With its pristine beauty, nature’s gifts, clean beaches, and unique seaside walking path, Diep Son Island has become a popular destination for tourists near and far, especially in recent years. With the latest travel experiences on Diep Son Island shared by DanangPrivateCar.com, you are sure to find valuable information for your upcoming trip, offering memorable experiences.

If you are visiting Diep Son Island in Nha Trang for the first time, make sure to understand the timing of your trip, how to get there, where to stay, what to eat, and places to visit. All this information, along with detailed travel experiences in Nha Trang, will help you have a smooth and enjoyable journey. Let’s explore together!

Introduction to Diep Son Island – a place with a unique seaside walking path.

Where is Diep Son Island located?

Diep Son Island is a small island nestled in Van Phong Bay, belonging to Khanh Hoa Province, also known as Hon Bip because there are many species of sandpipers (as called by the locals) living on the island. Here, there are three other smaller islets: Hon Bip, Hon O, and Hon Qua, situated in Van Thang Commune, Van Ninh District. These points are connected by a natural sandy path stretching nearly 1 km across the sea. This is the most prominent and attractive feature of this island. Diep Son is approximately 60 km away from the center of Nha Trang city; it takes about 50 minutes (by car) or 80 minutes (by motorcycle) to reach here.

Diep Son Island is a small island located in Van Phong Bay, belonging to Khanh Hoa province

What is there to explore on Diep Son Island?

When it comes to Diep Son, many people immediately think of the unique underwater walking path. Every time the tide rises, the path disappears, leaving only the vast sea, but when the water recedes, the trail connecting the three islets reappears. You can freely stroll along this path and admire the clear blue water and schools of fish swimming without needing any protective gear.

However, the attractions of Diep Son Island are not limited to just that. The place seems to have preserved its pristine beauty as it has not been heavily exploited for tourism, mainly remaining a spontaneous form of living for the local people. That’s why you’ll experience an incredibly fresh and cool atmosphere here. Life on the island is still very simple and rustic. But, that doesn’t mean there is nothing to explore – there are plenty of places and experiences waiting for you to discover.

Which season is the best to visit Diep Son Island? The ideal time to travel to Diep Son Island.

Generally, the weather in the South Central region of Vietnam is quite pleasant throughout the year, except for the stormy rainy months towards the end of the year. You can visit at almost any time, and Diep Son Island is no exception. However, the most ideal time is from December to June every year. During this period, the weather is sunny, not too harsh, with minimal rainfall. The crystal-clear blue sea is perfect for exploring the island, swimming, and participating in outdoor activities. Moreover, the gentle waves and calm sea will help minimize seasickness when traveling by boat or canoe.

At different times of the year, Diep Son Island presents a unique and impressive beauty

For those planning to visit in October or November, it is recommended to postpone your trip according to the latest independent travel experience on Diep Son Island. This is because it can be inconvenient for transportation and challenging to fully enjoy the beauty of the island during these months. Additionally, visitors should avoid the 15th and 30th lunar days of each month. These are full moon days when the afternoon tide is relatively low, causing the underwater path to be wide, muddy, and less beautiful compared to other days.

How to travel to Diep Son Island? The most suitable means of transportation.

Traveling to Nha Trang

Starting from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi (for international travelers, fly to Ho Chi Minh City), you first need to choose a mode of transport to Nha Trang and then proceed to Van Gia port to reach Diep Son Island. Alternatively, you can go to Phu Yen and then take a boat from Van Gia to Diep Son. When selecting the appropriate mode of transportation, consider your financial conditions and schedule.

