Da Nang, not only known for its bridges, but also boasts numerous temples. Many of them have become famous tourist attractions. When visiting here, besides admiring the Linh Ung Pagoda, don’t miss Tam Thai Pagoda a more than 400-year-old ancient temple with unique and ancient architecture. Today, let’s explore this temple with DanangPrivateCar.com’s.

Introduction to Tam Thai Pagoda, its location, and what makes it special?

If you look at the Da Nang tourist map, you will see many temples: Linh Ung Pagoda, Quan Am Pagoda, Pho Da Pagoda, and Tam Thai Pagoda.

On the tourist map, Tam Thai Pagoda is located in Ngu Hanh Son District. The exact location is in Hoa Hai Ward, within the famous Ngu Hanh Son landscape. It is about 10 km away from the city center of Da Nang. This temple is built on a piece of land on Thuy Son Mountain, offering an ideal position for both worshiping at the temple and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Notably, at the location where the temple is situated, there is a standing rock facing the North of Ngu Hanh Son Mountain. From the top of Hon Thuy, you can see three peaks resembling Tam Thai. It is for this reason that the temple is called Tam Thai Pagoda.

Here, you can learn about the history, the unique architectural style of the temple, and admire the surrounding landscape. You will surely feel a sense of tranquility and serenity.

The history of Tam Thai Pagoda – the oldest temple in Da Nang

When was Tam Thai Pagoda built?

According to information found on DanangPrivateCar.com’s, Tam Thai Pagoda in Ngu Hanh Son was built during the Later Le Dynasty, around 1630, by the Venerable Monk Hung Lien, who came from China as the abbot (in the late 17th century).

Looking at its ancient features and moss-covered appearance, it is evident that the temple has been built for a long time.

In 1695, Zen Master Thach Liem Thich Dai San visited the temple and was impressed by the Hoa Nghiem Cave behind the temple, which inspired him to compose a poem praising the Tam Thai Mountain. During the Tay Son Dynasty, the temple was completely destroyed. It was not until 1825, during the reign of Emperor Minh Mang, that the temple was restored and named Quoc Tu.

In 1901, Tam Thai Pagoda in Da Nang was once again damaged by the Tan Suu Storm. It was rebuilt six years later in 1907. After several renovations, in 1995, Venerable Thich Tri Giac officially completed the restoration of the temple.

Legend of Tam Thai Pagoda.

There are many legends surrounding Tam Thai Pagoda. Among them, the story of Emperor Nguyen Anh is mentioned the most. During a pursuit by the Tay Son army, Emperor Nguyen Anh sought refuge on an island outside the East Sea.

The temple was last restored by Emperor Minh Mang.

After a while, when he returned, he chose Ngu Hanh Son Mountain as a hiding place and prayed to the Buddha that if he could defeat the Tay Son army, he would restore and repair this temple. And after ascending to the throne, he ordered Emperor Minh Mang to restore the temple in his place.

After rebuilding the temple, Emperor Minh Mang erected a stone stele to mark the year of the temple’s construction.

Guide to getting to Tam Thai Pagoda in Da Nang.

As mentioned above, Tam Thai Pagoda is located about 10km southeast of the city center of Da Nang. The road to the pagoda is mostly straight and paved, making it easily accessible by all means of transportation.

Traveling by bus.

In a developed city like Da Nang, buses are a common mode of transportation. Buses serve routes within the city as well as to destinations like Hoi An, Tam Ky, and Hiep Duc. Therefore, you can choose this mode of transportation to reach Tam Thai Pagoda.

You can take bus route number 1 Da Nang – Hoi An, which passes through the Ngu Hanh Son complex. This option is cost-effective (priced at only 25,000 VND per trip), but you should consider that it can be somewhat passive and time-consuming.

Traveling by taxi or private car with a driver.

For convenience and comfort when visiting Tam Thai Pagoda, you can consider taking a taxi or a private car. This option is particularly suitable when traveling with a group or family. Da Nang has many taxi companies with reasonable prices. You can choose taxis from Mai Linh, Tien Sa, Song Han, Vinasun, or Da Nang Taxi.

Choosing a private car with a dedicated driver to visit Tam Thai Pagoda is a popular choice among foreign tourists.

Furthermore, if it’s your first time in Da Nang and you find it challenging to communicate with bus drivers or taxis due to language barriers, you can also rent a private car with a professional English-speaking driver from DanangPrivateCar.com. We specialize in providing transportation services for both domestic and international tourists in Da Nang. With their professional drivers and years of experience, they will ensure you have a convenient and time-saving trip. You can pre-book your trip to plan your visit to other destinations as well.

Quoc Tu Tam Thai Pagoda is located within the Marble Mountains. You can book a private car trip from Da Nang to the Marble Mountains to have a wonderful journey.

Traveling by motorbike.

For young travelers, renting a motorbike might be a suitable choice. Riding a motorbike may not provide the comfort of a cushioned seat or air conditioning, but it offers various advantages such as freedom, autonomy, the ability to choose when to go and return, the flexibility to stop and park wherever you like without depending on anyone. Moreover, it is cost-effective and saves money.

If you don’t have a motorbike, you can rent one in Da Nang for prices ranging from 80,000 to 100,000 VND per bike. Then, you can take one of the following routes to reach Tam Thai Pagoda:

  • Route 1: Vo Van Kiet – Vo Nguyen Giap – Truong Sa – passing through Hon Thuy Son.
  • Route 2: Ngo Quyen – Le Van Hien – Huyen Tran Cong Chua – passing through Hon Thuy Son.

The ideal time to explore Tam Thai Pagoda.

Tam Thai Pagoda is located within the Ngu Hanh Son scenic area. This tourist destination in Da Nang is open year-round, so you can visit at any time, except during major storms or floods when it may be closed.

However, that doesn’t mean any time is suitable to explore this place. It is advisable to avoid visiting during the rainy season, which falls in the months of October to December. This is the typhoon season in Da Nang, with heavy rain that can make the mountain paths slippery and hinder sightseeing. It also makes it more difficult to combine visits to other attractions, especially beach activities.

It is best to visit on sunny days as it can be challenging to navigate slippery roads in the rain.

Instead, you should consider visiting in January or early February, during the mild and pleasant spring weather with moderate sunshine. The number of visitors during this time is not too high, making exploration easier, and the prices of services are also more affordable. Alternatively, the months from March to September are also suitable, especially if you plan to enjoy the beach. May, June, and July are particularly ideal for beach activities.

Is there an admission fee to visit Tam Thai Pagoda?

Ticket prices for Tam Thai Pagoda.

As Tam Thai Pagoda is part of the Ngu Hanh Son(Marble Mountains) scenic area, you are required to purchase a ticket to visit. The ticket prices for the Ngu Hanh Son area are divided into two categories:

Entrance ticket includes all attractions on Thuy Son Mountain (Tam Thai Pagoda, Linh Ung Pagoda, Xa Loi Tower, Huyen Khong Cave, etc.) and the visit to Am Phu Cave. The specific ticket prices are as follows:

Ticket prices for visiting this pagoda and other attractions in the Ngu Hanh Son(Marble Mountain) scenic area.
  • Ticket prices for visiting the attractions in Ngu Hanh Son

Adults: 40,000 VND/ticket

Students, schoolchildren: 10,000 VND/ticket

Children under 6 years old: Free

  • Ticket price for visiting Am Phu Cave

Adults: 20,000 VND/ticket

Students, schoolchildren: 7,000 VND/ticket

Children under 6 years old: Free

  • Elevator ticket prices

One-way ticket: 15,000 VND/person

Round-trip ticket: 30,000 VND/person

Note: If you are physically capable, it is recommended to hike up the mountain to enjoy the surrounding scenery. You can take the elevator on the way back. However, if you have young children or elderly individuals, you can use the elevator both ways.

