How To Travel From Hoi An To Bana Hills

About 60km south of Ba Na Hills, How To Travel From Hoi An To Bana Hills is quite convenient and fast. However, for those who come to Ba Na Hills for the first time, finding the fastest way or choosing the right vehicle is not easy. “Pocket” right away the extremely detailed moving experience in the article below!

Road map from Hoi An to Ba Na

Hoi An is about 60km south of Ba Na Hills. The traffic here is quite convenient, so it is easier to move between the two tourist areas.

How to move from Hoi An to Ba Na


Hoi An is a tourist city with a very diverse taxi system. Visitors can easily catch a taxi from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills. However, the price of a taxi in Hoi An is quite high, you should go about 4-7 people to save on travel costs. Popular taxi companies in Hoi An are:


Whether from Hoi An to Ba Na or from Ba Na Hills (Da Nang) to Hoi An, visitors can also choose a bus. There are many shuttle bus routes on request or pick up at fixed points. Some bus routes Ba Na Hills – Hoi An for your reference such as:


Using a motorbike to go from Hoi An to Ba Na is a unique experience for young people who love to travel. Traveling by motorbike helps you take the initiative in time, comfortably stopping at any point on the way to rest and admire the scenery.

Private car Hoi An To Bana Hills

For tourists traveling in large groups, renting a car by tour is the most convenient choice. From Hoi An, visitors have many options to rent a car to Ba Na. Prices may vary depending on seat type, vehicle type, schedule and rental company. You should consult many suppliers to get the best selection of prices.

Consult our price:


Max 3 people
Max 3 people
Mini Van
Max 5 people
Max 10 people
Round Trip 1,300,000VND 1,450,000VND 1,690,000VND
One Way 800,000VND 950,000VND 1,050,000VND

Link Booking:

Technology motorbike

If you are traveling alone or in a small group, you can choose a motorbike taxi to go from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills. The operation of booking a car is as simple as downloading the App, choosing the distance and


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