  • By airplane: If you choose to fly, you can opt for flights to Tuy Hoa Airport (Phu Yen) or Cam Ranh Airport (Khanh Hoa). The distance from Tuy Hoa to Van Gia is about 50 km, and it’s double (100 km) from Cam Ranh. However, flights to Cam Ranh are more common, offering more flight options and airlines. Currently, Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, and Jetstar operate round-trip flights from Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang to Cam Ranh.
  • By train: For those without the means to fly, traveling by train is a good option. It’s not only economical but also allows you to enjoy the scenery during the journey. There are many train options from both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang, making transportation much more convenient.
    • From Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City): You can choose trains SE8, SE6, SE4, SE2, TN4, TN2. The travel time is relatively fast, and you can purchase tickets at Saigon Station – Nguyen Thong Street, Ward 9, District 3, or book online through the website dsvn.vn.
    • From Hanoi: You can choose trains TN1, SE1, SE3, SE5, and SE7. Train tickets can be purchased directly at 120 Le Duan Street, Hanoi, or online, but the travel time will take more than a day, quite long.
  • By private car: Using the services of private cars with drivers in Nha Trang from DanangPrivateCar.com will help you have the fastest journey. Our professional drivers with years of experience will ensure your comfort during the long trip. With our private cars, we provide door-to-door service, allowing you to relax and enjoy sightseeing along the way. Book your private car trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang today to have a well-arranged detailed schedule.
  • By bus: Besides airplanes and trains, you can also take buses. Compared to the previous two methods, many people prefer buses because they are quite comfortable and cost-effective, with fast travel times. Ticket prices range from 650,000 – 800,000 VND/one way from Hanoi and 180,000 – 220,000 VND/one way from Saigon. Some reputable bus companies traveling to Nha Trang include:
    • Xe Tam Hanh – Departures at 8:15 AM, 9 AM, and 9:15 PM – Phone: 08 39205653
    • Xe Phuong Nam – Departures at 8 PM and 9 PM – Phone: 08 6654 0386
    • Xe Minh Dung – Departures at 9:45 AM, 9:30 PM, and 10:30 PM – Phone: 08 3511 5234
    • Xe Phuong Trang – Departures from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM – Phone: 08 38 309 309
    • Xe Hoang Long – Various departure times – Phone: 04 3839 8273
    • Xe Ha Loan – Departures at 5 PM – Phone: 0912 4906 79
    • Xe Hoang Thin – Departures at 9 AM – Phone: 0949 225 656
  • By motorcycle: This option is suitable for those living in Ho Chi Minh City and the southern and central provinces. Traveling by motorcycle will take a long time, and you need to stay highly focused. If you are not an experienced rider and can handle the pressure of long distances, it’s not recommended. However, this choice allows you to experience the thrill of conquering various routes and exploring many destinations. Before you go, make sure to thoroughly check your motorcycle (brake system, tires, lights, fuel, etc.). You can rent motorcycles in Nha Trang as well.

How to travel from Nha Trang to Van Gia Port

Van Gia Port is approximately 60 km away from Nha Trang. There are several transportation options available from the city center.

  • Bus: You can take Bus No. 01 from Nha Trang, with a fare of 25,000 VND per trip. The bus operates daily, starting from 5 AM, and the last trip is at 6:50 PM.
  • Shuttle Bus: At the Nha Trang bus station, you can board a shuttle bus heading to Van Gia Port – Diep Son or contact Mr. Son’s 16-seater minibus service at phone number: 0965 398 646. The journey takes approximately 1.5 hours to reach the port.
Traveling to Diep Son by bus takes more time compared to flying, but it is quite convenient
  • Motorcycle: If you don’t have a motorcycle, you can rent one in Nha Trang for around 100,000 VND per day. The distance is about 60 km, which takes nearly 2 hours due to the national highway. Be cautious as the road can be busy; always pay attention while riding.
  • Private Car: This is a recommended option, especially for the relatively long distance from the city center to Van Gia Port and Diep Son Island (about 60 km each way). Consider hiring a private car with a driver in Nha Trang. You can contact us to get the best price and service for a private car with a driver in Nha Trang.

How to travel from Van Gia Port to Diep Son Island

After arriving in Van Gia town, you can choose one of the following two methods to travel to Diep Son Island:

  • First method: At Van Gia Port, there are canoes heading to Diep Son Island, departing around 9 AM – 11 AM, and returning between 5 AM – 6 AM (the departure and return times may vary depending on the water level). The fare is 100,000 VND per person for a one-way trip, and the journey takes about 30 minutes. However, this method might lead to delays on the island due to the variable canoe schedules.
When traveling to the island for a day trip, it’s important to pay attention to the boat schedule to avoid missing the trip and affecting your itinerary.
  • Second method: You can opt for a local market boat, typically used to transport goods and serve the transportation needs of local people. The fare for this option ranges from 20,000 – 30,000 VND per person for a one-way trip, and the travel time is approximately 45 minutes. These market boats are small and quite basic, but if you don’t mind, it’s an interesting experience. However, these boats only operate twice a day (once at 9 AM and once at 6 PM). It’s advisable to inquire about the schedule in advance to avoid unnecessary travel hassles. Additionally, from Van Gia Port, you need to travel about 8 km further to Tan Dan. There is a small lane opposite Tan Dan temple that leads to the sea. Follow that lane and inquire at Mr. Tu Nghia’s house, who specializes in renting boats to the island. The rental cost is around 200,000 – 300,000 VND for 6 people, and the journey takes about 15 minutes. Be sure to have the right number of passengers for safety reasons.

What to Do on Diep Son Island? Tourist Guide and Activities on the Island.