Ticket purchase location

Simply move to the area of the scenic attraction, and upon entering the gate, you will see ticket counters on the right side. You can approach the staff there and purchase the tickets. If you have children, students, or schoolchildren with you, remember to bring relevant identification or documentation to avail of any discounts.

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The unique architecture of Tam Thai Pagoda in Ngu Hanh Son.

Compared to Linh Ung Son Tra Pagoda or other large pagodas in Da Nang, Tam Thai Pagoda is not as grand in scale. However, the architecture of the pagoda has many notable features worth exploring.

The pagoda’s architecture consists of three solemn and splendid levels. The first level, located in the west, is called Thuong Thai. The second level, called Trung Thai, is in the south, and the third level, called Ha Thai, is in the east. In addition, Tam Thai Pagoda also has other auxiliary structures, including:

  • Tam Quan Gate: Located on the outermost part, it is designed in a bell tower style with an ancient-looking roof. You will pass through this gate to enter the pagoda.
  • Statue of Maitreya Buddha: Just beyond the gate, there is a spacious courtyard. In front of the courtyard stands a meticulously crafted statue of Maitreya Buddha made of sandstone, exuding a sense of dignity.
  • Inside the pagoda: There is a main hall for worshipping Amitabha Buddha, a statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, and the Great Bodhisattva of Compassion.

Along with these structures, there are many ancient trees that provide a cool shade for the pagoda. They contribute to the overall sense of antiquity, tranquility, and serenity of Tam Thai Pagoda.

In general, the pagoda’s design follows the shape of the letter “Vuong” (King) with artistic and intricate lines. On the pagoda’s roof, there are two dragon statues under the moon, which are considered distinctive architectural features of the Nguyen Dynasty period.

What makes Tam Thai Pagoda in Da Nang special and worth visiting?

Admire the ancient architectural features of the pagoda.

As a temple over 400 years old, this architectural masterpiece in the Nguyen architectural style still retains many ancient features worth marveling at. Despite the somewhat tiring climb of 156 steps, everyone is willing to make the effort to visit this place.

The pagoda’s architecture is truly worth admiring.

Apart from the intricate lines and decorations, the pagoda also houses the calligraphy writings of Emperor Minh Mang, praising the compassionate teachings of Buddhism and its salvation of sentient beings.

Enjoy the vast and majestic mountains.

Although the journey to Tam Thai Pagoda may be challenging, it is well worth it. Along the way, you can immerse yourself in the peaceful surrounding scenery, breathe in the cool air, and marvel at the rows of trees that line both sides of the road leading up to the pagoda.

You can enjoy the surrounding scenery on the way up to the pagoda.

And once you reach the highest point of Thuy Son Mountain, you can admire the magnificent mountains and hills. In the distance, you can see the Han River or the Cam Le River. Further away, there is the Cham Islands. At the foot of the mountain is the Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village.

Pay homage for peace, luck, and health.

Tam Thai Pagoda is known as a sacred temple and a spiritual tourist attraction that attracts many locals and tourists. Besides sightseeing, people come here to pay respects, pray for peace, health, and well-being for themselves and their families. They also seek blessings and good fortune in life and business.

Visit here to pray for good luck and peace.

Capture artistic photos.

With its ancient architecture and the beauty adorned by moss and the passage of time, Tam Thai Pagoda promises to create many artistic photos. It seems that every nook and cranny of the pagoda, from the entrance gate and staircase to the Tam Quan gate and the surrounding scenery, is worthy of being captured.

Artistic photos abound in this place.

Therefore, if you visit here, don’t forget to capture some photos. You don’t have to go far; the surroundings of this pagoda are enough for some great Instagram-worthy shots.

Should you buy anything as a gift when visiting Tam Thai Pagoda?

As mentioned before, Tam Thai Pagoda is located within the Ngu Hanh Son scenic area. Right next to it is the famous Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village, which has been known for stone carving for over 300 years. That’s why almost everyone who visits the scenic area also stops by here.

In addition to learning about the history of stone carving and observing the process of craftsmen working with stones, many tourists also have a desire to choose some products for decoration, personal use, or as gifts for their loved ones.

There is a wide variety of stone products available, and tourists can consider buying them as gifts.

The products from the stone village are incredibly diverse, including bracelets, stone necklaces, feng shui stones, sculptures, and daily household items such as mortar and pestle, tea sets, incense burners, and vases.

The prices will vary depending on the product and weight. All of them are crafted with great skill, attention to detail, and are very beautiful. Feel free to take a look and consider them!

Suggestions for tourist attractions near Tam Thai Pagoda in Da Nang.

The Ngu Hanh Son scenic area not only has Tam Thai Pagoda but also many other attractions that you can explore.

Linh Ung Pagoda in Ngu Hanh Son.

Linh Ung Pagoda, also known as Linh Ung Non Nuoc Pagoda, is one of the three pagodas with the same name in Da Nang. Here, you can admire the meticulously crafted Buddha statues, which exude a vivid and majestic presence.

Linh Ung Pagoda is located within the Ngu Hanh Son scenic area.

In addition, you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of the surrounding mountains and water. It is one of the highlights that attracts visitors.

Huyen Khong Cave.

Huyen Khong Cave is located in the highest mountain peak here. It captivates visitors with its shimmering and mystical lights. Along with that, the unique beauty of the flowing stalactites creates peculiar shapes.

Mysterious and enchanting cave.

Am Phu Cave.

Located at the foot of Thuy Van Mountain is Am Phu Cave. It is one of the caves within the scenic area, attracting visitors with its mysterious beauty and folk legends that carry significant spiritual meanings.

Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village.

Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village is a famous and unmissable destination in the journey of exploring the Ngu Hanh Son scenic area. It is the oldest and most developed craft village in Da Nang, with a history of over 300 years.

Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village has been preserved for over 300 years.

This village is where you can learn about the art of stone carving and the process of creating a complete product. The stone products made here are highly artistic.

Some important notes to know when visiting Tam Thai Pagoda in Da Nang.

Whether it’s Tam Thai Pagoda or any other pagoda, they are all sacred places. Therefore, if you want to visit, you need to pay attention to the following important points.

  • First, remember to dress modestly, avoiding wearing short skirts above the knees or revealing clothes that may be considered inappropriate. Especially when entering the temple during ceremonies, to ensure the sanctity and respect for the Buddha’s place.
  • In addition to clothing, you should also be mindful of your speech. Avoid using vulgar language or engaging in conversations or jokes that may disturb the serenity of the place and the people around.
  • If you want to take photos at Tam Thai Pagoda in Da Nang, it is recommended to only take photos in the outdoor areas and refrain from photographing in the prayer halls. Remember to seek permission from the monks and nuns before taking any photos.
  • The Ngu Hanh Son scenic area has five mountains, and the paths to the mountain peaks are quite narrow, steep, and rocky in some sections. You need to be extremely careful and choose low-heeled shoes with good grip to ensure safety while moving and climbing the steps.
  • This tourist spot does not have strict rules against bringing food and drinks. Therefore, you can bring some light snacks and drinking water to keep yourself nourished when hungry.
  • To preserve the surrounding landscape and the beauty of the pagoda, it is important not to litter during the visit. If you have any waste, dispose of it properly in designated areas or take it with you.

Questions from tourists about Tam Thai Pagoda.

Here are some common questions that tourists have when preparing to visit Tam Thai Pagoda in Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang.

Do I need to prepare offerings when visiting Tam Thai Pagoda?

It depends on each individual’s beliefs. If you wish to be respectful, you can prepare some offerings such as fruits, flowers, and incense for worship. However, if you prefer, you can simply offer incense. Since this is a tourist attraction, it may not be convenient for visitors to bring offerings.

What should I prepare before going to Tam Thai Pagoda?

