Bai Tranh (Tranh Beach) in Nha Trang is a tourist destination with a distinctive beauty that is hard to confuse with any other beach. So, what makes Tranh Beach in Nha Trang so appealing to visitors?

Bai Tranh (Tranh Beach) in Nha Trang attracts tourists with its unique and special terrain and natural scenery. The area also offers many exciting and interesting water activities that should not be missed. Take note of the essential information for traveling to Bai Tranh below and get ready for a trip filled with new experiences!

Overview of Tranh Beach, Nha Trang

  • Address: Tri Nguyen Island, Nha Trang City

In stark contrast to the vibrant beaches in the coastal city of Nha Trang, Tranh Beach boasts a coastline stretching over 500 meters, surrounded by untouched mountain ranges, embracing it in a wide arc. However, what sets Tranh Beach apart is undoubtedly its uniquely divided sandy area, featuring one side with fine, pristine white sand, and the other side with adjacent pebbles. Moreover, the diverse and abundant marine ecosystem adds to its allure, making Tranh Beach a top choice for young travelers exploring the coastal region of Central Vietnam.

The bridge leading to Tranh Beach

Guide on How to Get to Tranh Beach, Nha Trang

To reach Tranh Beach in Nha Trang, follow these 3 steps:

Travel from your location to Nha Trang

Depending on the distance from your location to Nha Trang and the available means of transportation, you can choose to travel by plane, train, bus, or drive a motorcycle to Nha Trang.

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Travel from the city center to Vinh Truong Port

From the city center of Nha Trang, you can hire a private car in Nha Trang, rent a motorbike in Nha Trang, take a taxi, or drive to Vinh Truong Port following this route: head south from Tran Phu to Vinpearl cable car station – Vo Thi Sau Street – Vinh Truong Port.

You can reach Tranh Beach by high-speed canoe or traditional wooden boat

Travel from Vinh Truong Port to Tranh Beach

Upon reaching Vinh Truong Port, you can rent a boat or canoe to reach Tranh Beach. The rental prices for boats or canoes vary, ranging from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND per person.

You can choose the appropriate type of canoe based on your needs or the size of your group.

  • Price for 12-seat high-speed canoe: 800,000 VND per canoe
  • Price for 16-seat high-speed canoe: 900,000 VND per canoe
  • Price for 20-seat high-speed canoe: 1,000,000 VND per canoe
  • Price for 24-seat high-speed canoe: 1,200,000 VND per canoe

When to visit Tranh Beach in Nha Trang?

Due to the gradually sloping terrain at Tranh Beach in Nha Trang, it is very safe for tourists. Therefore, visitors can come here at any time of the year. However, the best time to visit Tranh Beach is from February to September when the weather is dry, cool, and conducive to travel.

Ticket Prices for Tranh Beach, Nha Trang

Currently, Tranh Beach in Nha Trang is one of the beaches that charges an entrance fee. You can rest assured that the ticket prices are relatively affordable, with only 30,000 VND per adult and 20,000 VND per child, allowing you to begin your journey to explore this beautiful beach. Additionally, children under 1 meter tall can enter for free.

However, if you want to participate in water sports and enjoy entertainment services at the beach, you will need to purchase separate tickets for each activity. Typically, ticket prices for these activities range from 500,000 VND to 1,000,000 VND per person.

  • Jet ski price: 650,000 VND per jet ski or 800,000 VND for 15 minutes
  • Parasailing price: 650,000 VND per person
  • Banana boat for 5 people: 700,000 VND per boat for 10 minutes

You can be assured that when participating in any of these activities, there will be guides at the locations ready to provide instructions and equip you with safety gear, including life jackets, without any additional charges.

Exciting Entertainment Activities at Tranh Beach

Immerse Yourself in Crystal Clear Water to Explore the Diverse Marine Ecosystem

Who could resist the alluring invitation of the beautiful beach with its seemingly transparent water, where you can see the ocean floor and waves gently lapping? With just a life jacket (if you can’t swim) and snorkeling gear, you have everything you need to float in the refreshing water.

Snorkeling to admire coral reefs at Tranh Beach

With a diverse marine ecosystem, if you want to learn more about the life beneath the sea, you can swim a bit further out (ensuring your safety, of course), then slowly dive down to admire the coral reefs and small fish swimming around. It’s truly fantastic, isn’t it?

