Banh Mi Madam Khanh Hoi An is one of the best banh mi spots alongside Banh Mi Phuong. With a lifespan of over 30 years, this is a place you can visit to indulge in banh mi sandwiches with distinctive, rich flavors and a variety of enticing fillings. Today, let’s explore the allure of Banh Mi Madam Khanh Hoi An with’s.

The story behind the name Banh Mi Madam Khanh Hoi An:

  • Address: 115 Tran Cao Van, Minh An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam.
  • Phone number: 0777 476 177.
  • Hours: 6:00 – 19:30.
Enjoying delicious and enticing Banh Mi Madam Khanh

Banh Mi Madam Khanh Hoi An is beloved by many foreign tourists, often affectionately referred to as Madam Khanh’s banh mi or the Queen’s banh mi, with nearly 30 years of establishment and serving thousands of tourists both domestic and international. In its early days, the banh mi shop only had a simple, modest cart. However, fueled by her love for banh mi, the owner of Banh Mi Madam Khanh tirelessly crafted a variety of exquisite flavors, creating an unforgettable uniqueness for those who have indulged.

Madam Khanh’s banh mi shop, humble with just a small storefront, yet beloved by many tourists

But what few know is the interesting fact that the owner of Banh Mi Madam Khanh has a charming name, Loc, while Khanh is the name of her husband.

The charming portrait of Madam Khanh, the owner of Banh Mi Madam Khanh

Besides, in Hoi An, there are also many famous banh mi shops you can explore further in the following article: The top most famous Banh Mi shops in Hoi An.

Banh Mi Madam Khanh’s Menu

Banh Mi Madam Khanh is beloved by many tourists for its diverse fillings and unique combinations that offer distinct flavors, providing a sense of novelty and curiosity when enjoyed.

Madam Khanh’s Banh Mi with a simple yet high-quality menu

With just 5 simple dishes on the menu, it can easily captivate anyone who has tried it due to its delicious taste, satisfying flavors, and well-balanced fillings that prevent it from being overwhelming.

Banh Mi Madam Khanh Hoi An will undoubtedly make you fall in love and delight in its unique and diverse flavors. Banh mi is not only a specialty dish in Hoi An but also deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture. However, in each region, it is adapted to the local characteristics and tastes of the people. So, if you have the chance, be sure to stop by and enjoy it.

Banh Mi – a simple and familiar fast food of the people in Hue. Holding a hot and crispy baguette in hand, enjoying it while admiring the beautiful scenery of Hue is undoubtedly an experience worth trying. Below are some delicious Banh Mi shops in Hue that you should experience!

What makes Banh Mi in Hue special?

Hue Banh Mi impresses diners with its rich sauce, the sweet and sour taste of thinly shredded carrots, the freshness of cucumber, the spiciness of chili, and the fragrance of cilantro. This is one of the familiar breakfast dishes of the local people.

Hue banh mi is small in size, with a crispy outer layer and a rich, flavorful filling

In general, Hue Banh Mi has a relatively small size, just enough to eat without being too large or dense like in other places. The proprietors of banh mi establishments explain that the eating style in the Ancient Capital focuses on quality rather than quantity.

In addition, the fillings of banh mi are also quite diverse and abundant. If you have the opportunity to visit this place, it is not difficult for tourists to come across images of simple Hue banh mi stalls with various fillings such as roasted meat, shredded meat, cinnamon pork, pate, sausage, sunny-side-up eggs, and clear tapioca dumplings.

Popular Hue Banh Mi Spots

Banh Mi Truong Tien O Tho

  • Address: 14 Tran Cao Van, Phu Hoi, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam
  • Opening Hours: 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
  • Price Range: VND 7,000 – VND 15,000

Exploring Hue’s cuisine without trying Truong Tien Banh Mi is a significant omission. Truong Tien Banh Mi, a small-sized baguette, is usually served to customers every evening at the foot of Truong Tien Bridge. Due to business restrictions, it has now moved to a new address at 14 Tran Cao Van, Phu Hoi, Hue City. Throughout time, Truong Tien Banh Mi has established a culinary cultural characteristic for diners, known for its queuing culture.

Banh Mi Trang Tien is an address that, just by hearing its name, immediately comes to mind

Banh Mi Thang Dat – Famous Hue Banh Mi Shop

  • Address: 5 Doan Thi Diem, Thua Thien Hue

The first recommendation for enjoying delicious Hue Banh Mi is Thang Dat shop. The banh mi counter is quite clean, with neatly arranged trays of ingredients such as cucumbers, herbs, pate, cinnamon pork, butter, sunny-side-up eggs, etc., making it very visually appealing. Here, you can savor some extraordinary banh mi, such as cinnamon pork banh mi, pate banh mi, and assorted banh mi. Thang Dat Banh Mi shop opens late, allowing you to have dinner in Hue at this spot.

