To enjoy a perfect trip, knowing the distance between Phu Yen and Nha Trang and having transportation tips will help you save time and effort. Let’s put these useful information from’s in your pocket when traveling between these two cities.

Knowing the distance between Phu Yen and Nha Trang not only helps you plan a suitable itinerary but also allows you to arrange your travel time efficiently for a fulfilling trip. With a relatively short distance between the two locations, the Nha Trang – Phu Yen journey will provide you with the most memorable experiences ever.

How far is Phu Yen from Nha Trang?

The question of how far Phu Yen is from Nha Trang is often asked by those who want to explore the South Central Coast region. Tuy Hoa is a city in Phu Yen province, and Nha Trang is known as the “capital” of Khanh Hoa tourism. Due to their proximity, the distance between these two locations is not too far, only about 117 km.

With approximately 2 hours of travel, tourists can be reassured about the distance between Phu Yen and Nha Trang to arrange a complete trip.

Time and transportation from Phu Yen to Nha Trang.

By train.

Travel time: About 2 hours – 2 hours 30 minutes.

Advantages of this transportation: The North-South railway system passes through both provinces, allowing travelers to conveniently move from Tuy Hoa to Nha Trang. Moreover, the train offers an interesting and safe travel experience.

Train routes: NH1 (03:53 – 06:18), SE7 (06:22 – 08:28), SE5 (08:55 – 10:45), TN1 (16:28 – 18:34), SQN1 (17:02 – 19:18), SE21 (18:01 – 20:44), and more.

Average ticket price: Ranges from 60,000 to 130,000 VND per ticket.

Private Car.

Travel time: About 2 hours – 2 hours 30 minutes.

Advantages of this transportation: Choosing a private car from’s is suitable for international tourists, families, groups of friends, or elderly and young people. The convenience of a private car helps you save time and money. Our driver will pick you up at the Nha Trang hotel and take you to Phu Yen quickly. You just need to relax in the car.

Rent a private car with a driver in Nha Trang now to have the fastest trip to Phu Yen.


Travel time: About 2 hours – 2 hours 30 minutes.

Advantages of this transportation: The route passes through beautiful beaches such as Van Phong Bay, Vung Ro Bay, Nha Phu Bay, and the marine conservation area of Ran Trao, allowing travelers to explore the majestic scenery. You can stop at any location for check-ins and enjoy local cuisine.


Travel time: About 2 hours – 2 hours 30 minutes.

Advantages of this transportation: Taking the bus is a smart choice for a journey of over 100 km, not too far but not too close, saving costs and not taking much time while ensuring health.

Some suggested bus companies: Cat Thien Hai, Thanh Thuy Limousine, Tan Dung Tien, Phuc Thuan Thao, Lien Hung, Muoi Phuong…

Average ticket price: Ranges from 350,000 to 500,000 VND per ticket.

Summary of transportation options, travel time, and advantages when choosing to travel from Phu Yen to Nha Trang

Interesting experiences when visiting Nha Trang.

Explore the famous beautiful beaches of Nha Trang.

With its smooth white sands, clear blue waters, and fresh air, Nha Trang’s beaches promise to bring you moments of relaxation and tranquility. When traveling to the city, immerse yourself in the stunning beaches like Doc Let Beach, Dai Lanh Beach, Tru Beach Nha Trang, and Nhu Tien Nha Trang.

Nha Trang Beach, with its 7km length, opens up a vast and refreshing panorama right in front of you.

Check-in at impressive architectural landmarks.

Additionally, checking in at impressive architectural landmarks in Nha Trang is an experience not to be missed in your journey to explore the city. Here are some Nha Trang tourist destinations that will create impressive and captivating photos: Ponagar Tower Nha Trang, Nha Trang Mountain Church, Tram Huong Towers Nha Trang, and Nha Trang Train Station.

Indulge in delicious Nha Trang specialties.

Nha Trang boasts a rich and diverse seafood selection, and the city is also home to local delicacies that will tantalize your taste buds. In addition to fresh seafood such as lobster, various fish, scallops, and different types of clams, tourists can also savor a variety of renowned specialties like Nha Trang jellyfish vermicelli, Nha Trang chicken rice, Nha Trang grilled pork rolls, Nha Trang snails, and Nha Trang rice pancakes.

The delicious Nha Trang specialties take you on an exciting culinary journey

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In this article,’s has provided you with detailed information and answered the question of how far Phu Yen is from Nha Trang. With this information, every traveler can conveniently move between the two cities, saving time and planning a well-organized itinerary. With their close proximity and diverse destinations, it is hoped that tourists can have a wonderful vacation and explore the unique beauty of the South Central Coast region.