Dalat Entrance Fee: Discover the Most Precise Dalat Entrance Ticket Prices 2024

The price of Dalat Entrance Fee is a matter of great concern for tourists. Whether you’re going to Dalat or planning a group or family tour, and to balance your expenses, you want to find out about everything, especially the ticket prices for various tourist attractions in Da Lat in 2024.

In this article, Danang Private Car’s will provide detailed information about ticket prices and various services and activities for travelers to reference.

Da Lat Sightseeing Ticket Prices

Da Lat Sightseeing Ticket Prices 2024

According to the reviews on DanangPrivateCar.com’s, the ticket prices for various tourist attractions in Da Lat are quite affordable. Many places have tickets starting from only 5,000 VND, which is why many tourists are very pleased. This is why the city of flowers and festivals is always a popular choice for relaxation and exploration.

Sightseeing spots in Da Lat Adult ticket price Child ticket price
Valleys love 250,000 VND 110,000 VND
Datanla Waterfall 50,000 VND 25,000 VND
Clay tunnel 120,000 VND 50,000 VND
Van Thanh flower village 40,000 VND 20,000 VND
Dalat city flower garden 50,000 VND 25,000 VND
Elephant Falls 30,000 VND 15,000 VND
Dalat Fairytale land 70,000 VND 30,000 VND
Tiger Cave Waterfall 10,000 VND Free of charge
Puppy farm puppy farm 60,000 VND 30,000 VND
Cam ly waterfall 40,000 VND 20,000 VND
Palace 1 Dalat 90,000 VND 50,000 VND
Palace 3 Bao Dai 40,000 VND 20,000 VND
Hang Nga Villa – Crazy House 60,000 VND 20,000 VND
Minh Tam flower garden 20,000 VND 10,000 VND
Lake of Sighs 20,000 VND 10,000 VND
Golden Valley 70,000 VND 30,000 VND
Hydrangea flower garden 30,000 VND 15,000 VND
Sub-Institute of Biology 15,000 VND free of charge
Tran Le Xuan Palace 15,000 VND free of charge
Pongour Waterfall 20,000 VND 10,000 VND
Zoodoo Zoo 100,000 VND 50,000 VND
Ghost Forest Lu Quan 20,000 VND 10,000 VND
Kombi Land 90,000 VND Free of charge
What Garden 70,000 VND Free of charge
Thuy Thuan Dalat tourist area 90,000 VND 60,000 VND
Fresh Garden Dalat 120,000 VND 80,000 VND
Hoa Son Dien Trang 50,000 VND 20,000 VND
Dalat Flower Forest 50,000 VND 25,000 VND
Cu Lan Village 100,000 VND Free of charge
Cau Dat Tea Hill Free of charge Free of charge
Prenn Waterfall 50,000 VND 25,000 VND
Cafe Me Linh Free of charge Free of charge
Horse carriages go around Xuan Huong Lake 300,000 VND Free of charge
Dalat Milk Farm Free of charge Free of charge
Secret Garden 50,000 VND 25,000 VND
Dalat Railway Station 5,000 VND Free of charge
Happy Hill Dalat 80,000 VND Free of charge
Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Dalat Free of charge
Da Lat maple leaf tourist area 50,000 VND 35,000 VND
Lam Dong Museum 10,000 VND Free of charge
Bidoup National Park – Nui Ba 20,000 VND 10,000 VND
XQ history shop 20,000 VND Free of charge
Absolute love Coc Da Lat Free of charge
Dalat Palace golf course 80,000 VND
Dambri Bao Loc Waterfall 250,000 VND 150,000 VND
Ta Nung Cricket Farm 10,000 VND Free of charge
Bali Heaven Gate Free (Required to buy water)
Dalat strawberry garden Free of charge
Chicken Church Free of charge
Samten Hills Dalat 149,000 VND
Cloud Lake Cafe 40,000 VND 20,000 VND
Da Lat Maple Leaf tourist area 50,000 VND 35,000 VND
Dalat Flower Highlands 100,000 VND 50,000 VND
Linh Phuoc Pagoda Free of charge
Wonderland Da Lat 320,000 VND 160,000 VND

Dalat Entrance Fee Policy for 2024

The pricing policy for children’s tickets in Da Lat varies depending on the policies of each individual attraction, either based on age or height.

  • Children under 5 years old: Free admission.
  • Children between 90 cm to 1.2 meters or 1.4 meters are considered as children and are charged accordingly.
  • Children taller than 1.2 meters are charged as adults.
  • Some attractions offer free entrance but require the purchase of beverages.
Da Lat Sightseeing Ticket Price Policy

I hope that with the Dalat Entrance Ticket Prices for 2024 provided by DanangPrivateCar.com’s, you will be able to plan a perfect trip to Da Lat.

If you find any ticket prices above that do not match the actual prices, you can help us update with new prices by commenting below. This way, readers of this article can have the most up-to-date information.

Don’t forget, if you’re looking for transportation services to visit these attractions, consider choosing a private travel car in Da Lat from DanangPrivateCar.com’s. With a fleet of new vehicles and a professional driver team, we will help you have a safe and comfortable travel experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and itinerary arrangements.


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