The trays of ingredients on the banh mi cart are neatly arranged, colorful, and immediately attract customers at first glance

Banh Mi – Thao Bakery

  • Address:
    • 06 Tran Hung Dao, Hue City
    • 193 – 195 Nguyen Sinh Cung, Ward Vy Da, Hue City
  • Opening Hours: 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM
  • Price Range: VND 10,000 – VND 20,000

Thao Bakery is a renowned banh mi brand in Hue, known for its mobile banh mi carts and banh mi shops. Thao Bakery’s banh mi is praised for its delicious and balanced taste. The fillings are always made hot, ensuring a delightful experience without the sogginess that comes with cooling. This is the key differentiator between Thao Bakery and other mobile banh mi vendors.

Banh Mi – Thao Bakery

Whether rain or shine, Thao Bakery’s banh mi carts will still serve you hot, crispy, and fragrant baguettes. Apart from the excellent quality of banh mi, Thao Bakery’s staff is highly appreciated by customers for their cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and prompt service. Whether you know what you want or need assistance, the Thao Bakery staff is always ready to help with a smile.

Banh My Thang Dat – Famous Hue Banh Mi Shop

  • Address: 5 Doan Thi Diem, Thua Thien Hue

The first recommendation for enjoying delicious Hue Banh Mi is Thang Dat shop. The banh mi counter is quite clean, with neatly arranged trays of ingredients such as cucumbers, herbs, pate, cinnamon pork, butter, sunny-side-up eggs, etc., making it very visually appealing. Here, you can savor some extraordinary banh mi, such as cinnamon pork banh mi, pate banh mi, and assorted banh mi. Thang Dat Banh Mi shop opens late, allowing you to have dinner in Hue at this spot.

Banh Mi Dong Ba – Authentic Hue Pork Banh Mi Address

  • Address: 77 Dinh Tien Hoang, Thua Thien Hue

The Dong Ba shop is renowned far and wide for its pinnacle Hue pork banh mi. The shop owner explains that the preparation of the pork for the Hue banh mi here is quite simple. This Hue specialty boasts a crispy outer layer, generously filled with toppings such as pork, cucumbers, herbs, sauce, chili, and more. Additionally, the shop offers various other delicious Hue banh mi options like pork sausage banh mi, butter bean banh mi, and Chinese sausage banh mi.

Chi Dau – Nguyen Hue Banh Mi

  • Address: 62 Nguyen Hue, Hue City
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Price Range: VND 5,000 – VND 10,000

Chi Dau’s nighttime banh mi is a familiar spot for many students. The place is famous for its hot and fragrant banh mi. With just VND 10,000 in hand, you can own a unique Hue banh mi with a variety of fillings and vegetables, soaked in flavorful sauce. The shop owner has been in business for over a decade, ensuring a well-practiced routine, so you won’t have to wait long. Despite the low price, the banh mi is of high quality and meets hygiene standards.

Banh Mi Quang Trung

  • Address: 176 Dien Bien Phu, Truong An, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Price Range: VND 2,000 – VND 12,000

Quang Trung’s nighttime banh mi is also a popular spot due to its delectable sunny-side-up egg banh mi. The banh mi here is crispy, with a moist inner layer containing tomatoes and rich, creamy pate. Not only does it offer delicious food, but the place also features a beautiful scenery combined with efficient and lively customer service, leaving diners extremely satisfied. Moreover, the menu at the shop is diverse, giving you plenty of choices.

Dong Tam Hue Banh Mi

  • Address:
    • Branch 1: 185 Tran Phu, Thua Thien Hue
    • Branch 2: 62 An Duong Vuong, Thua Thien Hue
    • Branch 3: 201 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Thua Thien Hue …

When locals are asked for recommendations on delicious Hue banh mi, they will undoubtedly introduce travelers to Dong Tam. With up to 10 stores scattered throughout the city of Hue, you can easily choose an address close to where you are. Dong Tam specializes in producing and selling various types of banh mi, sweet cakes, and pastries. In addition to the regular stuffed baguettes, the shop also offers fresh banh mi that is definitely worth trying. The delicious flavor, along with the super affordable prices, has won over even the most discerning customers.

Be Na’s Roast Pork Banh Mi Hue

  • Address: 59 Ly Thuong Kiet, Phu Nhuan, Hue City

When you visit Be Na’s in the morning, you’ll surely see the image of the owner always preparing food, surrounded by customers waiting to buy banh mi. This Hue banh mi cart is always filled with ingredients, including meat, pate, eggs, Chinese sausage, raw vegetables, and more. Some delicious options to try here include assorted banh mi, grilled meat banh mi, and shredded meat banh mi. Among them, the roast pork banh mi has made a name for Be Na’s.