Stroll Along the Beach and Admire the Picturesque Coastal Landscape

If you don’t enjoy (or don’t know how to) swim, you can still discover the beauty of Tranh Beach in your own way. Walking along the long coastline, feeling the soft sand and the firm pebbles under your feet, is a fascinating experience, isn’t it?

Strolling along the coastline at Tranh Beach

On sunny days, let the sound of swaying coconut palms resonate with the sea breeze, bringing the characteristic salty aroma. The gentle sound of waves lapping the shore is like a soothing lullaby echoing in the distance, comforting you after the daily challenges of life. Just take a deep breath, feel the complete saltiness of the sea permeate your body, and leave everything behind.

Explore the Homes of Marine Creatures at Tri Nguyen Lake and Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Or if you have an endless passion for the diverse marine ecosystem and want to understand more about it, Tri Nguyen Lake – currently the home to hundreds of rare marine species, including sea turtles – is the ideal destination near Tranh Beach that you can visit.

Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Alternatively, a Tri Nguyen Aquarium built with a curved glass dome and hundreds of colorful marine species swimming is another place you shouldn’t miss.

Participate in Water Sports at Tranh Beach Tourist Area

If you want to challenge your courage or simply try something you haven’t dared before, then visit the Tranh Beach Tourist Area. With a variety of water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides, you are sure to have incredibly relaxing moments.

Parasailing at Tranh Beach

Explore the Fishing Village near Tranh Beach

Moving southwest from Hon Mieu, visitors will reach the fishing village where the local residents live. They make a living through aquaculture and fishing, making this a must-visit destination for seafood enthusiasts. The seafood here is caught and processed by the local people, ensuring its freshness and affordability.

Explore the Fishing Village near Tranh Beach

Therefore, if you are still wondering what to do in Nha Trang, be sure to visit the fishing village and immerse yourself in the daily life of the local residents.

What to Eat at Tranh Beach, Nha Trang?

Fish Cake Vermicelli (Bun cha ca)

The dish of fish cake vermicelli at Tranh Beach in Nha Trang may seem simple, with nothing particularly special, but surprisingly, just tasting it once will leave a lasting impression. The broth of the fish cake vermicelli is simmered from fresh fish bones, giving it a sweet and refreshing taste that is very pleasing to the palate. A bowl of vermicelli includes broth, vermicelli, fish cake, and herbs, yet it’s enough to satisfy a hungry stomach.

Ba Ba Bun Cha Ca (Grilled Fish Cake Noodle).

Jellyfish Vermicelli (Bun sua)

Being in Nha Trang without trying jellyfish vermicelli would be a regrettable missed opportunity. The broth of jellyfish vermicelli has a clear, sweet taste, not fishy, and is very fragrant. The jellyfish is chewy and crispy, making it a delightful experience. Jellyfish vermicelli becomes even more delicious with a bit of fish sauce, a bit of chili sauce, and a bit of spicy satay.

Jellyfish vermicelli this is a dish not to be missed when coming to Nha Trang, crispy jellyfish eaten with fish cakes and sweet broth.

Banh Can

Made with rice flour and filled with ingredients like meat, shrimp, mushrooms, eggs, squid, etc., banh can is simple but dipping it into a bowl of sweet and sour dipping sauce, along with a bit of spice, completes the experience. This is a popular snack in the Central provinces and is loved by many young people.

Nha Trang’s Bánh căn is prepared differently from other places.

Banh Uot

If you spend the whole day at Tranh Beach and still don’t know what to eat in Nha Trang, then visit a roadside eatery and enjoy a plate of the rustic banh uot (wet rice paper) of Khanh Hoa people! The key to the deliciousness of banh uot lies in the dipping sauce. The dipping sauce must be either garlic fish sauce or a dipping sauce made from fish intestines. Enjoying banh uot with grilled meat, sausage, fermented pork roll, fresh vegetables, and dipping it into the fragrant dipping sauce makes it all wonderfully delicious.

Notes for Traveling to Tranh Beach, Nha Trang

  • Ticket Prices: The ticket price for adults at Tranh Beach, Nha Trang is 50,000 VND, and for children, it’s 25,000 VND (the ticket includes access to the beach and sunbeds).
  • Water Safety: It is recommended that visitors wear life jackets and equip themselves with full protective gear to ensure safety, especially for children when participating in water activities.
  • Protection from Sun Exposure: When traveling to Tranh Beach, Nha Trang, visitors should prepare sunscreen and hats to protect their skin from the harmful effects of sunlight during outdoor activities.
  • It is advisable to avoid visiting Tranh Beach, Nha Trang during the rainy season from September to December, as it may hinder your travel experience

Tranh Beach (Bai Tranh), with its picturesque coastal scenery in the front and mountainous backdrop along the beach, has always been an ideal destination for young travelers seeking a refreshing seaside atmosphere. If you have the opportunity to visit Nha Trang, don’t forget about Tranh Beach!

