Van Phuc Silk Village is an appealing destination for those who want to discover the beauty of Hanoi’s silk culture. This article will provide more detailed information about Van Phuc Silk Village so you can gain a new perspective on this most renowned silk weaving village in Vietnam.

For those who have been captivated by the soft and exquisite beauty of silk fabrics, a visit to Van Phuc Silk Village is a must. It is not only a famous craft village but also an attractive tourist spot in Hanoi.

Where is Van Phuc Silk Village? Directions.

  • Address: Van Phuc Ward, Ha Dong District, 10km from the center of Hanoi.

Van Phuc Silk Village, located in Ha Dong District, Hanoi, is one of over 1,000 traditional craft villages still thriving in Vietnam. It is considered the cradle of silk weaving, with a history spanning thousands of years. In Van Phuc Silk Village, nearly 800 households continue the tradition of silk weaving.

Van Phuc Silk Village is located approximately 10 kilometers from the center of Hanoi city.
Van Phuc Silk Village is located approximately 10 kilometers from the center of Hanoi city.

To get to Van Phuc Silk Village, you can use the following means of transportation:

  • Private vehicle with a driver: Renting a private vehicle with a driver in Hanoi from’s is suitable for families, friends, or international tourists. Just provide us with the address, and our professional driver will take you right to the entrance of Van Phuc Silk Village.
  • Motorcycle: From the city center of Hanoi, take either Le Van Luong Street or Nguyen Trai Street until you reach Ha Dong Post Office.
  • Bus: Several bus routes go to Van Phuc Silk Village, including numbers 3, 07, 14, 20c, 25, 26, 31, 32, 36, 50, 55, and 79.

Learn about the history of Van Phuc Silk Village in Ha Dong.

Van Phuc Silk Village is a famous craft village in Hanoi, awarded the title of “Oldest Ongoing Silk Weaving Craft Village” by the Vietnam Record Center.

Formerly known as Van Bao, Van Phuc Silk Village underwent a name change to Van Phuc due to the Nguyen family’s influence. In 1931, Van Phuc silk was first introduced to the international market at the Marseille fair. After admiring the silk products displayed there, the French recognized Van Phuc silk as an exquisite fabric, with elegant and robust lines, making it the most beautiful silk in the Indochina region. In 1958, Van Phuc silk was officially exported to Eastern European countries. To this day, Van Phuc silk from Ha Dong remains highly popular and is used in many countries around the world.

Despite the passage of time, Van Phuc silk has retained its traditional beauty and continues to maintain its position as the number one silk weaving craft in Vietnam.

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What’s interesting about visiting Van Phuc Silk Village?

Van Phuc Silk Village is a place where traditional and modern elements converge. It offers not only vibrant and beautiful silk fabrics but also many interesting attractions for you to explore and take stunning photos.

The Traditional Village Gate of Van Phuc.

As soon as you set foot in Van Phuc Silk Village, you’ll be amazed by the unique and impressive design of the village gate. The gate is constructed entirely of red bricks, bearing the mark of tradition. The imagery of the gate conveys the village’s strength and determination to overcome challenges and continue to prosper. Next to the gate, there’s a large stone plaque with the words “Van Phuc Silk Village” deeply engraved on its surface.

The entrance gate to Van Phuc Village is extremely grand and is constructed in a traditional style.

The Colorful Umbrella Street – Perfect for Instagram.

Before entering the inner part of the village, you’ll get to see a beautiful display of colorful umbrellas hanging above, creating a stunning canopy that stretches for 100 meters. This newly introduced Umbrella Street in Van Phuc has already attracted numerous tourists for Instagram-worthy photos.

The glittering Umbrella Street impresses tourists in Van Phuc Silk Village.
The glittering Umbrella Street impresses tourists in Van Phuc Silk Village.

Authentic Van Phuc Silk Shops.

When you visit the silk shops, you can touch and feel the soft and glossy silk fabrics. The patterns on the silk here are incredibly diverse and creative, inspired by four main categories: plants, animals, abstract designs, and objects. What sets Van Phuc silk apart is the symmetrical arrangement of these patterns, creating a soothing visual effect and embodying the simplicity and elegance characteristic of Van Phuc silk.

The soft silk fabrics with floral patterns decorated in a symmetrical style.