Dai Phuc – Delicious Banh Mi Shop in Hue

  • Address:
    • Branch 1: 99 Dang Huy Tru Street, Thua Thien Hue
    • Branch 2: 69 Tran Phu Street, Thua Thien Hue

Dai Phuc, a delicious eatery in Hue, specializes in serving various types of banh mi, including meat-stuffed banh mi, savory cakes, and sweet cakes. The shop’s space is quite spacious, airy, and clean. Right in front is a counter with fragrant pastries. The types of banh mi here are handmade by the shop owner, ensuring you can trust the quality. In addition to retailing for daily breakfast for tourists, Dai Phuc also accepts orders for weddings, engagements, conferences, etc. Therefore, travelers can contact the shop if needed.

From a simple baguette, the people of Hue have ingeniously transformed it to create flavorful and fragrant loaves. The authentic, familiar, and humble taste has captivated the hearts of numerous diners. Hopefully, with the shared information from’s, you have found the perfect addresses to enjoy delicious Hue Banh Mi for your upcoming vacation.

In general, and specifically in Da Nang, Banh mi is a very popular and simple dish, but it has an incredibly strange attraction that makes us want to eat it over and over again. This is a beautiful aspect of Vietnamese culinary culture that is appreciated by friends all over the world and is always praised. Let’s explore this dish together with’s right now!

Why does Banh mi Da Nang attract tourists so much?

Da Nang cuisine is proud of its incredibly delicious and simple Banh mi.

The strange attraction of Banh mi Da Nang.

This food paradise has many high-end and fancy dishes, yet Banh mi is a dish that leaves a strong impression on everyone…

We can easily see images of students and young people with Banh mi in the morning. From young to old, from low to high income, from local residents to tourists from all over the world. Everyone is conquered by this simple dish.

Da Nang bread catches visitors’ hearts right from the first taste

With only 6,000 – 25,000 VND, you can enjoy authentic Da Nang-style Banh mi sold on every street, from main roads to alleys that few people know. If you come to this coastal city and don’t try Banh mi, it would be a great pity.

The taste of Banh mi Da Nang.

This Banh mi has become a topic that tourists will probably praise for its delicious and seductive flavor. The crispy outer crust, soft and fluffy inside, and the rich and spicy filling with a cheap price will make you fall in love with every bite.

Fascinating with Da Nang’s standard bread rolls

Although the taste of Banh mi Da Nang is similar, each type of filling and way of eating is different, creating unique characteristics for each Banh mi.

For example, chicken Banh mi, sausage Banh mi, spicy Banh mi, Banh mi with tapioca flour, grilled meat Banh mi, etc. Just naming them is enough to make your mouth water. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore these unforgettable Banh mi right away!

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Famous Banh Mi types in Da Nang that satisfy diners’ taste buds.

When visiting Da Nang, you must not miss the famous bread types suggested by Danang Private Car’s:

Chicken Banh Mi – addictive taste.

Da Nang chicken bread has a special delicious fragrance. Unlike normal bread, chicken bread is half the length and looks cuter. The crust is golden and crispy, the crumb is white, smooth, and fragrant.

Chicken bread eaten once is remembered forever

To make chicken bread, there are shredded chicken, papaya salad, egg sauce, and small pieces of chicken meat. Just a little bit of chili sauce and mayonnaise create an irresistible flavor.

With only about 10,000 VND, it has become a very addictive dish. Many people like this Da Nang bread, especially students. Perhaps this is associated with memories of school days at the beloved school.

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Egg Banh Mi – omelet bread.

The familiar breakfast of Da Nang people must be called “egg bread – omelet bread”. Just by hearing the name, you can guess that the soul of this bread is eggs, right? Depending on the taste of the eater, the way of preparing eggs is different, bringing a special flavor.

Egg Banh Mi – omelet bread.

For Da Nang egg bread, the egg is fried and then stuffed inside the bread as a filling. In addition to the filling, there are also vegetables, butter, and sauce, creating a delicious taste.

As for omelet bread, the egg will be fried separately and then mixed with vegetables, pickles, pate, soy sauce, and chili sauce. This type of bread is more popular because of its interesting way of eating.

Cha Bread – the most popular bread in Da Nang.

Unlike chicken bread or omelet bread, the filling of cha bread will include nutritious types of cha such as fish cha, pork cha, and beef cha, each with its characteristic taste.

To make the dish more delicious, the seller will add herbs, spring onions, salt, pepper, and chili sauce. That simple yet special combination makes cha bread attractively unusual.

Banh mi bot loc – a unique Da Nang bread.

Banh Mi Bot Loc may sound strange but it is actually very familiar. This is a creative variation of the people of Da Thanh to create this special dish. If there was a contest among breads, bánh mì bột lọc would definitely win the award for “most unique bread”.

Bột lọc lá – steamed in banana leaves or bột lọc trần – boiled directly in water are the two main methods of making bánh bột lọc. The bột lọc in the bánh mì bột lọc is the boiled version.