Certainly, right when you set foot on the island, Diep Son will mesmerize you with its scenery. It’s not bustling, nor extravagant, but its simplicity and natural beauty are enough to captivate you. Let’s enjoy the atmosphere and engage in these experiences to have a complete journey.

Conquer the Seabed Path Through the Sea

One thing that no one can overlook when visiting Diep Son is conquering the unique white sand seabed path, which is unparalleled in Vietnam. This narrow path, approximately 700 meters long, connects the main Diep Son Island with three smaller islets. Despite its width of less than 1 meter, it has a strange allure that makes everyone want to step on it. Walking on this path, you will feel a mix of excitement and fear as you witness schools of fish swimming right beneath your feet.

Check-in the legendary coastal route

However, to capture beautiful photos to show your friends, you need to pay attention to the tides. Typically, from 6 – 10 a.m., the path gradually appears, and around noon, it fully emerges, perfect for walking. After exploring Diep Son, you can discover the surrounding islets, which are only a 15-minute boat ride away – these places are still very pristine, with azure beaches and vast fields of swaying grass.

Immerse Yourself in the Refreshing Blue Waters

Another delightful experience awaits you: immersing yourself and freely swimming in the extremely clear and cool seawater along the smooth white sandy beaches. Enjoy the fresh air, the sense of relaxation, and tranquility as you stroll along the coastline, letting go of all the weariness from everyday life. You can swim at Hon Bip Beach, and if you want to rest and relax by the sea, you can rent chairs or hammocks for as low as 20,000 VND per time.

Explore Diep Son Island with Canoeing

Canoeing around the island is a popular activity, especially among young travelers. With a rental price of around 400,000 – 500,000 VND for a group of 10 people, you can glide on the sea for 15 minutes, admiring the beauty of the island and Hon Mao. This service is provided by Diep Son Quan, and you can contact Mr. Tam in advance at 03656905540 to make a reservation.

Experience Kayaking

In addition to canoeing, you can also participate in kayaking to explore this wonderful island. There is a travel company on Diep Son that offers this service for 250,000 VND for 30 minutes. With just a kayak and two life jackets, you can form a small kayaking team to compete and enjoy the scenery.

Check-in at the Pearl Bridge (Love Bridge)

For those who love to take Instagram-worthy photos, don’t forget to visit the Pearl Bridge, also known as the Love Bridge. This bridge was constructed by a company to connect pearl rafts together. However, due to its prominent decoration, many couples like to come here for romantic photoshoots, hence its name, Love Bridge. Feel free to take some pictures, but be cautious as the bridge’s conditions might not be very stable.

This place is also often referred to as the famous ‘Love Bridge’ of Diep Son, where many couples come to express their feelings.

Experience the Life of Fishermen on Diep Son Island

The lives of fishermen on the island are generally still modest in terms of material wealth, but they remain optimistic, cheerful, friendly, and hospitable. When you travel to Diep Son Island independently, you can join them in fishing on the sea, catching squids at night, etc., to experience firsthand what their daily work is like. Alternatively, you can explore the local markets and witness the simple trading activities of the rural market and savor the fresh and delicious seafood.

The tranquil and simple beauty of everyday life on Diep Son Island

How to Get to Diep Son Island? Accommodation Tips When Traveling to Diep Son.

Where to stay when visiting Diep Son? This might be a concern for many because this island is isolated from the mainland and lacks extensive services like other places. Obviously, concepts like guesthouses, hotels, or homestays are almost non-existent here. However, don’t let that deter you from exploring such a wonderful travel paradise. You can still stay overnight on the island through the following options:

Stay with Locals on Diep Son Island

The people on the island are very friendly and down-to-earth; they are willing to let you stay with them if you need accommodations. Based on travel experiences to Diep Son Island in Nha Trang, if you choose to stay, it’s recommended to stay in the Hon Bip area, as there are more local households here. You can stay with Mr. Pha’s family (Phone: 0793 636 125) or Mr. Man’s family (Phone: 67325657). Here, you will be provided with meals at a cost of only 200,000 VND per person. However, when staying with locals, it’s a good practice to offer them some money when you leave as a token of appreciation; sometimes they might not accept it, but it’s polite to do so.

Stay in Bungalows on Diep Son Island

Not far from Diep Son Island is Phat Nam Island. Here, there are 6 bungalows built and equipped with basic amenities such as beds and fans. Of course, you won’t find luxurious facilities like air conditioning or refrigerators because these amenities are quite limited on an island, so don’t expect too much, just be prepared for basic accommodation.

