Top 10+ most Beautiful Beaches in Ha Long You Must Experience

The beaches in Ha Long are unlike any other place in Vietnam. This is because it is an extremely tranquil bay surrounded by distant and rugged islands. As summer arrives with the sweltering heat of urban streets, travelers seek a place near Hanoi with easy travel but meeting criteria such as natural beaches, stretches of pure sand, cool and clear water, and especially not too crowded. Explore Ha Long for a vacation because there are so many choices, and each beach in Ha Long has its own unique charm.

Bai Chay Beach (Sunworld Beach)

This is the largest beach in the Ha Long area and currently attracts the most tourists. Built on the foundation of the old Bai Chay Beach, Ha Long Beach is now invested by the Sun Group, both in terms of scale and quality. With an extended coastline of several kilometers, the beach is created by artificial white and smooth sandy shores.

Bai Chay Beach in Quang Ninh Viewed from Above

Part of the Bai Chay seaside entertainment complex, this artificial beach has a length of 900m and is open for free to visitors and all types of tourists. The beautifully clear seawater, along with the pristine white sandy shores, allows visitors to relax and enjoy the view of Ha Long Bay under the swaying coconut trees.

Invested by the Sun Group, Ha Long Beach has expanded both in scale and quality.

Services available here:

  • Beach activities with gentle waves due to the protection of rocky islands in Ha Long Bay. It is quite safe for children and non-swimmers.
  • Wide roads, spacious sandy beaches suitable for leisurely walks to enjoy the sunrise or the view of Bai Chay lighthouse.
  • Provides various strong entertainment activities such as canoeing/jet skiing, parasailing.
  • An excellent venue for organizing team-building activities for groups and companies with large capacity.
  • Has a system of restaurants, cafes, and fast food services along the beach area.
  • Bathing, changing clothes, and hygiene services are provided attentively (with charges).


  • Despite being considered a beach in the city center, it takes a considerable distance from Bai Chay hotels to reach the beach. Visitors can use electric cars or cars for transportation.
  • Parking private cars on the roadside is not allowed, so visitors traveling to Ha Long by private vehicles need to use parking lots.
  • Barbecue (BBQ) is not allowed.


Visitors can move from the Sun World Complex gate to the beach by using electric cars with a fee of only 5,000 VND/one way.

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Tuan Chau Beach

Tuan Chau Beach is located on Tuan Chau Island, about 10 km from the center of Bai Chay. Tuan Chau Beach mainly serves tourists staying at Tuan Chau Island resorts. The beach is small, artificial, with clean shores, but there are not many services for tourists to experience, mainly catering to beach activities.


  • Clean beach, safe for both children and the elderly.
  • Very close to Tuan Chau International Port for exploring Ha Long Bay.
  • Quite peaceful and pleasant due to its less crowded nature.
  • Ample parking space.


  • Can only swim in the afternoon, as the morning tide leaves no beach.
  • Services such as bathing, renting floaties, and seating are individually operated, making the pricing unclear. Therefore, visitors should inquire about prices before using services.

Beach on Titop Island

Titop Island is located in Ha Long Bay, about 8 km from the tourist boat port. Titop Island has a crescent-shaped sandy beach. The sand here is consistently white throughout the four seasons, always washed by the tides, shining in the golden sunlight. Previously known as Cat Nang Island because it was believed that fairies often came here to sunbathe due to its beautiful beach.

Titop Island

On November 22, 1962, President Ho Chi Minh and the Soviet hero Giec Man Ti Top visited the island. To commemorate that trip, President Ho Chi Minh named the island Titop.

Titop Island is part of the tourist route from the port => Surprise Cave => Titop Island => Luon Cave, also known as Route 2 of Ha Long Bay tours.

Services available here:

  • Rental services for swimsuits, inflatable floats, and complete bathing.
  • Entertainment activities under the sea, such as jet skiing and parasailing.

However, as this is an isolated island, to visit, one needs to join the Route 2 Ha Long Bay tour.

Common activities for tourists:

  • Hiking and exploring Titop Island and checking in from the mountain peak to admire the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay.
  • Kayaking to explore water caves.
  • Swimming.
  • Participating in underwater activities such as team-building and boat racing.