To increase the attractiveness of this Da Nang specialty, it is served with fresh herbs, sweet fish sauce, beef sausage, chili sauce, and scallions. The crispy texture of the bread crust, the fatty and greasy taste of the beef sausage, the chewy texture of the bột lọc… All of these create a mouth-watering dish that deserves a 10 out of 10 rating.

Assorted Banh Mi – a bread that appeals to the taste buds of tourists.

Assorted Banh Mi of Da Nang is something that is closely associated with many generations of people in Da Thanh. There are hundreds of nameless bánh mì trucks in various districts and counties of Da Nang where you can enjoy this dish.

Each bread is packed with filling such as meat, vegetables, pickled papaya, coriander, pate, and pork floss, which will surely satisfy every diner’s taste buds.

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The 16 most famous bakeries in Da Nang are always crowded with customers.

Is all bread in Da Nang delicious? To taste the best ones, you must know the addresses of the best bakeries, which wants to suggest below:

Banh Mi Ba Lan – the most popular bakery.

One of the most famous bakeries in Da Nang is Banh Mi Ba Lan. With over 30 years of experience, the bread here always maintains a special aroma and flavor that is unique and cannot be found anywhere else.

Ba Lan bread is the most famous in Da Thanh

Banh Mi Ba Lan is always full of pate, egg mayonnaise sauce, meat, cinnamon pork, pork sausage, basil, and a little bit of Sa Huynh salt – a light, sweet, and flavorful salt.

If you don’t know where to eat in Da Nang, visit Banh Mi Ba Lan to taste the bread and experience the culinary flavors of the coastal city.

Ong Ty Cha Bo Banh Mi – the oldest bakery in Da Nang.

The indescribable attraction of Ong Ty’s bread

The bread cabinet is simple with trays of pork sausage, beef sausage, salt and pepper. The bread flavor does not have any accompanying vegetables or chili salt. However, it is still delicious and attracts thousands of customers to come and eat. With just that simplicity, Ong Ty has been rated as the oldest and most delicious banh mi brand in Da Nang.

Co Chi Banh Mi – the popular bakery in Da Nang.

  • Address: 45 Phan Dinh Phung, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city.
  • Opening hours: 8:00 – 12:00 and 15:00 – 21:00

The small and charming bakery on Phan Dinh Phung street is extremely attractive to tourists. Here, the best seller is the delicious and rich chicken banh mi.

Do you know that Ong Ty Bakery has been around for almost 50 years? Perhaps the people of Da Nang are no longer unfamiliar with the name of this bakery. What made people love Ong Ty’s bread so much?

The round, plump, and eye-catching bread is filled with cotton, papaya, cucumber, spicy chili, and especially the soul of this dish – chicken egg sauce. All come together to create a rich and flavorful banh mi from Da Nang.

Quynh Anh Banh Mi

Quynh Anh Banh Mi

Located near the Dragon Bridge area, Quynh Anh Baguette is a well-known Da Nang baguette shop despite being established after the two brands mentioned above. Quynh Anh Baguette’s baguette may seem small at first glance but it is crunchy, with a dense filling of meat, vegetables, and sausage, making it very satisfying. Here, the sausage and pate are homemade, so you can taste a unique flavor compared to other places.

Tu Hai Baguette – the must-try bánh mì in Da Nang.

  • Address: 854 Ngo Quyen, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.
  • Opening hours: 14:00 – 21:00.

If you are a fan of Tu Hai baguette, you must visit Tu Hai Baguette in Da Nang. Tu Hai Baguette is loved by customers far and wide for the irresistible taste of the small, thin baguette that is perfect to eat.

The sauce here can be said to be the most fragrant and rich, the most authentic. With a price of only about 6,000 VND, you can have an extremely delicious Da Nang Tu Hai baguette. Eating one is definitely not enough, you will want to eat 2, 3, and more. That’s why it’s called “baguette” but also very “banh cuon” (a Vietnamese dish)!

Roasted pork baguette on Trung Nu Vuong street – a famous Da Nang baguette shop.

  • Address: 389 Trung Nu Vuong, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.
  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 21:00.

Roasted pork baguette on Trung Nu Vuong street is famous for attracting customers. The baguette here is considered to have a lot of meat, enough vegetables and is topped with white sesame seeds and fried shallots, making it very delicious.

The crispy roasted pork is richly marinated, and the sauce is creamy and fatty. When you take a bite, you can immediately feel the flavor of Da Nang encapsulated in a small, lovely baguette.

Visit Hai Chau District to enjoy the roasted pork baguette and stroll around Dragon Bridge or Love Bridge. You will feel more love for the cuisine and beautiful scenery of this livable city!

Ngo Gia Tu Baguette – Enjoy the full-topping baguettes.

  • Address: 37 Ngo Gia Tu, Da Nang City.
  • Opening hours: 6:00 – 11:00.

If you don’t know where to eat in Da Nang during your trip, come to Ngo Gia Tu Baguette. Here, each baguette is sold at an affordable price, ranging from about 30,000 VND for beef to 12,000 VND per piece for flan.