Camp and Set Up Tents Overnight on the Island

For young travelers or groups who find it inconvenient to stay with local residents, camping and setting up tents overnight on the island is a great idea. The rental price for a tent is 200,000 VND, and for a hut, it’s 400,000 VND. If you bring your own tent, you’ll save this cost. When deciding to camp, make sure to bring all necessary camping gear and equipment, as purchasing items on the island can be quite challenging. Experience the wilderness and wake up to a beautiful morning by the beach, it will be a memorable adventure.

For those who prefer upscale accommodations, near Diep Son Island, there is the Whale Island Resort, which is quite beautiful and high-quality. It’s located in Dam Mon Hamlet – Van Thanh Commune – Van Ninh District – Van Phong Bay. Staying here will require some travel time back and forth to the island, which can be a bit inconvenient. However, in return, you will enjoy a spacious environment with various modern amenities.

Diep Son Island’s Specialties / Must-Try Dishes

Despite being a small and secluded island, Diep Son offers a variety of delicious dishes that will captivate your taste buds from the first bite. If you have the opportunity to visit Diep Son in Khanh Hoa, don’t miss out on these delightful delicacies!

Fresh and Delicious Seafood

Diep Son is a coastal area and home to over 80 households engaged in fishing, netting, and aquaculture. With creativity, the locals have crafted numerous enticing dishes made entirely from fresh seafood, offering aromatic and flavorful experiences. You can indulge in grilled shrimp, steamed crabs, grilled fish, crab hotpot, seafood fried rice, and more at local restaurants or street food stalls.

Diep Son Pancakes (Banh Can)

Diep Son pancakes are a popular dish in the South Central region and have become a favorite of many. When you visit Diep Son Island, you’ll have the chance to taste this dish. The pancakes here are made from molds made of clay, resulting in perfectly shaped yellow pancakes filled with a variety of seafood, making them visually appealing. These pancakes are crispy and sweet, usually served with a dipping sauce made of diluted fish sauce, garlic, lime, and chili. Alternatively, they can be enjoyed with sliced cucumbers, green mangoes, and onions. The exquisite flavor of these pancakes will leave a lasting impression.

Seafood Pancakes with Shrimp and Squid (Banh Xeo Tom Muc)

When you set foot on Diep Son Island, you must not miss the seafood pancakes with shrimp and squid—a local dish that represents the island’s culinary heritage. The main ingredients include large shrimp, cuttlefish, and mung beans. During preparation, the batter is poured into small aluminum molds, and the shrimp and squid are added on top. The resulting pancakes are golden and visually appealing, with a crispy texture. To savor the true taste and prevent it from becoming overwhelming, these pancakes are best enjoyed with a variety of vegetables grown on the island, mango leaf ice cream, cucumber, and a dipping sauce made of sweet and sour fish sauce.

Fish Cake Soup (Banh Canh Cha Ca)

Fish cake soup can be found in many places, but trying the fish cake soup on Diep Son Island will give you a different experience. The fish cakes are made entirely from fresh fish, without any added flour, resulting in a soft, chewy, and fragrant texture. The soup base is cooked directly from boiled seafood, providing a natural sweetness. This dish is typically served with minced fish, and a bit of spicy chili sauce enhances the overall flavor, creating a dish with a distinct taste of the sea. A bowl of fish cake soup in the morning will provide you with abundant energy for exploration.

Rice Porridge with Fried Dough Sticks (Chao Banh Quay)

If you’re wondering what to eat when traveling to Diep Son Island, try the hot rice porridge with fried dough sticks. You can choose porridge with squid, oysters, shrimp, or eels, depending on your taste preferences. The secret behind the irresistibly delicious porridge lies in the use of fresh seafood, recently caught from the sea, and the broth made from boiling these seafood items. This creates a naturally sweet and rich flavor that many people love.

Some Travel Tips for First-Time Visitors to Diep Son Island

  • When visiting Diep Son Island, be prepared for limited amenities, especially electricity. Don’t forget to bring portable chargers, flashlights, and other essentials.
  • There are only 1-2 small convenience stores on the island, which might not have everything you need. It’s advisable to bring some snacks and drinks with you.
  • The island is very clean, and there is almost no industrial waste. Be conscious of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene during your visit. Avoid littering and make sure to clean up your trash before leaving.
  • You can camp overnight on the beach, but if you plan to camp in the school area, remember to ask for permission from the village leader.
  • Although the people of Diep Son are friendly and welcoming, try not to inconvenience them too much. Maintain politeness and respect their conditions, as they face many challenges in their daily lives.

Above are the travel tips for Diep Son Island in 2024 shared by DanangPrivateCar.com. Hopefully, these tips will help make your trip perfect and complete. Wishing you a joyful and meaningful journey. Safe travels!