled with people. As the night deepens, Hoi An becomes more radiant with countless lanterns illuminating a corner of the Hoai River. During this leisurely walk, you will feel like you are stepping back in time to Hoi An’s heyday, witnessing the vibrant scene of people, vehicles, and bright lanterns.

The Museum of Trading Ceramics is the perfect stop for those who want to learn about the renowned local pottery craft of the past. This museum is reconstructed from an ancient house and divided into several distinct sections.

The next stop on your evening walking tour is the Museum of Trading Ceramics. This museum, housed in an ancient house nearly a hundred years old, features an impressive space with themed exhibition areas displaying numerous well-preserved ceramic artifacts.

In the morning, the museum is filled with sunlight, making it an ideal place for a leisurely visit. However, when night falls, the museum is illuminated by lantern lights, adding a serene and tranquil ambiance to the space

Part of the famous heritage sites in Hoi An, the museum is considered a “historical witness” recounting the formation and development of this land over the past decades. If you love ceramics, the museum with over 450 artifacts from the 8th to the 18th century is a must-visit. Most of the artifacts come from China, the Middle East, India, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam, offering rich insights.

After exploring the Museum of Trading Ceramics, leisurely strolling along the lantern-lit streets, with ancient houses lining both sides, is an experience you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the evening walking tour in Hoi An is watching traditional Bai Choi singing performed by artisans. There’s nothing more wonderful than sitting by the poetic Hoai River and enjoying a performance that combines music, poetry, drama, painting, and literature. These impressive performances will surely conclude your evening walking tour of Hoi An in the most memorable way.

You could try once sitting in a boat drifting along the Hoai River.

Additionally, if you wish, you can experience a boat ride along the Hoai River and release floating lanterns to wish for good things. The image of candle-lit lanterns drifting along the water will linger in everyone’s memory for a long time.

The shimmering ancient houses illuminated by lanterns will surely provide the perfect backdrop for countless charming photos to share with friends, showing off your Hoi An check-in moments.


The evening walking tour of Hoi An is definitely the perfect choice for those who want to admire the ancient town in its sparkling lantern-lit moments. Nestled peacefully along the banks of the Hoai River, Hoi An exudes the rich charm of its bustling trading port days, making it hard for anyone who has visited to leave. Save this article in your travel guidebook as a preparation for your upcoming trip!


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