Not only do traditional folk games in Hoi An contribute to preserving the ethnic identity, but they also help evoke childhood memories and provide tourists with joyful and emotionally fulfilling moments.

The ancient surroundings and the values of traditional culture are considered the “specialty” of Hoi An tourism. Among these, traditional folk games in Hoi An are worth mentioning, such as bài chòi singing, human chess, blindfolded pot smashing, and oral singing classes. These are fascinating activities that offer tourists memorable moments of fun and enjoyment.

A Few Words About the Nature, Culture, and People of Hoi An’s Old Town.

Hoi An is not grandiose, bustling, or expansive like other tourist destinations. Hoi An Old Town stands out with its gentle and peaceful ambiance, a place with a slow-paced and serene way of life. When you visit Hoi An in the early morning, you’ll sense the tranquility, serenity, and a touch of coolness in the air. It’s truly suitable for those seeking a space to relax, unwind, and escape the hustle and bustle of urban life. As evening descends, you’ll see the silhouette of the setting sun, and lanterns lighting up the streets.

Hoi An always remains beautiful and tranquil like this

In addition to the beautiful and peaceful scenery, Hoi An is also a cradle of many traditional games. Forms of performance, like folk songs, competitive singing, and communal singing, are preserved by the local people. Traditional music performances are also a part of the local culture. In terms of religious diversity, Hoi An is home to various faiths such as Buddhism, Cao Dai, and Christianity.

The people of Hoi An are down-to-earth, gentle, and remarkably kind. They highly value and warmly introduce tourists to various sightseeing spots. They are also known for their culinary skills, and the local specialties in Hoi An are sure to delight every food lover.

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TOP Traditional Folk Games in Hoi An You Shouldn’t Miss.

Traditional folk games in Hoi An are regularly organized every night. Therefore, in just one evening, you can explore and participate in numerous games. Here are the top 4 games that many tourists find exciting and worth trying:

Bai Choi – A Vietnamese Cultural Folk Game in Hoi An

Bai Choi is a cultural performance held every night in the open area near the Japanese Bridge or along the Hoai River in Hoi An, on Nguyen Phuc Chu Street. This game captivates a large number of tourists with its smooth and melodious singing, enthusiastic announcements by the game host, and graceful hand and foot movements.

Bai Choi is a nightly cultural performance in Hoi An

In terms of rules, Bài Chòi is somewhat similar to playing bingo, where the game host calls out cards, and participants receive a flag from the game presenter. Players who collect three flags win and receive a prize. While the prizes may not have significant economic value, Bài Chòi provides valuable experiences for tourists as they immerse themselves in traditional folk songs, feel the cool breeze from the Hoai River, and admire the sparkling lights of Hoi An’s streets.

Blindfolded Pot Smashing – An Entertaining Traditional Folk Game in Hoi An

Blindfolded Pot Smashing is an extremely fun traditional folk game in Hoi An. At first glance, the game may seem quite simple as players are blindfolded and tasked with using a stick to break clay pots. However, in reality, about 98% of the players fail because they often swing in the wrong direction, miss the pot entirely, or hit too lightly, causing the pot not to break.

Exciting participation in the Blindfolded Pot Smashing game is a delightful experience during your trip to Hoi An.

The clumsiness of the players, along with the cheers and encouragement from the onlookers, creates a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere. This rustic yet exciting game leaves a lasting impression on tourists during their nighttime experience in Hoi An.

Hoi An Oral Singing Class – A Place Preserving the Sweet Melodies of Folk Songs

Located at 106 Bach Dang Street, near the Hoi An Cau Bridge area, is where the oral singing class takes place, featuring pure lyrics and sweet folk melodies. This class is held every night with the aim of passing on the cultural heritage of the South Central Folk Culture and Quang Nam folk songs to the younger generation, contributing to the preservation of the national cultural heritage.

The Hoi An Oral Singing Class is a place where the love for various forms of national folk culture is imparted to the younger generation.

Visitors can drop by the class to learn about various forms of folk culture, listen to the melodious sounds of traditional musical instruments, and appreciate the profound meanings in every verse and rhythm. Moreover, tourists are always welcome to join the class if they fall in love with the graceful and harmonious melodies.

Human Chess – A Unique and Captivating Folk Game in Hoi An

Human Chess is a unique form of performance deeply rooted in the national culture and is typically organized during festivals and holidays. This traditional folk game in Hoi An involves the participation of two teams, with each member representing a chess piece on a large Chinese chessboard drawn on the ground. Specifically, the playing field is divided into two teams, with 32 participants in green and red uniforms.

When a player moves a chess piece, the corresponding team member will move to the corresponding position on the chessboard or leave the field if their chess piece is captured. The game of Human Chess concludes when one player is defeated, marking the end of the Chinese chess match.

Human Chess competitions are typically organized during festivals and holidays in Hoi An

In Quang Nam and Hoi An, this game has a unique twist by incorporating traditional martial arts with combat performances, weapon clashes, and continuous drumming. The lively and dramatic atmosphere, coupled with impressive martial arts moves, makes Human Chess an appealing spectacle. The game conveys the beauty of tradition, the spirit of sportsmanship, and the martial excellence of the people, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Here are some helpful tips for playing traditional games in Hoi An.

Travelers who want to participate in traditional folk games in Hoi An just need to wander around the Old Town. Then, turn onto Nguyen Thai Hoc Street or Kazik Park, the open area by the Hoai River. These are the places where traditional games are regularly held, and there is no entrance fee. Therefore, you can feel at ease experiencing them!

As night falls, Hoi An’s Old Town comes alive, bustling and shimmering. The traditional folk games take place from 7 PM to 9 PM every day, so plan to be there during this time to join in the fun!

Here are some valuable tips that Danang Private Car’s would like to share with you when playing traditional folk games:

  • Participate in All Available Games: Engage in all the games available in the Old Town.
  • Follow Rules and Instructions: Take the rules and guidance from the game leaders seriously for the highest chance of winning.
  • Coordinate Smoothly with Teammates: Work seamlessly with your teammates to increase your winning opportunities.
  • Play Fairly: Avoid cheating while playing.
  • The prizes in these games often include the unique lanterns that are characteristic of the Old Town. If you are a traveler from afar, consider these as souvenirs you should collect.

Adjacent to the gaming areas, there are also stalls selling Hoi An’s specialties. When you’ve had your fill of playing, you can visit these stalls to enjoy delicious and authentic Hoi An dishes or purchase them as souvenirs!

Amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, the traditional folk games in Hoi An still exist, preserving the cherished cultural values. You should visit Hoi An, Vietnam, and embark on a journey to the realm of memories to deeply appreciate the traditional values of the nation through sweet folk melodies and vibrant recreational activities.