  • The beach is small, so during the peak tourist season in summer, it is often crowded.
  • There is only one service counter for renting swimsuits and inflatable floats.
  • Bathing and hygiene services are subject to charges.
  • Visitors should bring sports shoes, flat shoes, or sandals for comfortable hiking.

Private Beach on Rieu Island at Vinpearl Resort Halong

This is a private island built by the Vingroup corporation. Rieu Island in Quang Ninh is located about 600m from Bai Chay and is likened to a miniature Dubai, thanks to its pristine and dreamy beauty. From Bai Chay, tourists can easily see this beautiful island. With an area of up to 22 ha, the surrounding landscape maintains its original wild beauty and serves as a common home for many rare birds and animals.

Private Beach on Rieu Island at Vinpearl Resort Halong

With just a 10-minute transfer by high-speed boat, carrying 15-20 people per trip, visitors will have the opportunity to witness this beautiful island.

Rieu Island beach specializes in serving tourists staying at Vinpearl Resort & Spa Halong. However, if you are staying outside but still want to visit the island for swimming and sightseeing, you can still buy individual tickets.

The ticket price for a 4-hour visit is 300,000 VND/adult and 150,000 VND/child, including a free drink. If visitors want to have meals on the island, they can pre-book with a price of 500,000 VND/meal.

Beach on Soi Sim Island

Soi Sim Island is an island that carries an extremely pristine and quiet beauty, attracting those who love nature. Located about 10 km from Bai Chay and about 700m from Titop Island, Soi Sim Island covers an area of about 8 ha and is known for its wild sim trees, hence the name Soi Sim Island.

Beach on Soi Sim Island

The beach on Soi Sim Island is not too large, but the water is clear and cool, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the beautiful natural surroundings, enjoying the romantic space of the gentle bay. The scenery here remains untouched by human interference, maintaining its natural beauty. The rich and diverse ecosystem promises to captivate every visitor when immersing in the cool seawater, bathing in the white sandy beach, and admiring the tropical beauty.

Beach on Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan Island is famous for its pristine and peaceful natural scenery, with white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. If you are struggling to find new and peaceful tourist destinations, Quan Lan Island is a very suitable choice.

Beach on Quan Lan Island

The beach on Quan Lan Island is pristine with smooth white sand and clear blue water. The natural beauty of the beach is complemented by the green of the casuarina trees along the coast, creating an idyllic and poetic picture. Quan Lan Beach is an ideal destination for those who love tranquility and want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

The beach on Quan Lan Island is pristine with smooth white sand and clear blue water.

Services available here:

  • Renting services for swimwear, floaties, and complete bathing.
  • Various seafood and specialties.


To get to Quan Lan Beach, visitors travel from Cai Rong Port by speedboat. The distance from C special beach is about 5 km. After arriving at Quan Lan Beach, visitors can use electric cars or rent bicycles to move around the island and explore the pristine and peaceful beauty here.

Beach near Marina Square in Bai Chay Area

This is a new beach located on the tourist route of Hoang Quoc Viet Street, stretching from Tuan Chau to the center of Bai Chay, also known as Marina Beach. Marina Beach is part of the 287-hectare urban area, extending over 3.8 kilometers of coastline. Surrounding Marina Beach are resorts and large hotels such as Royal Lotus Resort, Cantreal Luxury Hotel, and villas in the Greenbay complex.

Beach near Marina Square in Bai Chay Area

Halong Marina urban area is designed and built based on the harbor model of Sydney (Australia), a beautiful harbor filled with modern amenities and surrounded by nature.

Minh Chau Beach on Quan Lan Island

Minh Chau Beach is another beautiful beach on Quan Lan Island. Compared to Quan Lan Beach, Minh Chau Beach has a unique charm with a smooth curve, gentle waves, and a pristine beauty that captivates the hearts of visitors.

Min Chau Beach is about 9.5 km from Quan Lan Beach to the southeast. This beach is famous for its pristine beauty with clear blue water, smooth white sand, and rows of green casuarina trees. The beach is not only suitable for swimming and relaxation but also for exploring the natural beauty of the island.