This location is quite convenient and attracts a large number of tourists. Therefore, you don’t need to prepare much in advance, sometimes you don’t need to bring anything. However, if you plan to explore the nearby caves, it is advisable to bring a flashlight as the paths inside can be quite dark. Also, bring some light snacks and water in case you get hungry.

You are allowed to take pictures, but it’s best to just shoot outside.

Is photography allowed at the pagoda?

Photography is not prohibited for tourists at this pagoda. However, if you have the desire to take photos, it is recommended to do so only in the outdoor areas. Limit photography in the main hall and prayer areas as these spaces require tranquility and reverence. Also, avoid wearing revealing clothing while taking photos.

Tam Thai Pagoda is not only a spiritual destination for seeking blessings, good luck, and health but also a place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature. Surrounded by majestic mountains and located far from the bustling city center, the atmosphere here is always peaceful and serene. Take a break from the busy outside world and relax with DanangPrivateCar.com’s services here!

Huyen Khong Cave is located on the highest mountain in Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountain), a famous tourist destination in Da Nang. This place attracts a large number of tourists who come to seek spiritual roots and explore the beauty of the scenic spot.

Traveling to Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountain) in Da Nang and visiting the famous Huyen Khong Cave with its mysterious beauty and exceptional spiritual value is an interesting experience. This appealing spiritual tourism destination is only about 11km from the city center of Da Nang, making the exploration journey very convenient.

Where is Huyen Khong Cave located?

Directions to Huyen Khong Cave in Da Nang

Huyen Khong Cave is approximately 11km from the city center of Da Nang, with convenient transportation and easy accessibility. Starting from Dragon Bridge, turn left onto Ngo Quyen Street, continue straight, then turn left onto Ho Xuan Huong Street. Veer right towards Vo Nguyen Giap and Truong Sa, until you reach Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street in Hoa Hai.

If you want to visit Huyen Khong Cave, you can immediately book a trip from Da Nang to Ngu Hanh Son(Marble Mountain) by private car. Alternatively, you can also visit Huyen Khong Cave as part of a trip from Da Nang to Hoi An by private car, making a stop at Huyen Khong Cave along the way.

Explore Huyen Khong Cave in Da Nang

The beauty inside Huyen Khong Cave

Right from the entrance of Huyen Khong Cave, you will see the three words “Huyen Khong Quan” and statues of the Good Deity and the Evil Deity right at the gateway. These statues serve as a reminder for everyone to let go of all negative thoughts and emotions when entering the realm of Buddha.

The entrance to the cave is also an ideal check-in spot for many avid travelers who enjoy capturing virtual moments

Huyen Khong Cave in Da Nang is captivating due to its enchanting and mystical atmosphere. The cave is naturally lit, with a circular dome and five openings at the top, allowing light to pour in from outside. If you visit the cave on a sunny day, you will see the sunlight shining through the cave’s dome, making the limestone rocks glisten even more.

The mystical light inside the cave

Huyen Khong Cave holds significant geological, spiritual, and archaeological value. The cave has a special significance and value compared to other caves such as Phong Nha Cave, Thien Cung Cave, or Thien Duong Cave, as it receives ample sunlight and is not damp. Visitors can clearly witness the sparkling beauty of stalactites without the need for extra lighting.

The statue of Buddha Shakyamuni is placed at the highest position within Huyen Khong Cave, while below it is the altar of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha.

The statue of Buddha Shakyamuni was sculpted by the renowned artist Nguyen Chat, who is highly esteemed in the Non Nuoc stone carving village. The statue was created in 1960.

When visiting Huyen Khong Cave, tourists can also take the opportunity to visit the temple dedicated to Lady Fairy on the left side of the cave to pray for blessings and good fortune. Additionally, there is the opportunity to explore the sacred and ancient Trang Nghiem Pagoda deep inside the cave.

The significance of the poem inscribed on the cave wall.

Visitors to Huyen Khong Cave will have the opportunity to admire some inscriptions written in Chinese characters and Vietnamese Nom script on the cave walls. One prominent inscription is a poem by Quang Loc Tu Khanh Linh, a distinguished scholar from Quang Nam named Le Huu Dao, created in 1889.

天 然 景 致 出 三 台

脉 引 桃 源 洞 裡 來

日 麗 玄 空 披 碧 霧

雲 封 泉 石 印 蒼 苔

千 流 縈 滙 朝 江 勢

萬 頃 奔 趨 望 海 臺

靈 異 行 山 鍾 旺 氣

圖 開 僊 閣 化 工 裁

Rough translation:

Amidst the beautiful natural landscapes, there is a place called Tam Thai,

Leading to the Dao Nguyen realm within this cave.

On a fine day, Huyen Khong’s rocky walls disperse the mist,

The wind, clouds, rivers, and streams all bear traces of green moss.

Countless streams converge and gather, forming the river’s existence,

Countless moments rush to the Vong Hai tower.

Mysterious and ethereal, the sound of the Hanh Son bell resonates,

Nature’s craftsmanship creates celestial guards and officials.

Interesting tourist attractions near Huyen Khong Cave.

Are there any interesting places near Huyen Khong Cave that you shouldn’t miss? Around Huyen Khong Cave, there are many other caves and stunning natural landscapes in Ngu Hanh Son. “Pocket” the list of nearby tourist destinations near Huyen Khong Cave and Ngu Hanh Son for an exciting and enjoyable journey!

  • Marble Mountains (Ngũ Hành Sơn): These limestone mountains are a popular tourist destination in Da Nang and offer stunning panoramic views, ancient pagodas, and intricate cave systems. Huyen Khong Cave is located within the Marble Mountains complex.
  • Linh Ung Pagoda: Situated on Son Tra Peninsula, Linh Ung Pagoda is known for its massive Lady Buddha statue, which stands tall at 67 meters. From Huyen Khong Cave, you can visit this pagoda and enjoy the breathtaking coastal views.
Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang is a famous spiritual tourist destination
  • Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village: Located at the foot of Marble Mountains, Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village is famous for its traditional stone sculptures. You can witness skilled artisans creating intricate artwork and even purchase unique stone souvenirs.
  • My Khe Beach: Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, My Khe Beach offers pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters. It’s an ideal place to relax, swim, or engage in water sports. The beach is just a short distance from Huyen Khong Cave.
  • Da Nang City Center: Explore the vibrant city center of Da Nang, where you’ll find a blend of modern architecture, bustling markets, and delicious local cuisine. You can visit attractions such as Dragon Bridge, Han Market, and Han River Bridge.

These nearby attractions provide a variety of experiences and complement your visit to Huyen Khong Cave, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Da Nang region.

Some tips to keep in mind when visiting Huyen Khong Cave

Here are some tips to keep in mind when visiting Huyen Khong Cave:

  • Dress appropriately: As Huyen Khong Cave is a spiritual site, it is advisable to dress modestly and respectfully. Make sure to cover your shoulders and knees.
  • Comfortable footwear: The cave might involve some walking or climbing, so wearing comfortable shoes is recommended to navigate the terrain easily.
The most beautiful cave in Ngu Hanh Son
  • Bring essentials: Carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated during your visit. It’s also a good idea to bring sunscreen, a hat, and insect repellent, especially if you plan to explore the surrounding areas.
  • Respect the rules: Follow the guidelines and instructions provided at the cave entrance. This includes refraining from touching or damaging any structures or artifacts within the cave.
  • Stay on designated paths: Stick to the marked trails and paths while exploring the cave to ensure your safety and preserve the natural environment.
  • Be cautious with photography: Some spiritual sites may have restrictions on photography or require special permission. Respect any signage or instructions regarding photography inside the cave.
  • Keep the environment clean: Help maintain the cleanliness of the cave and its surroundings by disposing of trash properly and avoiding littering.
  • Follow any additional rules or regulations: Be aware of any specific rules or regulations that apply to Huyen Khong Cave and follow them accordingly.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can have a pleasant and respectful visit to Huyen Khong Cave while preserving its natural and cultural heritage.

