Recommended 1-Day Travel Itineraries in Hoi An for Your Reference

You should visit Hoi An's old town at least once in your lifetime to truly appreciate its unparalleled beauty.

A one-day trip to Hoi An is an exciting experience that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. As an ancient city located on the banks of the Thu Bon River in Quang Nam Province, Hoi An captivates not only with its beautiful landscapes but also with its unique cultural, historical, and culinary characteristics. If you’re wondering how to start exploring Hoi An to make the most of your visit, don’t miss the following one-day sightseeing itineraries!

Introduction to Hoi An.

In December 1999, UNESCO recognized Hoi An’s ancient town as a World Cultural Heritage site. Along with the My Son temple complex, Hoi An’s ancient town brings pride to the people of Quang Nam as a “living museum” of distinctive East Asian architecture and culture, known worldwide.

The ancient, long-standing houses create a distinctive feature unique to Hoi An.

Tourism in Hoi An is on the rise, attracting a high volume of both domestic and international visitors, especially during peak seasons. The demand for experiencing a one-day trip to Hoi An, featuring its unique cultural, artistic, and culinary aspects, has become increasingly popular, not only among Vietnamese tourists but also among international friends.

Why should you visit Hoi An at least once in your life?

Vietnam takes pride in its diverse tourism offerings, including magnificent wonders, millennia-old cultural legacies, picturesque landscapes reminiscent of paintings, and world-historical artistic treasures.

When talking about cultural heritage, one cannot overlook Hoi An’s ancient town – a living museum of urban architecture and distinctive East Asian culture. To this day, it preserves virtually unchanged the architectural style of an ancient urban center, with its streets, houses, temples, assembly halls, clan houses, and churches. This simple yet enduring beauty has touched the hearts of countless visitors.

You should visit Hoi An's old town at least once in your lifetime to truly appreciate its unparalleled beauty.
You should visit Hoi An’s old town at least once in your lifetime to truly appreciate its unparalleled beauty.

Despite enduring countless wars and bombings, Hoi An remains here, witnessing and preserving a portion of the historical memories of the “busiest international port in Southeast Asia.” This emphasizes that visiting Hoi An is not only about exploring its beauty but also about learning about its remarkable history, architecture, and the urban culture of a bygone era.

Why must you visit Hoi An at least once in your life? Because Hoi An will narrate to you the historical stories through each ancient house, moss-covered walls, bridges, temples, and even the small boats docking along the riverbanks.

Because Hoi An will treat you to flavors you won’t find anywhere else, such as Cao Lau, Mi Quang, and Mot water. Hoi An allows you to experience its beauty not only through your eyes but also through your ears, nose, and sense of touch when the gentle breezes caress you.

You will be overwhelmed after a one-day trip to Hoi An because this journey will take you from one emotion to another, each moment fuller than the last. And that is Hoi An, a cultural heritage of the world.

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Recommendations for the Most Detailed and Comprehensive 1-Day Itineraries in Hoi An.

For a one-day trip to Hoi An, where should you start, what places should you visit, and what delicious dishes should you enjoy? To experience a day in Hoi An, you should, of course, arrive in Hoi An first. If you are staying in Da Nang, it will take you approximately 30 minutes to reach the old town by taxi or motorbike rental right at your hotel.

If you have no experience traveling independently in Hoi An, you can book pre-arranged combo tours or Hoi An day tours. However, exploring the city on your own and experiencing its wonders will undoubtedly provide you with a more valuable and enjoyable journey.

Here are some one-day travel itineraries in Hoi An that you can refer to if you’re not sure where to go:

1-Day Hoi An Travel Itinerary: Visiting Assembly Halls and Releasing Lanterns.

The morning air will awaken you from your dreams and take you to an even more wonderful Hoi An experience. Wake up a bit earlier and savor the morning flavors, enjoy a familiar breakfast of the locals, and sip a coffee by the Hoai River.

Morning: Breakfast – Coffee – Stroll through Assembly Halls.

Hoi An offers a variety of delicious breakfast options, but one of the most famous is Phuong’s Banh Mi. Not only popular among domestic tourists, Phuong’s Banh Mi has also become a household name for international visitors to Hoi An.

Many tourists who review Hoi An never forget to mention this historic bakery, which has been around for decades and offers a unique taste that can’t be found anywhere else. You can choose a grilled meat banh mi, a banh mi with Vietnamese sausage, or a mixed banh mi with a delicious corn milk.

  • Address: Phuong’s Banh Mi: 2B Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An City, Quang Nam.

After breakfast, immerse yourself in the cool riverside coffee culture with aromatic coffee, refreshing morning breezes, and the serene atmosphere of Hoi An. Sipping coffee while gazing at the tranquil Hoai River will recharge your spirit wonderfully and prepare you to explore the beautiful attractions of Hoi An.

Your one-day trip to Hoi An will start after you’ve equipped yourself with a relaxed spirit. To begin the adventure, visit some famous sightseeing spots like the Quang Dong Assembly Hall, a century-old distinctive Chinese architectural gem, and the unique Tan Ky Ancient House.