Services available here:

  • Renting services for swimwear, floaties, and complete bathing.
  • Various seafood and specialties.


From Quan Lan Beach, visitors can take a boat to Minh Chau Beach. The distance is about 9.5 km, and the boat ride takes about 15 minutes. The boat ticket price is about 20,000 VND.


  • Minh Chau Beach is quieter and less crowded than Quan Lan Beach, making it an ideal destination for those seeking tranquility.

Ngoc Vung Beach

Ngoc Vung Beach is located on Ngoc Vung Island, which is part of the Van Don Archipelago. Ng V myc. oc Vung is about 12 km from Cai Rong Port. The beach is pristine, with smooth white sand and crystal clear blue water. The natural beauty of Ngoc Vung Beach is complemented by the green coconut trees along the coast.

Ngoc Vung Beach

Services available here:

  • Renting services for swimwear, floaties, and complete bathing.
  • Various seafood and specialties.


From Cai Rong Port, visitors can take a boat to Ngoc Vung Beach. The distance is about 12 km, and the boat ride takes about 30 minutes. The boat ticket price is about 20,000 VND.

Van Don Long Beach

Van Don Long Beach, Quang Ninh – a place that still retains a wild and captivating charm, as enchanting as a “fairyland” in the earthly realm, making travelers so enamored that they hesitate to leave.

With its blue sea, white sand glistening like the radiant sun, adorned with strands of sparkling colorful threads, carrying a dreamy beauty that is hard to find anywhere else, Van Don Long Beach is like a gift from nature to Quang Ninh Province. Located adjacent to the gentle Bai Tu Long Bay, Van Don Long Beach stretches for about 2km with the blue color of the sea and the pristine white of the sand. Visitors here will be overwhelmed by the crystal-clear water that allows a view down to the bottom. On a warm summer afternoon, hand in hand with loved ones, strolling along the beach of Van Don Long Beach, listening to the gentle sounds of the waves, and enjoying the picturesque landscape of the Bai Tu Long Bay, what could be more wonderful?

Van Don Long Beach

Currently, Van Don Long Beach has a system of beaches, restaurants, hotels, wooden houses, and resorts along the coastline to fully serve tourists in experiencing the natural beauty of Van Don Beach.

Activities on Van Don Long Beach:

  • Suitable for all ages to swim in the sea.
  • Beach strolling.
  • Participation in team-building activities and bonfires.
  • Water sports: jet skiing, recreational games, beach volleyball, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, etc.

Beach on Dragon Eye Island, Ha Long

Dragon Eye Island, with an area of about 30 hectares, is also known as Bai Dong Island, adjacent to the Lan Ha Bay area. Bearing the primitive and wild features, the island is nestled amid the majestic limestone mountain ranges. It is named Dragon Eye Island because when you have the chance to experience it from above using a seaplane to admire Ha Long Bay, you will have the opportunity to marvel at this beautiful island, resembling a divine and enchanting eye, present in the overall harmony of the majestic dragon, amid the natural landscape of Ha Long.

Dragon Eye Island attracts enthusiasts of exploration who have a deep desire to set foot on its shores

The variety of activities on the island is quite limited, and it is precisely this aspect that attracts those who seek a tranquil destination.

Getting to Dragon Eye Island:

From Bai Chay pier, tourists can hire a private boat to go to Dragon Eye Island. The journey from the mainland to the island takes about 2.5 hours, or you can take the Jumbo Ocean High-Speed Boat from column 5 to the fast boat, which only takes about 30-45 minutes.


  • Prepare food when visiting the island because there are no food facilities on the island.
  • Set up a tent in advance if you plan to stay overnight.
  • Contact the boat owner in advance for arrangements and permission.
  • There is no freshwater on the island, so bring your own.
  • Clean up waste responsibly to maintain the cleanliness of the environment.

The article on has compiled for you the top 10 beaches in Ha Long that meet the criteria of cleanliness, safety, and convenience, which are the needs of many families and groups. It is hoped that this article from’s has helped you have more choices in your travel journey. Don’t forget to share your beautiful trips with us. Also, consider choosing our private car travel services from Hanoi to Ha Long for the most complete journey.


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