Huyen Khong Cave in Da Nang boasts the most beautiful scenery among the caves in Ngu Hanh Son. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the enchanting and mystical beauty of the cave while finding inner peace and tranquility in the sacred and serene space. Hopefully, the detailed information about the cave provided in this article will be helpful to you.

Visiting Marble Mountain, a cluster of five stunning limestone cliffs located in Da Nang, Vietnam, is a must-visit for tourists and locals alike. The picturesque location offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, as well as a unique and immersive cultural experience.

But getting to Marble Mountain can be a bit challenging, especially if you’re new to the area. This is why we have put together a comprehensive guide on how to get from Danang to Marble Mountain, to make your journey as smooth and stress-free as possible.

The Most Scenic Route from Da Nang to Marble Mountain

There are several routes you can take to get from Da Nang to Marble Mountain, but one of the most scenic is along the picturesque coastline. Here’s a rough outline of the route:

  1. Start in Da Nang: Begin your journey from the center of Da Nang and head towards the coast.
  2. Drive along the coastline: Take the scenic road that runs along the coast, taking in the stunning views of the ocean and the beaches. You’ll pass by several popular destinations, including the Non Nuoc Beach and the My Khe Beach.
  3. Turn towards Marble Mountain: As you approach the base of Marble Mountain, you’ll turn off the coastal road and head towards the mountain.
  4. Arrival at Marble Mountain: When you arrive at Marble Mountain, you’ll be greeted by the beautiful entrance gate and the stunning views of the mountain and the surrounding area.

The drive from Da Nang to Marble Mountain is approximately 20 minutes, depending on traffic. Booking a private car with Danang Private Car is the best way to ensure that you have a smooth and comfortable journey, with a driver who knows the scenic route and can take you directly to Marble Mountain. Don’t miss the chance to see one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Vietnam!

Getting From Da Nang to Marble Mountains

If you’re planning a trip to this beautiful location, you may be wondering how to get there. In this article, we will introduce you to the different transportation options available to help you get to Marble Mountain with ease.


One of the most convenient ways to get to Marble Mountain is by taxi. Da Nang is a city with abundant taxi services, and the ride from the city center to Marble Mountain takes approximately 20 minutes. Taxis are available 24/7, and you can either hail one on the street or book one in advance through a reputable taxi company, such as Danang Private Car.

Here is the list of some taxi companies in Da Nang along with their contact numbers:

  • Mai Linh Taxi: 02363 56 56 56
  • Vinasun Taxi: 02363 68 68 68
  • Tien Sa Taxi: 02363 79 79 79
  • Song Han Taxi: 02363 72 72 72
  • Green Taxi: 02363 73 73 73
  • Sun Taxi: 02363 90 90 90
  • Vina Taxi: 02363 79 79 79

Please note that information might change, so please verify before using taxi services.

Motorbike or scooter

Riding a motorbike or scooter is a popular way to get around Da Nang, and it’s also a great way to get to Marble Mountain. You can rent a motorbike or scooter from many places in the city, including hotels and rental shops. The ride to Marble Mountain is around 15-20 minutes, and you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

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Private car

If you’re traveling with a group or have a lot of luggage, a private car may be the best option for you. With Danang Private Car, you can enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free ride to Marble Mountain. Our professional drivers will pick you up at your hotel or any location in Da Nang and take you directly to Marble Mountain.

Book your ride with Danang Private Car’s today and enjoy a comfortable and stress-free trip to Marble Mountain!

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Local bus

Another option to get to Marble Mountain is by local bus. Bus number 1 runs from the city center to Marble Mountain, but it can be quite crowded during peak hours. If you’re traveling on a budget, this may be a good option for you.

What’s so beautiful about exploring Ngu Hanh Son tourist area?

There are many discovery points that you should not miss while visiting Marble Mountain. Here are a few highlights:

Huyen Khong Cave

Huyen Khong Cave

This cave is one of the most famous and popular attractions at Marble Mountain. It is located at the foot of the mountain and is known for its stunning stalactites and stalagmites.

Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda

This stunning pagoda is located on the top of the mountain and offers breathtaking views of Da Nang and the surrounding area. It’s also a great place to learn about Buddhism and Vietnamese culture.

Tam Thai Tu Temple

Tam Thai Tu Temple

This beautiful temple is located inside the mountain and is dedicated to the deity of prosperity and success. Visitors can see many intricate carvings and statues, and the peaceful atmosphere of the temple is a great place to relax and unwind.

Thuy Son Mountain

Thuy Son Mountain

This is the highest peak of the Marble Mountains, and it offers panoramic views of Da Nang and the surrounding area. You can hike to the top for a workout and a breathtaking view, or take a cable car for a more relaxed experience.

Sculpture Village

Located at the foot of the mountain, this village is famous for its talented stone sculptors who create beautiful works of art from the marble found in the surrounding mountains. Visitors can see the artists at work and purchase unique sculptures to take home.

These are just a few of the many discovery points at Marble Mountain. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, religion, or just want to take in the stunning views, Marble Mountain has something to offer everyone.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Trip To Marble Mountain

Visiting Marble Mountain in Da Nang can be a truly unforgettable experience. Here are a few travel tips to help make your visit smooth and enjoyable:

  • Plan your visit: Marble Mountain is a popular destination, so it’s a good idea to plan your visit in advance to avoid long lines and crowds. Try to visit early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the busiest times.
  • Wear appropriate clothing: Marble Mountain is a religious site, so be sure to dress modestly and respect local customs. Also, bring comfortable walking shoes as there are many steps and trails to navigate.
  • Stay hydrated: Da Nang can be hot and humid, so be sure to bring plenty of water with you.
  • Hire a guide: A guide can enhance your experience and provide valuable insights into the history, culture, and religion of Marble Mountain. Danang Private Car offers private tours with knowledgeable guides.
  • Respect the environment: Marble Mountain is a natural and cultural treasure, so be sure to respect the environment by not littering and following the rules and guidelines set by the park.

In conclusion, there are many options to get to Marble Mountain in Da Nang, and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. Whether you prefer a taxi, motorbike, private car, or local bus, there’s a transportation option that will meet your needs. Book your ride with Danang Private Car’s today and enjoy a comfortable and stress-free trip to Marble Mountain!

Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) Da Nang is a natural masterpiece bestowed on Danang city by nature. This tourist destination not only brings the beauty of the natural eco-region. This place also has a spiritual and cultural life for hundreds of years, so it increasingly attracts tourists to visit.

How close is it from the center of Da Nang to Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son)?

About Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son)

Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) is the most beautiful landscape in Central Vietnam in particular and Vietnam in general. Today, when tourists come to visit and travel in this land, they still hear a legend handed down in folklore about the birth of the mountain as follows: When heaven and earth were still in chaos, Long Vuong’s wife crossed the East Sea. Come here to lay eggs on the sand, thanks to the god Kim Quy to protect. After many years of absorbing yin and yang, one day, the sky thundered, the earth rumbled, and the dragon eggs cracked. A Dragon Nun was born and flew straight to the sky. Pieces of eggshell turn into five mountains…

Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son), also known as the water mountain, consists of 5 limestone mountains that grow side by side but have different shapes and heights. King Minh Mang named these five mountains corresponding to the five elements of birth, namely Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Tho Son and Hoa Son.

Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) Tourism, visitors will come to Chua Mountain, also known as Thuy Son with a height of 105m and a width of 15ha. Then visit Tam Thai Pagoda, Linh Ung Pagoda; admire the beautiful caves such as Huyen Khong, Van Thong, Van Nguyet Linh Nham… The rock cave inMarble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) , although not many limestone stalactites, caves in Phong Nha Ke Bang or caves in Ha Long Bay, but it has Many mysterious nooks and crannies, interesting shapes arouse the rich imagination of visitors. Especially when you come to visit Quan Am cave, you will see why it is called Nam Thien scenic spot. The stalactites in this cave create unique Buddha images, including a perfectly beautiful statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara that no other carved statue has surpassed it. In addition, visiting the Marble Mountains without visiting Huyen Khong cave is a shortcoming.