Moreover, the menu is extremely diverse with delicious dishes for you to freely choose such as: beef spaghetti with cream sauce, beef steak, milk sauce steak or beef stew with eggs, etc. The shop keeps attracting tourists with its delicious food quality, fragrant and tender beef, and crispy, hot baguettes with lots of sauce.

A big plus point is that the shop’s space is always clean, airy, and has beautifully decorated tables and chairs. This is truly the most beloved baguette shop.

Banh mi cham – a familiar dish to anyone in Da Nang.

  • Address: 26 Chu Van An, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city.
  • Opening hours: 6:00 am – 10:00 am.

If you ask which banh mi is the most addictive, Banh mi cham pate probably tops the list. This dish seems to have become a popular breakfast for any student in Da Nang. It’s cheap, easy to eat, and not at all boring.

A plate of fragrant pate bread is filled with enough meat paste, quail eggs, meat, pate, and egg butter. It sounds simple, but when mixed and dipped with bread, it’s delicious.

The flavors blend together to create a delicious Da Nang dish that you’ll crave more of, and the price is only from 6,000 to 10,000 dong.

Banh mi De Nhat – golden crispy bread.

  • Address: 562 Trung Nu Vuong, Hoa Thuan Nam, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city.
  • Opening hours: 6:00 am – 9:00 pm.

Banh mi De Nhat has only appeared in Da Nang in recent years but has quickly gained popularity among diners and become a daily favorite restaurant. The taste of the bread here is especially delicious. Fresh bread is baked golden and crispy in a triangle shape, making it very attractive.

The meat filling is marinated and processed very carefully and skillfully, so it has a natural sweetness when eaten. Combined with various vegetables and flavorful sauce, we have a delicious sandwich to enjoy.

Dong Tien Banh Mi – Various types of bread.

  • Address: 193 Nguyen Hoang, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City.
  • Opening hours: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM.

Dong Tien Da Nang Banh Mi has many branches and is famous both inside and outside the city. So when you come to Da Nang, you can easily find Dong Tien Banh Mi shops and enjoy the unique flavor of the bread here.

The price of each bread is not too expensive and the quality always maintains its deliciousness over the years. Many customers are crazy about the bread specialties such as salted egg bread, cream bread, sponge cake bread, etc.

Chang Chang Banh Mi – A cute Da Nang Banh Mi shop.

  • Address: 366 Hoang Dieu, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.
  • Opening hours: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM.

Chang Chang bakery is famous far and wide for its delicious grilled salt and chili bread. This delicious dish has quickly become a popular snack for young people.

Grilled salt and chili bread has a crispy texture, salty and spicy flavor that appeals to most customers. After being grilled to a golden crisp, the bread is served with cheese, dried shrimp, pork floss, mayonnaise sauce, chili sauce, sausage, pate. The flavors blend together to create an indescribably delicious taste.

Instructions for making delicious Danang-style chicken bread

If you love Danang cuisine but don’t have the opportunity to come here and enjoy the unique chicken bread, you can easily make it at home. Let’s cook with

Prepare the ingredients:

  • Bread
  • Chicken ham
  • Green papaya, carrot
  • Cucumber Salt, pepper, cooking oil
  • 2 eggs
  • Sugar, vinegar
  • Chili sauce

Steps to make Da Nang-style bread:

After preparing all the necessary ingredients, let’s get started on making the chicken bread with the following steps:

Step 1: Preparing the ingredients.

  • Prepare the papaya: remove the sap, peel and cut into small strips using a grater or a knife.
  • Cut the carrot into small strips.

Step 2: Making the papaya and carrot mixture.

  • Soak the papaya and carrot strips in cold water for about 15 minutes to remove the sap.
  • Mix the marinade sauce consisting of 50g of sugar, 1 large tablespoon of vinegar, and 1 large tablespoon of warm water.
  • Then, put the carrot and papaya into the marinade and mix well. Let it sit for 3-5 hours before serving. If left overnight, the mixture will be more flavorful.

Step 3: Make mayonnaise sauce.

  • Separate the egg yolk from the egg.
  • Slowly add vegetable oil and beat the egg yolk evenly. You should beat evenly to make sure the mixture of egg and oil blend together and ensure the smoothness of the fresh egg sauce.
  • Add a pinch of salt and continue to beat the mixture of sauce evenly.

Step 4: Prepare cucumber.

  • Cut the cucumber into thin, long slices that are suitable for the length of the bread.

Step 5: Enjoy the delicious chicken sandwich.

  • Cut the bread in half and spread mayonnaise sauce evenly on both sides of the bread.
  • Add pickled cucumber, carrot, and papaya to the sandwich.
  • Next, add shredded chicken, ham, and chili sauce.
  • Put it in the oven to heat up so that the egg sauce can evenly soak the filling of the sandwich and enjoy.

