Map of Ba Na Hills will be a good assistant for you when visiting this large tourist area with many attractive places. Take a look at the map of Ba Na Hills below so you don’t have to be surprised when traveling to Ba Na.

Map to visit Ba Na Hills Tourist area

The chart below helps you visualize the overall areas and attractions in Ba Na Hills.

Map of Ba Na Hill of Sun World

It is recommended to open the image in a new tab and zoom in to better read the caption.

Google Map of Ba Na Hills tourist area

Below is a visual map of Ba Na Hills attractions. Please zoom and drag the map to see the details of each location.

In addition to the reference here. When coming to Ba Na Hills, you can get a printout of the Ba Na Hill diagram at the ticket counter or in the cable car cabin, bring it with you for reference when traveling to Ba Na Hill.

Itinerary to visit Ba Na Hills

Panoramic view of Ba Na Hill tourist area on the top of the mountain

Here is a tour guide for you to compare with the map and visualize the most popular travel schedule in Ba Na, going through all the attractions.

  1. Buy tickets at the ticket counter near the entrance.
  2. Move to Hoi An station to go up to the Golden Bridge area (Ba Na – Suoi Mo cable route only works in case of overcrowding).
  3. Take the mountain train from Le Jardin station to D’amour station to go to the next sightseeing area (Linh Ung pagoda, flower garden, wine cellar).
  4. From Linh Ung pagoda area, go to Debay station to take the cable car to the French village.
  5. Visit the French village area, experience Fantasy Park, Wax Museum. Climb to visit Linh Chua Linh Tu temple and Tru Vu Tra Quan.
  6. After visiting all the sites, move to L’indochine station to descend the mountain.

You can refer to detailed information about the outstanding attractions of Ba Na Hills.

With the Ba Na Hill map in hand, you can confidently travel to Ba Na Hill on your own without worrying about not knowing how to move or missing attractions. Come to Ba Na Hill and share your feelings about this Da Nang tourist destination with Danang Private Car .


On the first day of opening, Asia Park – Asia Park has put Da Nang in the Guinness Book of World Records, with the Top 10 tallest wheels in the world

Asia Park – Asia Park (Sun World Danang Wonders)

  • Address: No. 01, Phan Dang Luu, Hai Chau, Da Nang

  • Opening time: 15h-22h every Friday, Saturday, Sunday ( from 22/02/2021)

  • Fee: Free entrance ticket ( not including tickets to the games)

On the first day of opening, Asia Park – Asia Park has put Da Nang in the Guinness Book of World Records, with the Top 10 tallest Ferris wheel in the world 115m high (equivalent to a 25-storey building). 

From that height, Da Nang is beautiful in a spacious way with a wide view. The name “Da Nang Vision” probably originates from here.

Call Asia Park “the park of records” because up to now, this place has the most: Monorail – the most modern sky train in Vietnam; Queen Cobra – Vietnam’s largest suspension roller coaster with 5 continuous 360 turns on a height of 34m; Golden Sky Tower – the tallest free-fall tower in Vietnam with a height of 47 m, equivalent to the height of a 13-storey building…

NJapan, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, China, Nepal, Vietnam – 10 Asian countries are “miniatured” in Asia Park, in typical architectural works culture of these countries.

A Gate in the form of Ngo Mon – Hue depicts the image of Vietnam. Seeing the Merlion sphinx spraying white water jets means you’ve come to… Singapore. The monorail station simulates the typical square-bottomed roof architecture of the Lumbini holy place in Nepal – where the Buddha was born. Paradise Fall brings ancient Korean architecture to Da Nang.

Going to the Japanese area, see hundreds of lanterns, especially carp lanterns, which symbolize the strength and bravery of Japanese men… The roots of trees emerge from the ground, through the stone walls, moss colors. weather and even the cracks of time… as if Cambodia’s famous Angkor Wat had sprung up in this land several hundred years ago.

But perhaps the most unique architectural block here is the 9-faced Clock Tower, with an area of ​​550m2, 29m high. Each clock face is an architectural symbol of a country. The dome of the mosques in India, the multi-storey tower, the mysterious gradually rising roof of Nepal, the typical imperial palace architecture of China… So many passions, so many unique imprints In the most recent trips through Asian countries, Bill Bensley – top 5 world famous architects, who directly designed the works, such as package into this Clock Tower.

Asian culture is also imbued in the festivals that are regularly held at Asia Park – Asia Park . At the Color Festival, visitors will be engrossed in the famous Manipuri dances of India. Mid-Autumn Festival in Asia park, visitors enjoy witnessing carnival performances of colorfully dressed characters in the style of Masskara Smile Festival held in Bacolod city, Visayas island, Philippines…

Just like that, the journey to discover Asia in miniature at Asia Park every year becomes more and more unique, when the next iconic works are completed, special festivals continue to be held.

From the moment I arrived at the gate area, I saw each step as if I wanted to fly, because of the bustling music. There’s a whole kingdom of games for kids and families, with the Festival Carousel, the caravan in the Dino Island dinosaur park, the Tree house Playland or the candy land at Happy Choo Choo, school. Angry Motors racing… There are hundreds of jubilant games for the whole family to have fun at the Soft Play indoor game area or Sun Blaster- Vietnam’s largest scale air shooter with an area of ​​250m2…

In the Japan area, Kabuki Truck takes young tourists on an adventure in an exciting car race. Fireflies Forests offers a thrill of adventure with every twist on a roller coaster for kids.

Coming to Korea is to enjoy the romantic feeling with Love Lock- a game inspired by love locks. In the China area, Fairy Tea House brings an interesting fun with “colorful tea cups”. And The Flying Kirins takes visitors on an adventurous journey when conquering the ocean on a pirate ship.

Queen Cobra – Vietnam’s largest hanging roller coaster with a design bearing the image of a King Cobra in Kerala India, making it difficult for players to stop the desire to step into a chair suspended from a height of 34m, to is free-falling at 80km/h and twisting in continuous 360-degree turns.

DComing to Asia Park, you will encounter many small families, groups of friends, class groups… choose this place for a picnic with many interesting experiences. Because, in the middle of the city center, the park offers green spaces that can shake off the noise, hustle, and stress.

More than 5000 trees of various types, from phoenix, sua, cherry blossom, canary, mausoleum, carefree flower, sesame buds… there are also typical types such as Tung la Han, which only appears in gardens. Aristocrats of Japan, Asia Park is like a unique botanical park for those who love to explore.

Coming to Asia Park also means taking an exciting trip across three regions of Vietnam, through hundreds of signature delicacies right at the restaurants, indoors or outdoors.

Discover a breathtaking Asia in each cultural district, indulge in and challenge yourself with world-class rides, and indulge in pampering while strolling the green pathways , breathe in the fresh air of a green oasis, forget all your worries and treat your taste buds with irresistible delicacies, just coming to Asia Park will have a perfect vacation in Da Nang already.