In addition, when you step up to Vong Giang radio station, you will have a panoramic view of Da Nang and Da Nang beach from above. Admire the busy life of the fishermen every afternoon, they prepare their net boats for a new trip to sea. This is really a rare beautiful scene that can’t be found everywhere, so bring your camera and video camera to capture this memorable moment!

Experience Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) , you can not only immerse yourself in the space of festivals, craft villages and landscapes, but also experience the exciting resort feeling here. You feel like your soul is sublimated, your heart sympathizes with heaven and earth, forgetting all the joys and sorrows of the world. Along with Ba Na, Son TraMarble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) are increasingly becoming tourist destinations, attractive stops for domestic and foreign tourists in the journey to discover world heritage.

Da Nang seen from Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son)

Distance from Da Nang to Ngu Hanh Son

How far is it from Da Nang to Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) ? If you love to learn about spirituality, want to visit temples and learn about stories about that temple, then join us towards the Marble Mountains in this wonderful spiritual tour. I will give you the most detailed information about the distance as well as the most appropriate means of transportation.

See More:  How To Travel To Marble Mountains from Hoi An

From Da Nang to Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) is only about 12km, so it is very convenient for you to travel with your family. You can choose to travel from Da Nang to Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) by bus, taxi, motorbike taxi, cyclo or private vehicle. Here are some routes from Da Nang to Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) by private means for your reference:

Route 1: From Da Nang to Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) via Nguyen Huu Tho and Vo Chi Cong streets. This route is 12km long. You will move according to the following route:

  • From the center of Da Nang city, you go south to Duy Tan street.
  • You move straight on Duy Tan street through the intersection to Nguyen Huu Tho street.
  • Continue going straight on Nguyen Huu Tho street to Nguyen Tri Phuong / Vo Chi Cong bridge and then turn left at Hung Tu Material Store and go straight for about 4km to Ngu Hanh Son.

Route 2: From Da Nang to Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) via Le Van Hien street. This stretch of road has a total length of 12km. You will go as follows: + From the center of Da Nang city, you go south to Duy Tan street.

  • You move straight on Duy Tan street through the intersections to Tran Thi Ly bridge.
  • Exit the roundabout to Tran Thi Ly Bridge, turn right and go straight to Ngu Hanh Son/QL14B to the roundabout, you take the second entrance to Le Van Hien street.
  • Exit the roundabout to Le Van Hien, you continue to go to TL607/DT607 to Tran Dai Nghia/TL607/DT607 and then turn right into Non Nuoc market to Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son).

Route 3: The distance from Da Nang to Ngu Hanh Son through Vo Nguyen Giap is 14km long. The route is as follows:

  • From the center of Da Nang city, you go south to Duy Tan street.
  • You move straight on Duy Tan street through the intersections to Tran Thi Ly bridge.
  • At the roundabout, you take the second entrance to Nguyen Van Thoai street to the Red Crab restaurant, you turn right onto Vo Nguyen Giap street and then turn right onto Minh Mang street to the roundabout take the third exit to Le Van Hien street.

Exit the roundabout to Le Van Hien, you continue to go to TL607/DT607 to Tran Dai Nghia/TL607/DT607 and then turn right into Non Nuoc market to Ngu Hanh Son.

Note: Personal vehicle is the most active and convenient means for every trip. On  the way to Da Nang Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) , there are countless beautiful scenes for you to freely visit and take pictures. And don’t forget to bring a road map from Da Nang toMarble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son).  If you don’t have your own vehicles available, they can be rented at a very affordable price. Bicycle rental is only 30,000/day and motorbike rental is 170,000-200,000/day.

  • Distance from Marble Mountains to other administrative units in Da Nang:

– Hai Chau district is 12km

– Cam Le district is 9.2km

– Thanh Khe district is 14km

– Lien Chieu district is 19km

– Son Tra district is 15km

– People’s Committee of Hoang Sa District 10km

Transportation to Danang

How far is it from Da Nang to Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) ? As you know, it is quite close, so in addition to personal means, you can choose Danang car rental, Bus, Taxi, Cyclo as your means of transportation.

Bus: this is the most cost-effective means of travel. You just need to go to Da Nang bus station to buy a bus ticket for the route Da Nang bus station – Hoi An bus station and get off at Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son). Ticket price is 15,000 VND / ticket and frequency is 20p / trip.

Private car: This is also an interesting suggestion if you want to enjoy the scenery along the way. You can ask the driver to follow the route you choose.

You can choose to go from danang to the ancient town of Hoi An and visit the Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son), this is also a good choice

Cyclo: this is also a means of transport chosen by many tourists to move from Da Nang to Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son). With the price of 30,000/hour, the team of cyclo drivers will serve you wholeheartedly.

Taxi: this is a fast means of saving time but the cost is quite high compared to other means. The whole route will cost you about 70,000 VND – 100,000 VND depending on the taxi company and the type of car you choose.

Some notes when traveling to Marble Mountains

  • The right time to visit Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son): The scenery in Ngu Hanh Son is beautiful in all seasons of the year, so you can come here in any season. However, according  to the interesting Ngu Hanh Son travel experience , you should come here in June, August and August because this is the dry season, with few storms, avoiding sudden rains and enjoying immersing yourself in the water. Mother nature’s coolness. In addition, if you want to learn about the “Avalokitesvara” festival, you can come to Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) on February 19 of the lunar calendar every year.
  • You should start exploring Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) in the morning, at this time the temperature is only about 20-25°C, suitable for climbing activities to visit caves and temples. Our group started to explore Ngu Hanh Son mountain at 6am, but when we climbed to Linh Ung pagoda, it was already 9am. When it’s hot and sunny, you feel tired and don’t want to go anymore, so please consider the time.
  • There are many sacred temples here, so you should pay attention to dress politely. It is best not to wear skirts, shorts above the knee. And don’t forget to bring a hat and sunblock. Because the weather is very sunny in the afternoon.
  •  Because you have to climb a lot, sports shoes are the most appropriate choice.
  • Remember to bring plenty of water. Because climbing the mountain takes a lot of water, but buying water along the way is exorbitant.
  • You need to prepare a flashlight or phone that can light the way because when entering the cave, there are dark and difficult roads to go. In particular, when determining to go to Am Phu cave, you must have someone to accompany you. Because it’s quite murky down there with stories about it that make people “goosebumps”. I went down there and it felt very cold…
  • When buying souvenirs as gifts at Non Nuoc stone art village, you should choose moderate stone statues because it is quite heavy and remember to pay 20-40% down.

Above I have shared with you how many kilometers is the distance from Da Nang to Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) , the most convenient distance and means of transportation and some useful experiences for travel. Marble. Wish you have a useful spiritual trip to Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son).


Marble Mountains, also known as Non Nuoc, is a top tourist destination that travel enthusiasts must set foot on when visiting Da Nang. This place boasts incredibly poetic and charming landscapes, along with numerous mysterious caves and unique historical and cultural architectural structures, promising to quench the thirst for travel after the hustle and bustle of daily life. The article below from DanangPrivateCar.com’s will share with you the most detailed ways to travel from Hoi An to Marble Mountains.

There are many ways to get there from Hoi An but the most popular way is by car or bus as there is no train that goes directly to the mountains from Hoi An.

Where is Marble Mountain in Da Nang?

The Marble Mountain is located in an area with a very favorable geographical position, 11km from the center of Da Nang city. This is a destination loved by tourists on their journey to visit the lands of the Central Heritage Road such as: Hue Ancient CapitalMarble MountainsHoi An Ancient TownMy Son Temple Relics.

