Da Nang Tang Chon Cave – Discover the mysterious beauty of the “treasure” Ngu Hanh Son

Ngu Hanh Son complex impresses visitors by the beautiful cave system that is valuable in terms of landscape, culture and history. One of them is Tang Chon cave.

Tang Chon Cave is a place to keep many artifacts and sculptures about the unique Cham Pa culture, and at the same time contains very precious historical vestiges of the land of Da Nang. So if you have the opportunity to travel to Da Nang , please take some time to visit and explore the unique features of the cave.

Where is Tang Chon Cave?

Tang Chon cave is located right behind Linh Ung pagoda on Thuy Son mountain (the complex of Ngu Hanh Son landscapes ). Since the 12th century, the Cham people have lived in this complex and used it to worship gods. In the reign of Le Canh Hung (1740-1786), after the Cham people withdrew to Phan Rang, the cave was rediscovered by the Vietnamese who settled in the area and worshiped Buddha.

Where is Tang Chon Cave?
Where is Tang Chon Cave?

The name Tang Chon cave in Da Nang has a very special meaning. “Treasure” means treasure, “Truth” means truth, a part of “Truthfulness-Compassion-America”. King Minh Mang named it so to mean “the place where the treasure is stored.” Even money can’t buy the treasure inside.



How to move to Tang Chon Ngu Hanh Son cave in Da Nang

Ngu Hanh Son scenic complex is only about 11km from the center of Da Nang city, the route is very easy to go:

  • Traveling by motorbike/car: From Dragon Bridge , visitors move to the east bank of the Han River, turn to Ngo Quyen River (National Highway 14B) and continue to run south. When you reach the roundabout of Tran Thi Ly bridge , just go straight to Ngu Hanh Son street, go to Le Van Hien street, you will reach the scenic area;
  • Traveling by Private Car: In addition, you can also use the bus because the route is easy, cheap and safe. Just take the private car from Da Nang to Hoi An (30 minutes/trip)


Explore Tang Chon Cave in Da Nang – a precious treasure of the Marble Mountains

Tang Chon cave is divided into 5 different caves: Tam Thanh cave, Thien Long cave, Cham Pa cave, A Di Da cave and Ban Co Tien cave. These are considered treasures that money cannot buy:

  • Tam Thanh Cave: The entrance to the cave is bright with 2 statues of the Phap Phap erected on both sides, the floor is scattered with Cham tiles. In the past, this was the place to worship 3 immortal gods of the Cham people: Thuong Thanh, Ngoc Thanh and Thai Thanh. Today, it has been replaced by a stone statue of Shakyamuni Buddha entering meditation and entering Nirvana.

  • Thien Long Cave: Entering the spacious and airy cave entrance, visitors can feel the cool breeze blowing in. This breeze blows in from the place connecting with Gio cave, Thien Long Coc, causing cool wind to flow into the openings with the mountain top and Chon Tien cave.

  • Cham Pa cave (Chiem Thanh cave): is a place to worship gods with typical Cham Pa sculptures. The interior also worships Linga and Yoni, promoting fertility, fertility, and fertility.


  • Ban Co Tien Cave: This place has a square stone called Chess board. Legend has it that in the past, the gods used to come down here to play chess and talk, this chessboard played indiscriminately, so it was called Ban Co Tien cave.

Not only owning a majestic cave system, rich in cultural – historical values, Da Nang also has many other famous Da Nang tourist attractions such as: Da Nang Golden Bridge , My Khe beachSon Tra peninsula , etc. .. and enjoy a variety of “delicious” Da Nang specialties such as: pancakes , vermicelli with seasoning , Da Nang seafood , etc.


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