So, you have completed the Da Nang chicken sandwich at home. Let’s enjoy the delicious taste made from your own skillful hands with your loved ones.

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Review of Da Nang sandwich.

Vietnamese bread has long been famous among tourists both domestically and internationally. It was even chosen as the National Costume to be presented at the Miss Universe 2018 international beauty pageant.

Delicious bread seduce visitors to forget the way home

It’s hard to say where the best Vietnamese bread is. But when it comes to dense, delicious loaves with many unique creative variations, it must be the bread.

Above all, the bread here is both rustic and refined, containing all the hospitality of the people of the coastal city. Come and taste the flavor of Da Nang bread!

Therefore, has helped you discover 6 types of Da Nang bread and the best bread address in this city. Hopefully, this article will help you have more choices when wondering what to eat while traveling to Da Nang. Don’t forget to share with friends and family the delicious dishes you love!

When traveling to Hoi An, many people seek out Banh Mi Hoi An—a dish renowned for its irresistible and unique flavor found exclusively in Hoi An Town. Banh Mi Hoi An has captured the hearts of both local and international visitors with its delectable taste, showcasing the essence of Vietnamese cuisine. What sets the bread in this ancient town apart and makes it so special? Join us at Danang Private Car’s to discover the answer!

General introduction about Banh Mi Hoi An

Vietnamese cuisine is extremely delicate and unique with countless delicious dishes that have made world famous brands such as Pho, Banh Mi, Hue beef noodle soup, fried spring rolls, Hanoi bun cha

Most especially, banh mi is a very popular and convenient street food that is loved by diners of all ages and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Close, rustic is that, but bread has become famous everywhere. In which , Hoi An bread is also known as “the best bread in the world”.

Banh mi in Hoi An really created a “craze” for visitors when they arrived in the old town, captivating even the most fastidious diners. Banh mi has many kinds of toppings such as grilled meat, grilled pork, roasted pork, chicken, beef, fish, pate…

Having the opportunity to explore Hoi An, it will be remiss if you do not enjoy the old town bread. Each bread only costs about 15,000 – 30,000 VND (1 – 1.5 USD) but it is surprisingly easy to eat with an irresistible delicious taste.

You can buy bread anywhere on the S-shaped strip of land. However, banh mi in Hoi An is different from bread in other places. Hoi An bread also has a crispy crust, a thick, soft, flour-flavoured crust. But the unique thing, the difference is the multiplication. The accompanying cake filling is a mixture of delicious meat/pork/fish, with greasy sauce, pate, cheese, the pungent taste of chili, and the attractive aroma of green vegetables.

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Top 12 most famous and delicious Banh Mi Hoi An shops

If you love street food in Hoi An, surely you will not miss the opportunity to enjoy bread. Explore with’s in detail about 10 delicious banh mi shops, most sought after by tourists in Hoi An.

Banh Mi Phuong – The best Hoi An bread in the world

If you have ever studied or had the opportunity to visit Hoi An, you will surely hear about Banh Mi PhuongBanh mi Phuong is known as the best bread in the world.

What makes it unique is that Banh Mi Phuong has about 20 different types of fillings. Popular toppings can be mentioned such as: Bread with beef and cheese, pate bread, banh mi, banh mi, meat or bread with chicken, fish… for you to choose from.

Phuong bread is known as the best bread in the world
Phuong bread is known as the best bread in the world

And yet, Banh Mi Phuong is warmed by charcoal stove before being delivered to diners, absolutely not microwaved… making the loaf of bread have a characteristic delicious taste, always keeping its crispiness and golden color. interesting

Old town noodles

  • Address: No. 2 Le Loi Street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam
  • Reference price: 15,000 – 20,000 VND

Old town bread is open for sale from early morning to late evening, so visitors can choose to enjoy bread at the shop for a main meal or a snack.

In addition to the familiar char siu, grilled meat, sausages, etc., what makes the old town bread special is the fat, sweet, aromatic egg oil sauce that blends perfectly with the toppings.

In addition to bread, the shop also serves accompanying drinks such as corn milk, soy milk, green bean milk … with extremely affordable prices.

Madam Khanh bread – Bread “ Queen 

  • Address: No. 115 Tran Cao Van Street, Minh An Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam
  • Reference price: 25,000 – 30,000 VND.

Madam Khanh bread has a higher price than the average bread shop in Hoi An. Bread here has appeared many times in foreign newspapers, known by many tourists with its own unmistakable name: “The banh mi Queen“.

It is no coincidence that this is called the “Queen” bakery. Madam Khanh bread is made exclusively in the bakery’s oven. The filling of meat, sausage, pate is also processed and marinated carefully according to the traditional recipe, creating a flavor that captivates diners.

Miss Ngoc’s bread

  • Address: Nguyen Truong To Street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam.
  • Reference price: 10,000 – 15,000 VND.

