Tuy Loan Ancient Village is located in the southwest, about 15 km from Da Nang city. This ancient village is over 500 years old and preserves the traditional beauty of the nation, long-standing cultural values, and spiritual festivals closely linked to the cultural and spiritual life of the villagers. Let’s take a stroll around Tuy Loan Ancient Village with DanangPrivateCar.com to feel the tranquility of this village.

Introduction to Tuy Loan Ancient Village in Da Nang

  • Address: Located on National Highway 14B, in Hoa Phong Commune, Hoa Vang District, about 15 km from Da Nang city.

Tuy Loan Ancient Village holds a 500-year historical value, exuding a peaceful and gentle atmosphere with its ancient architecture and intricate designs from the past. The village faces the Tuy Loan River, showcasing the simple beauty of the Vietnamese countryside. This ancient village is a must-visit for travelers exploring Da Nang, offering insights into the local culture and lifestyle.

Tuy Loan Ancient Village in Da Nang

Surrounded by a refreshing and serene landscape, the village is adorned with mountains, rivers, and rows of ancient trees providing ample shade. The tranquility and seclusion add to its charm. Tuy Loan Village stands as a witness to history with its old Han-script inscribed walls, weathered houses, and moss-covered structures. The village’s ancient designs, though worn by time, still showcase the exquisite craftsmanship of the past. The temple and communal house roofs, once intricately carved with dragons and phoenixes, have faded but remain impressive.

Despite centuries of wear, the village’s aged appearance enhances its grandeur and solemnity. Visitors to Tuy Loan Ancient Village will sense its sturdy, majestic presence, like a guardian hero preserving the village’s peace.

The Gate of Tuy Loan Ancient Village Communal House

In Tuy Loan Village, there is a communal house that is over 100 years old, also known as Tuy Van Communal House. This communal house holds 20 royal decrees granted by the King, conferring noble titles, official ranks, and rewards to those who have contributed to society. It also ranks the deities worshipped in the communal houses and temples within the Vietnamese villages. This place is also a center for spiritual rituals, sacred worship, and ceremonies dedicated to the revered spirits of the villagers.

Moreover, the village is known for its traditional crafts, particularly the production of rice paper and Mi Quang noodles, which are famous in Da Nang. During the Tet holiday, Tuy Loan Village operates at full capacity to produce batches of hot, delicious rice paper to meet the demands of customers from near and far.

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Directions to Tuy Loan Ancient Village

You can reach Tuy Loan Ancient Village by two routes: via Dragon Bridge or Tien Son Bridge. It is about 15 km from the center of Da Nang city and takes about 30 minutes to get there. Start from My Khe Beach.

  • From My Khe Beach:
    • Take Vo Nguyen Giap Street towards Tran Thi Ly Bridge.
    • Go straight and turn right onto Ho Xuan Huong Street.
    • After crossing Tien Son Bridge, turn left onto Hai Thang Chin Street.
    • Continue straight onto Cach Mang Thang Tam Street towards National Highway 14B.
    • Follow National Highway 14B until you reach Quang Xuong Street, then turn right onto Road 604 in Hoa Phong Commune.
    • A short distance further, you will arrive at Tuy Loan Ancient Village.
  • From Dragon Bridge:
    • After crossing Dragon Bridge, turn right at the Ngo Quyen roundabout.
    • Continue straight onto Ngu Hanh Son Street and turn right onto Tien Son Street.
    • After crossing Tien Son Bridge, follow the above route. If unsure, you can ask the locals for directions; they will be happy to help.

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Exploring Tuy Loan Ancient Village in Da Nang

Legend and Rich History of Tuy Loan Ancient Village

The name Tuy Loan comes from an ancient legend that tells of a large bird that got drunk and flew to this village to rest (“Tuy” means drunk, “Loan” refers to the mythical bird). However, there is another interpretation where “Thuy Loan” means a high, green mountain (“Thuy” refers to the green color, “Loan” to a high mountain). The name Thuy Loan first appeared in the book “O Chau Can Luc” by Duong Van An in 1555, during the reign of King Mac Tuyen Tong, describing Thuy Loan as one of the 66 communes of Dien Ban District under Trieu Phong Prefecture.

The dense shade of trees and the scenery of a peaceful countryside.

Historical records from 1470 show that King Le Thanh Tong ordered five pioneers from the Dang, Lam, Nguyen, Tran, and Le families to expand the territory. These pioneers arrived in this area, reclaimed land, and established the village now known as Thuy Loan or Tuy Loan.

When you visit Tuy Loan Ancient Village, you will see ancient architecture with some houses built 200-300 years ago, still standing tall and sturdy despite the passage of time. The columns and beams of the communal house remain in use, holding significant historical architectural value. This village is ideal for visitors seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the peaceful, gentle rhythm of the countryside, offering a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Participating in Festivals at Tuy Loan Ancient Village

Visitors can attend two major festivals in Tuy Loan Ancient Village during the lunar months, which showcase the traditional and spiritual lives of the locals.

  • Tuy Loan Communal House Festival: Held annually on the 9th and 10th of the first lunar month. Villagers from Dong and Tay hamlets and visitors gather for the two-day festival with various activities. The ceremonial part includes the procession of royal decrees and incense offerings to honor the five pioneers from the Dang, Lam, Nguyen, Tran, and Le families. The festival features traditional games such as rice paper making, tug of war, and pole pushing in front of Tuy Loan Communal House. Skilled girls from both hamlets compete in rice paper making, showcasing the village’s specialty and traditional culture to visitors.
Tuy Loan Communal House Festival
  • Boat Racing: Held on the scenic Tuy Loan River, where young men from the village compete, and villagers cheer from the banks, creating a lively atmosphere. The following day includes activities like wrapping Banh Tet, bicycle races, and other traditional games, concluding the festival.
Boat Racing on Tuy Loan River
  • Ancestral Worship Festival: Held on the 11th and 12th of the eighth lunar month at Tuy Van Ancient Village to honor those who established the land and pray for peace. The ceremonial part includes a procession with four people carrying a palanquin covered in red cloth, accompanied by flag bearers and musicians. The procession goes around the village and returns to the communal house, marking an important festival for the villagers.

Visiting Tuy Loan Ancient Village and Traditional Craft

Since 1975, Tuy Loan Ancient Village has been famous for Mi Quang noodles and rice paper. Currently, 15 households continue the traditional craft of making rice paper. The villagers believe this dish embodies the essence of heaven and earth as it is made from rice flour. There are four main steps to making rice paper:

  • Selecting ingredients.
  • Choosing good firewood for baking.
  • Drying the rice paper.
  • Removing the finished product.
Specialty Rice Paper of Tuy Loan

This specialty is sold at 170,000 VND for 10 pieces of uncooked rice paper and 220,000 VND for 10 pieces of grilled rice paper. Other local specialties like traditional cakes, Hoi An fish sauce, and handmade mats and hats also attract tourists to buy and explore.

Tuy Loan Ancient Village in Da Nang is a village bearing the mark of time, a place to find inner peace. Here, you will feel harmonious with nature, where all the weariness of pressures fades away, leaving moments of relaxation, comfort, and simplicity. I hope this information will be helpful to you. Have a joyful trip and share those moments with DanangPrivateCar.com!