The primary material used in crafting Van Phuc silk is silk produced from silkworms. According to artisans, producing perfect silk products requires several stages, from processing the silk thread, weaving, dyeing, to stretching and monitoring throughout the entire process. Among traditional silk types, Van silk is the most famous and preferred by customers.

The shops in Van Phuc Silk Village offer a wide range of products, including silk fabric, silk clothing, silk scarves, and more. You can freely choose your favorite items and purchase them as meaningful gifts.

Unique Mural Wall.

In addition to the beautiful Umbrella Street, Van Phuc Village features an impressive mural wall. These unique images on the wall are hand-painted by teachers from the Van Phuc Preschool, depicting the activities of the silk weaving village.

The mural wall in Van Phuc Village is also a familiar check-in spot for tourists.

Vibrant Van Phuc Silk Craft Festival.

If you have the opportunity to visit at the end of the year, don’t miss the chance to participate in the Van Phuc Silk Craft Festival, held from November 8th to November 17th. The festival consists of three main parts: ceremonies, fairs, and promotion. During this time, Van Phuc Silk Village comes alive with vibrant colors and a lively atmosphere.

While during the day, the village impresses with its colorful silk fabrics, at night, it becomes enchanting with the warm glow of golden lights illuminating the silk threads, creating a breathtaking sight.

The Sacred Van Phuc Village Temple.

In the heart of Van Phuc Village, there is a sacred temple known as Van Phuc Temple, dedicated to Thanh Hoang Lang, a figure with the title “Protector of the Nation – Helper of the People.” This is a famous historical and cultural relic in Hanoi, holding great significance for the local residents.

The village temple of Van Phuc, dedicated to Thanh Hoang Lang.

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What to Eat When Visiting Van Phuc Silk Village.

Near Van Phuc Silk Village, there are many restaurants and eateries offering a wide variety of dishes, from snacks to full meals. After an exciting visit to the craft village, you can satisfy your appetite at the following recommended dining places:

  • Red Coral – Fresh Seafood: 26 Van Phuc
  • Solo Hotpot: B7 63 Van Phuc
  • Aki Tea – Bubble Tea & Snacks: 58 Van Phuc
  • Dinh Hang – Various Pho & Noodle Dishes: 82 Van Phuc
  • To Thuc – Specialty Duck Dishes: 430 Van Phuc.

What’s Exciting About the Van Phuc Silk Village Festival?

In addition to the exciting experiences mentioned above, Van Phuc Silk Village also hosts a unique and lively festival. The festival typically takes place annually from November 8th to November 17th. The village festival is organized into three main parts: the ceremony, the fair, and the promotion.

During the festival, the entire village is adorned with vibrant decorations and bursts of color, from the prominent Umbrella Street right from the village gate to the silk stalls. The most beautiful scene of the festival is during the evening, when golden lights illuminate the surroundings, creating a radiant atmosphere that may remind many visitors of a “mini Hoi An.”

Participating in the festival, you’ll have the opportunity to witness and experience the entire silk weaving process from A to Z. The lively atmosphere, the enthusiasm of the local people during the village festival will give you a sense of a joyful and memorable celebration in Van Phuc Village.

Travel Tips for Van Phuc Silk Village in Ha Dong.

Travel tips for Van Phuc Village

There are some travel tips for visiting Van Phuc Silk Village that you can consider for your exploration:

  • In addition to personal transportation such as motorcycles or cars, you can choose public transportation like buses or the elevated train to reach Van Phuc Silk Village.
  • When arriving to visit the village with personal transportation, you can park your vehicle at a parking area a few meters after passing through the village gate. Since the village is not too large, parking and walking will make your visit more comfortable for sightseeing and shopping.
  • You can visit and explore Van Phuc Village at any time of the year. However, the liveliest and most bustling time is during the cultural week in mid-November and on weekend evenings.
  • If you choose to visit the village on the first day or the full moon day of each month, try to bargain less to avoid offending the local vendors.
  • There are not many sit-down restaurants within the village; instead, there are mainly street food stalls. The food at these stalls is reasonably priced and generally clean, so you can enjoy your meal without worries.

We hope that after your exploration of Van Phuc Silk Village, you will have many wonderful experiences and gain valuable knowledge about silk weaving. You’ll also understand why products made here are highly regarded by experts in the field.