As a familiar bread shop of local diners, Ms. Ngoc’s bread has an extremely affordable price, but the taste is equally delicious compared to other big shops.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Hoi An and want to enjoy the familiar taste of banh mi, typical of Hoi An, don’t forget to go to this “gut shop” of the locals!

Body Bread

  • Address: 227 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province
  • Reference price: 15,000 – 20,000 VND.

Banh Mi Than is also a bread shop that local people often visit to enjoy a quick, convenient and attractive breakfast. There is traditional Hoi An bread here , in addition, it also serves healthy vegetarian bread for diners in need.

Miss Lanh’s popular bread

  • Address: No. 430 Cua Dai Street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam
  • Reference price: 15,000 – 25,000 VND.

Banh Mi Lanh is one of the oldest bread shops in Hoi An. Therefore, Ms. Lanh’s bread has a “brand name”, which is known by many people.

The bread here is baked on a charcoal stove, ensuring it is always hot and crispy. The prices here are extremely affordable, suitable for all visitors.

Ba Bui’s bread

  • Address: No. 117 Nguyen Truong To Street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam
  • Reference price: 15,000 – 20,000 VND.

In addition to the familiar banh mi, pate, and grilled meat sandwiches, Ba Bua’s shop is also famous for a dish that not many visitors have ever had the opportunity to enjoy: Banh mi sticky rice.

Surely the name of this dish is making you extremely curious, right? Banh mi sticky rice is a dish consisting of a buttery, hot, crispy bread, served with a bowl of sticky sticky rice. Just heard it and found it attractive and strange, right! Come to Hoi An, find Ba Bua bread shop to enjoy this unique “exclusive” dish.

Bich bread

  • Address: No. 51 Phan Chau Trinh Street, Minh Khai Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam.
  • Reference price: 15,000 – 25,000 VND.

Banh mi Bich makes visitors entangled by the special greasy taste of the sauce, the pate is spread evenly inside the cake. The shop’s pate is hand-processed by the owner, extremely delicious, quality, ensuring food hygiene and safety. It is the greasy sauce and pate that make up the quality ten point for Bich Hoi An bread.

Minh Thu Roasted  Pork Bread

  • Address: No. 248 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam
  • Reference price: 20,000 – 25,000 VND.

A Hoi An bread address that is different from the shops mentioned above is Minh Thu bread. Because, this bakery only sells roasted pork bread.

The shop’s roast pork is seasoned deliciously and mouth-wateringly. After turning up, the outside skin is crispy, mixed with the firm, sweet meat… all make up a delicious roast pork sandwich in the right way. For the perfect flavor, people often eat roasted pork bread with cilantro, herbs, cucumber and a little sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Tam Hoa Bread

  • Address: Thai Phien – Tran Cao Van crossroads, Hoi An
  • Reference price: 15,000 – 20,000 VND.

Tam Hoa is also a rustic bakery, familiar to locals. The owner is friendly, enthusiastic and attentive, plus the delicious bread makes Tam Hoa bread a favorite place for many people, once you try it, you will want to come back again and again. .

Sum Bread

  • Address: No. 149 Tran Hung Dao Street, Cam Pho Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam.
  • Reference price: 20,000 – 25,000 VND.

Sum bread has a quality filling and sauce prepared according to the style of Hoi An people. Thanks to that, although the bakery is very modest, diners always come in and out.

Ba Nga bread in Hoi An town

  • Address: Opposite No. 76 Le Loi Street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam.
  • Reference price: 15,000 – 25,000 VND.

Ms. Nga’s bread is famous for its two “best seller” dishes, which are dry pate bread cut into squares and wet pate bread with a very full filling inside the bread’s intestines.

The homemade pate with a rich, fatty flavor mixed with bread makes a strong impression in the hearts of diners.

Please check out more seafood restaurants in Hoi An through the following article: Top 10 Hoi An seafood restaurants that are very fresh, delicious, and super affordable.

Telling you the secret to making delicious Hoi An bread “heartwarming fans” right at home

If you have been “addicted” to bread but can’t always go to the old town to buy it, you can try your hand at making Hoi An-style bread at home. will guide you how to make delicious old town bread in the right way.

How to choose a loaf of bread

Whether you’re making your own at home or buying loaves from the store, remember that a delicious, authentic bread will have the right crust, not too thin and not too thick.

When baked, the bread will be crispy, golden on the outside, soft inside, and fragrant with the characteristic aroma of flour and butter.

Instructions for making Hoi An’s special sauce

What makes the unique and distinctive feature of Hoi An bread is its delicious, creamy, and delicious golden sauce. This sauce is both salty and sweet, greasy, extremely rich, helping to link the fillings together to create an irresistible delicious taste. Danang Private Car will guide you to make sauce for bread right here.

The ingredients to be prepared include: 3 tomatoes, red chillies, minced purple onions, fish sauce, granulated sugar, onions.