The Marble Mountain
The Marble Mountain

What is the ideal time to visit Marble Mountains?

When is the suitable time to visit Marble Mountains? This is a question that many tourists are concerned about. The answer is that you can visit at any time of the year because the weather here is always pleasant and cool, with the added bonus of beautiful scenery throughout the four seasons. The advice from travel enthusiasts who are familiar with Marble Mountains is that you should visit during the summer when you can also combine it with a resort stay, explore Da Nang, or swim in the cool green beaches to beat the summer heat

The most convenient way to travel from Da Nang to Marble Mountain

Bus from Hoi An to Marble Mountain

Bus route No. 1 from Hoi An to Marble Mountain has been operating since 2015. This is a very cheap price compared to other means of transport and it is also easy for visitors to catch the bus at the routes in the route.

Grab/ Taxi from Hoi An to Marble Mountain

How long does it take to get from Hoi An to Marble Mountain by taxi? It only takes about 30 – 40 minutes depending on the traffic situation on the road to reach Hoi An. Visitors can easily find taxis in Hoi An, or book grab via the app quickly.

Price List for Reference:

  • Opening rate: 11,000 VND
  • Next 30 km: 4-seater car – 15,100 VND/km, 7-seater car – 15,800 VND/km
  • From km 31 onwards: 12,000 VND/km (4-seater car), 13,600 VND/km (7-seater car)

Here are some taxi companies:

  • Mai Linh Taxi: 0235.
  • Vinasun Taxi: 02353 68 68 68
  • Faifoo Taxi: 02353 91 91 91
  • Tiên Sa Taxi: 02353 59 59 59

Private Car Rental With Driver

Transfer From Hoi An To the Marble Mountains By Private Car
Transfer From Hoi An To the Marble Mountains By Private Car

Danang Private Car offers Transfer From Hoi An To the Marble Mountains By Private Car. This is the best way to discover the Marble Mountains. No need to follow big group; no sharing the car with anyone else. You will get the most comfortable service with Hoi An To the Marble Mountains By Private Car.

Link Booking:Hoi An To the Marble Mountains

Rent a motorbike from Hoi An to Marble Mountain

In addition to the above means, visitors can also rent motorbikes to move from Hoi An to Marble Mountain. Self-driving motorbikes, visitors will be fully active and can combine to explore other tourist attractions along the way. The cost of renting a car fromHoi An to Marble Mountain is also very affordable, ranging from 120,000 VND – 200,000 VND/car.

What’s so beautiful about exploring Marble Mountain tourist area?

The complex of Marble Mountain scenic spots includes 6 limestone mountains: Tho Son, Hoa Son (including Duong Hoa Son and Am Hoa Son), Thuy Son, Moc Son, and Kim Son. In addition, this place also has beautiful scenery and many mysterious caves such as Huyen Khong cave, Huyen Vi cave, Van Thong cave, … attracting tourists to visit and travel.

Thuy Son is the most beautiful of the mountains in Marble Mountain

Traveling to Da Nang without checking-in Thuy Son, the largest mountain and many beautiful sights worth visiting in this Da Nang, will be extremely regrettable. This is a destination steeped in spirituality, culture and history.

Up to the top of Thuy Son, visitors will be overwhelmed by the unique natural scenery of the entire Marble Mountains, the image of the city in the distance and the beautiful and poetic beaches surrounding it.

Kim Son – The location of Quan The Am temple

Kim Son mountain has a cave about more than 50m long hidden at the bottom. Inside the cave are very beautiful stalactites, diverse shapes, clear and sharp lines. In particular, the stalactite layer in the cave clings to the cliff to form a life-size statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, standing majestically on a coiled dragon.

This is a destination not to be missed for spiritual travelers. In addition, in Kim Son is also famous for the traditional Quan The Am festival held every year, in order to maintain and spread the Buddhist culture.

Moc Son with white marble Quan Am stone block

Moc Son has a white marble block shaped like a sitting person, impressing many visitors. The stone block is often called Ba Quan Am or Co Mu by indigenous people. This is the only mountain in Marble Mountain that has no temples or spirituality, and very few trees.

Linh Ung Pagoda Marble Mountain

Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang is an ancient temple nearly 200 years old, located on Thuy Son mountain , a sacred place amidst the magnificent nature of Marble Mountain in Da Nang.

Visiting the main hall of Linh Ung Pagoda, visitors will see a system of dharma statues arranged including: three statues of Buddha, Manjushri Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva Universal Worthy, Avalokitesvara, Shakyamuni Tathagata, Ksitigarbha, Quan. The standard sound is elaborately crafted, with 2 statues of Dharma Protector and Thirty-Bat Arhat.

Hoa Son

Hoa Son consists of two twin mountains, Am Hoa Son and Duong Hoa Son . Am Hoa Son, located in the east, is an attractive destination for passionate travelers who want to learn about rock and art. In Am Hoa Son, the mountain slopes are slanted, broken rocks, and trees grow very nicely in the interstitial spaces. In particular, below is a cave connecting from the South to the North.

Duong Hoa Son is located in the west, there is Linh Son ancient pagoda, behind the pagoda is Huyen Vy cave. In addition, there is also Pho Da Son cave, inside is the Pho Da Son pagoda with the history of King Minh Mang’s sister.

Marble Mountain possesses the harmonious beauty of natural scenery intertwined with the charm of spiritual culture. Here, the temples and caves are intertwined, blending together like shapes and shadows. Definitely Marble Mountain is a check-in point not to be missed when traveling to Da Nang.

Existing up to this day, The Marble Mountains is still a “mysterious” land that is closely associated with many different legends. Since the 18th year of the Minh Mang reign (1837), this area has also been called Marble Mountains Scenic Area. It is a complex of six small mountains located close to each other, bringing about the majestic beauty of nature and exciting spiritual experiences for tourists. So what makes Marble Mountains special? Let’s discover it right away in this article with a tour of Da Nang.

Where is Marble Mountains in Da Nang?

Located outside of Son Tra Peninsula, Marble Mountains is a region often referred to as a natural gift to the city of Da Nang. Known not only for its beautiful natural scenery and majestic mountains, Marble Mountains also attracts many tourists to participate in cultural and spiritual activities.

Marble Mountains is an ideal destination in the journey to discover and travel to Da Nang

Address of Marble Mountains in Da Nang

Located at 81 Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City, Marble Mountains is about 8 km south of the city center. This is one of the famous historical heritages of Central Vietnam. Therefore, many tourists who enjoy sightseeing and visiting famous cultural heritages often combine Marble Mountains with other destinations such as Hue tourism, Hoi An ancient town, and My Son Sanctuary.

Directions to Marble Mountains in Da Nang

Marble Mountains is located at the end of Da Nang city, adjacent to the province of Quang Nam. Therefore, this location is quite far from the central bus station or Da Nang airport. If you are not familiar with the area, you should take a taxi or grab to get there. On the other hand, if you want to rent a car for a cost-saving trip, you can follow these two routes:

  • Starting from Da Nang central bus station: After leaving the bus station, turn right onto Ton Duc Thang Street, go straight across Hue Junction Bridge to Dien Bien Phu Street. Continue straight to turn right onto Nguyen Tri Phuong Street, then turn left onto Nguyen Van Linh Street and go straight to Rong Bridge. Here, you just need to turn right and go straight across Ngo Quyen, Ngu Hanh Son, and Le Van Hien streets to reach Marble Mountains.
  • Starting from Da Nang airport: After leaving the airport, you will come across a roundabout at the intersection of Duy Tan – Nguyen Huu Tho – Le Dinh Ly streets. Go straight down Duy Tan Street to reach Tran Thi Ly Bridge, then turn right onto Ngu Hanh Son Street and go straight to Le Van Hien Street. After a few more blocks, you will arrive at Marble Mountains.