Tan Ky Ancient House
Tan Ky Ancient House

Made from various precious woods and housing many valuable artifacts, the Phung Hung Ancient House is renowned for its characteristic East Asian architectural beauty. Or visit the Sa Huynh Museum, which preserves numerous archaeological artifacts and historical relics.

Noon: Lunch – Seaside Breeze – Snacking.

After exploring Hoi An’s tourist attractions in the morning, you can have lunch and savor some local specialties. A fantastic suggestion for a hot day like this is a delicious lunch with Mrs. Buoi’s chicken rice and then relax by the Cua Dai or An Bang beach.

A one-day trip to Hoi An wouldn’t be complete without indulging in some enticing street food. Rent a bicycle and ride along streets like Nguyen Thai Hoc, Tran Phu to experience the street food culture of Hoi An. Grilled rice paper, water fern cake, pork skin cake, sweet soup, grilled skewers are all delightful treats.

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Evening: Evening Stroll – Dinner – Lantern Release – Riverboat Ride on the Hoai River.

Your one-day Hoi An journey can culminate with a fantastic bowl of Cao Lau. A small tip is that for Cao Lau to taste great, the noodles must be made from Ba Le well water, and the ash must come from the wood of Cu Lao Cham.

The standard Cao Lau is sold in many places in Hoi An

If you’re feeling full, you can enjoy other exciting activities like taking a boat ride along the Hoai River, releasing lanterns, and admiring the beauty of Hoi An at night. The colorful lanterns and the ancient riverside houses will enchant you and make you reluctant to leave.

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Experience 1-Day Hoi An Travel: Culinary Exploration Itinerary, Can’t-Miss Night Market by the Thu Bon River.

This will be an affordable Hoi An tour for those who are passionate about food because most of the time on this trip will revolve around delicious dishes. As introduced earlier, Hoi An is famous for its longstanding culinary culture, where it continues to offer many delectable dishes that captivate travelers to this day.

Morning: Visit Stalls on Tran Phu Street – Try Mot Water – Eat Madam Khanh’s Banh Mi.

On a one-day trip to Hoi An, you might not be able to savor all the culinary delights of the old town. Every dish in Hoi An is delicious, unique, and prepared in its own special way. If you’ve chosen a food-focused trip for today, this itinerary will surely please you.

Start your day with a morning stroll along Tran Phu Street and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere. For breakfast, you can try Madam Khanh’s Banh Mi. This is a famous banh mi shop that has been in Hoi An for over 30 years and continues to maintain its reputation for rich flavors and quality.

Before being served to customers, Madam Khanh’s Banh Mi is toasted on a charcoal stove to achieve the necessary crispiness and deliciousness. With over 10 topping options, this banh mi shop is definitely worth a try when in Hoi An!

Have you ever tried Mot water in Hoi An? If not, it’s a must! Mot water, in essence, is a refreshing drink made from various valuable herbs such as chrysanthemum flowers, momordica fruit, green tea leaves, cinnamon, licorice, golden lotus flowers, and more. It has a naturally sweet and refreshing taste, perfect for cooling down and cleansing your body on hot days.

The undeniable attraction of Hoi An’s Mot water is full of luxury

Having a banh mi and a glass of Mot water in the morning will energize you for your one-day exploration of Hoi An. Roaming around the city and taking some “Instagram-worthy” photos will fill up your morning.

Noon: Rest – Stroll the Streets – Eat Banh Bot Loc, Ice Cream – Visit Assembly Halls and Temples.

For lunch today, you can try another famous dish of the old town – Banh Bot Loc from the sidewalk vendors on Le Loi Street. A plate full of Banh Bot Loc with various toppings will surely delight your taste buds!

The ice cream in Hoi An is indeed refreshing, but be cautious about getting a sore throat.

If you’re visiting the old town during the hot season, the one-day trip to Hoi An suggests trying an ice cream cone. Old Town’s ice cream is undeniably delicious, but just one cone is enough, or you might end up with a sore throat.

After lunch, you can visit some ancient assembly halls like Quang Dong Assembly Hall, Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, or temples like the Japanese Covered Bridge and Ong Temple to escape the heat and appreciate the beautiful architecture.

Evening: Dinner at Mrs. Ty’s Chicken Rice – Listen to Bai Choi Singing on Bach Dang Street – Explore the Night Market by the Thu Bon River – Enjoy Che Desserts.

Wrap up your one-day trip to Hoi An with a visit to Mrs. Ty’s Chicken Rice (Address: 25-27 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An, Quang Nam). This is one of the highest-rated chicken rice restaurants in the old town.

After dinner, head to Bach Dang Street to listen to Bai Choi, a traditional cultural art form of Hoi An. Then, explore the evening food market by the Thu Bon River and don’t forget to try some of Hoi An’s delicious Che desserts.

The area where Bai Choi takes place is located right on the banks of Hoai River.

Hoi An Old Town is a wonderful destination, a “living museum” of East Asian history, architecture, and culture. It’s not just a UNESCO World Heritage Site; it’s also a heritage in the hearts of the Vietnamese people.

Make one of your one-day trips to Hoi An a reality with these quality sightseeing itineraries! Don’t forget that choosing a premium accommodation right in the heart of the old town is an excellent decision.


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