  • Preliminary processing of ingredients: Wash tomatoes, mince pomegranate seeds. Continue to wash and mince the red peppers and red onions. As for the onion, cut it into thin strips.
  • Stir-fry tomatoes: Add diced tomatoes and sauté them with oil, fried onions until fragrant. In the process of sautéing tomatoes, season with spices such as fish sauce, salt, granulated sugar, etc., so that when the tomatoes are sautéed, they will become a viscous mixture with a beautiful red color.
  • Next, add the chili, minced onion, and chopped onion to the cooked mixture, place in a large bowl and stir well.

The finished sauce mixture will be golden brown, smooth, seasoned to taste.

Topping served with bread

The filling is also the “soul” contributing to the delicious taste of Hoi An bread . You can prepare grilled meat, sausages, sausages or cold meats… to sandwich on bread. In addition, it is indispensable for the liver pate to be smooth, greasy, melt in the mouth when eaten to spread on the inside of the cake.

Assorted vegetables

In a bread, there are usually green onions, cilantro, basil, laksa leaves, cucumbers, sweet and sour papaya carrots… In addition, chili sauce and fresh chili are indispensable. These spices will contribute to the delicious, spicy flavor of the bread. Remember to pick and wash vegetables to ensure hygiene.

Complete Hoi An bread 

Having prepared all kinds of sauces, pates, toppings, vegetables, etc. to serve, surely many of you still have questions about how to arrange these ingredients so that you can make a delicious finished cake. tune isn’t it?

First, spread a scoop of homemade maiyonaise in the crust, followed by a spreadable pate, depending on how much or less you want to eat.

Then, scoop a spoon or two of the sauce along the sides of the cake. Meatballs, rolls, sausages… all from top to bottom. Finally, add two small spoons of homemade special sauce, sprinkle along the sides of the cake, add a little sweet and sour, herbs, cilantro. If you like spicy food, you can cover with chili sauce or cut into slices of fresh chili to add to the cake.

Seems a bit fussy, lots of ingredients, right? But that’s also the way to create a bread with many flavors that blends and is so delicious that you can’t stop enjoying it.

Besides Hoi An bread, what other specialties does Hoi An town have?

Hoi An is not only rich in culture, history and landscape, but also famous for other delicious and attractive dishes. Besides bread, coming to the old town, what other specialties do you have the opportunity to enjoy?

Cao Lau Hoi An(high floor dishes)

Hoi An Cao Lau is a dish originating from China, introduced to Hoi An town when Hoi An was still a busy trading port. Gradually, the taste of Cao Lau was reduced to suit the taste of Vietnamese people.

Today, Cao Lau has become a famous dish of Quang. Noodles are yellow or light brown, when eaten, they are served with broth, adding pork, shrimp and raw vegetables topping.

Hoi An grilled meat rolls with rice paper

Coming to the old town, in addition to Cao Lau, Hoi An bread … can’t miss grilled meat rolls with rice paper! The meat selected to be grilled is pork loin, marinated according to a special recipe of the people of Quang.

When grilled meat skewers on the charcoal stove will give off a nose-splitting aroma, extremely attractive. Grilled skewers when eaten are rolled with rice paper.

Coming to the old town, you can’t miss grilled meat rolls with rice paper

First, you need to absorb water for the rice paper to soften so that it does not tear when rolling. Then, spread a layer of wet cake, a skewer of meat, add some herbs, cucumber, green mango… in the middle and then roll it up. This dish has a special sauce made from a typical fish sauce of the Central region.

Pork rolls

The name of this dish may make you think that it is similar to Hoi An grilled meat and rice paper rolls. But it’s actually completely different. Rice paper rolls with pork will include the filling of bacon, rolled with wet cake, herbs, wrapped with rice paper outside.

What makes the special flavor, which cannot be mixed with other dishes, is the dipping sauce from the delicious seasoning fish sauce.

Quang Noodles

Referring to Hoi An – Quang Nam, people often think of Quang noodles. A standard bowl of Quang Hoi An noodles will include noodles, served with shrimp, meat, eggs, chicken, snakehead fish, frogs… What enhances the delicious taste of Quang noodles is the herbs, raw vegetables, soy sauce. Hoi An chili… served with.

Hoi An Chicken Rice

The last specialty that’s will surely regret if you come to Hoi town without having time to enjoy after Banh Mi Hoi An is chicken rice. Hoi An chicken rice with chicken is a type of chicken selected, raised naturally, fed vegetables, rice, natural food, so the meat is very firm, sweet and fragrant.

A portion of chicken rice is both beautiful and stimulating to the taste buds

Hoi An bread is sold on every corner, street corner, and street in Hoi An. In the treasure of Vietnamese cuisine, there are not many popular dishes with affordable and rustic prices but have a special attraction, famous around the world like old town bread.’s has told you a thousand and one reasons not to miss this special dish when you have the opportunity to visit Hoi An. What are you waiting for without planning a trip to the old town to enjoy!