Nha Trang is known for its abundance of beautiful beaches. It is the province with the highest number of stunning beaches in Vietnam. Below are the most beautiful beaches that I had the chance to visit in Nha Trang. Let me share them with you!

Doc Let Beach

Doc Let Beach is a hidden gem that you might not hear much about when researching Nha Trang travel, but in my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Located in Ninh Hai Ward, Ninh Hoa Town, Khanh Hoa Province, this beach is approximately 50km north of Nha Trang city center. It boasts a long stretch of fine white sand, crystal-clear turquoise water, and exceptionally smooth sand. What I found unique about this beach is that the sand is not easily displaced, unlike many other beaches, and the shallow water makes it safe for swimming.

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Diep Son Island Beach

You might have already heard of Diep Son Island as it is famous for its two beautiful submerged roads connecting three islands: Hon Bip, Hon Giua, and Hon Duoc. Located about 60km from Nha Trang city center in Van Khanh Commune, Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province, Diep Son Island offers pristine beaches and shallow waters, perfect for swimming and enjoying the beach.

Binh Ba Beach

Binh Ba Beach is another distinctive beach that stands out in Nha Trang tourism. As a military island with restricted access, it remains relatively untouched. Although called Binh Ba Beach, the island is home to several smaller beaches, including Chuong Beach, Nom Beach, and Nha Cu Beach. Among them, Nha Cu Beach is particularly known for its coral viewing spots.

Binh Ba Beach

Vinpearl Nha Trang – Hon Tre Beach

I refer to this beach as Vinpearl Nha Trang because I’m not certain of its actual name. During my stay at Vinpearl Nha Trang, located on Hon Tre Island, I was impressed by the beautiful beach. It features white sand, clear blue water, and a stunning view of Vinpearl Land Nha Trang, the cable car, and the city.

Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang Beach is a must-visit beach right in the heart of the city. It is a beautiful and conveniently located beach, stretching from Cau Da Port to Pham Van Dong Street. Although it is quite long, spanning over several kilometers, the most picturesque sections are along Tran Phu Street and near Hon Chong, while other parts are more like embankments without proper beaches.

Binh Tien Beach

You might not have come across the name Binh Tien Beach when researching Nha Trang travel, but you may have heard of Tu Binh, a group of four islands in Nha Trang. Binh Tien is one of those four islands and left the strongest impression on me. I still remember the first time I saw Binh Tien from the viewpoint along the Tu Binh – Vinh Hy route. It looked exactly like a painting, with tall casuarina trees and vibrant turquoise waters.

Binh Tien – Discover the Pristine Beauty of an Exquisite Beach

Binh Tien Beach remains relatively untouched, so you may notice some natural debris on the beach, but it is mostly harmless natural waste.

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Hon Tam Beach

Hon Tam Beach is another beautiful beach you should consider for your Nha Trang trip. It is undeniably stunning, but access to the beach requires a ticket priced at 250,000 VND. The beach belongs to the Hon Tam Resort area and is exclusively reserved for resort guests. The beach offers fine white sand and clear water. Apart from swimming, the entrance fee includes basic amenities such as life jackets, sunbeds, floating houses, and kayaks. Special activities like jet skiing and parasailing require additional expenses.

Yen Island – Hon Noi Beach

This beach holds many cherished memories for me as I had an unforgettable experience on Yen Island – Hon Noi. This exclusive tourist attraction managed by Sanest Khanh Hoa is also restricted in terms of visitor numbers. Getting to the island can be quite challenging, with a journey of over two hours on a wooden boat. If you’re prone to seasickness like me, it can be quite an ordeal. Luckily, they now provide canoes as an alternative, which is much more comfortable for those who struggle with boat rides.

The beach on Yen Island is a dual beach divided by a small strip of land. The water is clear, but there are mostly dead corals on the seabed, so be cautious when swimming or walking barefoot.

Nha Trang’s tourism boom is not surprising considering its wealth of beautiful beaches. I hope my recommendations will contribute to your upcoming Nha Trang travel plans. Thank you for reading, and I wish you a pleasant and memorable trip to Nha Trang!