Thuy Xuan incense village is known for its long-standing tradition of making incense in Hue. This place also attracts virtual believers by the brilliant scenery of multi-colored incense bundles of blue, red, purple and yellow.

During your trip to Hue , in addition to visiting cultural and historical heritage sites, visitors should spend a little time visiting Thuy Xuan incense village . This is a place where you can learn about the incense making process, experience the stages as well as check-in with a beautiful colorful space.

Where is Thuy Xuan incense village?

Thuy Xuan Agarwood Village is one of the famous Hue tourist attractions that almost every tourist stops to visit. Thuy Xuan incense village address is located on Huyen Tran Cong Chua street , near Vong Canh hill , Tu Duc tomb, 7km southwest of Hue city center.

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Thuy Xuan incense village – the incense village in Hue has been around for a long time

According to artisans in Thuy Xuan Hue incense village, incense making appeared here about 700 years ago under the Nguyen Dynasty. In the past, the village was a place to supply incense to the court, mandarins and people in Thuan Hoa and Phu Xuan areas.

Products of Thuy Xuan village contain enthusiasm and meticulousness

Although it has undergone many changes over time, this Hue incense village continues to be preserved and developed. Generations passed from father to son to make fragrant incense trees, serving the spiritual life of local people as well as outside the province.

Incense and agarwood products in the village are very diverse with different prices:

  • Frankincense: about 80,000 – 200,000 VND/bundle
  • Cinnamon: about 40,000 VND/bundle
  • Agarwood buds: about 50,000 – 600,000 VND/box

Products in the village are not only supplied to local markets such as Dong Ba market , An Cuu market … but also exported to many provinces and cities with different product segments. People use Thuy Xuan incense in addition to ceremonial purposes, and also use it as a stress reliever, bringing comfort to the spirit.

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What is special about the way of making incense in Thuy Xuan incense village?

The reason why this Huong village in Hue has existed for a long time and is very popular is because of the delicate and meticulous way of making incense in each stage. Huong Thuy Xuan has a gentle ethereal smell, no chemicals are used. Each incense tree has to go through many elaborate preparation stages to retain the full characteristic smell of pure agarwood.

First, people will select raw materials for agarwood and then mix the flavors of cinnamon, star anise, cloves, cardamom, and pine buds in a careful ratio. Besides, forest grapefruit peel powder and slightly dried grapefruit, eucalyptus, cinnamon … are also added to create the perfect scent for the product.

Vietnamese people are very reluctant to burn incense, which is half-done or abnormally burned. Therefore, the villagers of Thuy Xuan incense village chose dried bamboo intestines, chopped, and dried in the sun for many days to make the incense core. This will help the incense burn evenly to the base of the incense and not break horizontally.

Besides, the raw materials for splitting incense sticks are also old bamboos exploited from Binh Dien, Phong Son or Nam Dong forests. This is a stage that requires the determination and skill of the craftsman to make the right size incense sticks.

Traditional incense sticks will have two basic colors, brown and red. However, the craftsman in the village has creatively mixed into many colors to make the product more eye-catching. Therefore, when walking around the village, you will not be able to help but admire the brilliance of the bouquets of yellow, blue, purple, red, pink incense…

Explore Thuy Xuan incense village with interesting experiences

Check in Thuy Xuan incense village with colorful bouquets

Visitors come to Thuy Xuan incense village not only to learn about the traditional craft of making incense for generations, but also to check-in with the eye-catching scenery here. Under the gentle sunlight, each bouquet of incense spreads out, spreading like colorful flowers. All create a photogenic background for you to freely pose and capture shimmering pictures.

Make your own incense at Thuy Xuan Hue incense village

Visitors to Thuy Xuan Hue incense village will be extremely excited to discover first-hand the process of handmade incense making as well as experience some stages with their own hands. Thereby, you will understand more about this traditional profession as well as the daily life of the people here.

Walking around Hue incense village, buying souvenirs for relatives and friends

Thuy Xuan incense village is not only a place to produce incense, but also sells tourist and souvenir products. You can walk around the shops and choose to buy goods such as fans, brocades, oil paintings… bearing the colors of the ancient capital as souvenirs for relatives and friends.

Besides visiting Thuy Xuan incense village, tourists should visit other famous tourist sites in the inner city such as: Thien An Hill in Hue , Hue Minh Mang Tomb , Trang Tien Bridge ,…

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Thuy Xuan incense village is not only a place to keep traditional crafts imbued with national culture, but also an ideal check-in place. If you are planning to travel to Hue, don’t forget to save this special stopover right away!