How to travel to Marble Mountains, Da Nang?

The city of Da Nang is focused on developing tourism, so the local government invests significantly in infrastructure. Most of the roads leading to tourist destinations in Da Nang are beautiful, spacious, and easy to travel on. Consequently, the service of renting vehicles in Da Nang is becoming increasingly popular. You can choose any means of transportation to get to Marble Mountains.

Car rental service in Da Nang is increasingly popular


If you want to have control over your time and explore multiple places, a motorbike is an excellent option for your trip. You can follow the two routes mentioned above. Alternatively, open Google Maps and search for “Marble Mountains,” and Google will provide detailed directions for you.

Please drive slowly and fill up the gas tank for a smooth and safe journey.


If you want to save costs, taking the bus is also a good option. In the central area of the city, you can take Bus No. 01, the Da Nang – Hoi An route. The bus fare for this route is 15,000 VND per person per trip. If you’re coming from Ngo Quyen, Ngu Hanh Son, or Le Van Hien routes, then take Bus No. 16, which costs 10,000 VND per person per trip.

From Da Nang, you can catch Bus No. 1 to go to Hoi An.

When boarding the bus, just tell the driver or conductor “stop at the Non Nuoc Pagoda intersection.” When you get off at the station, cross the road and walk into Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street. It will take about 500 meters from the beginning of the street to the foot of Marble Mountains, Da Nang. If you don’t want to walk, you can also take a motorbike taxi.

Note: Marble Mountains and the road to Marble Mountains are two different places, 4 km apart. Pay attention to avoid getting off at the wrong station.


If you are traveling in a group of 3-4 people or more and have a private car, traveling by car is even more convenient. The road from the city center to Marble Mountains, Da Nang is spacious enough to accommodate all types of cars from 4 to 45 seats, which can take you directly to the foot of the mountain.

DanangPrivateCar’s private car service helps you save time with flexible pickup and drop-off hours

DanangPrivateCar.com’s provides private car rental services with top drivers in Da Nang. With a team of professional drivers with many years of experience, they will ensure you have the safest and most economical trip. So, why wait? Book your private car trip from Da Nang to Marble Mountains today.


The Grab app is very convenient for those who are hesitant to drive themselves. Just open the app and type the address “81 Huyen Tran Cong Chua.” The app will show you the corresponding fare for each type of vehicle. You can choose any means of transportation to get to Marble Mountains.

Note: Occasionally, it might be challenging to find a Grab ride from Marble Mountains back to the city center. If you are unlucky and can’t book a ride, you can try again or call a taxi instead of Grab.”

Experiences not to be missed when visiting Marble Mountains in Da Nang.

As introduced, Marble Mountains is a gathering of six small mountains. Based on the natural location as well as the theory of Yin and Yang, the five mountains have the following names: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son, and Tho Son. Hoa Son has two adjacent mountains, namely Duong Hoa Son and Am Hoa Son. So what will you experience when visiting Marble Mountains Mountain?

Kim Son – the location of Quan The Am Pagoda.

If you are a spiritual follower, a Buddhist, you must have heard of or visited Quan The Am Pagoda in Da Nang. This temple is located on Kim Son Mountain, in the Ngu Hanh Son district. Visitors to Quan The Am Pagoda can burn incense and pray, visit the architecture and the imposing statues, and participate in the famous Quan The Nam festival during the year.

Stalactites in the cave in Thuy Son create strange and interesting images

The entire structure of the temple is built magnificently, modernly but still makes the most of the caves to make places for worship and display Buddha statues. Visitors when entering the cave at Kim Son Mountain will be able to admire layers of stalactites clinging to the cliffs, forming the image of Quan The Am Bodhisattva sitting on a coiled dragon, majestic and imposing.

Moc Son – the white Quan Am marble rock.

Moc Son is perhaps the “strangest” mountain in the Marble Mountains complex. Unlike other mountains, Moc Son is the only place without temples, with few trees, mainly barren rocks forming a small mountain in the sky of Da Nang. The highlight that makes many people know Moc Son is the white marble rocks combined together to form the shape of a person sitting. It is for this reason that this rock block is often called Mrs. Quan Am by the locals.

Moc Son peak has a serrated shape that reminds people of a rooster’s comb, so the mountain is also known as Mong Ga Mountain.

Thuy Son – The most beautiful mountain among the 5 peaks.

Thuy Son is perhaps the most famous mountain among the Five Elements Mountains that many tourists visit when traveling to Da Nang. It is known as the “big bag” mountain and has many beautiful scenes to visit.

Thuy Son is also known by another name, Tam Thai because there are three peaks located on three floors that make people think of the star Tam Thai.

Here, tourists can experience the feeling of mountain climbing to reach the temples and spiritual places that are very responsive. Moreover, when climbing to the top of Thuy Son mountain, tourists will be overwhelmed by the majestic natural scenery of the entire area of the Five Elements Mountains. At the same time, you can admire the beautiful view of Da Nang city. If you come to the Five Elements Mountains and do not climb to the top of Thuy Son to admire the scenery, it would be a great omission.

Hoa Son – Explore the ancient Linh Son temple.

Unlike other mountains, Hoa Son will include two adjacent mountains, Am Hoa Son and Duong Hoa Son. Each mountain will have different characteristics and architecture. Specifically, Am Hoa Son is located to the east, which is an attractive destination for those who love to learn about rocks and art.

Hoa Son still retains many wild and rustic beauty

In contrast, Duong Hoa Son is located to the west, with the ancient Linh Son temple and the Huyen Vy cave, Pho Da Son. Visitors can visit the temple, explore the cave architecture, and learn about the mysterious legends of the younger sister of King Minh Mang.

Tho Son – The place where 4 temples are located.

Tho Son, also known as the “Stone Mountain Tunnel“, is the gathering place for 4 temples, of which the most famous are Long Hoa Temple and Hue Quang Temple, 2 temples that own beautiful landscapes, where visitors can admire the panoramic view of the Marble Mountains.

The northern slopes of Tho Son have Long Hoa pagoda and Hue Quang pagoda, possessing a very ancient and charming landscape

Surrounded by towering rock walls, the eastern part of Tho Son has a deep cave with a length of about 20m, but the entrance is very narrow. Therefore, Tho Son was once a hiding place and revolutionary activity of patriotic soldiers. Nowadays, it is known as a historical relic, attracting tourists to visit when coming to Da Nang.

Visit Linh Ung Temple in Marble Mountains.

When talking about Linh Ung Temple, many tourists may mistakenly think of the big temple located on Son Tra Peninsula. However, in Marble Mountains, there is also a temple with the same name. Linh Ung Temple in Marble Mountains is over 200 years old, situated on the top of Thuy Son Mountain.

This is the oldest temple in the “Tam Linh Ung Tu”, with its superiority and charming natural scenery

Visiting Linh Ung Temple, tourists can explore the system of statue arrangements, including three Buddha statues, Quan The Am statue, Sakyamuni Buddha statue, Van Thu Bo Tat statue, Pho Hien Bo Tat statue, Quan Am Chuan De statue, Dia Tang statue, and two Protector of the Dharma statues and 18 Arhats statues. They are all exquisitely carved, vividly portrayed to look the most authentic.

Discover Vong Am Dai Vong.

An Dai (or also known as Vong Giang Dai) is an ideal destination where you can observe the panoramic view of the Marble Mountains mountain range. Located on the top of Thuy Son Mountain, standing on Vong Am Dai, tourists can easily admire the poetic and romantic scenery of the mountains, rivers including the two rivers Cam Le and Co Co here.

Currently, Vong Giang Dai has been built a quadrangle house, from Vong can see many beautiful scenes around the scenic area

Visit Non Nuoc Stone Village.

