Experience self-guided travel in Tu San alley

For a long time, Tu San alley has always been one of the promising destinations in Ha Giang. If you are looking for a self-guided travel experience in Tu San alley to have an exciting trip, then let’s take out a pen and note it down right away!

Tu San Alley and things you might not know

Renowned as the deepest canyon in Southeast Asia up to the present time, Tu San Alley is a famous landmark in the border region of Ha Giang. Situated right at the foot of Ma Pi Leng Pass, one of the most rugged, perilous, and majestic mountain passes in our country, Tu San Alley has always been a destination that many young people dream of conquering.

It’s not by chance that people fondly call Tu San Alley the ‘First majestic gateway in the stone plateau.’ With impressive rock walls reaching nearly 800 meters in height, Tu San Alley covers a total length of 1.7 km and a depth of nearly 1,000 meters. This has turned this canyon into a magnificent and unique scenic spot in the Dong Van Karst Plateau.

Tu San Alley with an impressive landscape when viewed from the highest point at Ma Pi Leng Pass

People have even metaphorically referred to this Southeast Asia’s deepest canyon as the marvel of creation when millions of years ago, this place was still submerged in the vast ocean. Despite the changes in the flow of time, this canyon has now become an unparalleled geological heritage amid the skies of Ha Giang, a destination that anyone who has had the chance to visit remembers with fondness and nostalgia for the wild and serene landscapes.

Revealing all the Ins and Outs of Tu San Alley Travel Experience

Traveling to Tu San Alley – When is the best time?

Tu San Alley is always beautiful, and you can visit at any time of the year. However, based on the self-guided travel experience from DanangPrivateCar.com, it’s recommended to visit this unique canyon around the spring season, from January to March each year. During this period, the border region of Ha Giang is entering the early days of the new year, adorned with the blossoming flowers and vibrant landscapes. Additionally, this is the time when Ha Giang’s spring festivals are lively and distinctive, celebrating the peaceful arrival of the new year. If you come to Ha Giang during this time, you not only get to explore the pristine and majestic beauty of Tu San Alley but also have the opportunity to participate in unique festivals and experience the local ethnic communities’ way of life.

According to DanangPrivateCar.com’s self-guided travel experience in Tu San Alley, it’s reasonable to visit here in any season!

Moreover, according to DanangPrivateCar.com’s Tu San Alley travel experience, March is even more suitable for your visit. During this time, Ha Giang enters the season of peach blossoms and apricot flowers in full bloom, creating a soft and feminine scenery, standing out amidst the rugged and majestic landscape of the Northeast mountains. Furthermore, it’s the time when the Nho Que River “dresses” itself in a more beautiful emerald green outfit with clear and calm water, making it ideal for you to paddle downstream and explore the Tu San Alley canyon.

If the buckwheat flower season in Ha Giang has always left a lasting memory for many, then why not visit during the days of October, right? Although the climate in Ha Giang during this time is relatively chilly with characteristic forest winds, it promises to bring you unforgettable experiences throughout your journey.

How to travel reasonably?

Typically, to reach Tu San Alley, people, especially adventure-loving young travelers, often choose motorcycles as their “companion” throughout the journey. If starting from the end of Ma Pi Leng Pass towards Meo Vac town in Ha Giang, going downstream through Xin Cai, Sam Pun, Son Vy, you will reach Trang Huong Bridge. From here, you can take a boat downstream the Nho Que River for about 20 minutes to reach the tranquil Tu San Alley situated peacefully on the river, amidst the rugged terrain of the Northeast mountains and forests.

Sitting in a boat drifting down the Nho Que River, you’ll capture beautiful dream-like photos like this!

In the past, before the Nho Que River was dammed for hydropower, very few people could approach the base of the Tu San rock wall standing tall and majestic amid the mountainous landscape and the sky. During that time, people could only stand from a distance and admire the grandeur of the canyon, especially from high points at Ma Pi Leng Pass.

Later, when the Nho Que River was dammed for hydropower, it no longer displayed the turbulent and mighty appearance it had before. At this time, the river now wears a quieter and more serene demeanor. This is also the time when locals can paddle boats to take visitors to the base of the mountain wall. You can take a boat tour to explore Tu San Alley in 45 minutes at an affordable price of only 100,000 VND per trip. Additionally, Tu San Alley offers exciting kayak activities as well.

Traveling Experience in Tu San Alley on Your Own and Memorable Experiences

Boating down the Nho Que River and listening to the legends of Tu San Alley

Around Tu San Alley, ancient legends still exist, related to the early deities of the River and Mountain. If you have the opportunity to boat down the Nho Que River towards this special canyon, you will hear elderly women share interesting stories revolving around the offspring of the Mountain deity and the well-deserved punishment inflicted by the Jade Emperor on this deity.

On the journey downstream of the Nho Que River

Exploring the beauty of Tu San Alley

According to the self-guided travel experience from DanangPrivateCar.com, you can take a boat down the Nho Que River to fully explore the beauty of the place known as the ‘First Wonder’ in the far North of the country. Here, you will undoubtedly be overwhelmed by the masterpiece beauty that combines grandeur and resilience, standing tall between the earth and sky.

Tu San Alley is one of the landmarks that leaves a lasting impression on many, with its wild and majestic landscapes on the stone plateau, yet equally romantic and gentle

Sitting on the boat drifting down the Nho Que River, you will witness the picturesque scenery along the riverbanks, surrounded by majestic mountains, and above is the towering rock wall that seems like it could penetrate the layers of clouds to reach the sky.

Moreover, if you’re lucky during your exploration of Tu San Alley, you may encounter a troop of around 30 to 40 macaque monkeys. They often live on steep rock cliffs, sometimes hiding in dense foliage. Note that these ‘little ones’ can be quite mischievous and not necessarily gentle!

Kayaking on the Nho Que River

One of the incredibly exciting experiences according to DanangPrivateCar.com’s self-guided travel experience in Tu San Alley that you shouldn’t miss is kayaking downstream on the Nho Que River. In this journey, you will have the opportunity to challenge your own courage, sitting in a small kayak for two people, paddling freely and drifting on the emerald green water. At this time, you will have the chance to fully enjoy the poetic and romantic scenery, as well as the majestic beauty of the Nho Que River and Tu San Alley. All of this promises to bring you unforgettable experiences when visiting the border region of Ha Giang.

Do you want to visit this unique canyon once?

Hey there, so DanangPrivateCar.com has shared with you all the ins and outs of the self-guided travel experience in Tu San Alley. With the tips we’ve just revealed, we hope you’ll have a truly enjoyable and memorable journey in the deepest canyon in Southeast Asia. Don’t forget to share those beautiful photos with us too!


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