If you have visited all six mountains in Ngu Hanh Son district, you can immediately visit the nearby Non Nuoc Stone Village. This is a traditional craft village specializing in stone carving art, extremely famous in Da Nang.

The works in this famous sculpture village have many different images such as Buddha statues, animals, etc

The locals here mainly make a living from stone carving, with years of experience and skillful hands, they have gradually become the artisans of this Non Nuoc Stone Village. Here, tourists can admire unique artworks, meticulously carved, vividly recreated to every detail.

Immerse yourself in Non Nuoc Beach.

Da Nang has many beautiful beaches, attracting many tourists, the most famous of which is perhaps My Khe Beach. However, Non Nuoc Beach in  Marble Mountains is also equally beautiful.

Non Nuoc Beach has white sand, calm waves, and clear blue water

Less crowded and noisy than My Khe Beach, Non Nuoc Beach will be more peaceful and tranquil. Here, you can immerse yourself in the cool water, gentle waves, sunbathe on the white sand beach to enjoy the early morning sunshine. Besides, if tourists still want to explore the rivers and water area, they can go to Bay Mau Coconut Forest, which is not too far from Marble Mountains.

Admire the ancient Buddhist architecture at Tam Thai Pagoda.

Tam Thai Pagoda is known as one of the oldest and most ancient pagodas located on Thuy Son Mountain, part of the Marble Mountains system. Situated inside a natural cave, Tam Thai Pagoda stands out with its unique and majestic architecture, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.

Tam Thai Pagoda has the typical architecture of the Nguyen Dynasty’s communal house and is a sacred place at Ngu Hanh Son Da Nang

Every year, this pagoda attracts many visitors and Buddhist followers who come to offer their prayers and offerings. The main temple of the pagoda worships Quan The Am Bodhisattva, the Buddha Founder and the Great Bodhisattva. The gate of the pagoda is designed in the distinctive style of the Nguyen dynasty’s temple architecture, making it an ideal check-in spot for many young people.

Experience Huyen Khong Cave.

Huyen Khong Cave is considered the most beautiful cave in Marble Mountains. It is a natural cave that takes advantage of sunlight shining into the cave, creating an incredibly magical scene that makes visitors feel like they are lost in a fairyland. Besides, visitors should not forget to pray for luck at the temple of the Fairy Lady and pray for peace and health at the temple of the Lord of the Thousand Mountains.

Huyen Khong Cave does not have many stalactites but has cool and fresh air

See More: Revealing 5 experiences to explore Huyen Khong Cave in Da Nang

Experience the thrill at Am Phu Cave.

Finally, exploring Am Phu Cave at Marble Mountains is also an extremely exciting experience that visitors should not miss. Before entering the cave, there is a bridge of Yin and Yang, leading deep inside the cave, where it is divided into two branches leading to Heaven and Hell.

Visiting the cave of the Underworld, you will feel imbued with the profound philosophy of Buddhism about humanism

If visitors choose to go to Hell, they will discover 12 gates, each guarded by a different official. Hell will reproduce scenes similar to the legends of being very real and frightening. After going through Hell, visitors should remember to climb up to the path to Heaven to feel like they are being reborn once again.

Revealing experiences when traveling to Marble Mountains that not everyone knows.

Below are some tips we would like to introduce to you when visiting and traveling to Marble Mountains.

When should you explore Marble Mountains?

The best time to discover Marble Mountains is probably from the dry season, from February to May. During this time, the weather in Da Nang is beautiful, warm and not too harsh, with little rain. Therefore, this period is very suitable for mountain climbing and visiting Marble Mountains.

In contrast, during the period from June to September, the strong sunlight can cause fatigue and overheating during the mountain climbing process. In the rainy season, the roads are slippery, and the caves are more humid, so it can be quite dangerous to visit Marble Mountains during this time.

What should you bring when traveling to Marble Mountains?

When visiting Ngu Hanh Son, you should be aware that the main route is on the mountain, with steep slopes. Therefore, tourists should choose comfortable clothing to facilitate the movement and flexibility during climbing. Specifically, you should not wear dresses or high heels when visiting Marble Mountains as they can make climbing very inconvenient, cause foot pain and fatigue, etc. Instead, choose sportswear, sneakers or comfortable flat shoes.

What to eat when exploring Marble Mountains?

Not only having many valuable tourist attractions, Marble Mountains is also a culinary paradise with delicious specialties such as Quang noodles, fresh seafood, fermented fish noodle soup, banh xeo (Vietnamese sizzling pancake), etc.

However, to find good restaurants, tourists should refer to reviews on the Internet or ask local residents here carefully. Some good restaurants that we recommend to you are Cu Nhat seafood restaurant, A Ty seafood restaurant, Ba Vi Quang noodle, Ba Mua Quang noodle, Co Muoi Banh Xeo restaurant.

Latest ticket prices for visiting Marble Mountains

Latest admission prices to Marble Mountains. Marble Mountains, Da Nang is recognized as a national heritage site in December 2018. Tourists visiting here will almost have free or ticketed sites. However, admission prices here are quite cheap, specifically as follows:

The latest ticket prices for visiting Marble Mountains (Marble Mountains) in Da Nang, Vietnam are as follows:

  • Adults: 40,000 VND (~1.75 USD)
  • Children (between 1m – 1.3m height): 20,000 VND (~0.87 USD)
  • Children (below 1m height): Free
Glass elevator takes you to the top of Thuy Son mountain

Please note that these prices are subject to change, and it’s always a good idea to check the official website or confirm with the ticket booth before purchasing tickets.

Near Marble Mountains, Da Nang, are there any hotels for accommodation?

Around the scenic area of Marble Mountains, there are various hotels and resorts available for tourists to stay. You can choose from local small hotels with room prices ranging from 200,000 VND to 300,000 VND per night, or opt for 4 to 5-star resorts with prices ranging from 1 million VND to 8 million VND per night.

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Da Nang

Here are some options:

Sandy Beach Non Nuoc Resort

Address: 21 Truong Sa, Hoa Hai, Marble Mountains, Da Nang.

Price from: 1,000,000 VND per night per room.


Vinpearl Resort & Spa Da Nang

Address: 23 Truong Sa, Hoa Hai, Marble Mountains, Da Nang.

Price from: 6,000,000 VND per night per room.


The Shine Hotel

Address: 255 Le Van Hien, Hoa Hai, Marble Mountains, Da Nang.

Price from: 220,000 VND per night per room.


An Duong Hotel & Apartment

Address: 61-63 Nguyen Xien, Khue My, Marble Mountains.

Price from: 335,000 VND per night per room.


Phuong Linh Hotel

Address: 109 Tran Quoc Hoan, Hoa Hai, Marble Mountains, Da Nang.

Price from: 300,000 VND per night per room.

Tips to keep in mind when traveling to Marble Mountains, Da Nang:

  • Choose a sunny day: Most tourists visiting Marble Mountains primarily explore the Thuy Son peak. The paths to these destinations consist of stone stairs. Therefore, visiting on a sunny day will make it easier and safer to navigate.
  • Wear sports shoes or flat sandals: As mentioned, exploring Marble Mountains involves a lot of walking and climbing. Therefore, a pair of sports shoes or flat sandals will be more convenient for you during the journey.
Wear long pants or knee-length skirts if you intend to make offerings at temples or shrines while visiting Marble Mountains.
  • Take the elevator if available: If you’re not accustomed to hiking, using the elevator is the best option. It saves time and ensures safety.
  • Wear long pants or knee-length skirts: This is a spiritual destination with many pagodas and shrines. To facilitate your visits, offerings, and show respect, it is recommended to wear appropriate clothing.

Above is an introduction to the famous tourist destination in Da Nang,  Marble Mountains. We hope that the information we provide will help you learn more about this famous heritage site as well as temple and cave locations, etc.